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  1. StNeotser

    Intelligent? Liberal? Interesting research

    I bought a bright red car so I could pick it out in the parking lot. All those silver and metallic paints sort of blend in to one another.
  2. StNeotser

    The Austerity Thread

    Yes, it's pretty apparent that the Republican party invited the Tea Party in, and the Tea Party went and shat upon their carpet.
  3. StNeotser

    The Shawshank Redemption

    I love the movie too. I think Red says "they put you in here for life and that's exactly what they take" I also feel terribly sorry for the young kid Andy takes under his wing and tutors for his GED. Then the kid ends up being shot for saying he would testify for Andy. Horrible. One thing I can't reconcile in the movie and I wonder if someone could help me out. Andys tunnel that was hidden behind the poster of the current pin-up of the day. Surely it would just go into the next cell? It looks like Andys cell was right next to another in the scenes of the outside of the cells.
  4. StNeotser


    I like Jim Hightower.
  5. Yes, and I think you'll find it has far more to do with respecting ones fellow human being. There is very little of that around in western culture. When I was little I found a watch on the street. My parents said we should take it to the police station. After a month I was told I could have it as nobody had claimed it. The policeman also told me that they auctioned off unclaimed property and gave it to some charity. I went with that option. I'm British, so your statement means nothing to me.
  6. I thought she was guilty. I hadn't followed every twist and turn of the case, but her picture should come up in the dictionary under sociopath.
  7. StNeotser

    al-qaeda planning anniversary attack?

    And that is the sorry thing about terrorism. You feel you can't do what you want to do. It's awful.
  8. StNeotser

    al-qaeda planning anniversary attack?

    The trouble with terrorism is that the terrorists always have some sort of plot up their sleeves. It may take years to execute, or not be executed at all. It's the fact that we know that they are out there and likely plotting something. Consequently it's the psychological and disruptive effect it has on a population that is the most frightening.
  9. Thanks for the info. Another startling thing occured to me - I hope those two workers don't work at McDonalds or Walmart. The rise of the McJob means those workers aren't even contributing as much as workers did in previous times. I don't know what the solution is, but I'd be happy if they gave me my money back and told me I wouldn't get SS. At least I would know what I did with the money.
  10. To be fair, this system has only been going thirty years. Give it time. :rolleyes:
  11. Politicians of all stripes will stop doing the same tired thing and start doing something real to fix it when they are no longer fed huge campaign funds and having their palms greased by lobbyists. So we have to figure out how to get them to vote to stop doing it. We would have better luck getting Turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving. So there's the reason, solutions are harder.
  12. I am paying more towards social security than I am towards my own private IRA. Why is anyone daring to call it an entitlement? Now, on the Medicare issue, can we stop giving 100+ year olds hip replacements only for them to die a few days later for fear of being called "death panelists"? I see a lot of waste and suffering that medicare pays for. I also see privately owned pharmaceutical companies making a tidy profit from your tax dollars. Gotta thank that Medicare Part D. :) Get rid of lobbyists and K street and we'd all do fine.
  13. StNeotser

    Secret TV obsession

    My sneaky TV show I won't admit to watching is Dog The Bounty Hunter. I know why, it's a half hour show, easy to follow when I'm tired and when he goes to Colorado I actually know some of the places he is hunting in. I saw the first one of that sister wives program but have missed it ever since.
  14. StNeotser

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    mmkay, that makes for a good reality game show.................but for the highest office in the land? Entertainment and politics shouldn't be confused.
  15. StNeotser

    Glenn Beck Leaving Fox News

    Aye. I had a dream once. It was about a cock. Can't really remember what the cock was doing. Lo and behold some bull came onto the scene. There was some story to this dream. And I can't remember the theme.

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