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  1. I can't see this being a positive at all. Yeah, it is easy to say take the kids away, put them in foster care. In some cases splitting up siblings, causing even more damage. The parents may be useless, but that doesn't mean there aren't older teens taking care of younger ones who now will go into foster care to be cares for by strangers. While NC makes people work for welfare, they were also forced to cut child care so now some recipients can not fulfill their duty because they have no one to watch the child.
  2. dreamon

    Any Golden Girls junkies among us?

    "Dorothy- you call yourself an Italian, but you can't tell the difference between a toy and a real piece?" Lmao
  3. dreamon

    Any Golden Girls junkies among us?

    Those are all great too....how could I forget Sophia being turned into a sex kitten! LOL Another favorite is when Dorothy sings What'll I Do at the bar. I even downloaded it and have it on my mp3 player. I have no idea when that song was even released, but I like a lot of older music even though I was born in the 80s.
  4. dreamon

    Any Golden Girls junkies among us?

    So cool! I need to put that on a wish list. I have many episodes saved on tivo so I never really need the dvds, that's why I haven't bought them yet. What are some favorite episodes? I love: -when they got arrested for prostitution. -Dorothy's daughter gets married and she tells off Stan -house gets broken into -dance marathon where "Rose" does the cartwheels!
  5. dreamon

    Any Golden Girls junkies among us?

    me me me! Dorothy and Blanche are my absolute favorites. I read somewhere that they released a box set that comes in/with Sophia's wicker bag! LOL I really need that.
  6. dreamon

    Nurses dating Doctors

    Your post reeks of insecurity.
  7. dreamon

    Intervention...love the show!!

    I love this show, unfortunately I haven't watched it very much in the past year or two. I am disturbed by the amount of people who have suffered from sexual abuse as children (and always by someone close to the family). None of my immediate family members abuse drugs, so my heart goes out to those who have to deal with that- it looks very painful. Another interesting thing is when multiple children go through a bad experience and only one turns to substance abuse. It shows how different people can be even growing up under the same roof.
  8. dreamon

    Venus Williams - Really??

    I think her body is incredible also- results of total devotion to her craft. I do feel for her and Serena though, they have muscular bodies that most don't consider feminine at all. Even when they don't dress outrageously, I have read comments people have made about their bodies and looks which I'm sure must be hurtful to them. Perhaps this is their way of thumbing their nose at some of their detractors. I firmly believe if Maria Sharapova wore something like this, it would be more provocative than offensive in many people's eyes. I'm not condoning her outfit. Personally it's her decision and I couldn't care less about what others wear. I think if it wasn't lace it would look a tiny, tiny bit better. LOL
  9. dreamon

    Divorcing the Divorce

  10. dreamon

    Divorcing the Divorce

    I just love honest and inspirational writings. Good luck, we will be rooting for you. I had a similar thread on here about my struggles dealing with the aftermath of divorce. I am doing better now than before, so happy to be here- single and alive while moving toward my dream. Stay strong! :)
  11. dreamon

    New Nurse Jackie trailer!

    Looks great- can't wait to see it!:lol2: http://www.sho.com/site/video/brightcove/series/title.do?bcpid=14026996001&bclid=63429584001&bctid=63442141001
  12. dreamon

    Baby envy

    I just wanted to add that you will consider yourself so lucky to go through nursing school without having any children. You can be totally focused, less stressed and have more time than the rest of us who will have to make that journey with a child/family on top of school. You will have a stable job, home, etc which will make you even more attractive to men who are ready to settle down. They are out there, despite what some people would like to believe. Your life choices will be chosen on your terms, and not a panicked choice made when one's back is against the wall or in a panic. Rest assured that while it may not be what you want now, in the end it is certainly for the better. I hope I helped a little. ((hugs))
  13. dreamon

    Baby envy

    I've been there. My very best friend got married and pregnant when my marriage fell apart. I was even staying in her home prior to her getting the baby news and getting engaged. I am not an envious person, and I love her with all my heart. At the same time it was so tough not to get depressed seeing her experience all the things I thought I had a year earlier (family, loving significant other, a home). I didn't even want to have a baby but many nights I locked myself in the guest room and cried. I felt so happy for her being out of an abusive relationship and getting her life back in order with someone who genuinely loved her and cared about her. I decided to be able to get past my conflicting feelings, I needed to just let the tears out and remind myself that we all have different paths to take. There is no one way to start a relationship or a family. I focused on what I needed to better myself and my life. I would not let any malignant feelings wreck a decade long friendship. I knew that it wasn't her I was jealous of, I was sad about no longer having a husband and a home of my own. I would not be overcome by the "Why not me?" monster. You don't know what is around the corner for you or further on down the road. Try to stay positive, after all life is too short to focus too much energy on others and their obstacles. She may need your shoulder to cry on in the future if this shotgun wedding thing doesn't work out. I know you'll want to be there for her. The grass is always greener in other people's yards- it's cliche, but very true.
  14. Thank you for thinking of me Kolohe- I've been meaning to update, for some reason I can log on the other site from my phone but not this one, so now that I've bought a computer (yay for small victories:yeah:) I can update. I am doing much better. I sincerely believe that in regards to my divorce, my darkest days are behind me. I was not able to start pre-reqs as yet since I needed to move out of state temporarily and stay with family while saving up for a car. So classes are on hold until summer or fall, a bit disappointing but I can deal with it.:up: I am truly working on being happy and content even with the little I have. I know love will come along again in the future- I'm working on being a great mom and a great woman. I have not been back on any anti-depressants, hopefully I can keep that going. My health insurance will end sometime next year, I just hope I won't need any meds after that time. I know others have asked upthread, so I'll mention that I did file and receive child support AND spousal support for a year, so that can be a nest egg for me. I am truly blessed, even in the midst of this struggle. So to anyone who is struggling, you can do it. I went to bed every night, woke up every morning even when I had neither the strength nor the desire I'm ashamed to admit. Either way, I did it. Also it is important to do more than just exist. Try to find something, anything you enjoy and hold onto it. People come and go- we have ourselves as long as we are breathing, try to find some comfort in that. Also reach out to others online if there is no one in your life you feel you can speak to...it certainly can help. Thank to all my nurses and future nurse friends who have lent their ears/eyes lol. You are truly appreciated.:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat :loveya:
  15. dreamon

    Mercy - NBC show all about nurses

    This does look better than HawthoRNe, I hope it gets good ratings.