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  1. Liddle Noodnik

    Good morning Monday Dec. 29, 2014

    Hi guys couldn't sleep much so here I am Doing much better after my meltdown yesterday! Where were you all! Today hopefully get this house cleaned up - please please! Otherwise not much going on. All you invalids behave and get well soon! xo
  2. Liddle Noodnik

    integrity amongst coworkers

    lol... cute
  3. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday December 28, 2014

    sounds like a great Southern time. :) I was not so upset that he didn't come on Christmas, but he didn't even call or text that day to say he wasn't coming. So I kept checking my phone all day for messages or texts. And then he never responded to my text at all yesterday. Kind of a deja vu of when he was in the Army, and then living out in Texas, oh and when he lived in Mass, well you get my drift. Meh, kids. Having him here every day for a year spoiled me. (and THAT was TOO much of a good thing! Ya can't please me!!) But as for the tears, I generally save them all up for months. This little episode was a doozy. I'll be fine though I'm sure. "Tears are liquid prayers" as I often say. Nope I didn't go to church but I watched online. I plan to go tonite. Where I'd just gotten over the "flu" or whatever it was, I knew I didn't have the stamina for 3 services plus 2 choir practices plus picking up 2 people twice, which is my normal Sunday. Even on a normal Sunday it is exhausting. I'm not complaining; I enjoy it, it was just a little much for today. Thank you for being my sounding board! (or should I say "captive audience," lol)
  4. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday December 28, 2014

    Goode morning my dear Sab. What am I doing waking up at 5:30 when I have decided to take the morning off for church??? (been sick) Ugh. Well I am having my coffee and I guess a nap afterward lol Hope everyone had a nice Christmas -- Sab I am glad to hear of your pleasantries yesterday! Oh, DS seems to have moved out, praise the Lord! Bad news is he's up to his olde tricks of not returning texts or doing what he said he would (said he'd come visit on Christmas and bring a present, and he did neither - and he'd been by the day before to pick up some of his stuff, so he wasn't afraid of getting sick). I should shrug it off; it's his normal. Have to admit it makes me feel a little used! But I suppose it hurt so much because being sick you're a little vulnerable and your armour is not so "fool" proof. :( I'll get over it.
  5. Liddle Noodnik

    Thursday Dec 25teeaitch

    Merry Christmas everybody!!
  6. Liddle Noodnik

    Monday December 15, 2014

    Yes, have Joey post that you came through surgery and that you'll be back poking us awake soon! hi everybody, happy Monday! Working on my coffee, yes it's late but what can I say. And my feets is cold! 37 and sunny today. Feels like zero below! Not a lot going on, yesterday extra choir practice for our Christmas songs at church. This year they have spread the Christmas songs out over the course of the month, instead of just having one day of them. I like it! Have a good day/night y'all! this pic is from our last storm. Enjoy!
  7. Liddle Noodnik

    good morning! Saturday 12.13.14

    Yes I would be careful trying to get those boxes down yourself, altho doesn't it frustrate you to have to wait on someone ... I'd be more likely to chance it lol...
  8. Liddle Noodnik

    good morning! Saturday 12.13.14

    Good morning AN! Hope all had a good sleep, unless you are on your way, in which case, ENJOY! Watching the snow delicately rain down, that's right, it's kind of a mix... supposed to turn to all rain later. Bleah, as long as it doesn't freeze up as tire tracks. (shudder) Looks like DS got a job that may lead to his being able to use his computer skills! So happy for him! Today I am going to the church to do some cleaning (I have 3 helpers today so it won't take long!) - then going to a Christmas musical program at another church! It will be nice to just listen :D Well I will leave you be. Have a fun day or, like I said, a fun sleep, depending ... xo
  9. Liddle Noodnik

    Recovery: A Journey, Not a Destination

    xoxoxo - Unfortunately, easy as pie. And we have no idea what the damage will be - no choice over the consequences. Congrats on your newfound sobriety!
  10. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday, Nov.30th, Goooood Morning!

    You're not alone my dear
  11. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday, Nov.30th, Goooood Morning!

    Hi all, hope you're all ok, nothing new here which means DS is still "staying" with me. Well, he got laid off in September and injured his back in Oct. so I guess that is new. Waiting MRI results (thank you military) - and then hopefully he will be earnestly job hunting. I know this is all over the internet but "can you believe it's the last day in November???" The trick is to turn off the obnoxious alarm BEFORE it goes off. I like when that happens. :) ha ha - makes me remember that cartoon with the rooster who reminded me of Elvis. Is that where you got that? Hope you and Joey feel better! xoxo
  12. Liddle Noodnik

    Thursday 10-9-14, Good Morning!

    Good morning, couple appts today including getting my shots in my neck (botox, for spasmodic torticollis) fun fun. DS is feeling better and I have not gotten it (strep) knock on wood. have a good one!
  13. Liddle Noodnik

    Good Wednesday Morning 10/8/2014

    Hi everyone! Had severe nausea/body aches yest., similar sx to my DS (he has strep and other sx), so I didn't get to go to the church function, for which I'd "signed up" to help in too many areas. Don't know why I do that. Anyway was disappointed because I love a good party - but partly relieved. I am just fine today. So far had some fasting blood work this am, having CXR and mammo this aft. Just a BOWL full of fun! Steph I'm SO SORRY about your mom. She is so blessed to have you - even if she's not exactly aware all the time. THANK GOD about the pain! Ted - inservices? Some people's idea of fun is beyond me lol... hope you get to have more "other" fun :)
  14. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday - October 7th, 2014 - Good Morning!

    and hi Joe! hope the complaint goes nowhere and you enjoy your trip!
  15. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday - October 7th, 2014 - Good Morning!

    good morning! SWEET you are still on vaca! Poor Mayson! hope he is recovering ok! today is a busy day - DS to the dr, he has temp, severe sore throat, aching muscles, nausea/vom. - yeahh :( yes he is still "staying" with Muhmuh ... :( I have mixed feelings about that but my wallet is echoing... Also a church meeting today thru tonite, food, fellowship, preaching, singin - note what I said 1st lol ... guest preachers and a few of their members - as usual I am overly involved in prep and hosting but I can't help it - I love a good party!