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herring_RN ASN, BSN

retired registered nurse

I'm a spicy (seasoned) retired hospital nurse with 42 years experience (counting two years as a CNA)


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  1. herring_RN

    Wednesday January 15, 2020

    The lodge my husband belongs to is "The Fraternal Order of Eagles". His sister said, "My brother sure does like that "Beagles Club". We ran errands together this morning. We had to drop off a copy of the DMV eye exam report at his ophthalmologist's filled out except for her section. His license expired in September and he got an appointment and passed the written test then, but could not get an appointment for the "Behind the wheel" test until next month SO the one she filled out was more than six months before the test.
  2. herring_RN

    Tuesday January 14 2020

    Beautiful sunny day. After their spouses left for work neighbors stood outside on the sidewalk drinking coffee and gossiping. Even the non golfers enjoyed Davey Do's "Cross your eyes and dot your tees" from yeaterdays thread.
  3. herring_RN

    Monday January 13, 2020

    I printed it for my husband's golfing buddies. DH and guy across the street already enjoyed a good laugh.
  4. herring_RN

    Sunday January 12, 2020

    Good morning Tweety, Joe, bcgradnurse, and all who visit later! I'm going to the library and then to the grocery store.
  5. I just mowed the lawn. It's about time because it's the first time it got mowed this year. Like many musicians my dad always worked New Years Eve. When my sister was five he came to kiss us goodbye and said, "So long girls. I'll see you next year." She began to cry until he explained that "next year" started tomorrow.
  6. herring_RN

    Sunday January 5, 2020

    Good very late morning. Here is another example of a beautiful melody sung with different lyrics over the decades and a couple centuries. Here are very old lyrics from Ireland. Scottish people sang different words long ago: The next is how I first heard the song at Gerdes Folk City in New York when we drove cross country for the 1964 World's Fair. As sung by Bonnie Dobson it was written by John Calhoun to commemorate his friend Peter Emberley, who was killed in a lumbering accident. A true story of a disaster. She was a beautiful redhead with a beautiful voice: Bob Dylan used the tune for two songs. The first was "The Ballad Of Donald White": He altered the melody a bit and gave it a different beat for "I Pity The Poor Immigrant"
  7. I just decided to post a bit of history about the Folk Process. First is a recording from around 1924. It is from a Negro church: The Carter family learned it when patriarch AP Carter learned it on the porch of a farmer musician. They recorded it in 1928: In 1940 Woody Guthrie took the tune for my favorite song. In 1955 when Pete Seeger complied with a subpoena testifying under oath to Congress my Daddy told us, "I believe some day he will sing for the President of the United States."
  8. Morning Ted, Joe, and Tweety. Glad you are OK Tweety. Hope next week isn't too tiring Ted. Enjoy Church and the meeting tomorrow Joe. I am itching less. Hope the itchy places heal soon.
  9. herring_RN

    Presidential Election 2020

  10. herring_RN

    January 3, 2020

    I got to the dermatologist early so walked around Beverly Hills. They are on Wilshire Blvd not in the hills. I got lucky with metered parking on a side street $3.00 for two hours. The "cash only" parking lot would have been $28.00 for more than 1 1/2 hours. She gave me samples od Allegra and steroid cream. I'm to call if not gone in two weeks so she can do a biopsy. She told me I'm too old for Benadryl because it may cause a fall. Husband put some on each spot on my back. I think it feels better already.
  11. herring_RN

    Tuesday December 31, 2019

    It is good reading you Fran! Good afternoon Tweety, Joe, and BCgradnurse! Gotta get going and do a few more things this year.
  12. herring_RN


    In the 1960s I remember the word "Liberal" referred to people who supported the Civil Rights Movement and non-violence. The term "Conservative" referred to people who wanted to keep the "Southern was of life". I heard a TV minister say that the Bible said God wanted the races to be separate. That being a Christian was about belief in Jesus Christ and not how you treat others. Because the above was not how my Conservative friends thought I decided that Conservatives believed in personal responsibility, small government, free markets, individual liberty, traditional Judaeo-Christian values and a strong national defense. Specifics get complicated. When I asked a few people to describe Conservative values they said that abortion is murder and must be outlawed and punished. Many people have told be I should be Conservative because I am pro-life, would not have an abortion and have with kindness, listening, and financial and practical help assisted two who were young and pregnant avoid abortion. I know both Liberals and Conservatives who believe in untruths such as those who are against vaccination to prevent disease or that human activities that cause polluted air, water, and food do not harm health or contribute to climate change. Some Conservatives say government should have no role in ensuring our needs are met such as food stamps, Medicare, and Social Security for elderly and the disabled. (Enough from me for now)
  13. herring_RN


    An open letter to Lisa Murkowski https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/12/31/an-open-letter-sen-murkowski/
  14. I'm enjoying a concert of Ray Charles' songs on the Grand Ole Oprey. Willie Nelson's son told of being a little kid in the room when his dad and Ray wrote "Seven Spanish Angels" and then sang it. Lukcas Nelson can sing! Darius Rucker is narrating and now singing a song too.
  15. Good morning this day before New Years Eve. Sister is planning to go to a big party at her former condo's rec room. Husband and I plan to stay home. For the 42 years I worked evenings or nights I worked all but one New Years eve. I brought black eyed peas, greens, and sparkling cider with plastic Champagne glasses. One of our doctors always sent us a ham, and a respiratory therapist usually brought cornbread. Sometimes it was "Q". Once we were running two codes in our 12 bed CCU. The one year I had off we invited family over. My brother-in-law, who worked construction, somehow mentioned that he gave a coworker a ride to work every day. His wife and two sisters all simultaneously argued with him say he was being taken advantage of and should charge him. One sister said, "That man can hardly speak English. Why do you go to all that trouble?" He stood all his 6'6" self and said, "I'm standing. Anyone else who has driven alone all over the city stand up and join me." None of us could. He than said, "I am glad to have his company." The subject was changed and we had a good time. My wild New years party.

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