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    Moved to the General Topic forum in the Nurses Breakroom
  2. OK, Thread re-opening. Please refrain from name calling.
  3. Enough already on the name calling..... Closing this thread for time out
  4. Silverdragon102

    Thyroid question

    As mentioned this isn't something we can help you with as it is medical advice. Please have a chat with your PCP
  5. Silverdragon102

    Saturday April 23, 2016

    Good day everyone, I corrected the date in the heading :)
  6. Silverdragon102

    NC removes gay/transgender protections

    Don't you just love topics that brings out the worst and the best in members :) I have deleted several posts for various Terms of Service violations and some because they quoted the deleted posts and offered no sense. Can I please ask that members try to be civil to each other and no name calling while dealing with what is obvious to some a hot topic.... Back to regular on topic comments and thanks
  7. Silverdragon102

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    Posts moved to the nursing and spiritual forum as very off topic to the thread originally posted in
  8. Silverdragon102

    Wayyyy off topic, need help with dog food please?

    Moved to the Pets/Animal forum
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    Fed Up

    Moved to the General Off Topic forum
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    Moved to the off topic break room
  11. Silverdragon102

    U.S., Cuba to restore ties after 50 years of hostility

    Enough guys.... Politic certainly brings out the worst in people. You each have your own opinions, please respect that of each other and stop with the bickering
  12. Silverdragon102

    ISIS Terrorists

    Can we try to keep to the topic of the thread and not cross each other? This thread is for ISIS
  13. Silverdragon102

    Filipina won X Factor Australia

    Moved to Off topic
  14. Silverdragon102

    Hot Graduate Assistant

    Moved to the dating/relationship forum
  15. Silverdragon102

    Face Lift? What is the best procedure?

    Moved to Beauty / Aging / Healthy Skin