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  1. perfectbluebuildings

    I have lost my best friend...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you give yourself time to grieve. I also *KNOW* that you will maybe think of ways to blame yourself, which is a normal reaction to suicide, but please *KNOW* that it was not your fault. Please know that. It's so hard to remember that and think that, you always want to think there is something else you could have done. I'm so sorry for your and her family's loss and pain right now.
  2. perfectbluebuildings

    9/11 - Nine Years Later

    It was my first semester of college. I was sleeping late because I didn't have class till later on Tuesdays. I heard loud voices outside my dorm room and got up, several of us turned on the TV in the lounge, saw the towers collapse, I remember the reporter telling a woman she was talking to to "run, and protect your baby", as the second tower came collapsing down and the ash cloud grew. I remember crying and calling my family. I had an uncle who lived in NYC at the time and who saw out his window, the second plane hit the tower. Our school always had a chapel service at noon on Tuesdays and I remember going to it and the normal service being changed. I remember how blue and still the sky was and how sunny it was. I remember that night another chapel service, that was crowded and full, strangers joining hands in prayer and embracing. I remember the first plane that did fly again a few days later and how strange it felt and how it brought back those emotions again. I remember creating a banner with my new dorm-mates to say God Bless the Whole World and hanging it out our window. I remember donating blood and the long lines of people wanting to help. I remember how the campus and the country pulled together. I remember every year after on that day as long as I went to college, the bells ringing and the memorial services, and one year being one of the ones who helped read in remembrance, the names of those who died. I lived far from New York, but that day touched us all.
  3. perfectbluebuildings

    Have any memorable high school teachers?

    ...too much info
  4. perfectbluebuildings

    Whats the most powerful movie you have watched??

    Sorry, I realize the thread has taken a different turn... just wanted to add a few to the list (some I agree with you all have already put... Life is Beautiful (the first time I saw it, I literally sobbed for an hour at the end... in the basement of a dorm full of people), Rudy, Schindler's List, To Kill a Mockingbird, Steel Magnolias, and I have to join the Lion King club...) also, Hotel Rwanda Out of Africa Rain Man Pursuit of Happyness and I want to see that movie of "The Hiding Place". That is one of my favorite books. I agree she and her sister and family were amazing people. there are many movies on here now that I need to see... thanks. and also, sorry from distracting from the rest of your conversation re: WWII etc... PLEASE continue, it is truly fascinating...
  5. perfectbluebuildings

    Your favorite books

    Yes, it was!! I remember checking it out so many times from the library as a kid... I think my mom read it to us first as a chapter book and that's how I loved it. Then they discarded it at the library and I really missed it. Luckily found it at a used book store a few years later. There just aren't many characters or stories out there like Abby Deal and her family... it never, ever gets old. Thanks :) :) :)
  6. perfectbluebuildings

    Favorite Movie Lines

    Love Actually: >Kid- "The truth is, actually, I'm in love." >Stepdad- "Aren't you a little young to be in love?" >Kid- "No!" >Stepdad- "Oh... Okay. Well I'm a little relieved! I thought it would be something worse." >Kid- "Worse than the total agony of being in love?!?" >Stepdad- "Oh... yeah, you're right" I don't know why I can't remember either of their names, but the expressions on their faces in that scene are awesome. Little Miss Sunshine (I have many favorites from that one) "Aww... and where is your grandpa now?" "In the trunk of our car." I love all the Steel Magnolias quotes, I think that is one of the most quotable movies out there.
  7. perfectbluebuildings

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    Carolann you touch my heart so much. Faith crisis is NOT easy (in my experience) especially not to mention the "crud" life's been throwing at you (as an understatement). You have shown yourself here so many times as such a strong, caring, AMAZING person. I pray so hard for you!!
  8. perfectbluebuildings

    Why are the honeybees dying?

    I read that there is a new kind of mites that's killing the bees. I agree, this is not good... but not sure what to do about it.
  9. perfectbluebuildings

    Tell us something we don't know!!!

    I have 2 brothers, 3 sisters; there is a six and a half year total range among all our ages (correction: 5 and a half) I secretly think I'd be a terrible wife, but an okay mother. People make me very nervous, even if I know them well. I can't stand tomato soup or fresh/raw tomatoes, but really like spaghetti and pasta with tomato sauce. Can't think of anything else... hm if anything really interesting comes to mind... well maybe i'll mention it
  10. perfectbluebuildings

    What are gas prices like in your area?

    $2.97 here in TN... I'm not going to complain when I see the prices some of you are paying!!! wow. Bethin... I drive a hybrid Civic now, and it goes plenty fast enough for interstate driving speeds (plus the very infrequent fill-ups and less environmental impact...). Sometimes a little slow on accelerating up hills but I think that's partly because I was used to a more powerful car before (6 vs 4 cylinder engine). Also, this is an '03 that I'm driving, the first year Honda made a hybrid Civic, so I'm sure the technology, speed, etc. has improved since then. (Can you tell I like my car?? I got it in December and the "new" still hasn't worn off for me...) They do say, though, that at this point gas would have to reach $4 a gallon to "recoup" the cost of buying a hybrid (which is not far away now it looks like in some places!!) but if you can find a used one like I did, in reasonably good condition and not too high mileage, I'd give it a try (the price should be much lower than a new) Sorry. I know you didn't want that much info... Carry on!!
  11. perfectbluebuildings

    C'mere and Play a New Game: What's in the fridge?

    Milk Orange juice A loaf of bread Dr. Pepper Baby carrots
  12. perfectbluebuildings

    parents over-medicate child to death

    I saw this in the paper Sunday. It's a horrendous story and I hope they investigate the whole truth for the babe's sake and her siblings'. I can't figure out if the parents are just extremely ignorant or are deliberately cruel or, that they just don't care and children are annoyances to them, or something else. This is just weird and so very sad.
  13. perfectbluebuildings

    American Idol Season 6

    The women blew the men out of the water!! Lakisha, Melinda were the best; I also liked Gina (hadn't heard her sing before), and liked Leslie's personality. Stephanie was good too. I think Amy and Alaina will be going home.
  14. perfectbluebuildings

    Grey's Anatomy- New Season!!!Awesome!!

    Tweety, that was the thing that jumped out to me too... that she was not intubated until at the hospital. On another topic- it seems like they have completely changed Izzie's character this year. She used to be one of my favorites but now she's just... weird and inconsistent- not the actress's fault but the writers' in my opinion. I am finding more and more my favorite character is Alex. There is a lot of untold story in that character! I guess I have to just bite the bullet and overlook the "wrong" medical stuff. But I have to confess that I burst out laughing at that final scene with Meredith "seeing dead people". It wasn't to be mean it was just the gut reaction. It was kind of a cheesy ending to the episode. And I really don't think she's going to die... and don't see why they dragged this over 3 episodes. (Sorry... I know I'm being critical!! I do like some parts of the show still... obviously or I wouldn't be posting here :) )
  15. perfectbluebuildings

    What stops you in your tracks?

    BOOKS, definitely. And music and movies... There is a store I can only go there once a month or less because I always spend more than I realize. But I love that store... I have gotten some awesome things there and it is fun just to look too. Any bookstore really...