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  1. perfectbluebuildings

    I have lost my best friend...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you give yourself time to grieve. I also *KNOW* that you will maybe think of ways to blame yourself, which is a normal reaction to suicide, but please *KNOW* that it was not your fault. Please know that. It's so hard to remember that and think that, you always want to think there is something else you could have done. I'm so sorry for your and her family's loss and pain right now.
  2. perfectbluebuildings

    9/11 - Nine Years Later

    It was my first semester of college. I was sleeping late because I didn't have class till later on Tuesdays. I heard loud voices outside my dorm room and got up, several of us turned on the TV in the lounge, saw the towers collapse, I remember the reporter telling a woman she was talking to to "run, and protect your baby", as the second tower came collapsing down and the ash cloud grew. I remember crying and calling my family. I had an uncle who lived in NYC at the time and who saw out his window, the second plane hit the tower. Our school always had a chapel service at noon on Tuesdays and I remember going to it and the normal service being changed. I remember how blue and still the sky was and how sunny it was. I remember that night another chapel service, that was crowded and full, strangers joining hands in prayer and embracing. I remember the first plane that did fly again a few days later and how strange it felt and how it brought back those emotions again. I remember creating a banner with my new dorm-mates to say God Bless the Whole World and hanging it out our window. I remember donating blood and the long lines of people wanting to help. I remember how the campus and the country pulled together. I remember every year after on that day as long as I went to college, the bells ringing and the memorial services, and one year being one of the ones who helped read in remembrance, the names of those who died. I lived far from New York, but that day touched us all.
  3. perfectbluebuildings

    No way, no how foods!

    Fresh tomatoes, especially the seeds... ICK!!! And tomato soup. Peas. Baked beans. I love brussel sprouts!! :-) I know that makes me weird.
  4. perfectbluebuildings

    It's Miracle on 34th Street... Santa's being fired!

    So this mall... is firing their long-time Santa, without notice. He's apparently been doing this job for 18 years. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/10/21/AR2008102102621.html?g=1 (hope that link works...)
  5. perfectbluebuildings

    David Who?

    :D :D yay!!!
  6. perfectbluebuildings

    David Who?

    I hope David Cook. He's so much more interesting. Not that I don't think David Archuleta is very talented as well... just not very unique or exciting like David Cook.
  7. perfectbluebuildings

    Musicians to see...

    I want to see Simon & Garfunkel make up (at least for a day!!) and do a concert. And Jimmy Buffett would be awesome. I need to think about this... hmm
  8. perfectbluebuildings

    Have any memorable high school teachers?

    ...too much info
  9. perfectbluebuildings

    Whats the most powerful movie you have watched??

    Sorry, I realize the thread has taken a different turn... just wanted to add a few to the list (some I agree with you all have already put... Life is Beautiful (the first time I saw it, I literally sobbed for an hour at the end... in the basement of a dorm full of people), Rudy, Schindler's List, To Kill a Mockingbird, Steel Magnolias, and I have to join the Lion King club...) also, Hotel Rwanda Out of Africa Rain Man Pursuit of Happyness and I want to see that movie of "The Hiding Place". That is one of my favorite books. I agree she and her sister and family were amazing people. there are many movies on here now that I need to see... thanks. and also, sorry from distracting from the rest of your conversation re: WWII etc... PLEASE continue, it is truly fascinating...
  10. perfectbluebuildings

    Your favorite books

    Yes, it was!! I remember checking it out so many times from the library as a kid... I think my mom read it to us first as a chapter book and that's how I loved it. Then they discarded it at the library and I really missed it. Luckily found it at a used book store a few years later. There just aren't many characters or stories out there like Abby Deal and her family... it never, ever gets old. Thanks :) :) :)
  11. perfectbluebuildings

    Go Vols!!!!

    Anyone watch the UT vs Memphis game tonight??? WOW, that was awesome... UT now the #1 men's basketball team in the country. Who would have believed this just 3 years ago??? You gotta believe... Go Bruce Pearl. I'm sure Cumberland Ave. is going crazy right now... if you are from anywhere around Knoxville you know what I mean!!!
  12. perfectbluebuildings

    Absolute fury

    my parents had 4 teenage girls in the house at one time, who all shared a bedroom... i don't know how they stood it. i know i've "got it coming" if i ever have my own. i could be a real jerk from about 13 through close to the end of high school. just to reassure you, i really like my parents now, and have since i was about 18-19 (i always loved them, but now i actually like them... just took some growing up... i am sure the same thing will happen with your children...) i know me just saying it probably doesn't make a big difference, since i don't have any parental experience, but just thought i'd offer some reassurance. good luck.
  13. perfectbluebuildings

    Anyone have a favorite long-distance drive?

    Driving through the Smokies, or any of the mountains near my hometown as well; anywhere, I love it. I've never seen anything else to match it yet. I suppose I am biased. I just like to drive. As long as there's not a crazy amount of people on the road and I have at least an hour or so of driving ahead of me, and some good CDs to sing along to, I'm pretty happy. Edit: Wow, Bethin, that bridge photo is beautiful.
  14. perfectbluebuildings

    EEEKKK!!! Inappropriate CoWorker

    This is sexual harrassment (sp?) plain and simple, and it is against the law. I am sorry and angry this happened to you!!! I am not smart/experienced enough to know what route to take from here, hopefully someone else does. I just wanted to offer support.
  15. perfectbluebuildings

    Dealing with "huggers" :-)

    Thanks. That helps. :) I appreciate all the advice and explanations.