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  1. Ruas61

    Can you have cats as a nurse?

    Get a snake with your cat. It works here.
  2. Ruas61

    Dating Hot MEN

    This might be better in the Breakroom section.
  3. Ruas61

    Monday April 25 2016

    Hello, I have 'eavesdropping' on these threads off and on for awhile now. I always meant to write but never did. I tend to check in the evening as I rarely get on the internet at home in the mornings, so I felt it was too late to join in. I thought I would give it a try today as I am on my big 'stay-cation' this week. The cat is confused but delighted that I am home. He is following me from room to room and looking for more loves. What he would really like, I suspect, is to have my take down the kitty sweet grass for him to maul. He stands by the door where it is behind and meows for it. He's a little junkie for it apparently. I have an appointment this afternoon for something that has the potential for changing my work trajectory. I am anxious but sad that it all came to this. It's the second step so I am pretty sure it is in the bag. I am enjoying the time alone this morning. DH is off doing his dialysis. His being at home all the time now is still strange. I miss the alone hours I had when he was working. It's been an adjustment on so many levels getting use to how this illness and treatment has impacted our lives. I think tomorrow I am going to restart swimming. That's it for today. G'day!
  4. Ruas61

    Prince died

    Overdose with Narcan? The almighty TMZ says so but I don't know how 'right' they are in this matter. I believe he had had bilateral hip replacements and I would bet he had arthritis. Chronic pain and treatment gone astray could have been on the table, I suppose. I guess we'll know when the autopsy results are made public. In my heart, I hope the drug allegations are just that. At the end of the day music has lost a monumental talent. He outranks Michael in my opinion.
  5. Ruas61

    Prince died

    He was the most thought provoking, no boundaries and sensual artist in my opinion. I ran into him in the 1980's as I was leaving the club in St Paul via the backdoor and he was coming in. It was a surreal moment.
  6. Ruas61

    Code Black (tv show)

    I caught like 1/2 hour of it. No opinion yet, don't watch a lot of TV on regular channels. I will try to put it into rotation, looked interesting,
  7. Ruas61

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    . >>>>>Just thought I would enlighten everyone on what they are really dealing with. Proselytizing. There is a whole forum for that.
  8. Ruas61

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    The spirituality forum is available for you to testify and praise and preach and enlighten the world with your religious dogma. Thanks for once again giving directions to hell.
  9. Ruas61

    Christianity beliefs/angels/demons/God

    Nothing like telling folks they are going to hell. I am sure Jesus is nodding and clapping his approval.
  10. Ruas61

    "I hate the United States"

    America is a great country warts and all. One of the best things is one can dislike, disagree, protest, rally against and speak their mind in relative freedom here. She can have her opinion like everyone else.
  11. Ruas61

    Taking attendance for the COB

    Waves hand.
  12. Ruas61

    An awkward moment

    Leaving the area quietly and respectfully is appropriate, I see it as minding your own business particularly if the situation is uncomfortable for one's self.
  13. Ruas61

    An awkward moment

    No argument from my quarter about breastfeeding in general. Continuing it at the age of 5 or 6 is exceeding out of the norm for someone living in the USA, I can't say as I know why someone would do such at that age. My only thoughts would wonder if the child would have any separation issues going to school or the blow back from fellow students., I would likely distance myself too from the happenings quietly.
  14. Ruas61

    What Would You Do?

    I would be hitching my wagon to Daryl Dixon. :) In the real world... Simply put, if the world tanked, I would want to be with my people.
  15. Ruas61

    Why so mean??

    I worked the wild west in the 90's. We should have coffee some day and compare incidents.

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