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  1. Marie_LPN, RN

    What does your avatar mean to you?

    There's humor and amusement in everything, let it all hang out, etc.
  2. It's really hard to say. We don't know what really went on. And some people are just completely different in private.
  3. Marie_LPN, RN


    In case it wasn't mentioned: Brad Pitt
  4. Marie_LPN, RN


    Lindsay Lohan's acting.
  5. Marie_LPN, RN


    Yep :stone
  6. Marie_LPN, RN

    Trauma surgeon quote OTD

    Depending on the situation, i might have replied, "Great, as if i didn't have enough to do, now i have more paperwork to fill out."
  7. Marie_LPN, RN


    Britney Spears' mom writing a book on parenting
  8. Marie_LPN, RN

    Has Anyone Seen Drew Carey on The Price is Right?

    I can't picture people making T-shirts to wear on the show with his name on it.
  9. Bob Saget's one of them. Anyone remember when he hosted "AFV" or when he did stand-up? His "jokes" were odd or just plain NOT funny. "The View" one included.
  10. Marie_LPN, RN

    What do you see out your back window?

    Very tall hills and trees, a creek, a muddy driveway.
  11. Marie_LPN, RN


    I'd have to disagree with the friends thing, though. In my single days the FWB wasn't bad, see each other when we wanted, etc. with none of the where-is-this-relationship-going crap.
  12. Marie_LPN, RN


    Now that would make a great tshirt slogan....
  13. Marie_LPN, RN


    I LOOOOOOVE Olive Garden's salad, though.
  14. Marie_LPN, RN


    Ok, so which team then do you think is overrated, the White Sox or Red Sox? LOL!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Marie_LPN, RN


    Oh, yes, and also those lower back tattoos. Seen way too many of them, the thrill is gone if it ever existed, not to mention i think it just looks plain stupid when you're naked