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  1. pwp1289

    Today's my capping ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!

    congratulations on your capping--i still remember mine ceremony---BUT does anyone wear caps anymore?????? please let me know!!!!!!!!
  2. pwp1289

    American Idol: Season 3

    i too was sad to see george go--i thought jasmine would go before him--she will probably go next--diana is getting stronger but not enough to knock out fantasia or latoya--i agree with NDivine that fantasia is too phony and sometimes sounds too "churchy" for me-- I'm hoping latoya makes it to the top--she will get my votes--my ALL TIME favorite idol is CLAYAIKEN
  3. pwp1289

    Prayers for Fran.

    prayers for your quick recovery
  4. pwp1289

    Prayer Circle

    please pray for co-worker with second dx of ca-and having terrible time with chemo this round--her s/o went for "you're 50 now,lets do colonoscopy" (no family history) and is now recovering from resection !!!prayers for both would be appreciated--many thanks
  5. pwp1289

    Word Association Tag--continued again

    fred and wilma
  6. pwp1289

    Word Association Tag--continued again

    edith and archie
  7. pwp1289

    Questions Only game--part 1

    you do you know what happens when you eat cabbage, don't you ????
  8. pwp1289

    Word Association Tag--continued

  9. pwp1289

    Word Association Tag--continued

  10. pwp1289

    Is it SPRING yet ???????

    wow we actually hit 40 today--it felt like summer----had warm weather last night and much rain so many streets were flooded with no where for all that rain and melted snow to go---this am it was just at freezing and there was "black ice: all over the place---many many slips and slides
  11. pwp1289

    Questions Only game--part 1

    maybe we should ask willie what a wonker is-----p.s. just saw bette in concert and she was more than DIVINE--- anybody else see her "kiss my brass tour?????'
  12. pwp1289

    Word Association Tag--continued

  13. pwp1289

    Is it SPRING yet ???????

    going to floridas panhandle in 2 weeks and am actually looking forward to 50/60 degree weather!!!!!!! will feel like summer but have to come back to 20/30's--just wish there wasn't any wind-chill!!!!!!!! it makes it feel so much colder and goes right up your sleeves------brrrrrrrrrrrr
  14. pwp1289

    Eeww Gross!!

    just how much sperm in this sperm whale are we talking about???
  15. pwp1289

    Is it SPRING yet ???????

    my icicle lights i put up for christmas are still up---its been so cold and snowy since christmas they truly are icicle lights!!!!!!!!have a 4 foot icicle hanging on the corner of the house.my clear light xmas treesare still frozen into the ground----but it should reach 40 degrees this week---which way to the beach????

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