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  1. barefootlady

    Some people are so rude...

    She got the bear that day.
  2. barefootlady

    Walmart Worker Trampled in Holiday Rush

    This incident is so sad, the man was just attempting to do his job, there is just no excuse for this kind of behavior. I agree there should have been some sort of action taken by the management of that Walmart immediately, but in all truth, outside of having a riot squad present, how in the world would just employees control a mob like that one? The law suits from this will be in the news shortly. I will admit to going shopping Friday morning. It is part economical and part social here. No, we did not have any incidents, no one was pushing or shoving, no yelling or fights. Saw neighbors and others, chatted a little and went on about the business at hand. Both my daughters say they missed coming home and being able to go with me. They said no one was smiling, joking, helping others, or being too friendly in WS. or NC where they are. Too bad and I do hope they will be home next year. I do hope everyone on the board has a safe and happy holiday season, no matter how you choose to observe it.
  3. barefootlady

    "King boyfriend" syndrome

    The man she loved was her husbands father. He was only 18 years older than his son. He had been forced into a shotgun wedding but was never sure the son was his. He never had more kids with the mother. I could say a lot more, but since this is a well known story around my home, I won't. I do know that some women play the role of the sweet, loving, all forgiving, unseeing wife to get what they want in the end. I know females who have this role down to an art form. The kids may suffer but the female is usually getting exactly what she wants in more ways than one.
  4. barefootlady

    "King boyfriend" syndrome

    Let me tell you a story. I grew up with a girl who fell in love with a guy at 13, yes, it does happened. She loved him, nothing he ever did or said was wrong, they dated all through school, eloped as soon as he got a job after they graduated. Well, along came baby #1, a son, wow, great and all things were rosey. A few years later baby #2, another son, wow and greater, thing still good. Then baby #3 was announced and the guy blew his top, he never wanted more than 2 kids, and was angry for 9 months. During this pregnancy problems developed, family had to take the boys, the dad started staying at the local bar while she was in the hospital the last 6 weeks of the pregnancy. The baby was a girl, lovey and dainty with lots of dark curls. Once the mom got on her feet, she packed the kids things up and sent them back to visit her mother. She waited for dad to come home. Once he hit the door she let lose, she told him she and the kids were gone, they did not need him, and he would never see them again. She told him the kids were not his anyway. She told him she did not love him and had not loved him for years, even before they married. She told him the man she loved was now ready to be with her and she was taking the opportunity to be with him. When the husband attempted to smack her, someone appeared from the side of the room and knocked him flat. Want to guess who the real man she loved was? Want to guess why she played the "king boyfriend role so well? There are some really nasty mothers out there, but sometimes there is a hidden reason why they play the role of "living for the man they love so well." I swear this is all true.
  5. barefootlady

    Stunned by news!!!

    UPDATE: UPDATE: UPDATE Wow! I have been racing around all over the state with my sister. She saw the neuro guy at CAMC in Charleston,WV. He is a really good man, doctor, and person. He told her there seemed to be a "jumped the gun" attitude with her condition and he did not want to say the tumor is malignant until more tests were done. He told her the only place for her to get the care she really needed would be WVU or Duke. He called someone up there and they got her in to see the specialist who comes from Duke every month in 2 days time. No one who does not live here cannot imagine how difficult a trip from one end of the state to the other end of the state can be most days. She had to be there by 0900 am and was not assured of when he would see her, only that he would see her. Well, anyway, after getting up in the middle of the night, driving 4 hours and waiting over 6 hours to see him, she was given some great news. This doctor does not think it is malignant, but does agree it needs to be taken out and soon, causing pressure on cervical nerves, vocal nerves, ear nerves and more. He will do the surgery right after Christmas, said he had committments he could not get out of and needs a few more tests on her. He sent for all of her records while we were waiting, looked at them, and told her she has had this tumor for over 2 years. Right now we are feeling hopeful and cautious. The path of the tumor will tell the story ofcourse, but it was good to hear from two specialists it may not be as dire as we thought. This doctor does surgery everyday, works all over the world, (yes, he is on the team taking care of Kennedy). He was professional, knowledgable, plain spoken, and straight forward when speaking to us. He told her her vocal cords will be affected but speech will not be lost, he sees no long lasting hearing loss, the scars will be minimal, and hair grows back. I sincerely want to thank each and every one of you who has prayed and send healing wishes and thoughts our way. Please, keep it up and know that I keep the board with the many posters on my daily prayer list. I know God answers prayers, we just do not like what he has to say sometimes, but trusting Him to know what is really best for each of us is the only way we can survive life's turmoil. Happy Holidays to all. I will be on here infrequently, but will keep everyone updated as I can. Blessing to all.
  6. barefootlady

    Stunned by news!!!

    Good morning everyone, Cse, I am so happy your BIL got such wonderful news. Now, if you can get the new job you may see a lightening of the stress. My sister and I talked earlier, she is having a quiet day, this should give you some idea of how her mind works: She said: Sissy, I think they have the figures wrong on global warming. I am sure they need to take into consideration all of the females world wide who are menopausal, if they do the figures will go down. I almost fell off the chair laughing, but she is serious! Anyway, I do appreciate every kind thought, word and prayer so many of you have sent our way. Please know I do include every member in my prayers daily, I just ask for Him to be a refuge, solace, and rock in our lives. Blessings to everyone today.:wavey:
  7. barefootlady

    Stunned by news!!!

    My sister had her MRI of the brain yesterday and the doctor told her he is making sure the results will be rushed through and he will have a more definative answer to her questions by Friday afternoon, no later than Monday for sure. He is already talking to the neuro. I hate that she may have to wait until Monday. She is having lots of headaches, burning pain down her shoulders and arms, some tingling in her hands. She told me she is afraid to drive too far and working in her kitchen, she is a baker and does some amazing things, it getting to be too hard for her. Her hubby is being supportative and very quiet. I know he is in shock but as much as I would like to be a support to him, I feel like she needs me most. Her sons are quietly being more in evidence. My one nephew is such an amazing young man. He has quietly talked to his boss and told him his mother is ill, she may need him more, and since he lives close to work he will be checking on her daily at lunch. The boss is being great, told him to do whatever, he had his back. I have a deep feeling this is not going to go well for her and it breaks my heart. She is a good person, productive when others would have given up, helps so many in her community. I worry she will need more assistance than we can provide and I know she will fight being too far from home. I appreciate all the prayers and good wishes, please keep them coming. Blessings to all.
  8. barefootlady

    Gas Prices Going Down...

    After the election I expect they will go back up. At least a few cents.
  9. barefootlady

    Stunned by news!!!

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts and the prayers, keep them coming. She will have another MRI of the brain this week and then see a neurosurgeon within the next 2 weeks. No one is saying more, doctor is a good one, but I am very, very worried. She had cancer of the spine at age 26, underwent surgery which left her with a partial paralysis on her right side. She had radiation after surgery. I am reminded of what an old doctor once told a group of us, for every cure today there may be consequences tomorrow. She has had a good life, but she is still too young to have undergone all of the illness and pain she has endured. I really can not even imagine my life without her being there. I depend on her to be a voice of reason when I have problems, hopefully I do the same for her when she is in need of an ear. We lost our father as children, did not have the most attenative of mothers, had a terrible step-father, and have had to depend on each other many times over the years. For some reason, our hubby's get along but are not too close. I am just going to trust in God. Thanks again.
  10. barefootlady

    Pot Luck Dinner-need suggestions

    Stick with the veggies and buy some ranch dip. You can even buy a veggie platter for about 8.00 bucks at most stores with dip included. That way you will not have time and too much money invested.
  11. barefootlady

    Stunned by news!!!

    My world turned upside down this last Wednesday. My sister, my buddy in past crimes, my touch stone to our shared pasts got some unexpected and unhappy news. She has a 2.38 cm mass at the base of her brain. This not not good as she is a cancer of the spine survivor. More tests are coming this week. Nothing definite yet. I am requesting prayer for her and for the family. Thanks for listening.:o
  12. barefootlady

    What I Wanted to REALLY Tell My Supervisor Today.....

    Cse, I can relate to your situation so well it frightens me. I send you prayers, good wishes, hope and trust in His care for you and your family.
  13. barefootlady

    Obama Taking Off to See His Sick Grandma

    Obama is only doing what any caring "son" would do for their very ill parent. I can imagine his feelings are in turmoil, no one wants to lose one of the most loved and influential people in their life. Neither do we want our loved ones to suffer pain, loss of dignity, loss of independence or loss of that spark that makes the loved one unique. I will pray this visit allows this family to share peace and love if the end is near.
  14. barefootlady

    Colin Powell may endorse Obama in TV interview

    If I was asked who I trusted more, Powell or Bush, I would say Powell. He truly has remorse over the WMD speech. Bush will never admit to remorse over the war and the toll of lives of young Americans. Powell spoke up because the people of the nation, both black and white, are interested in his opinion. Surely, if Oprah can give her support to Obama, we can allow a man who served this country for years and made many sacrifices to do his duty to express his opinion.
  15. barefootlady

    Current Electoral Vote Predictor

    I wonder if the new report regarding Iraq is headed for civil war if our troops pull out will help Bush? So many families are afraid to change leaders in time of war, but who wants our troops commited to 5 more years over there? Here in WB, things are really just starting to heat up. Our usually quiet and casual former governors are starting to take sides openly. I have several black friends who are saying the ministers in the churches they attend are really putting the pressure on to vote for Kerry. Seems that Bush has not taken the time to meet or discuss issues close to the heart of many blacks in our nation. He has met with several latin leaders. I think we will be guessing right up till elections unless something drastic happens. The young vote is the most powerful. I see lots of the younger kids jumping back and forth on who they support. Lots of the young people here like Bush but don't want to go to Iraq, so they are seriously thinking of voting for Kerry hoping he will put and end to the war. So many issues and so few answers.

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