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  1. StNeotser

    Friday November 11 2016

    I am deleting my account. Andy B told me he was going to knife me. I reported this person two days ago. Allnurses is not safe.
  2. See my other post. Do oyou ever think that someone that was nasty to you when you came to a new country would be remembered. You've been remembered. Not for the right reasons. In the old country such an attitude could have had your head cut off. Or you wouldn't be invited to tea parties. Either or would have probably been the same result.
  3. I distinctly remember you asking why I was British and why I was still in your country. I told you that it was because I had married an American Armed Forces person. That person on my divorce demanded I stay in this country because his children were American citizens. I was legally obligated to stay in the USA at that time and you were dismissing me as if I came from a mud hut and wanted to stay in your glorious country when all I wanted to was get out of it. As a result of that legal confrontation between my ex husband and I, I got American citizenship. I now get to vote. I have always found your lines of questioning unpleasant. I am not sure why you dislike your fellow Americans. I am your fellow American now. I went through a test and everything. It's not like I came shooting out of a random American womb happenstance.
  4. StNeotser

    That's it....

    But Mexico does, four fold apparently
  5. Non answer. You actually don't get to say "what you endured and endured we did" if you odn't back it up. Actually you do. But nobody is lstening to you. By the by, I do remember you asking two times as an immigrant why I was here. I gave you an answer. Remember that? The next time you asked my why I voted for Obama. I told you I didn't and that I had voted for Jill Stein. I do at least have an answer for what I believe in.
  6. Herring. I love you. I have no idea how you are able to tolerate the silly stuff but you do. When people against my political persuasion made statements or accusations against "the left" or "the liberals" today, I asked them to be specific. None of them have. I tried. I said please and thank you on some of them. Someone demanded how we justified a man getting beaten up for voting Trump. We all said we didn't, we thought it was wrong. That person never came back. Another person said that she had endured Obama's administration. When I asked her what she endured, she shut up. When I asked another poster why she thought that the hate, racism, misogyny and bigotry was coming from the left, she shut up. When I asked the same poster that had previously complained about enduring Obama's administration why she felt scared about his executive orders she shut up. I realize you've been doing this for a lifetime and I'm a novice. I think heaven has a medal waiting for you along with a pink fluffy seat.
  7. StNeotser

    That's it....

    One Million Americans in Mexico Can’t All Be Wrong There are a million Americans living in Mexico. There are 250,535 Americans living in Canada. Immigration to Canada - Wikipedia Sometimes, before one opens ones mouth on an internet forum, one should really look up facts and figures first.
  8. StNeotser

    That's it....

    How is the hatred and bigotry all from the left? Please give examples. Thanks in advance.
  9. StNeotser

    That's it....

    I can see why you voted for Trump :) Have a good day.
  10. StNeotser

    First word that comes to mind.....

  11. StNeotser

    Election November 8th 2016

    I believe it was designed to inflame and was probably written by a wind up merchant. The argument on gender is disingenuous when one considers that for centuries men have been scoring the presidency because they are men. I have said it before and I'll say it again, the USA is far more sexist than the UK and many other European countries. I remember laughing my head off when people were having serious concerns about Katie Couric being the first Evening News reader on Network TV and would people take her seriously. This was just ten years ago. Theresa May took the helm of the UK this past summer and nary anyone said a dicky bird. Whilst I realize she was not voted in as Thatcher was, May has not had as much vitriol thrown her way as Jeremy Corbyn has, her political rival. Not sure how long she'll have a job as it seems she is the fall guy for Brexit. But yes, the condescending paternal tone of that letter - most likely a wind up for people to send to their "liberal friends".
  12. You know, I really don't like Bill Maher much at all but I did watch him last Friday - wanted to see the Obama interview. He did warn us that Trump was a real possibility - it was at that point I quit taking Trump as a joke. Maher was right. As to the electoral college, democrats have now won the popular vote four out of the last five elections, yet only won the presidency twice. I don't care for it.
  13. It seems the fear is very real After election, crisis and suicide prevention hotline calls surge - CNN.com (CNN)In the wee hours of November 9, when the US presidential race approached its stunning end, John Draper and those he works with saw a different surprising result. The phone lines at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline lit up in a way not seen before.
  14. StNeotser

    Election November 8th 2016

    If anyone ever gave my daughter such a letter I would roll it up tightly and bat them around the head with it until they bogged the buggery hell off.
  15. StNeotser

    Is Donald Trump an ethical man?

    But they're so so angry. I'd find maintaining that level of anger and hate exhausting. It's as if they're mentally ill. Or they haven't had nookie since the Clinton administration, who knows. I found all that "Lock Her Up" chanting at Trump rallies absolutely mindblowing. It was like the five minute hate session from the 1984 movie. Cult like.