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  1. Sehille4774

    Geocaching..Ever heard of it?

    :) This blew my mind when I discovered it. The thought of all these little boxes hidden all over the place and we didn't even know it! It helps to get a decent handheld GPS. We were using our car GPS but the accuracy was not very good...so we had a hard time finding any at first. Just got a Magellan Explorist GC for about 150$.. I know. I know. Pricy. But it gets us within about 3 feet of GZ (Ground Zero) most of the time..well worth it to us. Hey everyone needs a hobbie right?? You can even download the listings with the hints and description directly into this GPS. We are going to NYC in a month and gonna to try to find a bunch in central park :) Even lost a bit of weight from all the trekking I have been doing. It helps to look for the bigger boxes at first too.
  2. Sehille4774

    Child with intellectual disabilities denied transplant at CHOP

    Off topic a bit (sorry)..... Whoever said "We do not say MR anymore" got me started today because I NEVER heard this before! I was taught the term in just a few years ago in college. The timeline for the change (if anyone is interested) lol...is this: -Oct 2010 Rosa's Law passed on the Federal Level..We are now not to use the term MR. Instead it is "Intellectual Disability" (although ID can refer to a broad group of disorders from dyslexia to Alzheimer's) -2012 The govt. published medical diagnostic codes for IDC-9-CM will now say "Intellectual Disability" and not MR -2013 DSM-V (last revision 2000, last total rewrite 1996) Will be released and these APA diagnostic criteria will now say "Intellectual Disability" and not MR so that everyone's terminology is the same. So...not everyone is on board yet I bet... (Not to mention you know how much we all LOVE new changes :banghead:. esp. providers who have been saying something a certain way for years and years) Feel free to fact check...I just couldn't find "Academic Quality" sources for everything. I still (today) see several government websites such as Berks County (Near Phila) and the Philadelphia City Govt Site refers to "MRS or Mental Retardation Services or MH-MR services (Mental Health-Mental Retardation) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Umm. Yeah..now this topic really has my interest peaked to know more about organ donation...I would love to actually know what went on so that I could weight in better and give an opinion but I guess we will never know. Maybe she will call the media and we will get a story in the news (Ever see John Q?)
  3. Sehille4774

    Geocaching..Ever heard of it?

    My new FAVORITE underground outdoor hobbie!!! http://www.geocaching.com It gives me an excuse to get outside and hike, even in January :) . We are also ending up in terrain that my sister and I might never have otherwise attempted. I want to find a Cache every day this year, lol. Have any GC stories to share?
  4. Sehille4774

    Child with intellectual disabilities denied transplant at CHOP

    Ok, np. You could be right though! When I think of the term Developmental Delay...to me it just means that they are behind schedule from where they should be in terms of growth and development...does not mean at all that they are MR or have a brain injury....you can have an infant who had alot of surgeries early on and was under heavy meds, for instance, that is delayed but will catch up and be 100% normal. But I do see how she might have used this word interchangable with MR..esp. if she heard other medical professionals say it that way. She probablly didnt know the difference. It Kinda bugs me when HC professionals use medical words inaccurately....it only fuels the rampant amount of misinformation that floats around. Good point!
  5. Sehille4774

    Child with intellectual disabilities denied transplant at CHOP

    Aww :( Why did it have to be CHOP. Parents hear stories like this and they start to believe that you cant trust Any of the Dr's. Asystole said: "Somehow I think there is more to this story than what is being posted by the parents. Just a thought but I think many of us have stories of how patients and their families interpret what we say. All too often we are portrayed as evil demons…" I agree with this!....Isn't their always more to it? From the pictures...she appeared to be a higher functioning MR.....But how significant is her brain damage exactly to me is a big question. We all know that their is quite a wide range for MR...from vegetative basically to very mild MR. (Also with the severity of WHS symptoms) I tend to believe that quality of life is relative to the individual...who is to say she isn't one that could have a wonderful quality of life.. And I was just about to say Multicollinearity...how can we say that one persons life has more value then that of a person with MR? Did anyone else catch this mom's denial though...AKA: Just because my child has a "developmental delay"..ect ect. I took care of a little girl that they thought had this. She had ASD and heart surgery, some delay and a GT-Mickey. But she almost walking, talking some..doing some sign language, plays interactive games ect. at 2.5yrs. She had a good prognosis.
  6. Ha...I clicked on this becasue I thought it was going to be about tatoos and piercings in the work place. Whole other topic:lol2: You should follow the schools dress code for those pictures. If it is inappropriate to dress that way in the halls, then why would be acceptable to take a yearbook photo like that. I am sure she can find another, more appropriate outlet for her "Self-Expression". Looks like a Maxim cover or something :uhoh3:
  7. Sehille4774

    Man v. Food

    "I know, seems like such a sweet guy, but I'm predicting he'll die of a heartattack around forty-fifty..I'm scared for him too...HE"S SOOOO YOUNG!! :( I hate to say it, i'm a total fan but....you can't be eating six pound burritos, 27 slices of processed cheese on a stack of 80-20 ground beef-bacon patties and pizzas the size of a basketball backboard and expect to live a lengthy, healthy life:(" Yeah...it's really hard to watch....It really makes me cringe how we glorify this kind of behavior TV....
  8. Sehille4774

    I have a confession to make

    "You could try boxing up the ones you don't wear anymore, and put the box someplace out of the way, like the garage or attic. Don't think of yourself as "getting rid of them", just think about it like you're putting them in storage. If the box sits there for six months to a year, and you never need to get into it, it might be easier take the box to the thrift store later on." I like this philosophy in general for cleaning and de-cluttering. As far as I am concerned...if something has been sitting in my closet unused for a LONG period of time then I figure obviously I am never going to use it again..and I have been tossing stuff more. We save everything in my house FOREVER but don't worry...we won't be featured on any episodes if "Intervention" anytime soon. :)
  9. Sehille4774

    I have a confession to make

    Lol. My scrubs are like a timeline for my career...I tend to spend so much time in "certain" tops/pants that I like the most. So those are the ones I keep incase I would ever need an extra shirt. But when I find certain old ones I am like oh yeah, I wore that one in 2004 when I worked at "X" with so and so. Funny that other people here do the same thing. My sister who just got out of LTC uses her old ones for jammies sometimes. And when I go to the shore in the summer and need a lightweight pair of long pants to keep me protected from the sun (I am pratically albino, lol...) nothing works better then scrup pants. MY sister makes fun of me sooo bad, but they are so comfy! My khaki/black/navy ones just look like regular pants. Matter of fact if I tend to throw a pair or two of the pants in for any trip I take that I know I might do a bunch of walking. What! I know I can tolerate them if I have to walk alot and for Many Hours!
  10. Sehille4774

    Another FaceBook Rant

    Lol!!. Well i am from the technology generation. I dont mind the odd text/status update once or twice..esp. if it is something important.. I dont call on the phone much anymore...i send short texts or i wait til i see people face to face. I refuse to pay the crazy high rates for smartphone data...cause I have an awesome invention at home called "The Laptop" and I already pay for that XD But 7-8 times is way overboard and rude! BTW: I guess I need to go update my FB status now: "Just typed a forum message on Allnurses.com! Woohoo!" See ya later all! I need to go blow my nose. Hahaha
  11. Sehille4774

    The Duggar's

    Ha..Since it is 4am and I'm tired,lol...I will go ahead and "Go There". We can talk a bit of religion in a polite manner right? As a Christian person, but also a pragmatic thinker and someone who has a science background.... I dont care that they choose to live their life like that..not for me to judge...But it IRKs me a bit that they promote this as being in the name of God..(they are entitled to their beliefs as we all are). Because If God thinks we all should have 20 kids...then we are in bad shape as a species! I dont mean to offend anyone here...I am a big free speech person too!..it just IRKs me a bit thats all. But nice to see all the people that expressed compassion to this family right now. Way to go nurses!
  12. Sehille4774

    Critters in your house.

    My dad was out of work for about a year... While he was home, the cats hung out with him all the time because he would let them in and out his window all day. So when he went back to work...he thought it would be mean to leave them inside all day...so he started leaving his bedroom window open 6 inches for them (summer/early fall) Well weren't my kitties thrilled that finally, after years of being forced to leave their trophys outside for us, they could finally bring them in!! We had 3-4 live chipmonks come in, a few dead things, a live bird that my fluffy cat was kind enough to finish off in my bedroom. One of the chipmonks (also dropped off in my room) looked totally dead...i was gonna snap a pic to show my dad..(since at this point we were all complaining about our house turning into national geographic from him leaving his window open) And sure enough the little guy springs up and ran away, lol. Its amazing that their are any small rodents left within a mile radius of my house. Our neighbor is also an avid birder with elaborate bird houses and such. He doesnt like my kitties too much >.>
  13. Sehille4774

    How many nurses have advanced directives?

    Cool, I didn't know you could do that, Thank you!
  14. Sehille4774

    How many nurses have advanced directives?

    Anyone have any good advice on inexpensive ways to obtain these documents? Thanks!
  15. Sehille4774

    How many nurses have advanced directives?

    Wow. Good point! I keep meaning to get one, though I am 31. (not DNR HA!) Basically If I end up somehow in a persistent vegetative state, I do not want to be kept alive by invasive measures in a LTC bed for 40 years. Sums it up. I often had to wonder when I worked in LTC, especially with patients near the end of life who suffered greatly or had alot of pain and the families insisted on prolonging things...who were they doing it for? the patient? or to sooth their own conscious.

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