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  1. MandyInMS

    What are your plans for the next 5 years?

    Plan...work less/enjoy life MORE!!! lol
  2. MandyInMS

    Pitbull Haters

    Animal lover here :) we had all types of pets,various dog breeds growing up (Dad's a vet) 2 of the sweetest dogs ever were...a pit named "Nuttin", also had a Rott named "Rokk" when my son was growing up..both big ole Teddy Bears..looked scarey but totally harmless..well, might lick ya to death..I've always brought my "critters" up like my 'babies' cuz they are part of our family...gotta agree with the others 99% of the time ya gotta blame the OWNERS..guess I don't agree with ANY dog running around unsupervized ,in town anyways..no matter the breed..just not safe for people or the pets...we are animals caregivers and guardians..some folks don't seem to realize that.
  3. MandyInMS

    Noisy gift ideas needed

    P.S.- go hang around the toy section..and watch which toys the parents are screaming "Put that down!" ~giggles~
  4. MandyInMS

    Noisy gift ideas needed

    Hahaha...Drums, or those keyboard toys, that'd bug the cr@p outta them....hehe
  5. MandyInMS

    What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?

    Cornbread dressing with giblet gravy..yummmm
  6. MandyInMS

    Look whose Birthday it is today: SharonMH31!!!

    :balloons: Happyyyyy B-Dayyyyyyy :balloons: hope it's a goodun :)
  7. MandyInMS

    I Just Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can ya hear me now?...........Can ya hear me now?...............Can ya hear me now?
  8. MandyInMS

    My Son is Dead

    I'm sooooo sorry hun...prayers for you and your family (((((hugzzzz)))))
  9. MandyInMS

    Scary Movie

    The 'Candyman' movies are still my fav......can't wait to see The Grudge :)...I loveeeeee scary/freaky moviesss..lol
  10. MandyInMS

    Happy Birthday Wishes to:

    Happy B-Day Ya'llllllllll :)
  11. MandyInMS

    Just ONE good thing!

    Today..I will THINK before I speak...that's alwaysssss a good thing...hehe
  12. MandyInMS

    Happy Birthday, MandyinMs!!!

    Awwww thanks hun :) Have to work on my B-Day..blahhhhh...lol
  13. MandyInMS

    I Wish....

    Yeppers...God is there when everyone else isn't for sure :)
  14. MandyInMS

    I Wish....

    Just food for thought....... ----------------------------------------------------- I WISH..... I wish I had a friend, A friend I could depend on, One that loves me warts and all, A friend, through good times and bad, Happy and sad, that knows my heart. One that knows I'm a good person, Although I may not always smile, That my intentions are honest, And I am a trustworthy person. One that realizes I have limitations, I am not perfect, And cannot pretend to be, That some days I just need to cry, When the world seems to have turned it's back on me, I need that someone to be my rock, To have that shoulder to cry on, And love me despite myself. Not to turn me away, Knowing that I don't ask for help, It's hard for me to bring myself to do that, But when I do, to stand beside me, Help me through the pain and frustration, Help me decide when my mind is blurred. Help me see the HOPE in a bad situation, Help me find solutions,that would ease my heart and mind, To know whatever the problem, there is a solution, And that I am loved, no matter the cost, That am am important enough for someone to care, That I am important enough to take the time to listen to, With an open mind,compassion,and a little understanding. Not judge me to be weak, just human. And love me still.