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  1. spinetilt

    Female Doc Hitting On Me??

    Cherybaby, I think we need to consider from whom the comments are coming. The guys are thinking with their male anatomy and the girls are using their brains. Just the way we've been wired. Don't blame us. Blame God! lol.
  2. spinetilt

    Female Doc Hitting On Me??

    You are right. How funny is that! Lol. Maybe I should just go slow so I don't get hurt. ; )
  3. spinetilt

    Female Doc Hitting On Me??

    Guys (and girls) So, I recently started a new job at a hospital and my first day I noticed a younger Dr. checking me out. I just ignored it because I figured I was just fantasizing or whatever. You know, we all have our little deranged fantasies, right? (Say "no" and you are LYING.) Then, day two I keep busting her staring at me. She really doesn't say too much to ANYONE, but she does say "hi" to me all the time and smiles. I'm a pretty "worldly" man, and I know when someone's hitting on me. Anyway, I know the male Docs hit on nurses all the time, but has anyone else seen it go the other way??? How hot would THAT be, huh? lol. Curious to know your thoughts/stories. Thanks.
  4. spinetilt

    Lady needing some suggestions from the guys...

    I would think that a nice gift card to the nearest massage place would work for me. Pref. Asian style.

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