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I'm a spicy (seasoned) retired hospital nurse with 42 years experience (counting two years as a CNA)


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  1. herring_RN

    The Congressional Thread

    Indicted GOP congressman sends racist campaign mailer while out on bail Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), awaiting his federal public corruption trial, sent a vile Islamophobic campaign mailer attacking his likely Democratic opponent. Hunter sent out a campaign mailer linking his likely Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, to a 1972 terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics allegedly carried out by Campa-Najjar's grandfather. The mailer insinuates that Campa-Najjar, a Christian who was born after his grandfather died, along with Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who are both Muslim, are linked to terrorists and a threat to America. "[T]hese three radical Democrats want you to forget their anti-semitism or family-terrorist ties!" the mailer from the Hunter campaign says... ... Hunter was arrested last year on allegations that he illegally used hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds to live a lavish personal lifestyle including international family vacations and even flying his family's pet rabbit across the country. Hunter is currently still serving in Congress while out on bail and awaiting his trial. In a humiliating turn of events, Hunter's wife, who was also his campaign manager, cut a plea deal with prosecutors and agreed to testify against him... https://shareblue.com/duncan-hunter-racist-mailer-bail/ Regardless of what you think about the new Muslim members of congress Ammar Campa-Najja is a different person. https://www.campacampaign.com/meet-ammar
  2. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I am so very sorry Tweety. I was clumsy in that post. I like and respect you. You never said people don't have a right to their own opinions. I just means to post my thoughts. Israel is not the United States. They are their own country. But they do not have a constitution. They claim the be a "Jewish State." Please read the article in my long post and the one in this link: https://ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/witness.html Is Israel free of unkind treatment of it's Palestinian citizens? If so I am wrong. But if just part what my American Jewish friends who have visited Israel have told me they saw first hand, and the writings of others is true, the way he government of that country acts opposite the Golden Rule, although "Love thy neighbor" has been a tenet of Judaism for centuries. Does "neighbor" not include the idea that even Palestinians deserve human rights? My dad's best friend, an Orthodox Jew, who I've known longer than Israel has existed, told be he thinks some of the treatment of some Palestinians is "evil". He has been saying that since I've been an adult. He said he has argued with people in Israel, including a rabbi. He still went there almost every year until he got too old to comfortably travel. Guess what? If he remains healthy you will probably be able to hear him play guitar or banjo on the Miami boardwalk on Sundays next summer. His name is Irv. He was a plumber in Chicago for decades, and put the first running water and flush toilets in many Chicago buildings. Irv is now 98 years old! Here he was with the Cubs Pep Band. Irv is the one on Banjo.
  3. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I understand why some Americans, including Jewish Americans are conflicted and concerned about whether to support Israel 100%. Don't we all have a right to our opinions? I, like most Americans are glad for our First Amendment guaranteeing freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition. I am glad Congress is forbidden from promoting one religion over others and also from restricting an individual's practice of their religion. I am glad the First Amendment guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to to speak freely. I am also glad for the right of citizens to peacefully assemble and to petition our government. Of course Israel is their country. By claiming to be the "State of the Jewish People" I think it should be expected that some Jewish Americans may be conflicted.
  4. herring_RN

    Domestic Terrorism

    Four black teens were fundraising for their high school football team. A white woman held them at gunpoint. Police arrived at Kelly's house Wednesday, Aug. 7 at around 10 a.m., responding to a report of "suspicious persons," to find the four boys on the ground, with Kelly, who is white, standing over them with a gun... ... According to the police report, Kelly's neighbor said she could hear the boys playing outside, but said "nothing out of the ordinary" was taking place. Another neighbor said the boys appeared to be playing hide-and-seek and laughing in the street. In their statement, the boys, who are all between the ages of 15 and 16, described being chased by a dog near Kelly's house. The owner then approached the boys and apologized, promising the dog would not bite. They laughed about the situation and played with the dog before continuing to Kelly's house. The boys said they were "scared to even talk" to Kelly after she called them liars and threatened to shoot them if they moved from the ground. They said she lectured them after police arrived and insisted they look her in the eyes and shake her hand. Wynne School District Superintendent Carl Easley said students participate in fundraising "every year," but the district is considering stopping door-to-door fundraisers... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/jerri-kelly-arkansas-woman-held-four-black-teens-fundraising-high-school-football-gunpoint-wynne-county-2019-08-17/
  5. herring_RN

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    No Stars: Although your situation is different I think contacting a hospice near you for advice can help a lot. I am so very glad for the help and advice we were blessed with in the last months of step-Mom's life. Growing up with her single dad, who was in the army, she had no racial prejudice problem. (Doubt she would have married him, or whether he would have chosen her with his multi racial family.) So far my experience with hospice over the years has been positive each and every time. Along with getting POA these links mey help your hubby: https://www.agingcare.com/Articles/Hospice-Care-for-Advanced-Dementia-When-Is-It-Time-200580.htm Reading glasses needed for this helpful site: http://directory.ahhcnc.org/
  6. herring_RN

    Presidential Election 2020

    Last June a candidate in Virginia Tweeted, "The Democratic Party is now supporting the murder of innocent babies." I believe abortion kills a baby. I could only support abortion to save the life of the mother. BUT this woman is incorrect regarding any current law. https://www.factcheck.org/2019/02/addressing-new-yorks-new-abortion-law/ https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/new-york-abortions-birth/ I personally know more than one woman who had an abortion due to ectopic pregnancy that would have cause the death of both her and her baby if allowed to continue. The tweet:
  7. herring_RN

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    You and your daughter are lovely! Beautiful smiles!
  8. herring_RN

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    Have a great time Dianah! Hope Tweety has a decent Thursday. I hope you feel better soon BCgradnurse. Joe: Glad your Wednesday was fine. I plan to go to the gym and then Trader Joe's. The gym is halfway to tTrader Joe''s. They have six paks of smooth yogurt my husband likes. We also need bananas, cantaloupe, and an onion.
  9. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Note the last sentence[Of the Tweet below] “Our Tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy!” That’s interesting, because Trump originally said that the tariffs were imposed because of national security concerns. So, he admitted that the whole national security thing was a lie.... https://dailysoundandfury.com/2018-06-10-in-the-g-7-furor-trump/ CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: TRUMP ADMITS HIS TRADE WAR IS BASED ON LIES AUGUST 13, 2019 He’s delaying new tariffs just in case they’d “have an impact on U.S. customers.”... For more than a year now, Donald Trump has claimed that his economy-dinging trade war is a great development for the country because of all the money “China” is paying the U.S. Treasury. “I am a Tariff Man,” he tweeted last December. “We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN.” In May, after escalating the dispute with Beijing by raising tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports from 10% to 25%, he insisted, “Tariffs are NOW being paid to the United States by China of 25% on 250 Billion Dollars worth of goods & products. These massive payments go directly to the Treasury of the U.S.”... https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2019/08/donald-trump-christmas-tariffs
  10. herring_RN

    Wednesday August 14, 2019

    Good morning Tweety and Joe! Step-Mom had given my sister Durable Power of Attorney. I was #1 for healthcare and sister for finances. (And the other as alternate if one was not available) She signed those papers in early 2000, and her first fall was in 2014. She had a small CVA then. That was when I found out she had stopped going to the doctor in 2006! And her BP was WAY too high. I made copies of those papers and kept two with me at all times. With legal POA providers know who to ask. It made it easier for the five years she became more forgetful and depressed. We were so very thankful she had been specific when the wonderful physician who had had her come to the office whenever I thought she needed a doctor wanted to put in an NG tube and arrange for a gastrostomy tube. I had where she has specifically written and signed that she did not ever want a feeding tube. She was a smart, kind, bossy lady. I loved her because she loved my Dad. Happy Wednesday!
  11. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I found that number on the website of David Harris Jr., who seems to have a show on YouTube and who is CEO of a supplement company. https://uncorkedliving.com/pages/about-us He also quotes from Brietbart, who edited a tape regarding Shirley Sherrod to state the opposite of what she actually said and did.
  12. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Thank you. I did not find it. I want to post the entire paragraph and the one preceding it: My neighbor and their son are citizens. The mother holds a Green card, but can no longer work due to dementia. The father hired an immigration attorney who told him that even though she is collecting Social Security and Medicare insurance that she paid for when working she would not attract the attention of ICE unless she applies for citizenship. She is a college graduate, but could not pass a citizenship now due to her illness. I cannot advise him not to worry unless the "Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds" document is finalized. Glad he has an attorney. Glad that attorney told him it should be OK for her to continue using her Medicare. A couple times a week I go visit with my friend of 45 years so her husband can take a shower and have a little time to himself. She could wander and get lost. She has lost two expensive partial dentures this year. Sadly when she sees me she smiles and introduces herself to me, who she has known for decades.
  13. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    The only NYT article I found was regarding endangered species. Could it have been the Washington Post? Here is the current text of the 837 page draft of the unpublished Rule by the Homeland Security Department on 08/14/2019: There is nothing definitive yet, so people who have waited years to enter the country legally and then waited for their Green Card are worrying and waiting. Attorneys are advising green card holders not to apply for citizenship because any past infraction can be used to deny citizenship and take away their Green Card too.
  14. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Our neighbor across the street is worried. He bought their house in 1970, a year after we bought ours. He had a green card and worked two jobs when we first knew him. His brother and family lived there then. He was saving money and paying an attorney to help his wife, still living with her parents in Mexico, so she could legally come to the USA. After a few years she was allowed a visa to come and live here. Their son was born in 1974. He is now a retired police officer. In 1886 his mother got a green card, his Dad became a citizen, and he graduated from the police academy. After 30 years he retired and now works at a store. Now they are worried she could lose her residency status because for several years she worked part time and paid her taxes, Social Security, and Medicare payments. She pay for her Medicare insurance, a supplement, and part "D" pharmacy insurance. So far there is no way to know whether or not someone like her will be deported or not. Until the text of the regulations are available they don't know whether they can stay in the USA. The Trump administration is expected to issue a proposal in coming weeks that would make it harder for legal immigrants to become citizens or get green cards if they have ever used a range of popular public welfare programs, including Obamacare, four sources with knowledge of the plan told NBC News. Where is the text of the proposal stating it will not apply to current legal residents, including Green Card holders? She waited in Mexico for years so she could come legally.
  15. herring_RN

    Tuesday August 13, 2019

    The old early bird members at husband's club are happy. Their TV service get's CBS again. They are happy they can watch "Let's Make A Deal" and "Judge Judy" again.