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jaxnRN has 28 years experience and specializes in OB Labor & Delivery/PP/Nursery/Hospice.

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  1. jaxnRN

    Disney World Discounts for Nurses??

    What was the discount amount for? 10%? I am curious and might want to take advantage if it is a good savings! Also, can you use this on top of other discounts?
  2. I know that a lot of the resorts and parks give teachers discounts for Disney World in Florida. Does anyone know if there are any for nurses? We are going there this September and I thought to check......(you know, budget and all!) :( Thanks!:)
  3. jaxnRN

    Birth Control Pills....love em or hate em?

    Well, Yasmin claims that they have a kind of diuretic in their pills which helps with water weight retention. (Yes, you notice this for the first few days of starting the pills). Also, they claim that people actually LOSE weight on them. I must say that I am such a yo-yo when it comes to my weight (105-130) that I can't nail any weight gain to anything but my mouth!
  4. :confused: I have been so confused! I no longer need OC for contraception, my hubby took care of that....thank God! BUT, I was using OC for cycle regulation, to have control over my periods, AND so that they would be lighter. (purely selfish reasons I know). I have tried every kind, since I worked for an OB/GYN for 12 years. My most recent brand is YASMIN. Well, I am on again and off again. I just gained about 20 pounds this past 2 months, due to STRESS and JOB CHANGES!!! NO, not the pill. BUT, I read somewhere that taking hormones is the worst thing a woman can do when trying to lose weight. I know all the "old wives tales" and don't really think that weight (over 2-5 pounds) has ANYTHING to do with oral contraceptives, but thought I would get a "real life" answer from health professionals like yourselves! Anyone with an opinion on this issue. I stopped Yasmin this past month hoping to see what happens with my migraines and cycles. Thanks!!!