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  1. Chaya

    Black Roses

    I feel so grateful that you are still here with us. Although we are unlikely to ever encounter each other outside of cyberspace I am always glad for your online presence. Your posts always ring true for me with insights tempered by wisdom and compassion. I am so sorry to hear how painful and how much of a struggle your journey has been at times and wish for you the strength to persevere during the dark times. Your voice would be sorely missed by many allnurses members and I hope you will share your thoughts and experiences with us for a long time to come.
  2. Chaya

    What's your zodiac sign?

    Leo here- on the cusp of Virgo which I think is supposed to be one of the "healer" signs
  3. Chaya

    PETA urges Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk

    I can't imagine there would be ladies lined up to contribute-I mean, imagine the logistics of keeping the product safe during transport, etc. There's GOT to be an easier way to make money. :smackingf OK- just got it. This IS a joke, right?
  4. Chaya

    What Baseball Team is your Favorite One

    Member of Red Sox Nation here!
  5. Chaya

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    Those are my #1 favorites. They actually supply us with pretty good quality pens at work that are a close runner-up. (Talk about improving staff nurse retention...giving us good, free pens is right up there!) :yeah:
  6. Chaya

    Are YOU a closet Pen Addict?

    Occasionall I can lay my hands on a pen that is so bright I actually don't lose it. Then it runs out and I am a wreck. I've been known to take the innards from a less cool pen and transfer it into my favorite of the moment-I guess that makes me a pen addict (or just compulsive?)
  7. Chaya

    Prayers, Please

    My heart goes out to this poor woman. May she find the strength she needs to get through this now and for healing later.
  8. Chaya

    Watch any reality shows lately?

    Yep. I totally wallowed in "Project Runway the other weekend; they were running previous seasons prior to this season's premiere and I don't know if it was season 2 or 3 but I was glued to the set for SEVEN HOURS!! on a beautiful sunny day. :uhoh3: Used to love "Clean Sweep" but they don't seem to be running it anymore. (Now that's what I need!) And I'm a total sucker for all those "medical oddity" features, plus the bariatric surgery/ specialty rehab mini-series they run on TLC.
  9. Chaya

    And this was SUPPOSED to be my vacation!!

    Third time's a charm; get your self healthy and start planning your NEXT vaycay!
  10. Chaya

    State of Humanity?

    Yes, this is not a new problem in society but I think we need to be reminded what the results of our apathy can be. The victim could as easily have been a friend or family member; we should offer the kind of support we would hope would be available to them in a similar situation. I remember hearing about Kitty Genovese as a young teen and being horrified. There was a DJ (Dick Summer, I think?) on the local radio station who started a campaign for listeners to carry a dime (what a phone call cost in thoses days!) at all times so as to be able to call for help if we saw anyone who needed it. I wore mine mounted on a piece of cardboard around my neck for some time.
  11. I think there's a "tipping point" with these "nurse of the month/ appreciation awards. It's special when the first few people get them... After that you kinda gotta think "What's wrong with the rest of us that DON'T get them and just what do I have to do to get one?"
  12. Chaya

    Yale Senior art project: Her multiple abortions

    Unbelievable! Was this "project" approved by some faculty member for credit??
  13. Chaya

    Whats the most powerful movie you have watched??

    Most moving film I've ever seen was Pay It Forward. So sad, but we can't be reminded too often how much of a positive effect our smallest actions can have.
  14. pay it forward; shows the power in all of us to change the world for the better if we turn our efforts that way instead of just complaining ("better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness")
  15. Chaya

    How do you deal with lack of sun??

    For me working eve shift makes a BIG difference in the winter! Just getting to see daylight on working days helps a lot. Before my knees got hinkey I used to skate and cross country ski, activities which actually got me to work up a sweat. I still work out and anything physical helps a lot. Also I save new recipes to try, new books I've wanted to read, DVD's I've wanted to watch and a jigsaw puzzle or two for winter. I make an extra effort to get together with friends or have them over. This gets me about 2/3 of the way through winter-after that I either hibernate or want to scream! (One of these years I'm gonna go south for Spring Training!)

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