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  1. nekhismom

    Good Morning Sunday Jan. 30 2005

    Hey again guys! Missed you all!!! I'll let you all know when the ads are being released, I'm not sure of the date yet. I don't want to say the brand yet, just in case. But I'll definately let you guys know closer to the time. I don't know what pic they will choose, they took thousands!! ANd they only choose ONE!! I don't know how in the world I'd be able to narrow it down. They did tell my husband that they would give us some of the photos from the shoot that they decided not to use, so I can't wait to see them. :D Jnette, yes, we got all settled into the house. We closed in NOvember and have been getting comfortable ever since. This job is MUCH better than the one in texas anyday! THe only downfalls are the fact that I'm working nights again, and I'm working 40 hrs. I do a LOT of 12 hr shifts, (which is my preferred shift), but when a permanant 36 hr-per-week shift comes open, I won't get it because I'm least senior. Which really stinks. Otherwise, I LOVE the job. I'm still checking out options at other hospitals, though. I'd really like a weekend option job. But at least it's better than Texas!! Leslie, ((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) Oh honey, you sure have been going through a lot lately. YOu are one strong, brave woman. Lots of hugs and prayers for strength and serenity coming your way. Angie, men can be so insensitive at times. Glad you finally got him up and helping you, though. Steph, good luck with the young 'uns! :) Tweety, it sucks when your computer is acting up and you REALLY REALLY need it. HOpe it gets repaired pronto! Fran!!! Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. Take care, and lots of (((((HUGS)))))))) Everyone else, sorry if I forgot to address you. HOpe everyone has a blessed day.
  2. nekhismom

    Good Morning Sunday Jan. 30 2005

    Good morning all! It's been a while since I posted, but I have been really busy. I'm working a lot of extra hours at work and trying to spend time with my family. I've been away from here for a long long time, and I wanted to say hi to my friends here. :Melody: Something very exciting has happened recently. My son just completed a photo shoot as a child model for a national blue jean company and will be featured on the tags of the jeans and possibly in-store displays. :balloons: How exciting is that???:w00t: He is absolutely eating the attention up, and just loving it. He's getting signed with an agency and will hopefully do more modeling/acting in the future. He made a pretty decent sum to start his college fund from this photo shoot, and like I said, he just LOVED it, so as long as he enjoys himself, we will continue to let him do things like this. It's very busy work for a mom, too! But truly very exciting. Work is the same, just pressing on. I'm enjoying the work, but not the hours. Also, it's :Snow: FREEZING out right now, with lots of snow and ice, and both dh and I have to work tomorrow night. UGH! I keep asking myself why I didn't stay in Texas for the winter over and over, but then arrive at the conclusion that I was MISERABLE there, and freezing outside is preferable to being miserable on the inside anyday. :D Hope everyone is doing well.
  3. nekhismom

    Tsunami Orphans Won't Be Sent to Christian Home

    I think that the disaster is still way too fresh to even be THINKING of removing children from their native lands. I simply can NOT imagine how damaging that might be to these poor children. How would any of us feel if we were removed from our native country so soon after a disaster and placed in a foreign land with strange sights, sounds, and people? And all of that on top of a deep sense of loss and mourning. It's unthinkable. Families need to be given the chance to reunite first. And then those who have no families should be given a chance to be kept in their native environments. If, say a year from now, there are still unclaimed/unwanted kids, then adoption might be a solution. ANd honestly, would ANY ONE OF US want to see a child in a sex slavery ring??? Absolutely NOT. I think someone is pushing the issue a bit too hard here.
  4. nekhismom

    Ever moved someplace you've never been by choice?

    well, I moved from VA to TX. I loved the climate, but totally hated the job. I'm glad for the experience, though, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Except this time, I wouldn't move home and buy a house. I would start travelling! Best of luck to you.
  5. nekhismom

    Good Monday Morning, November 29, 2004

    morning all! I'm up waaaay too late. Really, I am. See, I worked last night and it was super super busy, didn't even get to eat all night. Now I'm wide awake and can't sleep. And guess what.....we're doing our final walkthrough on the house today! WOO-HOO!!!! Barring any complications, we will close tomorrow. YAY!! I have to be awake and moving in 4 hours. I don't think that's gonna go so well, but we'll see. I need to try to rest. Hope everyone has a good day. Kim, good luck on that exam!!
  6. nekhismom

    Christmas story game

    peppermint tea, prozac and......
  7. nekhismom

    My Sweetheart is Gone

    Jane, (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))) I'm so deeply sorry for your loss. As the others have said, take your time, and take care of yourself. Know that you are loved, and that Roger was blessed to have you so devotedly by his side. Lots of love and prayers coming your way.
  8. nekhismom

    Good Morning Nov. 25, 2004

    Happy Turkey day, all! I'm up waaaay early for a day off, but hey, I'll be ok! My MIL decided to make a turkey breast and a couple of things, so it looks like I won't be heading out to eat for dinner after all! I'm off for the holidays, so at least that is good! Have a great day! :wavey:
  9. nekhismom

    GOOD MORNING Monday Nov. 16th 10004

    Hey Jnette! Mornin to ya! :wavey: everyone else. I'm just getting ready to go to bed. I slept too late yesterday and now I'm not sleepy. Just my luck! I'm off today, but I have lots of stuff to do. Mostly I'm hoping the weather is ok and i can take my son outside to play somewhere today after I finish all of my errands. I should be getting some stuff I got on ebay today, and I can't wait to see my stuff! I'm pretty excited, as I just started ebay-ing last week. I'm getting more and more excited about my house, can't wait to close. I need to get busy on my Christmas card list. :) That's all for me, hope everyone has a great day.
  10. nekhismom

    The holidays are coming... what are your plans?

    For Thanksgiving, it's dinner at the MIL's house, and celebration that I close on my house only a few short days later! I hope to get my son's room all decorated in a not-too-babyish and not-too-scary dinosaur theme between the 1st and 23rd of december as a sort-of Christmas gift. I'm working Christmas eve night (YUCK!!), and I'm planning a very small mystery game dinner party on Christmas night. :D My mom will be there, and hopefully she and my dh will handle most of the cooking, since I'm sure we'll be extremely short on christmas eve night and I'll be really exhausted the next day and actually want to SLEEP after we open our presents Christmas am (if there are any for the grown-ups, that is!). I usually celebrate New Years eve at my aunt's house, but this year, I will be celebrating with the preemies and chronically ill babies. Sad, sad, sad.
  11. nekhismom

    Good Morning Wednesday 11/10/04

    hey all! I gotta work tonight. YUCK. But at least I do have a day care provider for 2 more days! That means SLEEP for me in the am! WOOT!!!! Hope everyone has a blessed day. Tweety, next time I move, will you precept me?? I swear before all that after one night shift with me, you will feel SUPER organized. I have real time management issues with more than 2 critical pts. or 3 feeder/growers (remember, I'm a NICU nurse). I can only imagine how I would DROWN with 8 pts. In fact, I think I would quit on the spot if I ever even had to contemplate taking 9 pts. I better not hold my breath, though, because the holidays are coming, and I'll be working. :) Oh, and I, too, do not whine, I witch. :D (((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) Lil girl and Karen, :wavey Hope you have a great day, too. You know, I'm having this dilemma where I just do NOT want to fork out $500/mo for daycare. See, in this city, I pay $60/week. I can NOT fathom $500. My dh is working crazy hours, so I can't do the usual night shift mama thing and stay up with kid during day and sleep in evening when dh comes home. I might not sleep for 5 days in a row if I tried that. And frankly, I get really disoriented when I work nights. I don't feel physically sick, and my disposition is cheerier, but I get soooo disorganized and disoriented, and I can't remember crap. That said, I'm wishing I could find a 8 hr. days job. I love NICU, don't get me wrong. But you have to be in my hosp. for years to move to dayshift. I would like to work in the OR, but I can't transfer to a new dept. at my current job for 5 more months. I've been informally approached about a job as a translator, but I don't feel my skills are THAT good yet. I'm just kind of feening for a NORMAL life. I don't mind working an occasional holiday, but I don't think any of us should have to work HALF of the holidays or more, especially when we're still so short staffed. In fact, at my old hospital, I worked every single solitary govt. recognized holiday that passed. All without holiday pay. But over half of the nurses NEVER worked a single holiday, and haven't for the last 2 years or so. I want a normal life, where I can talk to non-nurse friends when I want to, and plan activities for my whole family more than 2-3 weeks in advance. *sigh* I dunno, I guess we all want that, and Im just dreaming over here. I'll get over it, sooner or later. So, enough of that, and back to reality and cheerfulness. I bought all of my holiday cards today, and I'm going to print my list out and get crackin on them in the next few days. YAY!! HOpe everyone has a wonderful day with no kid/pet/job/spouse/pt/co-worker/anything- else- I- forgot- to -mention drama.
  12. nekhismom

    stop me if you've heard this one....

    Thank you for sharing! Now, if we could just get others to see things a little more in the way the grinch did. :) I just endured the "gay marriage is a sin in the eyes of the Lord" lecture at work the other night, and I'm not even gay! I was talking about ALL AMERICANS deserve healthcare, and lo and behold, this lady FLIPS and starts the anti-gay-marriage lecture. I thought I would just explode, but living where I do, I know that many are anti-gay ANYTHING around here, so I just let my eyes glass over until she shut up.
  13. nekhismom

    Omg!!! We Were Chosen By A Birthmother!!!!!

    Wow, Congratulations! I can only imagine what a rush this must be for you. What a wonderful Christmas present. Just a thought, but you mentioned going to CA for a few days? Have you checked southwest airlines? They usually have really good fares, something along the lines of $49-99 one way with 14-21 days advance purchase. I flew 3 people round trip this summer into the bowels of the country for around $700 total. If I had used American or United, the cost would have been ~ $1700 per person round trip. Even if you have a short drive to get to an airport the flies southwest, it is usually well worth the savings in airfare to make that drive, or at least it has been in my experience. Again, congrats and good luck!
  14. nekhismom

    New Word Game.... Part 2

    mob (hope I'm doing this right)
  15. nekhismom

    Good Morning Friday, 11/5/04

    HI all!! I'm working friday night, so I'm awake in preparation for that shift. Kim!! I'm so slooooow lately, I didn't even REALIZE who you were. Then I looked at your sig line "you know who I am" and just about fell over laughing at myself. WOOT, I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well in school. YOU GO GIRL!!! :balloons: Leslie, I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Sending her and you prayers and positive vibes. Fran, give Itchy and Scratchy the final boot, girl! Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. (((HUGS)) my friend. Kat, take care of yourself. ((((((((((((((((GIANT GENTLE HUGS)))))))))))))) Tweety, :wavey: and good luck to the dh from me. Hope things turn out well with his job. And btw, how is YOUR job coming along?? Chris, how is the card list coming along? Making you crazy yet? :D I didn't know you could donate blood in someone's honor as a gift of life. That is waaay cool, and a very loving gesture on your behalf. You are so kind, and I really appreciate seeing your kindness shared with others during a time when so many of us are dealing with overwhelming sadness or huge changes in our lives. ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Jnette, so sorry you are feeling sad. ((((((HUGS)))))) I don't like it when you're sad; somehow, it's like I can just literally FEEL the energy draining when you are sad. You've got to be the most upbeat person on this BB, IMO. Take care of yourself, and let me know if I can help at all, Ok? Deb, I know how you feel about winter fast approaching. I'm still trying to re-adjust from the perpetual summer in texas to this nearly-winter weather! Everyone else, hey!! :wavey: I'm not trying to ingore you all, and hope things are well with all of you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I haven't checked in here in a while, and I've really missed talking to you guys! I've been feeling incredibly, well, overwhelmed, I guess. I moved out of Texas (yay!) and I'm staying with the MIL until we close on our house. I've taken a position at a HUGE teaching hospital in an extremely high acuity unit and that has left me feeling rather disoriented and unsure of myself. I am a control freak and simply can NOT function well when I do not feel like everything is under control. That is stressing me beyond belief. Also, I have over an hour's drive to work until we get things together with the house. The whole house thing is another ordeal. We are buying a house, which is stressful enough when things go smoothly. Before we even moved, we had gotten pre-approval for a set amount. THe lender had checked my credit, debt, income, etc, and was aware that I was moving and accepting a new position with a new company, and said everything was fine. The lender said all we had to do was "pick out a house, make an offer, and send me the paperwork." So we did. Then, he comes back and raises our interest rate above what we were told we were locked in at, and then he starts saying we need to pay off certain accounts and send more bank statements, etc. Every time we talk to the lender, something is different. It's insane. He's not exactly right on top of things, and then he calls today and says he needs more documents and he has a paper that he needs signed today and he will email it. But did he email it?? NOPE. I called him back and couldn't get him, so that has added stress to my overflowing plate. Couple this with the fact that dh has a job finally (YAY!) but now that means I have to find childcare. I work nights, he works anywhere from 0530 to 2000. How in the world am I supposed to find day care around those hours??? ONce we move, we will be an hour away from in-laws, and they will not help with caring for my son. Dh thinks it's no big deal, but you all know me, I'm the mom, and I worry. I can't help but think, what happens if he has to be at work at 0530, and i don't get off until 0700? My kid is a toddler, and can NOT be left alone like that! And no daycares around the area open at 0530! When will I sleep if I try to keep my son at home with me rather than pay daycare?? I will be working occasional weekends, holidays, as nearly all nurses do, and my dh will be working at least 1 weekend day q week. How am I supposed to find childcare for that?? I'm just feeling really defeated about everything right now. Nothing seems right with the world, in more ways than one. But I know that God has a plan for me, and somehow, someway, we WILL get through this. ~~~~~~~ And on a more positive note, I can't wait to get started on the christmas card list (or holiday greeting, if you prefer!). I think it's going to be really fun, and hopefully it will be a way to release some of my stress. Hope all is well with the rest of you guys, and that we can all proceed with an environment of healing and peace. Have a blessed day, all!

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