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  1. CalicoKitty

    Gel nails and nail polish

    Every time I wear nail polish, they quickly chip to pieces and make me sad. I blame gloves. I haven't really worn nail polish in many years before nursing since I wore gloves in my old career, too.
  2. CalicoKitty

    Stan Lee's Legacy

    I really enjoyed watching the Netflix versions of the comic book heroes of the Defenders. I can watch some of Daredevil's fight scenes over and over (they are very well choreographed). But, one of the characters that I enjoyed watching was Rosario Dawson playing the nurse (Clare Temple) that would just end up with the mutants on her shift. Sure, plenty of her roles were completely not nursing roles, but I really liked her being a recurring character. So, looking into the "Stan Lee Nurse", I see that he wrote a few comics about "Night Nurse" in the early 70s. Sure, not too much came of it, and there were a few incarnations of it. But, I was glad to see that the Clare Temple nurse was based on a Stan Lee character.
  3. CalicoKitty

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Don't be Cheeky! You're speaking GIB-berish!
  4. CalicoKitty

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    You must be the guy that said tonight was pretty quiet.
  5. CalicoKitty

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Yes, especially when combined with a fine bottle of polyethylene glycol.
  6. CalicoKitty

    In a panic

    Sorry I don't have advice for you. I married my husband immediately after nursing school because of insurance (not entirely, we'd been dating nearly 10 years). He got a new job so we moved, and in the 2 or so month period beteen the first and second, we had COBRA. The day after we moved, I ended up in the hospital for 10 days. I can't imagine what would have happened if we had decided there was no need in that short period. I'm really sorry for you guys. My brother and his wife were both given back injuries from a car accident (not their fault). Neither can work. It has been terrible for them. You will persevere, but it may not be pretty. I know it sounds silly, but you could also try to get donations from friends and family using something like ChipIn or something. It may not generate much, but I'm sure at times every little bit will help.
  7. CalicoKitty

    Nurses wearing nail polish

    I stopped wearing nail polish at my research job where I had to wear gloves all the time. In my experience, gloves and nail polish don't work. Somehow the nail polish would get ruined. Perhaps I was just unlucky. As for a workplace's dress code, I think they have the rights to tell people not to wear nail polish. Maybe some could get specific saying only natural/clear colors. Some jobs eliminate various hair colors, piercings, visible tattoos, so, nail polish isn't that far out of step with other personal decorations.
  8. CalicoKitty

    N.Y. Driver, 76, Plows into Children's Party

    As my grandmother aged, she became a terrible driver. Finally, due to her Alzheimer's, she 'forgot' to renew her license. My aunt took her car away (so she wouldn't drive it regardless of having no license). For a long time, she'd always angrily mention how my aunt "Stole! her car". It was pretty sad. I agree, though, with loriann. What good would it do to anyone to put an 86 year old man in jail? Is he going to "learn his lesson" and become a better driver when he's 91? If the guy intentionally rammed the party, I could understand it, but not simply because he's (probably) mentally incapable of realizing he can no longer drive safely. I do think we need safety tests for drivers, including vision and reaction times. There really are no good or easy solutions. My grandmother resented having her Independence removed. From being able to go anywhere you want whenever you want, to having to schedule your activities around when someone is willing enough to pick you up and drop you off somewhere (or public transportation that may not be available in their area). This is a life changing event that I'm sure nobody will want to experience.
  9. CalicoKitty

    Nazi Doctors...a recommended read

    I'm pretty sure that Obama is a Democrat, not a socialist. Socialists, just as any other non-democrat/non-republican party are pretty much hopeless in this country the way it is. And, yes, I guess becoming a socialism would be terrible. I constantly read about the horrible things going on in Norway and Sweden. As for the Nazi Nurses, I think it's really hard to understand what was going on. At that time, there was a national party that had the support of all the people. It seems similar in America sometimes, as there seems to be a feeling of "If you're against the war in Iraq, you're unpatriotic/a terrorist". There is a lot of "us vs them" sentiments here. The "Religious Right" are siding with the Republicans. The Democrats are all "liberals wanting everyone to have an abortion". Children are being suspended from kindergarten for sexual harassment. Our prisons are incredibly overcrowded, and our sanctioned murders (death penalty) is also astonishing. Everyone does things they don't like. People drive, despite knowing that car accidents kill thousands of people, and CO2 is bad for the environment. They eat fast food/red meat despite knowing it is bad for their health, and grazing farms are also destructive to the environment (and kill people). We don't consider our actions to be the same, because the victims don't have names. I'm not sure I see a big difference in the way some countries treat others. The US military, for instance, has probably killed more civilians in our war than the Nazi nurses did. Israel is currently starving an entire population of people, and being fully supported by their countrymen. Zimbabwe and Sudan are having issues where killing civilians by other civilians (or military) is becoming a way of life. I don't see the Nazi nurses doing anything different than any other group of killers with a herd mentality. The nurses, given a chance to look back upon their lives, are probably horrified by what they did. There are situations in most people's lives where they feel forced to do something they don't support. Often times it's peer pressure. Rarely, it will be to do something to kill or save someone's life. The Euthanasia was a terrible thing, but so is being forced to keep someone who is dying, and in pain alive (while Coding). I wonder how many people, put into that situation, would act differently. Consider that, about none of the nurses then did. I wonder if humanity has changed that much. Wow, that was long, and probably had no clear points.