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  1. CalNevaMimi

    First word that comes to mind.....

  2. CalNevaMimi

    First word that comes to mind.....

  3. CalNevaMimi

    Friday April 29, 2016

    Hugs to all who need one. Drove an hour to discover that my 1:1 client isn't coming to school today...health office, it is. Also, found out that my annoying intermittent pain is from a pair of fibroids. I named the one who hurts "Richard." Sometimes it has a shorter version of that name.
  4. CalNevaMimi

    Good morning March-8-2016

    Working the Jr. High health office today. Already looking forward to the left-over CrockPot chicken thing I made last night. A miracle has happened. I cook now. All kids have moved up and out, and now I cook. I'm convinced that the CrockPot is some sort of magic cauldron. WHY did I not know this years ago? Now my only two topics of conversation outside of work are dogs and CrockPots. I'm just so interesting. :sarcastic:
  5. CalNevaMimi

    Puppy/Doggie Humor

    I really hope you all can see this picture. I have two labs, 5 y/o blk lab female and 7 mo. old chocolate lab female. I have a hilarious collection of pictures. I hope you do, too!
  6. CalNevaMimi

    Thursday February 25 2016

    Honeycomb cereal in a zip lock bag.
  7. CalNevaMimi

    What do you Think About the use of Profanity?

    She lives! My 1:1 isn't here. I'm working the health office. Yay, computer access!
  8. CalNevaMimi

    Thursday February 4, 2016

    Sleep well? Me? No, but my two labs who sleep on and around me slept great.
  9. CalNevaMimi

    Thursday February 4, 2016

    Ah, feel better, Dianah. So sorry for your loss.
  10. CalNevaMimi

    What do you Think About the use of Profanity?

    You're my hero if you can use my favorite 4-letter word as a verb, adverb, adjective, and noun...especially all in one sentence.
  11. Miss you all! I'm now a 1:1 at jr. high, in health office when client isn't here. I really need to bring a tablet. Happy Friday to all...can't think of anything witty to say at the moment, so hopefully Far can do it for me. :-)
  12. CalNevaMimi

    TGIF- 12/18/2015

    Happy Friday, All! I've landed at an excellent jr. high. and will sometimes have computer access. I've missed everyone! Have a wonderful weekend and cheers to you.
  13. Guess what I figured out on my phone! It's a miracle. Hello, Blue.
  14. Happy Friday to you all! No computer access at my current school assignment and I'm just not an app girl. Not supposed to be on my phone anyway. Tried to figure out how to get to blue from my phone yesterday during a break in the action, no luck. Hope everyone is well. I seriously miss staying on top of things! Can't wait for the weekend so I can get all caught up. Hugs!
  15. CalNevaMimi

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Five more minutes left at this place. Turning in my keys. I'm so happy, I'm lightheaded.