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I'm a spicy (seasoned) retired hospital nurse with 42 years experience (counting two years as a CNA)


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    Regarding this trade war against China.

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    Monday May 20 2019

    Well Good Morning Joe! Nice to buy flowers. Coleus is pretty too. We heard fun music yesterday too. We heard this song on Frenchman Street yesterday. I chose this because the other videos don't include the part that is RAP. 1919 song with RAP: Well, I accidentally posted this great instrumental.
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    Sunday May 19, 2019

    Some music we enjoyed yesterday: We heard the Storyville Stompers esterday. This was a couple years ago:
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    Seriously flawed thinking.

    I've posted about this before, but we have new members so hope you pardon my redundancy. I am pro life. I would never have an abortion. I do not want abortion outlawed because that too often can result in both mother and baby dying. With listening and kindness I helped two young women, one 16 and one 18 decide not to abort their babies. They were my daughter's friends. I was with them when they told their parents. One baby was adopted with the teen father's permission. The other parents were too upset. They kicked their daughter out of the house. Her priest arranged for her to stay at a convent in a nearby county. Most of the nuns were elderly. She lived with them and finished high school before the baby girl was born. She did lots of work for and with them. After the baby was born she lived in the convent while attending nursing school. A few nuns were working nurses or teachers, but most were retired. I don't know about financing at all. She didn't get her own place to live until she was working at a Catholic hospital. Now that "baby" is a women and college graduate. She had a late start with her grandparents, but I was with them once for a birthday party and her Mom's parents welcomed their daughter back and love their granddaughter. I would not be on a jury if the death sentence was a possibility because I could not vote to end a life, even if the law allowed it. Before Roe V Wade young local girls and women went to Mexico for abortions. Some died there, others returned home and died of sepsis. I was a nursing assistant who admitted a septic 15 year old who had tried to abort herself by douching with cola and bleach. She died the same evening she was admitted. I believe in my soul that the way to prevent abortion is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. We nurses know what that would take. It begins with education.
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    Seriously flawed thinking.

    By Anne Feeney You law abiding citizens Come listen to this song Laws are made by people And people can be wrong Once unions were against the law But slavery was fine Women were denied the vote While children worked the mine The more you study history The less you can deny it A rotten law stays on the books ‘til folks with guts defy it!
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    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Look at your money. Mark 12:17
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    American Values

    I wish to thank KonichiwaRN for the idea for this thread What do you think of as American values? Before we were the United States the Declaration of Independence put in writing these words:
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    Saturday May 18, 2019

    Yesterday was had an omelet breakfast at "Daisy Dukes" restaurant in the French quarter. Oops, husband is ready for breakfast! OK. We had the breakfast here at the hotel, Scrambled eggs and an orange for me. Husband also had sausage, bacon and bagel and cream cheese. Yesterday we saw the levee and the Mississippi. Water is the highest I've seen. On the tour we saw neighborhoods we hadn't seen before. Lots of history.
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    Thursday May 16, 2019

    Not in the air yet. All is ready including boarding passes, as soon as this computer is in the carry-on! Congratulations joe! Good hearing from you Ted! Hi Steph, Tweety, Lil Nel, nursej22, BCgradnurse, and No Stars, Dianah, and other who visit later!
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    Special Council Muller Report

    I'm sorry for the confusion. I clearly posted, "I read no evidence beyond reasonable doubt that President Trump committed a crime." The parts describing how President Trump lied in his written response are NOT in part 2 of the report. They are in part 1. Please see my answer to Chare if you are interested.
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    Special Council Muller Report

    Thank you Chare! For the next week I won't have time to go through it again so will only have time to post one: Pages 70, 71, & 72: Trump responded to questions about possible connections to Russia by denying any business involvement in Russia—even though the Trump Organization had pursued a business project in Russia as late as June 2016. Trump called “this whole thing with Russia” a “total deflection” and said that it was “farfetched” and “ridiculous.” Trump also said, “I have nothing to do with Russia.” Yet, according to the report, Trump told Michael Cohen that the potential Moscow tower project had not yet been finalized: “Why mention it if it is not a deal?” Trump said, despite the fact that a letter of intent had already been signed. In other words, Trump was willing to lie about a substantial conflict of interest. https://dataviz.nbcnews.com/projects/20190415-mueller-report-embed/assets/full-mueller-report.pdf
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    Special Council Muller Report

    I read no evidence beyond reasonable doubt that President Trump committed a crime. If I post the page numbers where the report states President Trump lied will you read those few pages?
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    An Editorial (Opinion)
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    As a first generation American..

    Is it Worth Arguing with Illogical People? If not, What Should You do? https://timespek.com/arguing-illogical-people/
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    Wednesday May 15, 2019

    Glad you have the washer and dryer. Even if you don't mind a laundromat it is inconvenient. I remember clothes come out of the dryer wrinkled. Good for you, Nel, planning to work the polls. When can a 16 year old, who will be 18 in November 2020, register to vote? Joe: I hope you get the job you want. Someone on TV just won a trip to New Orleans! We go tomorrow! Lots to remember.
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    Tuesday May 14, 2019

    Good morning! Lots to do. I'm making sure the Aspercreme and capsasin cream are both packed so I don't have to walk a mile to Walgreen's in New Orleans. Most important are the prescription meds and eye drops that can't be purchased if forgotten. Looking forward to going soon.
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    As a first generation American..

    Some interesting facts and opinions: s
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    As a first generation American..

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    Friday May 10 2019

    Hello! I just heard a contestant on "Let's Make A Deal" play an old song on his banjo that I'd forgotten about.
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    Special Council Muller Report

    Ha Ha. I like your joke! Anyone who made it through nursing school could read the report if they want to. It is similar in length as a novel and written in plain English If available I think it best to read a report before formulating an opinion.
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    Special Council Muller Report

    YES! I agree. Mueller should testify.
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    American Values

    Who is taking sides? My husband owned a store. The store next to him was owned by a young couple with young children recently here from South Korea. During commonly slow hours only one person worked at each store. They looked out for each other to prevent theft when their neighbor went to the bathroom. My husband retired and sold his business to them. Their kids are now in college and the parents almost never staff their stores, their employees do. And sometimes on weekends their kids are their employees. I don't know any Americans of any political "side" who want to punish success. Guess what? Los Angeles is #1 in successful new businesses. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2019-04-05/los-angeles-economic-boom-outpaces-u-s-cities https://losangeles.score.org/news/score-la-business-helping-start-new-businesses http://mbcla.lacity.org/ https://www.builtinla.com/2018/01/16/50-la-startups-watch-2018 https://www.businessinsider.com/the-50-coolest-new-businesses-in-america-2012-12
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    Tuesday May 7, 2019

    This was my stepson's favorite song when he was a kid. His middle name is Earl after his Mom's brother. Since she died in 1984 he calls me "Mom".
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    Wednesday May 8, 2019

    Morning We both went to the dentist yesterday. I had no caveties! Husband has one small one that we plan to get filled after our trip to NOLA. I'm writing down everything we will need. Especially eye drops and other meds that we can't buy there.
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    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Please tell me. Did an ALLNURSES.COM member posted that his or her neighbor was making "too much money?" Can a link to that post be posted in this topic. I really want to understand this thread.