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  1. aimeee

    Good Saturday Morning Oct. 2

    Good morning, everyone! Its a cool and damp day here. I had weird dreams last night too. Perhaps its the change of seasons or the phase of the moon or something. At any rate, I'm glad its the weekend and a chance to unwind a bit.
  2. aimeee

    Good Morning--Sunday Sept 19th

    Good morning, everyone! First time I've made it in here all week. Hope life is treating all of you well. Lots of domestic goddess duties in my agenda for the day.
  3. aimeee

    Paper Clutter: Does it multiply exponentially?

    I try to use the OHIO principle but often I just can't decide about something immediately or I put off dealing with it. I do throw a lot of the junk mail immediately into the trash before looking at it. I throw away most of the mail order catalogs without so much as a glance. When I get behind and my desk starts getting buried I start doing 15 minute daily stints until things are under control again. To get around the flylady bouncing mail problem, I found the easy solution was to open a yahoo box strictly for the flylady stuff.
  4. aimeee

    Good Day September 12th!

    Good morning, everyone! Yesterday I worked hard putting the house back in order until 1p and then the kids went to friend's houses and hubby and I had the whole afternoon to ourselves. Ahhh, peace, quiet, relaxation. I read a whole book in one day. :) I needed that. Today is menu planning day for the week, grocery shopping, and hitting the books to cram for the CHPCN exam next week. Weetzie, congrats on accepting the new job. I hope it turns out to be just what you are looking for. Kim, I hear ya regarding laundry generation. If I don't keep up a load a day suddenly it seems the baskets are overflowing in no time! Fran, thanks for the coffee and doughnuts. Yummy! Tweety, glad to hear Ellie is on the mend. Skislalom, I started reading your post and thought "where the heck does this person live?" thinking of course, of snow skiing. D'oh! Have a good one everybody!
  5. I finished up Bagger Vance and found this in a review at Amazon:
  6. I read Angels and Demons this winter. Dan Brown's other books have certainly taken off since The Da Vinci code became such a runaway hit.
  7. I read The Life of Pi a while ago. I confess I had the same feeling. I was thinking it would be a good book for a discussion group as there is obviously a lot of symbolism there but I felt I wasn't getting a lot of it. Currently I am reading The Legend of Bagger Vance: A Novel of Golf and the Game of Life by Steven Pressfield. I never saw the movie and just picked it up on impulse at the library. I didn't know we were going to get into metaphysical stuff with it. Very different. Zee-I have read all the Ladies Detective Agency books that are out and enjoyed their unique cadence and setting. I hear there is a new one now that had not been released in the US yet. For light fun reads this summer I have been working my way through the culinary mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson. I've tried a few of the recipes in the books and they were pretty good.
  8. aimeee

    Monday Sept 6th Good Morning

    Good morning, folks! Started putting new blinds up yesterday and it just got too hot and muggy to go further. As soon as it is fully light out, I'll get back to work at it. My daughter and I spent the afternoon browsing bookstores instead yesterday. Tweety, stay dry and safe if you can! HannahsMom, sounds like you have an artist within.
  9. aimeee

    My cats make weird sounds!

    Mine do that too. I had an old cat that went deaf once and she used to make the most awful caterwauling noises at night. It would sound like she was in horrible pain or something. We would go running to check it out and she would just be sitting there and look at us like "what?"
  10. aimeee

    Good Sunday Morning, September 5, 2004

    Good morning, everyone! Suzy, sorry to hear about your rough check off. Perhaps you can have a word with the instructor about silence in the gallery. Tweety, power IS a good thing isn't it? Lovely foggy quiet morning here. I'll be looking for a balance today of getting things accomplished and taking time out for me.
  11. aimeee

    Good Saturday Morning, Sept 4, 2004

    I feel the same way about the children's pageants. It seems wrong in almost every way I look at it. I am one of the lucky ones with a 3 day weekend and I am sooo going to enjoy these days off. It is very welcome after a rough week of trying to get into the routine of school for the kids and full time work for me. Ahhhh, the joys of being able to start the day at a leisurely pace with a cup of java in front of the computer! :)
  12. aimeee

    Are You A Lefty Or A Righty? :)

    I'm a lefty too! As mentioned above, left handers do statistically have a shorter life expectancy. If you are interested in learning more about the perils of being left-handed, pick up Stanley Coren's book The Left-Hander Syndrome next time you are at the library. Interesting reading.
  13. aimeee

    Questions Only game--part 2

    Split due to length. Please proceed to Part 3. https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76805
  14. aimeee

    Now I'm REALLY getting fed up!

    The no call list has cut the volume of junk calls considerably but you are right...there are still a lot of calls from charities, the phone company, the credit card company, etc. The answering machine is on almost all the time now and if it is off the kids answer the phone and generally do a pretty good job of screening calls for us. Remember when junk calls were a rarity and not the norm? I remember at one time I thought answering machines seemed rather cold and unnecessary. When the volume of junk calls rose to half a dozen or more a day, I decided it was time to start screening. And I also agree about the businesses and physicians offices that have recorded messages and endless phone trees to navigate through. Even some hospitals now have a phone tree on their main number! It is really annoying. There are a couple local mom and pop pharmacies I have taken to doing business with because the pharmacist actually answers the phone there!
  15. aimeee

    Word Association Tag--continued again

    Thread split due to length. Proceed to Part II: https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75751

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