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  1. LauraF, RN

    Am I Mean?

    If you are in a relationship you are in it with the person. You can not try and change him. Helping improve if you want him to improve and he wants to is good. But there are going to be times that are tough. I have been married over 20 years. There have been many times we live just on my salary because he has lost his job for whatever reason. You have to decide do you love him enough to get through that stuff or not. It's tough. But life long commitment is not easy. Or there would be no such thing as divorce right?
  2. LauraF, RN

    Proud Mom Moment, or is it?

    Let me start off by saying, I am an RN now. I went through the ranks. I started as a CNA when I was 18, then LPN and now RN. I am currently working towards my Masters. My parents were both in medicine. My Dad was vice president of Saunders, so I had an amazing nursing library. My Mom was a manager of Pulmonology for 6 docs. My Dad became very ill. He had multiple falls, and suffered with Cauda Equina. He chose to do surgery and things went down hill from there. While waiting for surgery he was in a care facility and acquired a bed sore that never healed, which made exercising difficult after surgery. Basically he never walked again. When he was d/c to his home, he was about 250 miles from me. We hired care-givers who were amazing when I was there. There were 2 days that we could not get covered. So my son and I would drive down Sunday night to take care of him and then drive home Tuesday night or Wednesday so that I could be back at work for my Thursday through Saturday 9am till 10pm shifts. My son did the majority of dressing, and care giving. Dad was always able to feed himself and chose what he ate at the senior home he and Mom lived in. My son helped me with impactions, catheter care, changing catheter, flushing catheter, and wound packing. Dad passed away in March. My son really struggled afterwards to graduate. He got really depressed because he and his grandfather were really close. He did graduate in May. I just learned recently that he wants to go into nursing. I am glad that he is choosing to go into nursing, but then I think of the struggles I had with nursing school. He is not in a relationship yet. He is living in our basement (his choice). So as far as the dedication he really had no involvement issues. He works as a direct care staff from Friday through Monday night shifts. He is smart when he wants to be. He is great with people. But he also is great with computers. He built his own server at the age of 9. My husband is in IT.
  3. LauraF, RN

    World Turned upside down

    You really don't need this jerk in your life. I went through LPN school and an ADN program. You really can not have any type of social life with either program. I did work through LPN because I was on my own, and I had no other choice. But my nose was in my book when I was not at work or school. Yes my apartment was a hot mess. But you do what you have to do. If you need to crash on the sofa at someone's house, make sure it is someone you can trust. You don't need your stuff stolen or being a sleep and someone comes and tries to put the moves on you. Do what is best for you. Good luck!
  4. LauraF, RN

    FRIDAY January 18, 2008

    Good Friday morning everyone!!! It is cold here, and the snow is still on the ground. I dressed the kids in double layers. I work Friday and Saturday nights. My hopes are that it will be quiet.
  5. LauraF, RN

    THURSDAY 17th January, 2007

    Good morning everyone! I can't believe 3 pages already. Well I woke to a crying baby at 4am. Then found 3 inches of beautiful snow on the ground. We knew it was coming, but the beauty means no school and the wild children will be running around like crazy today. I will hopefully get some quiet time later to take a nap with the baby. I hope everyone enjoys their day! Love the great pictures.
  6. LauraF, RN

    MONDAY 18th June, 2007

    Muffie- Congrats on 6000 I love the white frozen slush at Quick Trip. I'm really sorry that 7-11's are closed here. Used to love me some Slurpee's.
  7. LauraF, RN

    MONDAY 18th June, 2007

    Wow csemgr1 that is awesome news about the phone calls. I have step daughter and the rest of the herd today. Have to take the step daughter home this afternoon. She wanted to spend the morning with my special girl and kindergarten. The teachers were all agreeable. Hopefully it will go well. Baby is kinda irritable today, not sure what is wrong. Weather is humid and rainy. YUCK!
  8. LauraF, RN

    Good Friday morning!! June 15

    Yeah Beary :balloons: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :monkeydance: :balloons: I have to work tonight. Hopefully will be able to get in a nap this evening. Baby is sleeping now, but dd is due home from kindergarten academy. Have a great day everyone
  9. LauraF, RN

    WEDNESDAY 13th June, 2007

    Good morning everyone! It is yucky and humid and 70's here. Dh and Ds are getting ready for boy scout day camp. I have to take the other two to Children's Mercy today for a doctor appointment for my special girl. Hopefully get her home in time for group. My schedule is so crazy. The new kitty thinks that Ds is her Momma. The bunny has settled in nicely.
  10. LauraF, RN

    Good Morning Monday! June 11, 2007

    I hope everyone had a good day. The boys went to their first day of boy scout day camp. Came home exhausted. Ds looked so pale. Hubby said he had some periods of SOB and almost gave him his inhaler, but they got into the pool and he was fine. Guess the paleness could have been due to that. They brought some boy home with them, because his Mother didn't even know he went to day camp?????? Cleaning lady cleaned Ds and dsd's room. She brought down 3 trash bags full of clothes the kids had on the floors up there. I did about 5 loads of laundry. On the plus side I had a lapse in sanity over the weekend and hubby took advantage of it. We now have a new kitten and a bunny. Fiona and Thumper respectively. The poor kitten has barely touched the floor. Ds carries it around everywhere. I spent some special time with Thumper today. He is quite cuddly. Well been up since 5:30 and am going to bed now.
  11. LauraF, RN

    TUESDAY 5th June, 2007

    Good save clemmm
  12. LauraF, RN

    TUESDAY 5th June, 2007

    Grace I'm so jealous. I love cold. I wish we were in winter. It will be in the mid 80's. DDRN- Glad to hear the dd's injury is not as severe as it could be. I'm feeling a little better. Hubby "swigged" some guiatuss AC last night. Atleast he slept well. He is in a fog today. We'll have to see if he goes to work. I guess I slept wrong last night, cause my back is killing me. Going to go get my Aleve from the car after while. Hopefully transportation will go more smoothly today to all daughters appointments. She had to wait for both buses and she was crying. "Da bus neber be here." She is such a sweetie. She clapped "yeah yeah" once the bus did get here.
  13. LauraF, RN

    MONDAY 4th June, 2007

    jnette's son just got here and she has to work. I would so help out if I lived closer. bethin- I hope you are healing soon. roy- big hugs, it is difficult when trying to get a hold of family over seas. Good luck. Oh Nursemary- I'm so sorry. I have so learned never to say it is quiet or good, because it will change really quick. I hope your next time at work is smoother.
  14. LauraF, RN

    MONDAY 4th June, 2007

    Yeah, Idon't know what the deal is with the first recital pic. I figured it didn't upload properly. But I have trouble computers, and my tech support is snoring. Nursemary- Hasn't anyone ever told you about saying things are going well. Just as soon as it comes out of your lips, or off your fingertips all heck will break loose. I am hoping for a quiet night for you. ENJOY!
  15. LauraF, RN

    So, how many oldschool allnurses.com members are still around

    FutureRN- I think I remember you. But don't remember anyone giving you a hard time. I may have missed that part. I'm sorry that anyone gave you a hard time. It is wonderful that you are so close to getting your LPN. Keep going. I made the mistake of stopping between LPN and RN and it took FOREVER to get done. It is a blessing though once you are done. I'm on myspace too. klop00 atleast that is what I think it is. :uhoh3: Glad to see you are back, and keep up the hard work!

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