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  1. Tweety was responding to a post from Spidey's Mom. Though my personal feeling are not the same, my family and their friends are expressing similar feelings. And they are all politically and evangelically conservative. So what I'm saying is I completely understand Steph's feelings. Also it really stretches my mind to think that there are many in America (such as Tweety) that don't understand that all 3 of those thoughts can be held simultaneously. And Tweety, I am not disparaging your view. I am wrapping my mind around it. I know both of you guys are reasonable, well spoken and I have admired ya'lls posts for years. As for my own feelings; I just don't know, I am not able to properly articulate where I'm at. I'm enjoying this discussion very much.
  2. Yes, Bret's on now, so I can resume my clicking between Fox and CNN.
  3. "Tonight let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. " I'm quoting the President a few minutes ago. He was not my pick on election day, but he is my country's leader. And to echo Steph; couldn't handle Fox News coverage so I'm watching Wolf also.
  4. TiffyRN

    3 kids in a relationship 9 yrs, no marriage

    I wanted my father to perform my marriage ceremony but he was out of the country for another 6 months. But I wanted to be married so as not to disrespect my parents (and my own) morals by living with my then boyfriend/now husband. We had a sweet courthouse wedding with just 3 friends + his kids in attendance. 6 months later I had my fancy (though small) wedding with white dress, flowers, reception, and my whole family in attendance. Small advantage is that we have 2 anniversaries we can celebrate if we choose. I kind of think the separate ceremonies might be a good thing to recognize that there is a difference between the legal contractual marriage and the religious/God-focused marriage. When the marriage tax penalty was kicking our hineys a few years ago my husband and I talked about undoing our "courthouse" wedding and letting the Church wedding stand. I don't know if it would have helped but . . . My brother-in-law and his wife were married a few months later (or between my two weddings if you please). They had a ceremony in a judge's office with family present, then a reception at her church a few weeks later. I guess our families march to the beat of a different drum. Oh, and by the way, none of us "had" to get married. Don't let the lack of finances for a fancy party disrupt the security a binding legal marriage can provide your family and (specifically) your children.
  5. TiffyRN

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    I remembered that ER episode as soon as I saw this title. I was watching it with one of my co-workers and we immediately started screaming at the TV. Just to prove the rule: I was shocked to find some man in a lab coat had helped my post-CABG pt to the BSC. I almost couldn't speak when I found out this man was the new cardiovascular surgeon. Big points in my book.
  6. TiffyRN

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    I like that we have people that question routine medical procedures and examine things for themselves. I have read many articles on both sides of the issues and they give me pause. I like what one physician states at the end of this article: "The choice not to get a vaccine is not a choice to take no risk," he says. "It's just a choice to take a different risk, and we need to be better about saying, 'Here's what that different risk looks like.' Dying of Hib meningitis is a horrible, ugly way to die." I'm not that old and I remember hearing about kids that had Hib meningitis and many died, some lived after being so sick they lost circulation to limbs and had multiple amputations. My mother had pertussis, and her father would tell us of staying up all night with her praying for a miracle as they were sure she wouldn't live to the next morning.
  7. TiffyRN

    Pertussis epidemic in California

    "After 910 cases of whooping cough that have left five babies dead, California has officially declared the outbreak an epidemic. If that isn't bad enough, the case load is 400 percent higher this year than last, putting the state on track to break a 50-year record. With an additional 600 pertussis cases currently under investigation, officials believe things are about to get worse. Those most at risk? Unimmunized or incompletely immunized babies, whose lungs are still developing." "Of course, this recent outbreak calls into question whether parents who choose not to vaccinate children could be to blame. " Whooping cough is declared an epidemic in California - Parenting on Shine
  8. TiffyRN

    So, I'm starting P90x...

    The equipment needed is a heart rate monitor, small set of hand weights (mine are adjustable from 2.5# to 20#), either a pull-up bar for a door frame or exercise bands (that can be used to simulate pull-ups), exercise or yoga mat, a wall, a chair. Optionally, you may need push up stands and yoga blocks. There may be some more equipment that I can't remember at this time but I think that's it. I restarted my own combination cardio workout last week, combination of plyometrics, kempo cardio & the "sweat" work-out from power 90. Our family is going hiking in a couple of weeks and I didn't want to be constantly out of breath & have super sore muscles. So all last week I couldn't stand up, sit down or squat. I worked three days over the weekend but I'm planning on getting back to plyometrics today. If I am feeling strong I may add the leg work-out.
  9. TiffyRN

    So, I'm starting P90x...

    I would recommend that. That's not the route I went and I nearly killed me the first time. Also, we have taken off working out (not recommended either) and just restarted 3 days ago. I predict by tomorrow I will not be able to use my arms or legs and as I recall, sitting down on the toilet will cause involuntary screaming. teach me to take a couple months off.
  10. TiffyRN

    So, I'm starting P90x...

    My husband and I did this last year for about 4 1/2 months. It's incredibly hard, but I had only ever done elliptical or some aerobics. The weights part was particularly challenging. We were going more for fitness, I was/am about 30 pounds above my ideal body weight but had lost 50 pounds a couple years before (keeping most of it off). I didn't lose any weight with P90x, but looked thinner as I had developed muscles all over (no bulk, just unbelievable tone). I think the most important thing is to be persistent. I could maybe do 20% of some of the routines, particularly the ones involving push-ups (could do some on my knees as I progressed). I would recommend if you are female and have typical upper body strength that you do the pull-ups using elastic bands (it's demonstrated on the DVD's). Most importantly; Find your intensity level. Do what you can and eventually you will find yourself doing more and more of the work-outs. My body changed incredibly while doing it. We fully intend to get back into it again this year. My husband looked absolutely ripped after the first 90 days. Favorite work-outs: Yoga, plyometrics, legs & back Least Favorite: anything upper body that involved push-ups
  11. My husband and I generally watch Fox News in the house, listen to NPR in the car. I think that's fair and balanced. Occasionally we turn on CNN to see how different networks are covering certain stories (or as both often do; they don't cover a particular story). Unfortunately, minutes after husband will turn on CNN, I will become lethargic and annoyed at the same time, seems my body thinks it's at the airport on a long layover (isn't CNN always playing at the airport?). I had never watched MSNBC until a relative was in surgery all day long, and the TV in our waiting area was stuck there after hours. We had no remote, and soon were looking for some way to pull the plug. Please, never again, I'd rather watch anything but that. Many of the Fox News hosts are just over the top. I'm with a previous poster on the Bret Baier news program, particularly the round table. I think most on the round table are sharp minds and the mix of conservative to (more) liberal makes me understand how I just can't get behind any particular political party. I do miss Brit Hume that used to do that show and enjoy seeing him do his commentary off and on. Glenn Beck, dear lord. I think he's possibly brilliant. And definitely completely insane. Like scary insane. I'm usually ready for some CNN if Glenn is on.
  12. TiffyRN

    ETHICAL QUESTION please read

    uh, no occasionally when it's convenient, but I wouldn't call it the government's driving force. I would like to think that there is ethics in nursing, there is ethics in medicine, but government? Guess I need to be more optimistic. But, back to your original question. I condemn your instructor if they got their facts mixed up (and they need to be clarified) but to emphasize that we as nurses need to be vigilant for ethical violations, be they from other nurses, doctors, hospitals or even government research projects. . . That is a very valid discussion. It is fundamental to our function as patient advocates.
  13. TiffyRN

    Vent ! Landlord Being Totally Unreasonable

    All the landlord/tenant regulations I know of comes from watching People's Court. Here's a few things I've picked up. Sounds like you must be in a month-to-month tenancy which means either party can quit the agreement with 30 days notice. Is your apartment legal? Theses are questions you may want to pursue with the local housing authority, they could help you clarify such things. For myself, I would like to be in an apartment/rental with defined written terms that one can see in black and white. But I understand the expense of moving and dealing with renegotiating utilities & services is difficult and has it's own costs.
  14. TiffyRN


    Me & Angus hanging out watching TV & browsing the web.
  15. TiffyRN


    My Angus is just turned 1yr old this month. He is a Cornish Rex and I love him. He drives my husband insane though. Probably because he is very active and very interactive, constantly must be in contact with humans. He likes to play fetch with my pony tail holders.

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