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  1. HouTx

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Charge nurse at my first job (neuro ICU) did long haul truck driving once a month with her boyfriend. At that time (mid '80's) she said it paid more than her full time nursing gig. Davey - maybe the Gigolo thing would have worked out better if you'd had a better orientation?
  2. HouTx

    May I ...?

    This has really been enlightening... I had no idea that COB was a frame of mind rather than a characteristic of the (er, um) highly mature group of which I am a proud member. Welcome Younglings.
  3. HouTx

    Man Card

    :):):) You guys are so cute.
  4. HouTx

    Jehovah's witness nurse and blood transfusion

    My organization's Ethics committee has actually addressed this. During employment interviews, managers are supposed to go over all the 'stuff' that is required by their patient population - most of them have a document that lists everything. It includes various clinical interventions, work hours, shifts, etc. They ask "is there anything on this list that you would be unable to do?" This raises the issue without delving into "forbidden" territory of religious beliefs. If any issues are addressed, it is up to the manager's discretion to decide whether or not to hire the individual that cannot administer blood, work on Saturdays, wear Level IV isolation garb, etc. If blood administration is a frequent event, managers are highly unlikely to hire an individual who can't/won't do it. They just have to be consistent & apply the same criteria to every applicant in order to avoid any charges of discrimination / adverse selection. This process works for us.
  5. HouTx

    An awkward moment

    Ah yes. I think this has been identified as a strange warp on the theory of "Attachment Parenting".. Anyone remember that (in)famous Time Magazine cover of the woman breastfeeding her 3 year old? There are quite a few celebrities on board, including Mayim Byalik. According to most sources, protracted breastfeeding is an extreme fringe misinterpretation of the principles of Attachment Parenting. If the kid is old enough to track you down to gain access to the mammaries, it's time to wean.
  6. HouTx

    Republican or Democratic?

  7. HouTx


    OMG - You're a keeper for sure! My advice? See if you can pick up the slack & help her out with mundane tasks so she can focus more energy on studies... anything from household chores, car maintenance, etc. Not fancy or extravagant, but lets her know you have her back and want her to be successful.
  8. HouTx

    Gf's male lab partner

    I think that the poster is concerned about the level of emotional intimacy that naturally occurs under these types of circumstances. It is not an unfounded concern. There is an significant body of literature which indicates that 'emotional infidelity' can be far more destructive to a relationship than physical infidelity. The OP was simply asking for information about what type of activities would be required between his SO and her lab partner as a normal course of study. There is no call to cast aspersions on his character or deride his concern. AN'ers are better than this.
  9. HouTx

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    Great reminder. I am continuously amazed by seemingly intelligent and obviously tech-savvy people who become so comfortable with social media that they don't exercise even the most basic precautions.
  10. Ear plugs? White Noise machine? Make sure you also have some heavy drapes on the windows as glass transmits much more sound than walls.
  11. I know two couples (still married) who met while they were both in nursing school. In one instance, they met on the FIRST DAY in orientation! So don't give up hope. But I can't even imagine how horrible things will be if anything goes wrong and the 'x' is still in your class / program.
  12. Yeah, we're all pillow-fluffers and fevered-brow smoothers...... not well educated and trusted professionals making life or death decisions on a daily basis.
  13. HouTx

    Stethoscope charm made with med vial and IV tubing?

    "Dangling bits" on instruments that touch patients are a major infection control issue.
  14. HouTx

    I have cancer

    Hey - Me too! It was an absolute shock when I (nonsmoker) was dx with pulmonary carcinoid tumor back in July.... turns out it is the only type of lung ca that is actually completely curable! But it seems like I have experienced a totally different process. Wonderful team of pulmonologist, oncologist & ultimately, a brilliant thoracic surgeon sped me through the process. RLL/partialRML resect only 45 days after initial diagnosis & validation of this (pretty rare & slow growing) type of tumor. Maybe I just lucked out, but I did consciously opt for the most experienced folks I could find, even if they weren't among my insurance co's "preferred" (AKA lowest cost) providers. I'm well on my way back to full speed ahead now. Just have to do routine follow-ups. BTW, I can enthusiastically endorse VATS (visually assisted thoracic surgery) as an alternative to the 'old fashioned' rib-spreading variety. Only 4 days in hospital post op.... recovery is very speedy. But - the shock of a ca dx is profound. No matter how familiar we think we are, it turns your world upside down to discover yourself on the other side of the stethoscope. I don't think I will ever relate to patients in quite the same way now that I have experienced that soul-shattering fear associated with a potentially terminal dx. God bless you Gonzo. Be tough, be insistent. Don't accept anything but the very best care and attention to your medical needs. Please keep us informed of your progress.