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  1. TopazLover

    Attendance List for Irene.....

    Some of Phonecia got it bad. The gorge I think was really hit hard. It hit the other side of the mountain much worse. Middleburgh got it bad. The Blenheim Bridge (old, longest one span wooden covered bridge in US, I think) is no more. Margaretville and surrounding communities really need to get on The Weather Channel or someplace. They have pulled together to perform miracles in just one week. The work that has been accomplished without waiting for some one else to come in and fix it is unreal. The before and after pics of some of the roads in the upper valleys tells a story of what can happen when skills are matched with resilient people. They do not have any of the large companies there helping out (Tide etc.) All are in the Cobleskill area. The volunteers in every area have been the finest. Each does whatever needs to get done. They know who to call on for each need. Obviously I could rant on and on about the wonderful stock from whence I come. I am so proud of them.
  2. TopazLover

    What are you doing right now?

    Well, I slept maybe 2 hours. Cops still outside waiting for the search. I have truck almost packed. Waiting for Jim to awaken before I pack my clothes. Hope to be out of here in next hour. Normally 5 hour trip. Now I don't know. I do know I have to pass inspection by the National Guard at the checkpoint, maybe more than one.
  3. TopazLover

    What are you doing right now?

    Ah, the young. Maybe they should just stay selling dresses and not get into the real dressings that nurses have to deal with. Right now I am watching the cops out my window. They took a woman out of our building in handcuffs an hour ago. I think they waited for a search warrant and are now checking cars. My truck is full of big bags containing all the supplies I am taking to the mts in the morning. If they decide to check things out they will probably think I robbed a store. I guess I don't have to worry about things getting stolen out of the truck while they are around. We live in a quiet condo. This is not our norm.
  4. TopazLover

    Attendance List for Irene.....

    Nah, some days I am wrapped too tight, others too loose. I try to only knot yarn with a crochet hook. I am sure I will be OK. May not get to see much of the family. Their roads are still miserable. I think all have power now. Leaving in the early morning. If I do crash there will be tampons, hand wipes, boxes of irradiated milk ,cans of food, etc. all over. Not a good vision. :yeah:I will take my dog so I know things will turn out right.
  5. TopazLover

    Attendance List for Irene.....

    This does not even begin to show the extent of damage. I am heading up tomorrow with supplies.
  6. TopazLover

    What are you doing right now?

    I woke up in the middle of a great snooze - to pee. Now need to get back to sleep. Now that I am awake my knee hurts. I don't want to take any more pain meds (needed one extra last eve). I guess the ice did not do all I needed it to do.
  7. TopazLover

    The cat is dead

    Joe, So sorry to hear that you lost Joy. I know you knew it was coming but it is still so hard to lose our pets. They make our lives so much better. Joy is now happy and healthy waiting with so many other fine animals at the Rainbow Bridge. I like to think she will meet my cat Jill, and my dog Princess who enriched our lives. Knowing this does not make the pain go away. Do what you need to do. Come here for reinforcement. (((Hugs)))
  8. TopazLover

    The Economy

    I can see big business hiring these new grads. They have been schooled during this recession and will be easily led by big business to maintain the Ax Man mentality. I believe they will follow any directions given rather than fulfill the implicit threat when hired that they can be easily removed from the job if they think on their own.
  9. TopazLover

    General Election 2012 Thread

    I still have not found anything to like about Bachmann. Your article about the Supreme Court that Perry presents does make sense to me. It certainly cannot override his other notions that I cannot abide. I am not a Rep. but see Chris Christie as an up and comer for VP position. I am not endorsing his positions, I just think many Rep could get behind him. I don't think he has enough national name recognition to head the ticket. Besides, his views on education are barbaric.
  10. TopazLover

    What would you do if faced with this ethical dilemma?

    Thoughts of suicide are much different than having a plan. Many of us had times when we wished we were not alive. Does this mean we are suicidal? Not at all. I agree that the opening line might be a cry to have someone listen to the fact the person knows he is dying and needs to talk about it. Does he have the ability to do something drastic? Can he find enough drugs at hand to complete? What kind of precautions are the family members taking? Seems to me the discussion of the friend is to seek assurance about what he/she needs to do for the loved one who is dying. It would be a great time to do some informal teaching about approaching death. If significant concerns are raised about a specific means it could be addressed. To ignore the friend does nothing to maintain a quality of life if the freind now believes he/she cannot get this nurse to even acknowledge the fears that he/she has as that person's friend. She is not the nurse and I think that does make a difference. She is an outsider who is friends with a loved one of the dying person. They have needs from their friend who happens to be a nurse. It has little or nothing to do with the person who has a short life expectancy.:twocents:
  11. TopazLover

    What are you doing right now?

    Reading latest posts about my hometown. Waiting for new updates on # of buildings condemned, list of current and anticipated needs. Will be collecting supplies today and tomorrow and drive up on Sat. to deliver. Hope to see family but may not due to conditions up there.
  12. TopazLover

    What are you doing right now?

    Have been looking for a 30+ KW generator for the creamery. No luck. By the time one could get there the cows would be burst. Talked to both sisters. Neither has power. Roads still not passable. Now ready to eat ice cream and oreos. Something in life has to get me a sugar high.
  13. TopazLover

    Three words to describe yourself

    Frustrated Happy edgy
  14. TopazLover

    Attendance List for Irene.....

    Virgo, you have been in my thoughts and prayers. My family is still without electric or roads. Glad to see you made it through it.
  15. TopazLover

    Three words to describe yourself

    Poor babe, get some sleep. Now I am invigorated frustrated content

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