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  1. nurseygrrl

    Book Thread #2

    I am now reading Dry: A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs and will hopefully finish it tonight. I LOVE this book. It is the sequel to Running With Scissors and surprisingly, I like it better. A few people said 'Running' was better, but I think I like Dry because it's so hysterically funny in a sick sort of way. For anyone who has read this book: Did you not pee your pants laughing while reading Augusten's daydream about Sally Struthers? :rotfl: :rotfl: A friend of mine gave me another book, Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris, who I am already a fan of. I'll read that one next. Anyone read it before? What are you reading?
  2. nurseygrrl

    Cool Costume Idea?

    They have a Betty and a Barney already :)
  3. nurseygrrl

    Cool Costume Idea?

    Great ideas!! Three's Company is awesome and actually perfect since I'm blonde and the other girl is brunette... :chuckle The funny thing is that the orderly is black and he kept joking that we should be bats and he would be Count Blackula...if we do Three's Company, he could be Blackjack?? :chuckle He's gonna crack up when I tell him that!
  4. nurseygrrl

    A New Fun Game. It's Hilarious

    Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all. My name is: Chim-Chim Chickensniffer! :rotfl:
  5. nurseygrrl

    Cool Costume Idea?

    I am SO excited that we get to dress up at work this year! Last year we weren't allowed due to our new 'no fun' administrator, but this year...we fought her and won! This is my dilemma. I need a cool costume idea for a guy and two girls that's appropriate for work. The rest of my unit is going to dress up as 'The Flintstones' and there are no parts left for us, we're the outcasts :chuckle Any ideas?
  6. nurseygrrl

    Seeds of hate crimes

    Just a question mattsmom... Why limit gay rights? What would the purpose of not allowing gays to legally marry or adopt children be? I'm really interested in the reasons why...
  7. nurseygrrl

    Seeds of hate crimes

    I totally agree with you Tweety. I was born Catholic and this is one of the reasons I do not belong to a church. I believe in God, but I do not believe that men should be allowed to hate in the name of interpreting God's word. God does not hate.
  8. nurseygrrl

    1970's- 1980's childhood toys that rock!!!!!

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had Drowsy too!!! I loved her soooooo much! I HAVE to have one! ebay here I come!! :chuckle How about Sit n' Spin! I really loved that dang thing! :chuckle
  9. Oh boy...have I yelled! :chuckle One time, my daughter was losing her mind over her homework. I was trying to help her and she just kept whining...'I can't do it!' and 'Mrs. so and so doesn't do it that way!' and 'You're not doing it right!' I totally lost it and started screaming at the top of my lungs. My husband, who is usually the disciplinarian came running in looking at me like I was nuts! Then he said, 'Why don't you let me take over' :chuckle We all lose our patience and it's ok. I apologized to my daughter after a little while and that made me feel better. I told her that I was still upset that she wasn't listening to me, but that what I did by yelling was wrong.
  10. nurseygrrl

    Dementia and the Voter

    I was discussing this very issue recently with the NP that works at my facility. She was astonished that some of the residents who were going in to vote, barely knew their own name. Thank you for posting this article. I have printed it to show her.
  11. nurseygrrl

    New Survivor

    Looks like it's going to be a good saeson! I like it when the unexpected happens...ie voting off Brook.
  12. nurseygrrl

    grade one and crying his eyes out....

    Maybe something is bothering him? I was fine all through pre school and kindergarten. Same thing happened to me in 1st grade and they finally figured out that I was disturbed by one boy in my class who had epileptic seizures. No one told my mom and she couldn't figure out what my problem was. Ask your son if anything or anyone is bothering him. Good luck to you, I know it must be hard!
  13. nurseygrrl

    Tips for Jazzing up Burgers??

    Some melted swiss, sauteed mushrooms and onions make burgers out of this world! You can also add zesty salad dressings instead of ketchup. Have fun!
  14. nurseygrrl

    New Survivor

    I can't wait! I still love that show as much as when it first started. I hope there's someone good to cheer for this season!
  15. nurseygrrl

    New Game! Post something about the person above you

    Always wondered what your username stood for...and how the heck to pronounce it? In my head, I say 'smokeypoke' :rotfl:

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