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  1. suzy253

    SUNDAY 13th February, 2011.

    Well, well....look who the cat dragged in. Apologies to my friends that I have neglected to come on here. Just a lot of things happening both at work & at home but things are much much better now. So happy to see the regulars still posting :=) Hope i can get back into regular mode. Netters--sent you a PM. xxx Working today 3-11. Switched to per diem a few months ago. It's working and it's not working. Get called mostly for 11-7's which wreak havoc on my body and mind! Glad to work my regular shift today. Miss my nursing buddies on the floor but not necessarily the politics and administration that made my mind up to do per diem. oh well....like I said, things are improving. xxxxx
  2. suzy253

    Wednesday 25th day of August.

    omg...look at my avatar! i'll be changing that! lol
  3. suzy253

    Wednesday 25th day of August.

    Knock knock....look who's back. Same names and faces which I'm happy to see. I have a lot to catch up on. Still at the same hospital, telemetry but it's bad...very very bad. All computerized now and supposed to have 5-6 patients at the most. Wrong. We have 7-8 patients; sometimes 9......a few weeks ago it was another RN on the floor and myself....we had 11 each! Nursing supervisor was called and response was 'deal with it'. We are so afraid of missing something with our elderly dears, making a med error. The families....don't get me started! Oh yes and remember to do your assessments and record everything on the computer and don't forget your admissions and discharges. It's bad for the patients. They're definitely not getting the care they so deserve. I could go on and on but I'm sure you are all getting the idea. I'm tired, stressed and burned out. Well...such pleasant news from me :) Other than that small rant, everything is just fine. I hope everyone is well here xxx
  4. suzy253

    Wednesday December 16, 2009

    Morning all! Haven't posted here is so long. Hope everyone is well. I obviously have a lot to catch up on! Things are pretty much the same here. Work is horrible. Morale is extremely low. Apparently our floor's press/ganey scores took a dip and the head of nursing made a horrific comment in a meeting about that. How dependable are those scores anyway? We are the busiest floor in the hospital. Even seasoned ICU nurses don't know how we manage. Then they take away CNA's and float them to another floor. We are telemetry, H1N1, stroke, trach, and everything else on this floor. Very frustrating. I dread going into work. Arrrgggh....thank you for letting me vent. xx
  5. suzy253

    A heartfelt message from Pati.. Jnette's Sister

    Thank you for posting Pati & Roo. Heartfelt hugs to all of you. Like others have expressed, we thank you for sharing photos stories, etc. of your lovely Mutti. Everytime I saw a piccy that Netters posted, it brought a smile to my face. When I think of her, tears still well up in my eyes. Thank you also to Netter's hubby. Hugs xxx Blessings to you all.
  6. suzy253

    Goood Morning! It's MONDAY - 27th July,2009

    Morning all! Thinking of you Sabby. Had to call in this a.m. My IBS is acting up in a major way. Waited a bit to see if it would resolve but I'll spare you the details. Feel bad that I called in at 10:00 for my 3-11:30 shift but like I said..I wanted to wait a bit rather than calling in straight away. I hate to call in because it leaves everyone scrambling and I feel terrible about it. Worryiing about it will probably just increase my stomach overactivity. sigh It's warm and humid today. Oh how I hate the humidity!!! Thank goodness for central air. Tait--thanks for 'reminding' me...i need to make a dentist appt. ugh Will stop by again later. Hugs to all
  7. suzy253

    You Will Be Dumber If You Watch This

    OK then......omg
  8. suzy253

    Good Morning Sunday July 26!

    never heard of hummingbird moths....but i do love the hummingbirds...fascinating
  9. suzy253

    Teen Idols of the '60s and '70s

    I was so in love with Peter Noone from Herman's Hermits. He is still touring but without the original 'hermits'. Happy to say that an old friend/musician, Vance Brescia tours with Peter now.
  10. suzy253

    Good Morning Sunday July 26!

    A few piccys from the vacation place.
  11. suzy253

    Good Morning Sunday July 26!

    Hi All. (Netters) I know what a very difficult time you have had. I experienced the same with my mom. The story of the clouds left me with goosebumps and tears running down my eyes. Blessings to you and yours. (((hugs))) Not too much happening around here. The same old stuff. Went to visit my sis in her new townhouse on the cape yesterday. OMG..what traffic. Where were they all going? I get so impatient sitting in cars in traffic as we literally inched along. Never again on a weekend. But her townhouse is lovely--an end unit, brick outside. Nice very quiet area. She's still unpacking and unpacking. Planning a bit of a getaway myself. This time to York, Maine in the beginning of September. Zeroing in in a place that's very cottagy looking, private deck overlooking the water with adirondack chairs. Ahhhhh... Laundry is beeping...be back in a bit.
  12. suzy253

    Tuesday 14th July

    Morning all! Worked last night...off the next couple of days and now I woke up with a sore throat, and generalized head cold. On my day off!!! Arrrggghh. Don't plan on doing much today. I do have to run a couple of small errands but that's it. Now if I could get the energy to get moving!!! lol Hugs all around
  13. suzy253

    Our beloved Mutti is Gone

    Dear Jnette, I'm just getting around to catching up with things now. I can't begin to tell you how very sorry I am to hear of this. You, Patti and Roo took such good care of your beloved Mutti. I'll always remember her stories and the lovely pictures. You're all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs to you my friend.
  14. suzy253

    GOOD MORNING Friday, June 19th, 2009!!!!

    Morning Siri!!! xxx I'm working today....and tomorrow....and Sunday. :-( Where is all this rain coming from????
  15. suzy253

    Monday June 15th- GET UP!!!!

    Morning all! Zuzi--that is truly a scarey story. I'm glad everything is OK. Back to work today after being out for two of my work days last week with this finger gouge. Nobody wanted to see it get infected with all the germies at the hospital and I wasn't able to wear a glove. It's healed up nicely and now I only have some bandages on it and can easily get a glove over it. I only missed two days of work but it seems like a very long time and I'm a bit anxious. Why..I do not know. I don't think we'll ever see the sun shining here. Day after day of grey gloomy days, rain...the sun 'might' peek out for a bit but is quickly gone again. Joe--congratulations to you!!! Hugs all around