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  1. wanderlust99

    The "I'm running away" thread

    I would just sit around my mansion. Jump in the pool on occasion. Drink champagne and hire a chef. Travel the world. I think I'd miss nursing, so I'd do one shift a month for kicks and to keep me grounded.
  2. wanderlust99

    Talk to me about your hair...

    I have long hair and I always put it back in a ponytail. Not the cutest look or most flattering but I hate having hair in my face and the possibility of bending over a bed and getting some kind of bodily fluid in my hair prevents me from wearing it down.
  3. wanderlust99

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    I love this thread by the way:) I'm going to read more today and watch that TED video someone posted.
  4. wanderlust99

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    Sometimes yes, because it can be more difficult to make friends and fit in. My mom always labeled me an introvert, it's funny how when you are a child and you're labeled..sometimes it sticks for life. I wish parents and adults would stop with the negative labels, it's unfortunate. I can be labeled as shy, snobby, stuck up, unfriendly, etc... but get to know me and I talk quite a bit, ask any of my ex boyfriends:) We are good listeners. Related to nursing...well, you develop over time the ability to not be so introverted anymore at work when talking to patients. I am shy as well, and when I look back at my days in nursing school to now I'm not uncomfortable speaking to patients. Introverted people often observe and listen really well, and those are good qualities. I would take in how some of my coworkers spoke to patients and I would sort of mimic it because it didn't always come naturally for me. Now this is from a *really* shy person, so I may not be the norm. It's funny when I say I'm shy to other people, they say "really"? They just assume I'm quiet. But no...just really shy. You kind of have to do the small talk with patients to make them feel more comfortable, so just fake it, it's like a show...until one day it's completely natural. And for me it is natural now.
  5. wanderlust99

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    I can't imagine a 20 something expecting a 50 something to quit her job so she can find one. That's silly talk.
  6. wanderlust99

    Okay, I really want to date a nurse, I'm a ......

    go for it:)

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