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  1. NickiLaughs

    I'll take a burger with a kids meal please!

    My kid won't eat anything other than chicken nuggets and turkey sandwiches...I have no suggestions, but I feel your pain. I tried the starvation method of eating where his only choice is what we eat but then he puked, every single meal for a week that wasn't breakfast. I was a very picky eater as a kid and always had texture issues. So it's my own damn genetics paying me back.
  2. I'm not a fan of any. I really liked Rand Paul but knew he had no shot from the beginning. Our government is out of control. I've worked for several government entities and I've never seen more waste then I have there. I've encountered so many people whose job really wasn't necessary. I'm just disenheartened by the current system and wish we had a reset button. Theres such a strong us vs them mentality and nothing will be accomplished as long as we maintain that. Most people are somewhere in the middle with their viewpoints but the elite want to keep us divided and focus on the bs so the few who have true power can maintain it. So apparently my political views currently are unintentional anarchy. Despite being a middle class hardworking American. Oh the irony.
  3. NickiLaughs

    Do you work out regularly?

    I don't, I work so much lately (I've got bills to pay and a hubby still in school). I feel like I don't get enough time with my son as it is or sleep. I average 10 miles or so of walking in a shift and made some recent diet changes. I'd love to join a dance class or some sort of strength training program, but they all are so expensive and the expect you to be there 4 to 5 days a week. I just want two...I think 2 days is reasonable with my schedule. Oh well...
  4. NickiLaughs

    Do You Have Any Ugly Scars On Your Body?

    Oh lots of them. I was a messed up baby, multiple congenital defects Ugliest: on my stomach..it looks like a giant plus sign right through my belly button. it's about 8 in by 8 in. (Intestinal Surgery) then above it to the left a small puncture like one. (Colostomy from age 0-2) Then I have a long one along the entire length of my left scapula (Tracheoesophogeal fistula) Another puncture scar on my right side. (Chest tube?) That's about it I think. I've been pretty healthy since I had all those surgeries.
  5. NickiLaughs

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    Many do not realize how retirement funds work, and that the amount that is in them depends on the economy. I'm sorry that they are saying things like that, as regardless of profession, none of us are entitled to a job. We have to work for it, and hope the economy plays into our favor.
  6. NickiLaughs

    How much of your paycheck do you save?

    You will be so glad you did this at the end of it.
  7. NickiLaughs

    Disappointment about birthing

    I'm sorry. I had a difficult labor and even harder time with breast feeding. I knew I was suffering from depression after I had my baby, I honestly think it's the lack of sleep. My son was constantly at my boob, no matter what I did, I tried pumping and refusing to feed him except for every two hours. I tried supplementing with formula, that helped a little. Then around 6 weeks I finally said "screw it" and let him do formula for 24 hours. It was the most blissful night I had had. I got to sleep, not very long, but I got maybe 4 hours total that night, which is better than I had done the previous 6 weeks. I gave up shortly on the breastfeeding after that. But I was getting at least enough sleep to be a functional mother to care for him in every other way that I could. He was getting food, he was getting kept warm and loved. My husband still complains about how much the formula was, but the formula was my key to sanity. I have a happy healthy toddler who has no issues. I do wish I'd lasted longer breast feeding than 6 weeks. But if it made the difference between me having a major episode of post partum depression which would probably have been more detrimental to his health, I will settle. As I've gone along in this parent thing, I'm learning that sometimes it's just about "getting by" during the rough patches. *Hugs* You are not alone and I know you will find what works for you and your family, it's just all a big adjustment!
  8. NickiLaughs

    If Marijuanna was legalized, would you "partake"?

    I would use it on these horrible days where I can't get my mind to slow down enough so I can go to sleep after work. Unless someone knows something better. Otherwise, it has no benefits for me.
  9. NickiLaughs

    How much of your paycheck do you save?

    Not when I've got 80k in student loans to pay off first....*sigh.* that takes too much of my salary and I barely scrape by.
  10. NickiLaughs

    200 pound 3rd Grader placed in Foster care

    I have to agree with Talaxandra on how complicated it is for weight management... Foster Care may not provide him with any better solution. I had friends in foster care as a child, I recall their diets consisting of not much more than cheetos....
  11. NickiLaughs

    Great places to raise a Family?

    Looking like that move may need to happen sooner rather than later. :) The cost of living is eating us alive in Orange County. I love the weather and the school's are great, but spending over 25% of my income on rent for a tiny 970 sq ft apartment isn't working. And with salaries staying stagnant and being sole provider, we may have to make a major transition soon. The other thing is that half the teenagers here make me want to smack em...self-entitled and horrible attitudes. I don't want my son to have that as his future peers. Even this is an old thread, I appreciate everyone's responses.
  12. NickiLaughs

    The Question Mark Equation

    Thanks for waking up my post MI patient with my laughter. It's so nice to see an occasional fun thread among the constant wash of the same.
  13. I've noticed more hospitals doing this too. At all three of my physicals for all the nursing jobs I had, I had to perform a series of repetitive movements and lift weights, etc that were all included in the job description. I'm in fairly decent shape, I have to haul around a 25 lb baby all the time, and I know that I could afford to lose maybe 15 lbs, but I struggled with it. I've heard of people not passing and not getting the job. I just know that as a medical profession, if I partook of unhealthy activities consistently, I can't be a hypocrite and encourage others to do what I do not. How am I any better? And in my experience, that's how they view us, hypocrites, if we are eating cheeseburgers regardless of our weight when we tell a post-CABG they should not.
  14. NickiLaughs

    Dr. Oz: Is letting child become obese, abuse?

    It's the parents responsibilty, but I don't believe that taking away children and placing them in a foster setting is going to be emotionally beneficial for the children or the parent. Usually a lot of education and re-training both the parents and the kids. This issue has always been a passion of mine, but I think that fostering children would result in even worse issues and probably further exaggerate the over-eating. About 2 months ago I saw a child that was somewhere between 10-12 in age, morbidly obese. I can't even begin to describe how round he was and how he already had a pendulum. I just couldn't help but wonder where the lack of medical care was in his life, and how did his mom let him keep eating the cheetos that were in his hand. Obviously this child needed an extensive list of help, I imagine Type II Diabetes was around the corner if it wasn't already present. As well as a huge list of other ailments.
  15. NickiLaughs

    Gay Marriage

    Everyone should have equal rights regardless. I am very disappointed with this country