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  1. Liddle Noodnik

    Advice on discipline of a 16 year old that has suddenly gone nuts

    All I can say is if I had it all to do over again - I would be tougher. I did not give my son any consequences for his behavior (hardly) - and I don't think it did him any favors. But - obviously I am not the expert. Just, I do think it is necessary. You can't just give them free rein (it does not help them). My son ended up with no respect for authority and no self-discipline. :( He is really struggling out there as a young adult. Thing is, your son obviously KNOWS what's wrong and right, as evidenced by his telling you WHAT he did wrong. But actually that was a plus. Honesty is good for a few points. Like I said, don't know what to tell you but I certainly do empathize. My ex would not help me with that either. In fact, when my son called me the C word, I made his father talk to him. All his dad said was, "Don't ever call a woman that - to her face." Yeah, REALLY helpful.
  2. Liddle Noodnik

    Rude Facebook Post

    Hmm, I think that is in Proverbs. lol... :)
  3. Liddle Noodnik

    The Funeral Suit

    THANK YOU. Is it inappropriate to say I enjoyed that? There is not much funny about one's father's funeral, but you were able to pull it off, very sweet, I have a sister like that too lol... God love you girl! xoxo
  4. Liddle Noodnik

    Nadya Suleman: Babies disgust me

    I chose the name from a comic strip "L'il Abner," and one of the characters was Liddle Noodnik. But honestly I didn't know what Noodnik means! Wikipedia now tells me I am a bothersome person or pest. GREAT! I sure am glad that I gave you a chuckle!
  5. Liddle Noodnik

    Nadya Suleman: Babies disgust me

    Wow, those poor kids!!!
  6. Maybe she meant a legitimate loan company ie a place that does payday loans that might also loan larger amounts. But, I would just have said, "No, I don't know of anybody." Whether it was $10 or $1500. because it is the truth Do I know anyone who could lend...? No. I don't. :)
  7. Liddle Noodnik

    On a downward spiral

    There ya go - proud of you!!! Well on that note, lol... a friend sent me an "encouraging word" and it reminded me of this song (magnificent art too lol) aNsZ_R7GcSs
  8. Liddle Noodnik

    The great debate - over or under

    ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! ha ha, that is cute :)
  9. Liddle Noodnik

    True confessions: I am a pen and office supply hoarder

    I love those types of things too.. I can spend hours in the office supply store or aisle ... it's ridiculous :) But I suppose it could be WORSE, we could be addicted to electronics, cars, etc etc...
  10. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday June 12 2011

    Had a great full day today! I typoed, "Ha da great full day ..." I kinda like that better ha ha ... anyway full up, came home took a REALLY long nap ... cake came out perfect, ate a lot of other REALLY great food - the best was the BBQ hamburg and hotdog which I NEVER get to eat, oh my gosh it was bliss!!!! PERFECT! Great service, great fellowship, I go to a really great church :) Ok, enough food talk. I should not eat again for a WEEK!
  11. Liddle Noodnik

    On a downward spiral

    UH OH.... Davey Do gotcha! he was just teasing you He's our comic relief! Kinda like a laxative only more fun..
  12. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday June 12 2011

    Hey, as long as YOU got it right, that's what counts! But, I still have no idea whether you are working tonite or not. In any event, ENJOY IT!
  13. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday June 12 2011

    Well don't scrub anything while you are down there! (sheesh!)
  14. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday June 12 2011

    Hi sweetie, have a great day!! thank you for the fwowers!
  15. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday June 12 2011

    Hi guys, up way too early! grrr... I got about 6 hrs but I am on the short end as far as my sleep account :( was hoping to make up for some hours I am missing! Church today, and ANNIVERSARY SUNDAY, 41 years! It looks ominous outside and we are BBQing in an outdoor tent, please pray the rain holds off from about 12noon til 2 pm!! THANKS for the music and the joke! You are so sweet to think of us! I used to love Cat Stevens esp that song :) I guess I overplayed him cuz I don't really want to hear him anymore! That's true of most music I used to love unfortunately :( I remember in my 20s the fun of belonging to a record club (probably more than one club) and how you could order like 10 albums for a penny (and then be committed to buying records for the rest of your natural life). You know, those big round vinyl things that spin? Boy did I love it!! Pretty sure some Cat Stevens in there. Now, I hardly listen to music, except when I am in my car listening to my fav. Gospel station (it won't come in on my home stereo, pooh! sometimes I listen online but I really crave quiet, actually. Ok, blah blah blah, TMI).Pr Hope you have a great sleep today :) If you say it is your monday do you mean you are off, or on? Do you sleep all day or just enough to take the edge off on your day off? Used to have a real love/hate relationship w/ working nites! Give BG a hug for me! How are you feeling? Have BG give YOU a hug from me! xo I am glad your friend got to go home and is doing ok!! Yes, REST!!! is essential! ... As to the travel trailer, I beg to differ on why you are putting it out front, you're doing that to make everyone positively YELLOW with envy! (yes, like the color of a bruise ... OW!) Hope you get a good rest! Gee do you really have to worry about your home like that? (shudder) pix of the cake I made for the pahty! (yes be yellow with envy haha)... no I did not cut into it, the very last pic is of a piece from a previous creation. This is one of the few things I do well in the kitchen.