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  1. RN-nowCNM-later

    Stealing Baby Names

    Hey I do understand that you can't control what other people name their kids. Especially if you don't even know them. We are not talking about people actually having the same name but rather a "close" friend who knew well in advance what her friend wanted to name her girl. And took it upon herself to give her baby the name instead. Without even saying "hey I really like that name do you mind if I use it too?" If she had I'm sure friend "A" would not have been so upset. I don't think it's a silly reason, IMHO it's shows the friend's character. If you are a friend and you know that something means so much to your friend I'm sure you wouldn't want to take that away from them. At least I know I wouldn't. Which is why I think she is not truly a friend. What else will she steal? One day she is going to be walking around with the same haircut, shoes, cars, and man as her. Ever see the movie Single white female? HA HA Just kidding:D he he
  2. RN-nowCNM-later

    Stealing Baby Names

    This website is here for nurses and people planning on becoming nurses. There is no rule about only talking about "Nursing" We talk about whatever we want!!!!!!! There are subjects about everything and if you don't like it then go to another website!!!:argue: gosh the nerve of people! Anywhoo.....I do think that B was not a friend in this first place. That is tacky and something that u just don't do to friends. Well I know to keep the name to myself when its time for me to have kids. What did A decide to do? Come up with a new name or........ So what its in the wrong thread.....they will move it. The person who posted my be new. There is no need to be rude!

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