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  1. nekhismom

    Good Friday Morning 9/24/04

    Hey all! :wavey: I'm working this weekend, YUCk. Then I'm MOVING next week!! YAY!!! Only 4 more shifts, then I'm outta here! WOOOOOOOOT! Ok, I gotta go to bed. I'm bone tired as usual. Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't work too much. Today was NOT payday for me, but I guess I'll make it. You guys in Florida, MAN, you just can't catch a break this year, huh? Stay safe and dry, and I'll keep you all in my thoughts as usual.
  2. nekhismom

    Good Morning--Sunday Sept 19th

    well, I had this NICE post all typed out, but then the computer decided to delete it! Jnette, that is so funny! Poor Charlie! I can't WAIT to get back home. We are moving out of here on the 2nd or 3rd. My in-laws are coming to help us pack up and help with the drive home. WOOT!! I have a feening for fall lately. I am dreaming of fall, orange and red leaves, and crisp mornings with warm evenings, and fireplaces during cool nights. Oh, I can't wait to get home! I'm SOOO ready to leave texas. I'm going home without a job, but with several interviews scheduled. I'm confient that something will come through, especially since the area is a good sized metro area with several hospitals. We shall see. :) Plus, dh has a couple of interviews lined up,too. I'm VERY glad about that! Well, I have to work tomorrow. YUCK. I gotta get to bed. Hope all is well!! Night family! Oh, CHRIS!!!! WOOOT! Congrats on passing! :balloons: :hatparty:
  3. nekhismom

    Good Monday Morning!

    HI friends! :wavey: I'm ZONKED, can't even read the whole thread tonight. Today was day 4 out of 5. ANd guess how stupid I am?? I told the charge that since they are short I will work Wednesday too! :eek: I guess I forgot how tired I am when I said that!! But at least it will be overtime for me, and I can buy some new fall clothes since we are moving back home where there actually are 4 seasons. CHRIS, good luck on NCLEX. DO NOT STUDY TONIGHT OR TOMORROW, ya hear??? You're ready for this, you CAN and WILL do it!!! And tomorrow night when you feel CERTAIN that you didn't do as well as you woulda/coulda/shoulda, just come here and we can all confirm that we felt the same, and congradulate you on your success. Do good, girl!! You earned it. Everyone else, sorry, I just can't type anymore. Gotta go shower and sleep!!
  4. nekhismom

    Good Saturday Morning, September 11, 2004

    Wow. All I can say is wow. I didn't even lose anyone, but I still remember the sheer terror that I felt that morning when my dh called me from PA to tell me that the towers had been hit. My son wasn't even a month old yet. I was TERRIFIED, and worried, and didn't know what was coming next, or if anything was coming, or if my dh would get home safely. I feel so badly for those who experienced a loss that day. My heart goes out to all who lost someone that day. ANd we will NEVER forget. ______________________________________________________________________ Today was the same for me. Same work, different day. Just filled with a sense of sadness r/t 3 years ago. Kim, we are planning to arrive home arond the 5th of Oct!! WOOOT!
  5. nekhismom

    Good Friday Morning, September 10th

    Hey all!! :wavey: I posted a pic of my doggie on yesterday's "good morning" thread. All this talk about pets has me giggling over here. My doggie thinks that toes and my son's curly hair are PERFECT chew toys. The only chew toy he actually LIKES is his squeaky rubber ball. Well, I'm beat. Plumb wore out, as Jnette would say. And my decision about work has been made. The folks in "new" city have became COMPLETELY un-reachable. After 1.5 weeks of trying, I give UP. I had already been offered the job and accepted, but they fell off the face of the planet, so oh well, too bad for them. I'm going back home. I have already scheduled a phone interview next week, and a face to face interview when I arrive, at 2 different hospitals. I'm glad, as that offers me OPTIONS. Lots and lots of sweet, sweet options to choose from. :D Now that I've gotten over the whole "but I'm not ready to go home yet!" thing, I'm actually pretty excited. It will be nice to have friends and family around again. At least me and dh can actually spend some time alone every now and then when we get home. Plus, my son will be surrounded by LOVE, rather than the ambivalence or, at times, out-right hatred he would endure here. I'm pretty happy. Now, only 4 more days until I get 5 off!! WOOT!!! have a great weekend, all!
  6. nekhismom

    I want a boxer. Are they a good breed?

    Julie, OMG!!! How HUGE!!! My dog's grandparents and parents are huge, too. I'm sure he'll be a big one. We feed the dog Royal Canin large breed puppy formula. It says it slows their growth to promote bone/joint health. :D
  7. nekhismom

    GOOD MORNING!!! Thursday, Sept 9

    Fairy...you must have missed my comment yesterday. You remind me of my FAVORITE aunt! :D Y'all just seem a lot alike from what I read in your posts here. Leslie, nope, no voluntary OT. We work a set schedule of 5 on, 5 off, 2 on, 2 off, for a total of 7 days per pay period. They call the extra 8 hours "built in" overtime. :angryfire: I had already requested NOT to work that set of days, because after 4 in a row, I'm pooped, and can hardly drag my butt out of bed. Especially on day shift, since I am, by nature, a night person. However, the girls on nights at my hospital are so vicious and hateful that I have chosen NEVER to work with them again. EVER. Oh, and I'm moving home soon, so that will NOT be a problem. :D Jnette, I think I was posting while you were. man, I need to learn some manners, huh?? :D We shall see about that. And I might just bring you some sand from the beach to put in your britches when I come home in a few weeks! :rotfl: I never would have imagined that I would be HAPPY about going home. But home sure beats the heck out of this place. Plus, I'm ready for fall. Well, I gotta go rest up for my work marathon that begins tomorrow. I'm beat!! I don't know how I'll do it, but I guess I'll get through it somehow. I'll try to stop in and say hi before it's over. I just realized that I haven't posted a piccy of my doggie yet. Introducing Molson Ice Blue, Great Dane puppy, currently 8 weeks old. This pic is from 6 weeks, and he has grown tremendously since then.
  8. nekhismom

    I want a boxer. Are they a good breed?

    We just bought a great dane not too long ago.. He's only 8 weeks and already over 20 lbs! He is HUGE already, and he most likely WILL look like a horse when he's grown. BUt he's really sweet when he's not biting my toes or my son's little feet. Especially after his obedience training. He's a good boy. I think boxers are pretty, but I've never had one. SOrry.
  9. nekhismom

    GOOD MORNING!!! Thursday, Sept 9

    Oh, Chris!!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) I'm honored to be a part of your lake. It's great to have friends on here who CAN be there for us like that. Goodness knows that I've certainly used all of you here as my lake lately, with all my job and relocation issues. ANd have I mentioned lately how much I love this thread?? It was a great idea, Kim. Thank you for creating it, and thanks to everyone else for making it what it is.
  10. nekhismom

    The Gods Must Be Crazy

    Man, you guys are gonna get a PUMMELLING this season! Let's just keep praying that the hurricane just drifts out to the atlantic and doesn't make landfall ANYWHERE. I feel terrible for you floridians, and all in the SE US, and the poor people in the caribbean islands that keep getting slammed, too!!
  11. nekhismom

    GOOD MORNING!!! Thursday, Sept 9

    Oh, and Chris.....I'd tell your mom. That's an awful lot of money to shell out for tuition that is being wasted on who knows what?? Yep, definately let your mom know. Fairy, I swear you sound just like my aunt!! Except she doesn't have an abby, she has an boy. BIG difference. :rotfl: OH, and she doesn't live in the same part of the country as you. Your personality just reminds me of her, too. Tweety, glad your baby is feeling better. Fran, hope you are feeling better today, too. Leslie, glad to see you so chipper today. :) Have a good day all~~
  12. nekhismom

    GOOD MORNING!!! Thursday, Sept 9

    :wavey: Morning, all!! WOO-HOO, I actually made it here while it is still technically am for me! :D Not much planned for today. My doggie had an appt. with the vet yesterday, but the vet got called away for an emergency, so we had to reschedule for next week. I had thought about going to the beach, but not sure if I feel up to it. I like the waterpark much better, but it's only operating on weekends now. The beach is nice, but after about an hour, I'm ready to go back in to the waterpark. I don't LIKE sand in my britches! :D I guess I'll go to the grocery store today, since we have been eating out for 3 days already and we've been simply TOO lazy to actually purchase food for the house. *sigh* But at least I didn't have to cook, right? Other than that, I'm just gonna try to relax. My abs are SOOO sore from my new workout routine that I did yesterday. OUCH! Hard to sit up straight. THen tomorrow I start back for FIVE un-godly 12 hours shifts in a row. It's killer. So I have no choice but to rest up today! HOpe everyone has a great day!!!
  13. nekhismom

    Good Morning Wednesday Sept 8th!

    Thanks, Leslie!! Yep, I'm happy that I will FINALLY be getting away from this current job, and even going back home doesn't seem so bad. Seems like quite a few of us on this thread are facing major changes right about now, doesn't it?? It's good to have a cyber support group. Ok, sorry if I confused you. I'm turning in my notice to current job this week, and we're going to get stuff together for the move. I'm going back home, and we'll stay with MIL for a few weeks until I start a job. There are plenty of nursing jobs for me at home, just don't know if DH can get a job easily. But at least with MIL, it's cheap for a few weeks. :D My home was right next door to my MIL's house; SIL lives there now, so we're not going to put her out. Home city is about 5 mins. from state line, and the big cities in the neighboring state are about 45-60 mins. drive away. We are looking at apts. in one of the big cities, and will likely move there with MIL's help. We'll still be close to MIL, but not TOO close, kwim??
  14. nekhismom

    Update on me

    So glad to hear that things are turning around for you, Wendy! I admire your courage to share your ordeals with all of us here. Keep on keeping up the good work, and remember, you've got a support group here if you need us!
  15. nekhismom

    MJLRN- where the heck are you???????

    I could have SWORN I just saw her post a couple of days ago....Marla, quit hidin, K??