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  1. AOx1

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    As a vegan, I've made what I believe is my best choice to maintain MY health. Other adults have every right to make different choices. I exercise frequently. I am not and have never been fat. However, I am a "type A" stress junkie. I love high adrenaline situations and tend to have high stress levels. Should I change this: probably. Am I motivated to change: not really. Outside, I look extremely healthy, but I have high stress levels. This does NOT make me a bad nurse, any more than being fat makes someone else a bad nurse. It makes me a HUMAN nurse, just like every other nurse. Judge people on their skill and compassion, not appearance.
  2. I admit it, I am a pen hoarder. I love office supplies in general, but pens and office planners/calendars in particular. I have finally found my "perfect" pencil and pen (Zebra and fisher space pen), but am still hunting my favorite planner. What's your favorite office supply? Any tips on great planners?
  3. Op, if it was just the $, I would be ok with it. BUT, what worries me is the full picture, as shown above. The uncomfortable feeling, shady work behavior, and two of you feeling uncomfortable. Something isn't right. Nurses have great instincts. Trust that warning bell that's sounding. Let your boss give him an advance if she is comfortable with it; this can be deducted from his check.
  4. AOx1

    Nurses dating Doctors

    The smart person marries for love. Whether your mate is a custodian, a physician, or the president, you will be miserable if there is not true love and friendship. In my opinion, people who only want to marry for money are in the wrong profession if they choose nursing for that reason alone. Those who want to exchange sex for money should check out the world's oldest profession, and I don't mean nursing.
  5. AOx1

    HawthoRNe...What Do You All Think?

    I also tried watching a few times, but didn't find the acting very good, or the show at all realistic. Although I do realize this is entertainment, it seems as if some effort should be made to hold true to reality. I hate it, for example, when TV shows portray CPR as this gentle process where it looks as if the healthcare staff is almost patting the patient, like you would burp a baby, and of course, the patient almost always recovers. As an advocate for family presence at resuscitation, the family always needs a lot of explanation before they realize that the real thing is not quite so pretty, nor so quickly and easily resolved. I wanted to like it...I think Jada Pinkett Smith is just lovely and the show could have been great, but it's not for me at all. And that scene with the nurse in the short shorts cleaning the supply closet? I kept expecting a strip pole to drop from the ceiling and the cheesy porn music to start up at any minute...."Bow chicka, bow, bow!"
  6. AOx1

    slang or wisdom?

    Sounds like a translation of a phrase from another language into English that didn't quite make it :) Reminds me of those funny mentions you see every now and then about missed translations (ex- the Chevy Nova that for some odd reason didn't sell so well, lol).
  7. AOx1

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    Not only a pen addict, but all office supplies and nursing supplies. I have a penguin ekg caliper that is both pen and caliper and if anyone tries to take/use it, I point the sharp end at them. It's MINE precious, and I won't share!!! I put all the reject pens outside my office in a bin so no one will ask me for my favorites. *Is secretly a bit ashamed, but not enough to change*

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