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  1. NurseLoveJoy88

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    I had my weigh in today and lost 11lbs after two weeks on the program. I agree with Joanna that I'm not eating enough. I discussed this with the PA today and we discussed ways to increase my intake. The appetite suppressants really do their job. I just have to make sure I eat more. MY biggest problem is not taking time to eat a work. Sometimes I just can't fit a break in.
  2. NurseLoveJoy88

    My new neighbor drove home intoxicated!! He is a nurse!

    Mind your own. If he was on the road then I would be concerned. He arrived home safely.
  3. NurseLoveJoy88

    Are "Pet Names" Inappropriate on the Job?

    I hate being called pet names due to my age. I'm called "sweetie, honey, baby" and so on. Older staff at my job are rarely called any names. I decided to not let it bother me. In your situation, I don't think its a form of sexual harrassment. If it makes you feel uncomfortable then let him know and move on from there.
  4. NurseLoveJoy88

    Discounts on Cruises---Just not for NURSES...

    I agree. This really sucks. Maybe if enough of us email the cruise lines will we get results. I was thrilled when I found out I would get 5 percent off my apt. for being a nurse. Some places gives us discounts some don't.
  5. NurseLoveJoy88

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    I'm taking phentermine once daily. I'm getting married too so I definitely need these extra pounds off. So far its' been working. I have my 2 week f/u next week so we will see if there have been any results!
  6. NurseLoveJoy88

    What is your motivation for working out?

    -I'm 23 and feel like I'm 50. - Low energy -Need to look and feel better -Health reasons -Summer around the corner -Wedding in Aug. -Will help with stress
  7. NurseLoveJoy88

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    I've never been one to count carbs, cal, sugars and fibers and don't plan to start. I'm just going to start using common sense. I know that in order to be successful I have to watch my carb and sugar intake and I need more fiber and protein. My biggest challenge is going to the gym. I must make myself go. It's so hard especially being so tired before and after work. The vit. b12 will hopefully help with that. Today I had no problem going and completing my work out. The energy I have is amazing. Taking one day at a time.
  8. NurseLoveJoy88

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    So yesterday was my appt. They did a physical, blood work( no results yet) and gave me some nutritional ideas to loose the weight. The PA started me on an appetite suppressant, Chromium, mulitivitamins and medication that will work on dopamine in my brain to help control my fat, sugar and salt cravings. I also got my vit. b12 injection and plan to get that weekly. Needless to say, I'm very overwhelmed!!!! I got a ton of handouts on nutrition and the program so I know its' going to take time to process it all. The name of the clinic is Stem Ross. My current weight is 183 lbs which is alot for my small frame. Thank God I'm 5'6 so I don't look half bad to say the least. My goal weight is to be between 135-140 lbs. So I have to loose about 50lbs. Today I started with my supplements and maybe it's all in my head but I notice a big difference. I'm not as hungry, have alot of energy and don't have my usual cravings. I've have consumed my required 64 oz of water and have been peeing like crazy!!! I wish I can insert a foley! For breakfast I had greek plain yogurt with a scoop of sliced strawberries. For my AM snack I had a fiber one bar For lunch I'm having Broccolli and half grapefruit For my PM snack I'm planning on having nuts and string cheese For dinner I will have a protein meal bar For night snack one boiled egg I'm basically trying to eat 6 small meals a day that is filled with protein. The program suggest 25-30 grams of protein per meal but right now I can't see myself doing that. I don't have much food so I'm trying to work with what I have. When I get paid next week I'll buy the whey protein powder and do 2 shakes a day with that. I did a 30 minute work out this AM on the eliptical and plan to do this 5-6 days a week. After a week or so I'll add in weight training. I'm starting off with baby steps so that I won't get overwhelmed and quit the program. I'm taking one day at a time. My fiance says when I loose my first 20 he's taking me on a shopping spree! I find that rewards is also a nice motivation for me. I will post my weigh in results every week and will let you know how my journey is going.
  9. NurseLoveJoy88

    Going to a weight loss clinic on friday

    And I'm excited!!! Will keep you all posted on how it goes.
  10. NurseLoveJoy88

    To the NP that does not wear underwear

    Please make sure your pants are zipped up... I see enough penises everyday and really did not need to see yours! Thanks!
  11. NurseLoveJoy88

    Started Antidepressants

    Starting to feel the same way. I started on ativan a little while ago and that helped me. I stopped taking it while going back for RN but now that I'm working full-time, I need to start taking it again.
  12. NurseLoveJoy88

    Nurses wearing nail polish

    I keep my nails and feet manicured. I usually do a nice professional polish on my nails and something bright and funky on my toes to compensate. For work I normally wear colors like light pink, french, beige or a light purple. I don't wear fake nails but I do have an overlay because my nails are so thin. I also keep my nails very, very, short. I don't see nothing wrong with personally. As long as your nails are short and clean a little light polish is okay.
  13. NurseLoveJoy88

    Whiny older nurses...

  14. NurseLoveJoy88

    Whiny older nurses...

    Maybe it is just me but lately it seems as though there have been many whiny threads started by "older " nurses. 1. No one is telling you to retire, if you want to work until you are 98, who cares !!! 2. Why do you care how many times people have to take their boards ? 3. Oh and not everyone under 30 feel entitled and had everything handled to them... Okay now I'm done whining....
  15. NurseLoveJoy88

    Anyone get married at the JOP?

    My fiance and I were so overwhelmed with the costs and everything that comes along with planning a wedding that we decided to go with the a courthouse wedding and going out to dinner with friends and family afterwards. His family is disappointed because they are very traditional but we rather put our hard earned money towards a place to live and savings. Have anyone else ever did the JOP and what did you enjoy most about it?