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  1. husker_rn

    My mom died yesterday

    I am so sorry to hear you lost your mom, but I am glad you had precious time with her. I lost my hubby last month and altho I miss him I am glad to have cared for him up to the end. Knowing I was there has given me comfort and I hope you will find it as well.
  2. husker_rn

    I'm bummed

    AKY you are in my prayers. Loss to cancer is tough, tough, tough. I am caring for a spouse who will be leaving us soon. He tells me to celebrate his life, not mourn his death. Maybe that philosophy will help get you through.
  3. husker_rn

    Your Hair ?

    Started out dark brown, now silver.....I'm going platinum blonde one hair at a time.
  4. husker_rn

    Gay Marriage Rant

    I have never understood the so-called problem of gay marriage. Two people love each other, that should be it. Funny....the ones who quote the Bible to defend their stance seem to be the same ones who are quick to point a finger at those who seem to offend them; the word hypocrite comes to mind.....
  5. husker_rn

    Ever bought a car through eBay?

    Bought a fixer-upper on Ebay, was really cheap. Went to pick it up, it was fairly close, and it was worth every $$$ we gave. Sorry others didn't have a good experience.
  6. husker_rn

    Anyone Home School?

    I home schooled my kids for several years when we traveled with a construction worker dad/spouse. I recommend it if you have a good curriculum. We did PACs and the kids were tested at the start and end of each year. They were tested before we began the process and where they tested is where they started, i.e. 2nd grade math, 4th grade English, etc. No sliding by if they didn't like what they needed to learn; we kept at it till they got it. Funny thing...they did well and could get all their work done by noon which gave us time to get out and explore and learn about the world around us. They went back to public school when the oldest 2 were in high school; they were all tested before public school would place them. My oldest 2 tested about freshman in college and my 6th grader tested high school senior. About 3 months after going back to public school, they wanted to get back into home schooling but I had started nursing school by then.
  7. husker_rn

    Why is it, when you clean your house...

    Steph, I'm with you on the clean toilet....I have a couple of grandsons who are lucky they still have all their body parts. They aim for the water and seem to hit the floor behind the toilet. They are the ones to clean with bleach water if they are around when I find the mess. But if y'all hear on the news of a crazy lady who did a snippy-clippy job on a couple of boys you'll know who they are talking about. Excuse me while I go sharpen my scissors....
  8. husker_rn

    so how was your Christmas?

    Had a pretty good day.Started out getting high centered on snow on the way home; a wonderful good samritan helped me out. Had 3 grandsons and son and daughter-in-law here. Simple meal, good day. Got flexed so had the evening with them too. Didn;t have all the kids and grandkids here but did appreciate the day.
  9. husker_rn

    Think Test---A Fun Game

    19 for me and I was surprised i did that well.
  10. husker_rn

    HawthoRNe quiz: What kind of nurse would you be?

    Add me to the list of advocates.
  11. husker_rn

    my mom

    My heart goes out to you, along with my prayers. You took good care of your mom, now PLEASE take time to care for you !!
  12. husker_rn

    Sarah Palin and Obamacare

    You know in some ways we are already doing this counseling......we offer info on advance directives, hospice, etc. Wonder why discussing death is suddenly such a terrible thing ??
  13. husker_rn

    Nurses do you drink a lot of caffeine?

    Caffeine, why it's my drug of choice. Give me coffee, Pepsi, tea and no one gets hurt.
  14. husker_rn

    HawthoRNe...What Do You All Think?

    I have watched a couple episodes and was disappointed in the fluff. I do admit that I would love a boss like Christina. I read somewhere that Jada's mom is an RN; if that's true, I hope she has a talk with her daughter. More reality, less fluff. And watch those HIPPA violations too.
  15. husker_rn

    Prayers for my family, please

    Prayers coming ypur way

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