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I'm a spicy (seasoned) retired hospital nurse with 42 years experience (counting two years as a CNA)


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  1. herring_RN

    A Timeline: Russia and President Trump

    I think most of us are not discussing the Mueller investigations because they are secret and there have not been leaks from the Mueller side. I think we have to wait to find out. https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/25-leaks-about-the-mueller-investigation-and-the-problems-they-may-cause
  2. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Many, including most independent voters agree with this opinion. https://thehill.com/hilltv/what-americas-thinking/426427-as-shutdown-continues-independent-voters-are-increasingly
  3. herring_RN

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    I used to do that when savings account interest was 5% or more. With negligible interest I claimed no dependents and got a larger refund. There was no longer an advantage to putting that money in savings. Even when I qualified for the Earned Income Credit due to low income a couple years I put money in savings every time I got paid. I worked 55 years on jobs and put between fifty cents and several hundred dollars into savings accounts each time I got paid.
  4. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    California to sue President Trump over national emergency declaration California figures prominently in dispute over border funding “No other state will be more harmed than the state of California,” Newsom said, arguing it will affect funding for the state’s military installations, national guard and illegal drug enforcement efforts. “Donald Trump, we’ll see you in court.” Last month amid a funding standoff over money for border barriers — which Trump sees as key to fulfilling a campaign promise of a border “wall” — his administration suggested he might use an emergency declaration to divert money from disaster protection projects in California. That pot of money didn’t appear to be on tap as the president made his declaration Friday, looking instead toward funds for military construction and illegal drug seizure... https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2019/02/15/how-does-trumps-national-emergency-declaration-affect-california/
  5. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    The print of the order does not include his thanking Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson for their support.
  6. herring_RN

    Monday, 2/11/19

    Once a group of nurses went to an appointment in the office of the hospital CEO. He had a book on his desk called "If it Ain't Broke, Break It." https://www.publishersweekly.com/978-0-446-51539-9 He instituted lots of silly time wasting things for us to do. Like walking rounds so a critically sedated patient could participate in his care, or require the night shift do the baths and the audits, after all they aren't bothered by having PT, RT, and other departments open. So nurses can do it all at night with less distractio because we have less staff then.( I can be sarcastic too).
  7. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    I get mad and yell. I can be sarcastic, but know not to post then because sarchasm and insults often lead to retaliation. Often by the time I'm no longer angry someone else has posted what I wanted to say. It is a fact that whether we agree or not I like you all.
  8. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    Spidey's Mom and I have gotten to know each other over many years. Her youngest son was a toddler then. He is now a man. She was also a nurse here when we worked for ratios and then worked to save them from the governors executive order. She is a wonderful role of disagreeing without insulting the other person. (Even when the person deserves it). I like everyone who has discusses politics here recently. I hope we all follow the TOS so threads are not closed. OK- enough of the "Like Fest".
  9. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    Thank you Spidey's Mom! I was never beat up. The only fracture I had was a finger FX playing vollyball and lots of skins and scrapes like most kids. I did see young men hit, punched, knocked down, and such at civil rights events. The police who politely asked me and Grandma to leave threatened some young men. My then boyfriend, who is now a wealthy real estate developer, had run before the police got out of their cars. I think it interesting that just five years later I read in the paper that the first Black to buy a house in that formerly all White wealthy area was a young attorney named Johnny Cochran. Spidey's Mom remembers that my Daddy was a classical and jass trumpeter. He also was in the University of Michigan marching bans when he attended on the GI bill. Before I was born he traveled doing one night stands with the Gene Krupa band sitting next to his idol and life long friend the great Roy Eldridge. Roy was the star and only Negro. My Dad was the good looking black haired White trumpet player sitting next to him in the video. Notice the band bowing when Roy hits a high note. When they traveled in the South many towns they played had no hotel for colored people. Music lovers invited Roy and my Dad, as his roommate, went too. They ate with the family. Both Roy and my Dad said the food was always great, except my Dad never liked grits.
  10. In the 1980s my uncle built an underground tornado proof house in the country near the center of the U.S.A. He mowed the roof, but I can't find that picture. With thick concrete on three sides and roof it needed little heat, just a small amount of wood. It had passive solar heat in winter, and stayed cool in hot Oklahoma summers by closing the sun porch door and closing curtains when sun shines in. At first he used a traditional windmill for getting water from the well and for electricity. Later my cousin made a windmill six feet off the ground that looks like an egg beater. That allowed satellite TV and internet, and lots of appliances. About once a week someone has to remove weeds from it. The wind blows almost all the time there. Taken in 2002: Taken after my aunt died in 2010
  11. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    I am glad no one was arrested regarding this incident. Even the worst behaving racist Black Israelites only used hateful words against the students. It seems most discussion here has recently been about the media's coverage of the student and the drummer. (Seems that man had protested in inappropriate locations such as a Cathedral during Mass.) He seems to be a troublemaker, who served in the Marine Corps fixing refrigeration units during the Viet Nam war, NOT in Viet Nam. In the 1970s he was arrested many times for alcohol related crimes. The student responded to "feeling singled out for a confrontation" by staring at him silently. There was no physical violence. By the time I was in high school my family and friends had experienced much more than he did. Even as a little kid with protective parents racist speech was directed at our family because we had White, Cherokee, and Negro family members by marriage and adoption. We were Catholic, but unlike our cousins my sisters and I attended public school. Teachers made it clear that racist name calling was not OK, but it happened and we ignored it. (My Daddy taught in the one public high school in town.) Coming to California at age 12 I started Jr. High, where most students were white and not prejudiced. Some were, but were well behaved at school. Walking two mile to and from we were taunted with slurs and often rotten eggs and tomatoes were thrown at us. (I think because I had an Okie accent and was shy in the second week of school I was assigned to show a newer girl than I around. She was from Europe and spoke no English. She learned FAST. We are still friends. We were called the "Four Musketeers" being three White and one Negro.") We also had eggs and rotten food to clean off the porch by drive-by food throwers. By high school I was attended meetings of SNCC, and SCLC protests for civil rights. I have an FBI file consisting of one photo of my Grandma, boyfriend at the time, a few dozen others, and me protesting in front of a real estate sign stating, "FOR SALE TO WHITE CHRISTIANS ONLY". Stuff and taunts were thrown at us that evening too. We did leave when asked by police. In 2005 at a nurses demonstration for safe staffing ratios because the governor attempted to violate the law that took us 14 years to achieve I was standing at the back where I was loudly confronted by "Minute Men Civil Defense Project" and immigrant monitors. I should have ignored them, but answered when they asked, "Where were you born." I answered, In the United States. Then they began using slurs against Hispanics getting close to my face. I left then and got myself to the front. In 2009 MANY people cursed me because I had an 8.5X11" paper printed with "MEDICARE FOR ALL". One young man was so upset he bent over and go close enough to my face that his face toughed my and as he yelled, "DO YOU WANT YOUR MOTHER TO HAVE A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT AT THE POST OFFICE?" he accidentally got lots of spit on my face. A man with a video camera was filming this. I said, "I will be happy to have a discussion with you, but not on camera while you are so upset." We did have a conversation after the media left. Turns out he was employed, but uninsured. Both his parents had received life saving care paid by all us taxpayers via Medicare. He had been bused to California from Arizona for this Town Hall meeting that didn't have room for all who lived in the Congress member's district. I'm glad that young man had never experienced such illogical hate in person before. Our Terms of Service (TOS) do not allow some of the quotes of what was said by the some Black Israelites so I will quote what I can. The link includes the entire statement that probably was written with assistance from the PR firm:
  12. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    Lou Dobbs: Jeff Bezos should "just buy" the explicit photos from David Pecker and AMI Fox guest Mark Simone: The National Enquirer was "just asking Bezos to let up on them and not go after them. I don't know if that's even legally technically blackmail."... https://www.mediamatters.org/video/2019/02/08/Lou-Dobbs-Jeff-Bezos-should-just-buy-the-explicit-photos-from-David-Pecker-and-AMI-/222806 https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/07/technology/jeff-bezos-sanchez-enquirer.html I was proud of Carol Burnett suing the National Enquirer fir reporting falsely about her. 1981: .... A Los Angeles jury ruled today that The National Enquirer libeled the actress Carol Burnett in a 1976 gossip column. It ordered the Florida-based publication to pay her $1.6 million in damages. Miss Burnett contended in her lawsuit that The Enquirer had fabricated an item depicting her as intoxicated at an encounter at a Washington restaurant with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger. After the verdict, she told reporters ''If they'd given me $1 plus car fare, I'd have been happy, because it was the principle.'' ''They didn't give a darn about my rights as a human being,'' she continued. ''I didn't do a thing to The National Enquirer; they did it to themselves.''... https://www.nytimes.com/1981/03/27/us/carol-burnett-given-1.6-million-in-suit-against-national-enquirer.html
  13. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    Right-wing trolls are sharing a hoax version of the Green New Deal The hoax has spread enough to reach Google's search suggestions, and people are falling for it... https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2019/02/08/Right-wing-trolls-are-sharing-a-hoax-version-of-the-Green-New-Deal/222815
  14. herring_RN

    Media behaving badly

    A link: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2019/01/21/covington-catholic-runswitch-pr-helped-student-in-controversial-video/2638400002/
  15. herring_RN

    Sunday February 10, 2019

    Good day Tweety, Joe, Steph, BCgradnurse, nursej22, Lil Nel, and whoever comes by later. It is very late morning. Husband and I had eggs with onions and bell peppers scrambled in. Here is a song we sang with Grandma when we were kids. Grandma did the Charleston with us older kids while little ones jumped, did somersaults, hopped on one foot, and ran in circles around the couch. We had to be quiet when the Grand ole Oprey was on. Later when she lived with us I started singing it when I had six preschoolers in the yard and husband was fixing the roof. I began singing this song. Someone let the chickens out and we had jumping dancing kids, me and grandma, who in her eighties danced more like Granny from the Beverly hillbillies. (no more dancing like toe former Flapper she was. No wonder I like jug band music. They played the same old song Friday night!