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  1. Silverdragon102

    How many out there aren't religious?

    I am not religious in any way shape or form and very open about that. I also respect that others may not have the same frame of mind as me and will support them during their time I however will not pray for them but will give them my thoughts
  2. Silverdragon102

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Probably means vegetarian rather than vegan
  3. Silverdragon102

    Credit cards?

    moved to the Personal Finance, Home, and Business Development forum
  4. Silverdragon102

    The Vegetarian Thread

    Guys This is a thread for people to share vegetarian recipes and support can we please keep to the topic and start a new thread if you wish to debate between eating meat and not
  5. Silverdragon102

    Knitting Anyone?

    Haven't had the time to knit sew or anything else I like doing since I started work again. I did have plans on knitting a Aran sweater for winter, bought the wool and needles etc just no time to do it, looks like it will be this years project :)
  6. Silverdragon102

    iPad 2 Shakes the Tablet World

    Having just bought my Ipad and loving it will probably wait before upgrading, absolutely loving it and probably not using to full benefit yet as only had it a couple of weeks
  7. OK everyone can we try and keep this civil People move on some before relationship is dissolved and some wait until after that is up to each individual and is no one's business but their own. However this still means there is no excuse to go around a injure/kill someone if that situation arises
  8. Silverdragon102

    Holiday Blessings

    all the best to you and your family Ruby
  9. Silverdragon102

    Nurses, how do you like your caffeine?

    Moved to the General Off-Topic Discussions forum
  10. Silverdragon102

    Sad....my elderly bunny died today

    It is always sad when a pet passes away..... just remember the good memories My condolences
  11. Silverdragon102

    Digital devices deprive brain of needed downtime

    Although I love to read books and I do have many I also love to read ebooks as my husband is a light sleeper as well as a insomniac so with my ipod touch I can read in bed and it doesn't disturb him and I can relax nicely in bed
  12. Silverdragon102

    paralyzing in a hospital?

    Moved to the Nursing news forum
  13. Silverdragon102

    Resuscitation Decisions: An International Perspective

    I too agree with Sharrie as my experience is working in another part of the UK and at no time when a decision was made did cost rear it's ugly head. The decision was based on many things, cost was not one of them
  14. Silverdragon102

    Resuscitation Decisions: An International Perspective

    Good read, It is a hard decision to make and I think it should be one that includes everyone. Saying that I have had this discussion many times with my husband and we both agree what our wishes are if anything should happen to either of us and it is probably something that is to a certain extend discussed among couples and families it is just when the time comes the decision can be hard to make.
  15. Silverdragon102

    My mom died yesterday

    I am so sorry to hear this ((((hugs))))

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