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  1. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    My daughter, who is very interested in epidemiology, brought home books of interest from her trip to B&N Friday. My hubby and I are currently fighting over The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. Its about the cholera epidemic in London in the 1850's. The graphic descriptions of the conditions of the time make one wonder how as many managed to survive as long as they did.
  2. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    My son and I both really enjoyed Bernard Cornwell's "The Winter King" My husband read through the entire series of Patrick O'Brian novels. He is an excellent writer with great attention to nautical detail.
  3. aimeee

    Saturday, Feb. 9, 2008

    Pretty kitty!
  4. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    Just finished reading Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce by Douglas Starr. I learned a lot about the history of transfusions and development of all the blood products we take for granted now. Not a quick read, but worth the effort. Now I'm starting Oliver Sack's latest, Musicophilia
  5. aimeee

    Monthly Book?

    Count me in too! What's the deadline? When will the discussion be?
  6. aimeee

    Discuss Harry Potter Final Book (spoiler)

    I savored it and made it last almost a week. My son read it in one day. I thought it was well done too but I did start getting a bit confused toward the end when things were happening so fast and furious. Thought the epilogue was pretty predictable and really not needed. In a way, it would have been more fun to just speculate on those relationships in the future rather than having them spelled out for us.
  7. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    I'm working on it...about 1/3 of the way through. I'm kind of savoring it since its the last one. I had to wait in line behind my teens for the other books but they don't even care this time for around so I got first dibs on it. My daughter is still pouting over have her favorite characters killed off in the previous books.
  8. aimeee

    Cool new glasses

    Ok, not about books, but about reading anyway....I'm getting to that age where I can't read without a pair of reading specs so its been annoying when I am waiting to read out on the porch or on the beach etc. I was browsing downtown today and they had reading sunglasses, and one pair was actually a pair of bifocal sunglasses. They happened to be the magnification I needed so I snapped them up. Read outside this afternoon with my coffee and they worked just great! I loved being able to look up and not have the world blurry and yet being able to read without holding the paper at arm's length! Simple pleasures!
  9. aimeee

    "Miss Manners" anyone? Need etiquette advice...

    Quoted from: http://www.storknet.com/cubbies/babyshowers/etiquette.htm#4 Q. Is it improper to have a baby shower for your second baby, especially if the sex is different? A. It is never improper to have a baby shower. A shower is so much more than gifts. It is an opportunity to gather family and friends together to celebrate the beginning of a new life. The birth of a baby is a joyous occasion, and it is always acceptable to celebrate it. If other family members or friends are concerned about it being improper to have a baby shower for a second (or more) child, there are ways to take the focus off the gifts. If the second child is a different sex than the first, it would be fun to host a "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy" party, where guests bring gender specific gifts. Or, if the mom-to-be truly does not need anything for the new baby, forego gifts altogether and just gather to celebrate. Another option is to host a casserole shower or a pampering mom shower.
  10. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    The Tortilla Curtain is a very good book. It was one of my book club's selections last fall and there was a lively discussion....lots to think about there! I hate to admit that I haven't managed to tackle The Elegant Universe. Its on my shelf and I have watched the NOVA version, but I can't get quite motivated enough to read it on my own. Hubby did though. I also gave Brian Greene's other book, The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality a whirl because it is supposed to be a little more accessible, but alas, I think I only managed about 50 pages there before I got distracted by a more shiny book. Just finished Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala which is another excellently written novel. It is a first person narrative by a young boy in a war torn African nation who is pressed into being a child soldier. Currently working on Secret of Scent by Luca Turin which is also very interesting. He is explaining the organic chemistry behind the various components of perfumes (both industrial and fashion scents) and I am just not getting to the part where he is talking about how the currently accepted theory of how we identify scents (receptors for certain shapes) does not work well. Later he will show how another theory, that we read molecular vibration, fits the evidence much better. (I know where this is going because I read a book about the author and his research called The Emperor of Scent previously)
  11. aimeee

    Book Swap

    Made a swap.
  12. aimeee

    What have you been reading lately?

    Thanks! See our own book swap thread if you are interested in trading with your fellow nurses. I've already arranged a swap with one person. This should be fun. :)
  13. aimeee

    Happy Sunday, 20th May!

    Good morning everyone! Hubby and I went to Barnes & Noble last night. Spent way too much on books but now I have the wonderful problem of finding it impossible to decide which to pick up first! Hope you all have a great day!
  14. aimeee

    Any LOTR junkies??

    I read The Hobbit in senior year of high school in an Honors Reading Group. They didn't tell us there were 3 other books! Found that out when I got to college and read the trilogy there. Read the hobbit again aloud to my son and when he was old enough he read the whole series too, just completing them a year or so before the movies started coming out. He even read The Silmarillion, but I never could tackle that one even though I started it numerous times.
  15. aimeee

    Book Swap

    I'll start with a couple at hand: Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach Big Russ and Me: Father and Son--Lessons of Life by Tim Russert Marker by Robin Cook