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  1. PoetryInMotion

    Military Family Members Support Thread !

    Well at least he told you all:coollook::yeah::chuckle My MIL actually came across meds with my SIL MARRIED name on it from the base pharmacy. They live in Alaska and my IL's went for a visit...needless to say the visit was strained. To let my MIL tell it my new SIL was a little witch the whole visit. My MIL is a REALLY sweet woman, she's a great Nana too, so my SIL must have really been something. I feel bad for my new SIL because I consider my MIL a good friend, my SIL is really missing out.:twocents:
  2. PoetryInMotion

    Southern Speak

    I've been living in the south for a while, went to visit my inlaws up north. We were out and I bought a belt, cause I had forgotten to pack mine. I needed to cut off the tag and asked a local gentleman if he had...wait for it...a KNIFE, but it came out of my mouth as Knighfe (really long "high" I sound) I was mortified, but I have lived all over the US and I pick up whatever accent I'm around. I loved having a new england accent though.:D The people I have met here in the south that are born and raised here speak with a DEEP southern accent. I find I have to get beyond my own prejudices when it comes to accents.
  3. PoetryInMotion

    Military Family Members Support Thread !

    Hello all. DH and I spent the holidays with my ILs. DH just received a special duty that will keep him home for the next 2-3yrs. Christmas came early for us this year:bluecry1: ( Got to talk to BIL on Xmas:redbeathe He sounded really good, but he know not to worry my MIL. Also found out he married his finance' LAST year (hee hee). My MIL was so ticked that they hid it from everyone, she's a really involved mom and was so hurt. She doesn't care for my new SIL (who knew I would be the GOOD DIL:bow:). All is well in our military household. Blessings and Happiness to all in the new year!
  4. PoetryInMotion

    Holiday Pet Peeves

    I am so over Excess(Xmas). I live in a VERY religious little town and even this folks have forgotten what the season is about. No our kids don't need more crap, no I am not impressed that you have spent a entire months salary on more crap your kids don't need or appreciate! I'm disgusted by the over the top show offyness that is now Xmas. If you tell people you aren't purchasing your kids anything(I do this for the thrill of watching people's faces) and you're simply going to have a prayer on Christmas morning and then cook a nice breakfast, they look like they may faint dead away:eek: I can't stand all the decorations, the lights, the trees, all of it. What does that **** have to do with Jesus being born. It's more like "look at all the loot I can't waste, mine is bigger and brighter than yours!":barf02: BAH HUMBUG!!!!
  5. PoetryInMotion

    No way, no how foods!

    Anything other than fat free milk...any other milk is too heavy for me Lima Bean...eww and gross they are mushy and gritty not a good combo Liver...umm heyall no Kimchee...couldn't get past the smell
  6. PoetryInMotion

    Military Family Members Support Thread !

    Good to hear!:yeah: My IL were stationed at Ft. Campbell. They retired in Clarksville a little while back.
  7. PoetryInMotion

    Military Family Members Support Thread !

    Hello all! I was stationed on Okinawa for 4yrs. It was great. I did feel bad for the single folks because it's really geared toward married/family folks. Tell him to take up snorkeling or scuba in the spring. It's such a great place for water activities. My BIL is doing well in Iraq. He just re-upped for 4 more years(great bonus tax free:yeah:), but he's going to retrain and then go work for the DEA when he gets out. MY BFF is coming to stay with me and my family for a few days before she heads off for her convoy training. I haven't seen her since '04 and we had a falling out (me being a really sucky BFF:banghead:) so this is the first time we will see each other since we mended our sisterhood.:redpinkhe She's coming in January, just as I begin the final push for nursing school. I'm going to talk to my Profs and see if they can cut me some slack for a couple of days so I can spend those days with her. I'm praying for everyone:redbeathe
  8. PoetryInMotion

    Veteran's Day 2008

    Thank you! :redbeathe
  9. PoetryInMotion

    First word that comes to mind.....


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