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  1. blondy2061h

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    Every time he posts about his white cargo van ambitions I wonder this also.
  2. blondy2061h

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    I recommend a helmet, confirming alternative lodging options, and having your PT/INR checked before proceeding with this. Other than that, great idea.
  3. blondy2061h

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Nexplanon FTW
  4. blondy2061h

    Making time to date in nursing school ?!

    Nursing school just really isn't as all consuming as so many make it out to be. You should have time to date.
  5. blondy2061h

    Two Texas toddlers die . . .

    I'm really thinking we just need to implant everyone with birth control at age 10 and when you are 21 after passing the appropriate classes, you can apply for parenthood and have it removed if approved.
  6. blondy2061h

    Harry Potter

    You lost me at "better than Harry Potter," but nonetheless, I'm intrigued. I read the Golden Compass years ago in elementary school. I don't remember much about it. I remember later hearing it called the "secular Chronicles of Narnia." It looks like Pullman is writing a new book- Book of Dust? Is this a fourth book in the same series?
  7. blondy2061h

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    I liked when everyone I was working with was tall too. I wouldn't go in a room and find an IV pole lowered to the lowest setting. Doing that causes more air in your lines, you know... keep them nice and high. And I am always pushing the cardiac monitor off to the side. Short people who's head is mostly below it don't care.
  8. blondy2061h

    How do you feel about anti-vaxxers?

    I think anti vaxxers are people who don't understand science and logic.
  9. blondy2061h

    I fear I need to rejoin Facebook

    Exactly! The more I unfollow people, the more I enjoy Facebook.
  10. blondy2061h

    "I hate the United States"

    I kind of wonder if she was just going for a reaction. It is an odd thing to say out of the blue when you were both relaxing.
  11. blondy2061h

    "I hate the United States"

    That doesn't really surprise me. He's here because of YOU. Not because he wanted to move to the U.S. I'm not sure what part of the U.S. you're in, but the U.S. is largely a more populated, less socialized version of Canada in most ways. I go to Ontario on a semi-regular basis and half the time I forget I'm not in the U.S. until I go to use my cell and remember why I put it in airplane mode.
  12. blondy2061h

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    Jill (Duggar) Dillard and Husband Derick Welcome First Child : People.com Mobile Baby has been born!
  13. blondy2061h

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    It's good to see that they are persuing higher education.
  14. blondy2061h

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    I'm pretty religious right myself, honestly. I have nothing against homeschooling and am a Christian. It's the quiverfull movement I'm talking about, which does teach that the man is the head of the house hold, and he's the only one that can communicate directly with God, all other members of the household can only please God by obeying the man of the house. And yes, you need to have lots of children, because any birth control at all, even natural family planning, is as bad as having an abortion, and you need lots of children to penetrate to world with your beliefs (this is where the term quiverfull comes from, the children are arrows in your quiver being shot into an unbelieving world). An interesting read about this extremism and how it's really abusive: Vyckie Garrison on escaping "Quiverfull." I'm not sure how "pure" of a form of this the Duggars are practicing, but from what I've seen of the show, this does describe them.
  15. blondy2061h

    Jill Duggar & pregnancy

    I think there are many homeschooled kids that get an excellent education. My comment was not geared at all homeschoolers by any means. I'm saying the religiously radical (which the Duggars are) who believe women belong at home barefoot and pregnant essentially are not going to make sure their daughters are learningn chemistry and calculus.