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herring_RN ASN, BSN

retired registered nurse

I'm a spicy (seasoned) retired hospital nurse with 42 years experience (counting two years as a CNA)


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  1. herring_RN

    Art and Music

    He said he'd take a bullet. He wouldn't cooperate with the investigation until it was too late. He's in the big house now. He would not cooperate either. He's in the big house now. He says he won't obey the subpoena. Will he be next?
  2. herring_RN

    Domestic Terrorism

    About 15 years ago a nurse friend's husband graduated from the police academy and quit during orientation. As he told me he and his partner responded to a domestic violence call. A man held hammer as he punched the woman with the other hand. His partner shouted, "Drop your weapon!" and then shot at the man. A big dog jumped on the man, knocking him down. The dog was shot dead. My friend's husband resigned that day. He said he 'froze', began shaking and his teeth were chattering. Later he realized his partner shot because he was too frightened to realize the man had not heard the order and didn't drop the hammer. He believes he could never learn to think clearly in a similar situation. He now works s a unit secretary.
  3. herring_RN

    Domestic Terrorism

    Family seeks answers after police kill Texas woman at home Her family told KXAS television that Jefferson was watching her 8-year-old nephew when she was killed early Saturday while police checked on the home after a neighbor called a police non-emergency line to report that the front door was open. The Fort Worth Police Department said in a statement that officers saw someone near a window inside the home and that one of them drew his duty weapon and fired after “perceiving a threat.” The video released by police shows two officers searching the home from the outside with flashlights before one shouts, “Put your hands up, show me your hands.” One shot is then fired through a window. The officer does not identify himself as police in the video... ... Neighbor James Smith, who called police about the open door, told reporters he was just trying to be a good neighbor. “I’m shaken. I’m mad. I’m upset. And I feel it’s partly my fault,” Smith said. “If I had never dialed the police department, she’d still be alive.” Smith said Jefferson and her nephew typically lived with an older woman, who’s been in the hospital. “It makes you not want to call the police department,” he said... ... The Fort Worth Police Department said it released bodycam footage soon after the shooting to provide transparency, but that any “camera footage inside the residence” could not be distributed due to state law. However, the bodycam video released to media included blurred still frames showing a gun inside a bedroom at the home. It’s unclear if the firearm was found near the woman. Police did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment Sunday, and the statement released Saturday made no mention of the weapon... https://apnews.com/1bc99354e6c64b1a9428afd6c3c1c47c
  4. herring_RN

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    Good Sunday morning! I slept well last night.
  5. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    U.S. Rep. John Shimkus, retiring dean of Illinois GOP delegation, says he no longer supports President Donald Trump because of Syria pullout “It’s terrible. It’s despicable. I don’t have enough words to mention it. I am embarrassed by it and I am saddened for the Kurdish people,” Shimkus, who is retiring after 22 years in the House, told KMOX radio in St. Louis. “I’m heartbroken,” said the congressman from Downstate Collinsville. “In fact, I called my chief of staff in D.C. I said pull my name off the ‘I support Donald Trump list.’ I mean, we have just stabbed our allies in the back.”... https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/ct-republican-john-shimkus-rejects-donald-trump-20191010-zmq5gijad5fcvilg4yhpsvq4qq-story.html
  6. herring_RN

    Thursday October 10, 2019

    It's late morning here. Good to have Tweety, Ted, Joe, BCgradnurse here already. I'll look for No Stars, Dianah, Nurseblaq, Nursej22, amoLucia, and whoever else visits today. Just plan to walk for errands. I often walk between 2 and 3 miles. The AIDS was will be a little more than 6 miles, but it is fun.
  7. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Fox News Poll: Record support for Trump impeachment Just over half of voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office, according to a Fox News Poll released Wednesday. A new high of 51 percent wants Trump impeached and removed from office, another 4 percent want him impeached but not removed, and 40 percent oppose impeachment altogether... https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fox-news-poll-record-support-for-trump-impeachment
  8. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Plenty of news in today's Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-impeachment-inquiry-live-updates/2019/10/10/e46ddd94-eace-11e9-9c6d-436a0df4f31d_story.html?wpisrc=nl_most&wpmm=1
  9. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Two Giuliani Associates Who Helped Him on Ukraine Charged With Campaign-Finance Violations Prosecutors say Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were part of a conspiracy to funnel a Russian donor’s money into President Trump’s campaign Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, two Florida businessmen, have been under investigation by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan, and are expected to appear in federal court in Virginia later on Thursday, the people said. Both men were born in former Soviet republics. House committees issued subpoenas for documents from the two men on Thursday. Mr. Giuliani, President Trump’s private lawyer, identified the two men in May as his clients. Both men have donated to Republican campaigns including Mr. Trump’s, and in May 2018 gave $325,000 to the primary pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action, through an LLC called Global Energy Producers, according to Federal Election Commission records. The men were charged with four counts, including conspiracy, falsification of records and lying to the FEC about their political donations, according to the indictment that outlines a conspiracy to funnel a Russian donor’s money into U.S. elections... https://www.wsj.com/articles/two-foreign-born-men-who-helped-giuliani-on-ukraine-arrested-on-campaign-finance-charges-11570714188?reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  10. herring_RN

    Monday October 7 2019

    Good morning Joe, Ted, Tweety, Amolucia, and whoever follows! I plan to mow the front lawn today. Only parts have grass tall enough to mow.
  11. herring_RN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I wonder what President Trump would do if someone published the documents subpoenaed by the House of Representative committees on Wikileaks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chelsea_Manning https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WikiLeaks PS: Although the people who provided stolen information to Wikileaks state they are whistle-blowers I disagree. To qualify for whistle-blower protections the person must follow the law.
  12. herring_RN

    The Congressional Committee Hearings

    U.S. AMBASSADOR TO EUROPEAN UNION TO GIVE DEPOSITION TO HOUSE PANELS IN IMPEACHMENT PROBE Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union ensnared in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, will give a deposition to House committees investigating the president’s pressure on a foreign leader to investigate a domestic political rival. Sondland will meet behind closed doors Tuesday with the three panels — Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and House Oversight — spearheading the probe, according to a committee aide... ... Sondland worked behind the scenes to carry out Trump’s wishes in a country that’s not part of the European Union. The ambassador met with Zelensky to give “advice” about how to “navigate” Trump’s demands, the whistleblower reported. And in text messages turned over to House investigators Thursday, Sondland insisted that Trump’s decision to withhold nearly $400 million in military aid to Ukraine was not a quid pro quo — as diplomat William B. “Bill” Taylor had feared, according to the texts. “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions,” Sondland wrote last month, before urging Taylor, the U.S. charges d’affaires in Ukraine, to call him instead... https://www.entornointeligente.com/u-s-ambassador-to-european-union-to-give-deposition-to-house-panels-in-impeachment-probe/
  13. herring_RN

    The Congressional Committee Hearings

    Trump’s calls with foreign leaders have long worried aides, leaving some ‘genuinely horrified’ ... Starting long before revelations about Trump’s interactions with Ukraine’s president rocked Washington, Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders were an anxiety-ridden set of events for his aides and members of the administration, according to former and current officials. They worried that Trump would make promises he shouldn’t keep, endorse policies the United States long opposed, commit a diplomatic blunder that jeopardized a critical alliance, or simply pressure a counterpart for a personal favor. “There was a constant undercurrent in the Trump administration of [senior staff] who were genuinely horrified by the things they saw that were happening on these calls,” said one former White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private conversations. “Phone calls that were embarrassing, huge mistakes he made, months and months of work that were upended by one impulsive tweet.” But Trump’s July 25 call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky went beyond whether the leader of the free world had committed a faux pas, and into grave concerns he had engaged in a possible crime or impeachable offense... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trumps-calls-with-foreign-leaders-have-long-worried-aides-leaving-some-genuinely-horrified/2019/10/04/537cc7a8-e602-11e9-a331-2df12d56a80b_story.html
  14. Beautiful pictures Ted. You and Amy look good. And happy! Hi Joe, Tweety, and BCgradnurse! Today we will be going to the memorial of a wonderful friend. He fell beside his car last year. After his discharge from the hospital he needed PT and breathing treatments at home. His daughter, an NP in Michigan convinced him to live with her. He missed his friends so there were many phone calls to the lodge. There is an Eagles Lodge there, but his lifelong friends were here so he only went there once with his daughter. She is here for the memorial several weeks after his funeral in Michigan.
  15. herring_RN

    Thursday October 3, 2019

    Morning Tweety, Joe, BCgradnurse and ALL NURSES! We just returned from the eye doctor for husband. His sight remains stable. Really good in one eye. Not worse in the other.