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  1. ThirdWorldGirl

    Smokers Support Thread

    $32.85 is what I've saved (according to the meter) but it feels like it should have been more (maybe that's what I want it to be so I feel like I've done some major accomplishment or something) but anyway I am using the 21mg Nicotine patch, the intial headache/buzz gets to me, i know you're not supposed to put it on before sleeping because it causes nightmares, but I just have to so I can sleep through that buzz feeling, I haven't had nightmares perse, but they've definately been "enhanced"(more vivid/graphic) but not scary. Thursday I had a patient that when I entered her room to do v/s and assessment the smell almost knocked me over!!!!! OMG. it was terrible, her husband must have a habit of smoking in a phone booth, did I ever smell like that??? I noticed Saturday night while working that I am less productive since I'm not smoking, if that makes sense. I just feel like I have more time so I procrastinate since I'm not chomping at the bit to go downstairs! lol... My charge nurse says I'm just imagining things, she's a sweetheart and has been really encouraging of my cessation. Anywhoo.... Good luck to all of you !!
  2. ThirdWorldGirl

    What is Your Take on Organ Donation?

    Last night my nephew passed on and his little heart went to a 16 month old girl in Colorado, his liver went to a 7 month in Houston, and his pancreas went to a 2 year old in California. This is the hardest time in our (family's) lives but knowing he was a hero to so many people helps ease the pain.
  3. ThirdWorldGirl

    Favorite TV show

    I like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy because not only are they funny and good at how they do their job, but they have some wonderful tips for everybody. I had gotten my hair permed and they were helping one guy out and he had naturally curly hair and told him to squeeze it with a towel and put the hair stuff in, not rub it, I tried doing that and wow! lost the frizzy look instantly. :D
  4. ThirdWorldGirl

    Favorite TV show

    Law and Order, ER, Judging Amy, and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
  5. ThirdWorldGirl

    So .. What's going to be YOUR New Year's resolution...??

    To quit smoking. It's gonna be tough I know, but I just really can't stand it anymore, I think that's going to be a bonus to me, that I've reached the level where I'm disgusted with it.
  6. ThirdWorldGirl

    What is Your Take on Organ Donation?

    It is my wish to be an organ donor and have the card, but it's very important to make these wishes known to your family members because they are the ones that have that call when the time comes, in the event that something were to happen to my children, I know I would want them to live on through someone else. This has hit home this week when my sister had to make that decision when my nephew was at a worst moment after he was in a car wreck, thankfully he's doing good right now, but as we all know that can change at any time... for the better or the worse...
  7. ThirdWorldGirl

    New Year is Coming -- what are you grateful for??

    This year I am thankful for my nephew and brother in law's lives, they were both seriously injured in a car wreck Christmas Eve, and while they are both still critical and in drug induced comas, each day is another day, my faith in God has been renewed.
  8. ThirdWorldGirl

    All time FAVORITE movies!

    My favorite movies in order.. To Kill a Mockingbird Good Neighbor Sam Bridges of Madison County The Princess Bride With Six You Get Eggroll Sixth Sense Please Don't Eat The Daisies Pearl Harbor Tears of the Sun
  9. ThirdWorldGirl

    What age do kids stop believing in Santa Clause?

    My 6 year old son just now believes in Santa, don't really understand why for the first 5 years of his life he didn't, but for all those years when I would try to get him hyped up about it, he just looked at me like I was crazy...another story true, but this year he has picked out the special plate for the cookies to be put on, and has made sure everyone knows those cookies are for Santa! My 11 year old daughter is skeptical but still has the faith, now my 14 and 16 year old daughters just ask Santa for more expensive stuff (they don't believe I know, but they pretend for the younger ones). By the way..... I still believe and I'm 33. :D
  10. ThirdWorldGirl

    Read any good books lately? AND What are you reading

    The last book I read was "Three weeks in October" by Charles Moose, about the Beltway sniper in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas. It was a very tense book for me to read, having had family in the midst of the region, and it was also hard to "stay involved in" with him going back and forth to his youth to the point of him being the Chief of Police as well as his college years, I just really thought it could have been written better, but after giving it some thought I realized he's not a writer, just a person writing his story so I hung in there and kept that in mind. All in all it was a very good book and alot of insight that I did not realize while being glued to CNN during the shootings.
  11. ThirdWorldGirl

    Anyone dipping pretzels for the holidays?? The Almond Bark is selling

    I use the dark almond bark for dipping pretzels, nuts, just about anything you could imagine dippable, the latest thing I've done with the dark is melt it pour it in a saran wrap lined cookie sheet, sprinkle with broken up peppermint, that was very good, made it for my jr high daughter's teachers, it was very good. Use the vanilla almond bark to coat pretzels in the same fashion or coat unsalted popcorn and sprinkle with holiday sugar. Made 8 of the popcorn tins for my high school daughter's 8 teachers. It can be a problem finding the bark sometimes, it sells like hotcakes, I usually find it best at Wal-Mart when they're restocking in the middle of the night.
  12. ThirdWorldGirl

    Do you support the death penalty?

    Thank God I live in Texas...
  13. I really don't think this is an inappropriate conversation piece, it's something that has either effected each of us, or someone we know. It's a true fact of life, not one that we personally want to deal with but is out there, so there's nothing wrong with talking about it, and as far as not talking about it at Christmas time, I don't know what to say about that other than we don't live in a Walgreens "wouldn't it be nice if life were perfect" commmercial. so why should our discussions? ..... I think those that have not been cheated on are very fortunate and those of us that have and have managed to either overcome it with the spouse or move on should be commended for doing so. That's just my opinion, take it as you will.
  14. ThirdWorldGirl

    What are your favorite holiday treats to make?

    my all time confection to make for all holidays is white chocolate covered popcorn, sprinkled with the colors for the holiday i'm making it for. it's so easy even for me, the most undomesticated person in the world.
  15. ThirdWorldGirl

    Hairball help (Cat people read)

    hmmmmmm what a good idea, I have a long haired cat and have been using this product called VedaLax it's a tuna flavored hairball preparation made by Vedco but dang Vaseline is way cheaper, THANKS :)

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