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  1. blondy2061h

    Benzethonium chloride 0.2% Hand Sanitizer for HC workers?

    I forgot what the ingredient is, but we're only allowed to use the hand moisturizer the hospital provides due to some ingredient in a lot of lotions impairing the durability of gloves. I forgot what the moisturizer can't have, though. I have used Gold Bond's sanitizer at home and love it.
  2. blondy2061h

    transplant for death row inmate?

    Not if he dies by lethal injection. Or really any other way, since it's hard to achieve brain death without physical death in any kind of non "cruel and unusual" method.
  3. blondy2061h

    Jehovah's Witness Nurse

    Everyone of my beliefs is Biblically based, and, having read the whole Bible, I do not get this at all. If I had to receive a blood transfusion to keep my body, which the Bible tells us is a temple of God, in shape, I would gladly do it.
  4. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    And that they intubated without trying any other oxygen delivery methods or doing an ABG first. If my patient is dropping their sats I want to see the RT more than the MD usually.
  5. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    We had a biracial patient who needed a bone marrow transplant desperately. She waited for a donor for 3 years before dying.
  6. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    At the same time, however, if someone were to witness someone having a seizure, for lack of better knowledge, they may copy what they see on tv.
  7. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    Hathaway became a transplant coordinator, Abby did become a doctor, and Sam went back to school to become a CRNA. Did Hathaway and Sam try and become doctors in other seasons/episodes? I kinda thought ER showed good examples of nurses being smart enough to become doctors, non-hospital nursing work, and advanced practice nursing. ER was the best medical show at having nurses visible.
  8. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    One of our doctors was rounding on patients. I was getting a patient cleaned up and positioned. I said if he went to the next room and came back the patient would be ready for him. He said it looked like I would need a hand with a boost anyways, so he'll help me get him settled first. Major points in my book too. I once did experience a code where the patient was waking up during compressions, though certainly not speaking.
  9. blondy2061h

    Dumbest medical mistakes you've seen on TV

    I like when they show the unstable patients in the ICU, and they're either intubated and wide awake, not hooked up to any sort of monitoring device, or have no IVs connected at all. Or all of the above. Gimme a break. There was one show I watched where the patient was in a "coma" and had a "machine breathing for her" then they showed the "patient" with just a nasal cannula (but fully sedated in this one). I like how non-medical tv shows (and books) will show characters diagnosed with major illnesses and then a few episodes later they're fine. Brothers and Sisters seems to be a big offender here, with the little girl getting diagnosed with diabetes, then it was never mentioned again after two episodes, and Kitty having lymphoma and needing a bone marrow transplant (from a half sibling [something that would not happen], and actual bone marrow, not PBSCs [unlikely these days], and the brother just walked in and said "I'm here to donate" and they took him right to OR [he would need growth factor shots and plenty of medical testing himself first]). Three weeks after the BMT she was running for office. She wouldn't have even been discharged yet in reality. Those sorta things just tick me off.
  10. blondy2061h

    night shift and new puppy!! any tips?

    I want a puppy so badly, but this is why I can't get one. Especially since I'm single.
  11. blondy2061h

    OK, so now what? How can I have a diagnosis I don't believe in?

    I hope your doctor is ruling out every other possibility before pushing those diagnoses on you. Did he test anything besides your thyroid? Hope you feel better soon.
  12. blondy2061h

    Mercy - NBC show all about nurses

    So do these nurses work medsurg, ICU, or ER? Can't figure it out.
  13. blondy2061h

    They Think I'm a WITCH!

    Bad stuff happens to everyone. I am sure you can think of plenty of nice people you got along with that have had bad things happen to them.
  14. blondy2061h

    Has Obama gone too far?

    Now you've got me curious. All I can find with google is "mobile number portability"
  15. blondy2061h

    I so want these locks for my home

    Re-locking my house now and adding deadbolts. I so want these: http://www.kwikset.com/smartseries/smartscan.aspx Cause after fighting with the Pyxis to read my finger print all night, that's definitely what I want to come home to. It it makes me count everything after I open the door, even worse.