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  1. Chixie

    Gift for nurse'sweek

    We got stickers that we arent allowed to wear due to infection control and uniform policies. The upper management had a nice buffet.
  2. Chixie

    Stupid Pet Names

    Border collie/black lab cross is Jet aka JettySpaghetti or Dimbat as she aint too bright. Beagle/spaniel Mimi aka MimbleFimble Our ferrets are Apollo aka Meeester Apples, Boba Fett aka Mr Bobbles and Daisy aka Itzles Ditzles.
  3. Chixie

    Is it "yoor-uh-nuhs" or "yoo-rey-nuhs"?

    I went to a school with a girl name Harley Davidson :lol:
  4. Chixie

    Do any nurses out there have dogs?

    This is Mimi, beagle/spaniel cross Jet, border collie/labrador cross These girls are my life and the RSPCA only actually says that they shouldnt be left ALONE for long periods of time. My girls have each other, therefor not alone and quite happy. If a dog was unhappy you would be able to tell through their behaviour and destruction. Im pretty sure that all my girls do is sleep when im out.
  5. Chixie

    Dog Lovers

    Here are my babies Jetty, border collie crossed with labrador who was 5 in march Mimi, beagle crossed with spaniel-She will be 4 in august
  6. The way that i view it is that the longer you are in a job the better the benefits. I started work at a warehouse 6 weeks before i became pregnant and i missed out on getting more/higher paid maternity leave because i hadnt been at work long enough before i got pregnant. We, as a family, are thinking about baby number two. I am in my second year of training at the moment so its a no no at the moment and i want at least a year in the job before i even think about getting pregnant.
  7. Chixie

    Another RN friend files bankruptcy

    In my life its either help out or get out!!
  8. Chixie

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    Im kinda addicted to my pens, yes i collect them, i have buckets full of them. I nearly always have multiple pens in my pocket, some in my bag, a couple in my locker and a pen in my hair :yeah: Yes im a little bit nuts When the ward changed suppliers of feeds i did a funky dance and got some groovy light up pens that change colour as your write-That made my day and charting is so much more entertaining with a cool colour change pen

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