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  1. muffie

    Happy 4th July 2008!

    wishing yall safe and happy celebrations everywhere xo
  2. muffie

    Grace Pics

    cutey pie
  3. muffie

    Saturday March 8, 2008

    hi all muffs lives yet hehehehehehehe getting some serious snow got to work...UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...2 night shifts agent 66 did one of them tho, i am grateful for that hope u r all well conrad..congrats..how is the missus doing ? xo
  4. muffie

    Good Morning Monday Feb 25, 2008

    and hello kids hope yall are well muffs is around surfing and such xoxxo ttyl
  5. muffie

    Happy Thursday! February 21, 2008

    hi gang muff is alive and well hope yall are too
  6. muffie

    Tuesday, Feb. 19 2008

    hi all hugs n kisses busy self important muffie :lol2: not really hope all my peeps are good and keepiNg outta trubs lubs yall
  7. muffie

    Good Morning Feb 18th, 2008

    hi busy with life and work hopin ur all well xooxox muffster
  8. muffie

    MONDAY 11th February, 2008

    bien sur zbb xoxoxox
  9. muffie

    Share your OCD habits...

    the bill money , yes hand washing, even b4 becoming an rn muah
  10. muffie

    True or False Game

    nope, not in canada lol tpbm is having a nice day off
  11. muffie

    Word Game

    dole ...
  12. muffie

    First word that comes to mind.....

  13. muffie

    THROW something at the next poster!

    whole grain toast ? why thank you mommy throws coffee grounds in the bottom of my coffee cup at next poster