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  1. TazziRN

    Am I being overly sensitive?

    You're not making money off the war. The war happened with absolutely no help from you. Because of your money that company can make equipment to better protect the young men and women who are in the war. This brings to mind something I once said to a physician who was so against the war that she dissed the soldiers who came into the ER for illness/injuries: "You do not have to support the war at all, but at least support our troops." By investing your money in this company you are not supporting the war, you are protecting our troops.
  2. wow.........you sound like someone i would not want as an employer. what gives you the right to say those of us that are overweight should not be given a job unless we agree to make changes in our lifestyle? what we do in our own time, including our food habits, are none of your business. just because i am overweight, does not make me inappropriate for a position unless i do not have the knowledge and professional qualifications for the position. outside of the military our country is a democracy, which means that you cannot tell me to lose weight or lose my job. yeah! are you referring to the op? where is she whining? she is asking a question and trying to learn. and she is one of the most tolerant people i know.
  3. how would she muddy the waters?? and where/when did i say that she couldn't fit around the pt? she did fine. she had no trouble bending over, she never ever asked another nurse to do something because she was physically incapable of doing it. she was large but she was in the middle of everything right along with the rest of us. can you spell "discrimination"? in the part i bolded, you contradict yourself. you have seen people of all sizes, ages, and either gender perform on both ends of the spectrum, yet you would not hire a large person on your unit? the large ones are often the best ones because they have had to fight to do the same job as everyone else, because of managers with your point of view. if you, in your position as a manager, did not hire me because of my size and only because of that (i certainly hope that's not your practice but your above post makes it sound like that), then as another poster already stated, your unit would not deserve someone like me.
  4. wrong. there is a need for this education. if she understands how someone that obese can do this job, then she learns how obese people adapt to do all kinds of things. that can lead to learning how people with other handicaps adjsut to do things as well.
  5. TazziRN

    ...In memory of my plant (ooops! Turned out to be long)

    Maybe that's what I need to get.....a cactus!
  6. TazziRN

    ...In memory of my plant (ooops! Turned out to be long)

    I once killed a redwood burl. I tried to tell the guy that I kill plants, but he swore to me that it was impossible to kill a redwood burl. I did it. Don't ask me how, but I did it. My husband won't let me within 50 feet of his garden!
  7. You're welcome, Hopeful. I got it right off the bat.
  8. For all the people jumping on Hopeful: did you not see her very last statement, asking us all to educate her about this? She is not concerned about how this woman will affect her own position. She is not claiming that the instructors are being unfair, as in another recent post. She wants to learn and understand.
  9. Human milk banks charge $3-5 PER OUNCE of milk, and it's only covered by insurance if there is a medical need for baby to get it. I looked into that when I couldn't get Moocher latched on and couldn't pump enough to feed her. Being formula fed does NOT mean that Baby will be overweight, it's how much Baby is fed. How much Baby is fed often is determine (or rather, influenced by) how obese Mama is. Every single solitary obese child I have ever seen was accompanied by an obese parent. Just last week I saw a girl who couldn't have been more than 7-8, already large enough that she had to lean backward to balance and she had a pannus. I am overweight but I have been very careful about my children. Moocher is allowed to eat as much as she wants but no more, and when she says she's full I don't push her to "just eat one more bite then your plate will be clean." Fat children/adults are not predetermined by whether or not they were breast or formula fed.
  10. TazziRN

    for parents

    Never, ever, ever mess with "The Look" from a mama...........
  11. TazziRN

    for parents

    And my MIL wonders why I freak out about her letting Moocher out of her sight for even a second.......... Something a storeclerk at Target told me that I have done ever since: clip the child safety belt through the loops of your purse. That way, if someone grabs it it ain't goin' anywhere. The only thing you have to worry about then is accessibility to the pockets: don't have any zippers or snaps left open, and don't have valuables in the little open pockets on the outside of the purse.
  12. I don't get offended, because age is relative. To someone in their late teens/early 20's I'm going to be old. To a person in the 80's I will be a spring chicken. I just think it's funny!
  13. Well, at 41 I was considered an "elderly gravid female"
  14. She can adjust. One of the best ER nurses I ever worked with was over 400 pounds.
  15. TazziRN

    Seen on the back of a truck

    so here i was, toodling down the freeway and looking at the back of a truck in the next lane.......i read the words several times before i realized what it said, and i was laughing so hard i was literally crying. the truck belonged to a local septic company, and on the back were the words: caution: vehicle may be transporting political promises