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  1. Liddle Noodnik

    integrity amongst coworkers

    lol... cute
  2. Liddle Noodnik

    good morning! Saturday 12.13.14

    Yes I would be careful trying to get those boxes down yourself, altho doesn't it frustrate you to have to wait on someone ... I'd be more likely to chance it lol...
  3. Liddle Noodnik

    good morning! Saturday 12.13.14

    Good morning AN! Hope all had a good sleep, unless you are on your way, in which case, ENJOY! Watching the snow delicately rain down, that's right, it's kind of a mix... supposed to turn to all rain later. Bleah, as long as it doesn't freeze up as tire tracks. (shudder) Looks like DS got a job that may lead to his being able to use his computer skills! So happy for him! Today I am going to the church to do some cleaning (I have 3 helpers today so it won't take long!) - then going to a Christmas musical program at another church! It will be nice to just listen :D Well I will leave you be. Have a fun day or, like I said, a fun sleep, depending ... xo
  4. Liddle Noodnik

    Recovery: A Journey, Not a Destination

    xoxoxo - Unfortunately, easy as pie. And we have no idea what the damage will be - no choice over the consequences. Congrats on your newfound sobriety!
  5. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday, Nov.30th, Goooood Morning!

    You're not alone my dear
  6. Liddle Noodnik

    Sunday, Nov.30th, Goooood Morning!

    Hi all, hope you're all ok, nothing new here which means DS is still "staying" with me. Well, he got laid off in September and injured his back in Oct. so I guess that is new. Waiting MRI results (thank you military) - and then hopefully he will be earnestly job hunting. I know this is all over the internet but "can you believe it's the last day in November???" The trick is to turn off the obnoxious alarm BEFORE it goes off. I like when that happens. :) ha ha - makes me remember that cartoon with the rooster who reminded me of Elvis. Is that where you got that? Hope you and Joey feel better! xoxo
  7. Liddle Noodnik

    Monday August 11, 2014

    You caught MY attention, YUMM! Finished vacation Bible School and not a moment too soon lol... it was very challenging but I guess I am glad I did it. Now to keep my hand from raising to do it NEXT year!! (shaking my head) Car trouble today so waiting to hear the verdict ($) there is always something right? Think I'm going to take advantage of being carless and go for a walk. Hope you're all doing well!!
  8. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday July 29, 2014

    yeah I finally gave in and bought one of those clippers, I was very afeared of them grabbing hold of one and it not letting go!!! but it works great
  9. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday July 29, 2014

    It doesn't seem to. I'd like to get one of those fancy things you wear on your wrist that does. It also records quality of sleep and how many nose hairs you have lost each day. Pretty cool
  10. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday July 29, 2014

    hi guys, am going to an appt this am and then go walking in that area, it is beautiful up there. Using MapMyWalk to help me track and improve my activity level, I am such a lazy dog lol... and this is fun. Well, sort of. Not sure what else to write, I am doing pretty well which is something all by itself I guess! Have a great day!
  11. Liddle Noodnik

    Wednesday July 23, 2014

    there was no like button to like your post! I like your post! and a great video :) My ex and I played Louis Armstrong's version (what a wonderful world) at our 2nd wedding... yes, 2nd one to HIM in case anyone wants to rub that in... And, I still like the song lol. It IS a wonderful world ... I am just not always aware of the fact :) (ps: I found the "like" button)
  12. Liddle Noodnik

    Wednesday July 23, 2014

    Hi guys, sorry I have been remiss, that should be my signature line I say it so often. Hope you are all well. Today it's 86 and we are supposed to get thunderstorms soon. I have a new toy, it is called "Map my run," and it's a new app on my phone. I like it - it gave me credit for almost a mile that I did not go. And, it doesn't really care if I walk like a turtle instead of running. I am hopeful it will challenge me to do more and mo' bettah. Going to be having vacation Bible school at the church Aug 4-8, five 3 hr evenings... I volunteered to be crafts coordinator. Please someone remove my right arm so that I do not volunteer for these things anymore. And pin my left arm to my side while you are at it. I am so ridiculous! I mean I know it is good for you and others when you volunteer but whyyy can't I pause and refresh next time bfore I put my hand up! Sigh, it will go fine, and I have a wonderful friend who felt sorry for my dilemma and is helping me organize and do prep work. God IS merciful! well if no one has told you yet today, you DO matter. :D Have a great day!!
  13. Liddle Noodnik

    Tuesday July 1st, 2014

    hi Sab, sorry Joey is still feeling punk :( glad he has you! 68 deg. already and it's only 6:40! yipe! Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
  14. Liddle Noodnik

    Monday - June 30th, 2014 - Good Morning!

    Hi Everybody! sorry I've been in absentia.. hope you are all doing well! Not a lot going on, just trying to enjoy the weather and the contrast between blue sky and green vegetation :) Good to see everybody! Sabby are you ready to let your palace go?
  15. Liddle Noodnik

    Thursday June 19, 2014

    sorry you were confused! thanks for the wishes! I hope you do too! :)

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