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  1. barefootlady

    Good Morning Saturday Oct. 18th, 2008

    What a week! Hubby had another knee replacement, had chest pain in RR, and has been a bear to everyone. I finally told him I was tired, my sugar was up d/t stress, and I was going home to rest. Daughters have called me several times and told me he is sorry. Yes, I know he is, and yes, I know he is a little scared and in pain, but I am going to take care of myself today. I need the rest before he comes home. Everyone else have a great day.
  2. I like dogs. I like outside dogs. I have over 5 acres for dogs to roam. No neighbor would dare complain, they have dogs and know dogs can do things, like making a mess of the garbage can occasionally. I know your frustration. DO Not feel guilty, just do what you have to do.
  3. barefootlady

    Caylee Anthony case and nurse grandmom.

    Excuse me, but why are we interested in the grandmother being a nurse? The father of this Casey is a policeman. Should he have seen criminal signs earlier than anyone else?
  4. barefootlady

    My Husband Is ****** At Me...

    Compromise. Go somewhere and do something for 3 dys, not the week, but be supportative and loving to the guy. He sounds like he is lost and needs a little TLC>
  5. barefootlady

    Another RN friend files bankruptcy

    Sorry folks but you need to get off J. Bailey's back. I would bet dollars to donuts this young man is a good spouse, supportative of his family, proud to bring home the bacon so his wife can spend time with the kids while they are little and need her. Down the road of life, it may be necessary for his wife to work, at that time I bet this young man will do what is necessary to see the kids still get good care. This guy loves his family, is a responsible, tax-paying citizen, and if this situation is good for his family, who are we to say his life style is wrong or narrow? Bless you J. Bailey, RN...
  6. barefootlady

    My Dream Job Has Turned Into a Nightmare!

    In todays market even a Prince can be over-rated. Take care of yourself, Marla, no one but you can do that better.
  7. barefootlady

    What I Wanted to REALLY Tell My Supervisor Today.....

    CseMgr1, I am sending you prayers, hugs and wishes for a better situation to come your way soon. Your son sounds like a wonderful, supportative man. I know he makes your proud. Your sister cannot see your problems for her own worries over hubby's health. She probablly does not mean to sound so uncaring, she just does not see how your issues are so terrible when she is dealing with hubby. I hope she remembers to give you some support soon. Patience is usually in short supply when we need it the most. I really hope you obtain some soul deep relief from stress and worry soon.
  8. barefootlady

    a particular scent that makes you reminise?

    Old Spice is still a favorite, hubby wears it for special days. Pumpkin pie, rolls, and turkey will soon be in the air. I can't wait. I love the holidays that are just about good food and friends and family being together, no pressure for gifts. Leaves falling and the smell of autumn is soon here. I hope everyone has a good fall season, we sure need some good times to look forward to right now. Blessings.
  9. barefootlady

    SATURDAY, Sept. 27

    Hey Netters, You are going to need a vacation to rest up from getting ready to go on vacation. LOL! I hope you have a great time. I don't know about coming back to a seperate bedroom, it seemed like the best part of the kids being grown and gone was not having to worry about the amount of action or noise that came from our bedroom anymore. Sorry, if that's too graphic for some of you, just edit it out. How in the world did we all get to be grand parents anyway? I still remember doing some boogey steps not so long ago? Oh, that is right, the 80's were over a quarter of a century ago. My bad. LOL! Goodness, today is a day for remembering too many things that could bring a blush to my face if I wasn't so old. Have a great weekend everyone. BLessings.
  10. barefootlady

    SATURDAY, Sept. 27

    Hello Everyone, Rainy here too. No big plans today. Lots of housework to catch up on. I saw where Paul Newman died, he was one of my favorites. I still remember being a young girl and sneaking into a movie and watching him give the actress a kiss. Man, was that an eye opener.
  11. barefootlady

    My Dream Job Has Turned Into a Nightmare!

    Marla, Are there any oncology physicians in your area that may be willing to train you? Dealing with these patients could be a good way to learn about the special needs of cancer patients and open a door for you. That is what a nurse friend of mine did and she says it is great. Good luck.
  12. barefootlady

    Living in the 1500's

    I visited a moonshiner a few weeks ago. He is retired from making shine but still makes wine and home-brew. He said the feds are welcome to come and get him anytime. He is old, has heart trouble, and alone. He could use the company. LOL!
  13. barefootlady

    Why Do So Many Marriages Fail In America!

    I have no idea why some marriages fail and others last. I only know that when I took those vows the last time, over 38 years ago, I meant them. Somedays I could strangle him and other days I could hug him to death. There is no magic answer. We do talk more than 20 minutes a day, he does help me with a lot of things around the house. We share many likes, we share more dislikes. In the end, we just love one another warts and all. Blessings everyone.
  14. barefootlady

    My daughter is being bullied...

    I am so sorry to hear this is happening to your daughter. Did your hubby ask this "friend" why she would make such a remark about her friend? Talk to the teacher and principle soon. Tell your daughter to report any further incidents to the teacher. Volunteer when you are able. Hubby too. If this sort of thing continues take the issue to the BOE. Get your daughter into something that will allow her to make other friends, a dance class, a church group, Scouts, anything that will help build her confidence. Be prepared for the long haul. One thing, do not consider the girl who made the remark a friend of your daughters. Friends, even young friends, are not so quick to be unkind to each other. So do not encourage your daughter to break into this click, they sound like kids who grow up for trouble. Prayers to you and the family..
  15. barefootlady

    My Dream Job Has Turned Into a Nightmare!

    Marla, Sorry this job has turned into your worst nightmare. Like everyone else has said, you know deep down there are some places no one, even Superwoman, could fix. Starting looking ASAP and go out the door. Consider yourself hugged and being kept in prayers. Blessings.

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