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  1. Perpetual Student

    Lifestyle as a nurse?

    I own a different car for every week in the year. I don't like to get bored, ya know what I mean. I have a condo downtown and a ranch in the country. I have 87 kids with 50 ex-wives, all of whom receive alimony in addition to the child support. When I'm not too busy getting married and fathering children (or just partying with the classiest women money and a few kilos of coke can buy) I'm flying around in my private jet hurling empty beer bottles at those stupid poor people below me. Charlie Sheen is an amateur compared to me.
  2. Perpetual Student

    Did you keep up with your nursing school classmates?

    Nope. I bump into some from time to time and will chat. I've worked for the same organizations as some and occasionally will bump into one at a meeting or whatever.
  3. Perpetual Student

    Cell Phone Preference, Love it or hate it

    They're certainly useful tools. It is an absolutely wonderful thing with regard to my career, as it allows me to leave the house when I'm on call. I have the cheapest, simplest phone possible. I want to replace it with something more modern, and will eventually, esp. if it wears out or breaks. That said, I'm worried that the new ones won't tolerate my abuse the way this old beater does. I've dropped it more times than I can count.
  4. Perpetual Student

    In a slight situation....

    Yeah, any one of the issues mentioned in the OP might be easy to overlook, but add 'em up and it's not a nice pattern. Sounds like he might be an OK dude overall, but not necessarily the sort of person it'd be good to be romantically involved with.
  5. Perpetual Student

    Ovulation and Sex.

    I took an Anthropology class focusing on evolution and especially its influence on human sexuality. It was the most interesting non-nursing class I've ever taken. Apparently human female ovulation is hidden, presumably selected for because it increases the likelihood of the man to stick around to protect and provide for his mate. Being the man does not know when his mate will ovulate, he is less likely to just mate with her on that day and leave her to her own devices the rest of the time. He also feels naturally compelled to be around to keep other males from fertilizing her in his absence.
  6. Perpetual Student


    Dexter is one of my all time favorite series. It's watched by more nurses who've worked in our unit during my time than any other show, interestingly enough.
  7. Perpetual Student

    Your page had 2,595 visits so far.

    90%+ of the time I click on somebody it is due to clicking the wrong place using my touch pad. 1,961 here.
  8. Perpetual Student

    Any INTJ's here?

    Yup. :coollook:
  9. Perpetual Student

    Anyone else have zero friends?

    I don't really have any local friends anymore. I have a few scattered throughout the world, but we don't stay in touch as much as we should. As I grew up and my priorities and interests changed I grew apart from most of the people I grew up around and hung out with in my early 20s. It seems darned near impossible to make new friends. I can find folks that I enjoy chatting with and what not, but making that leap into the friend category where people actually get together and what not is challenging. I've got my mom, who is totally dependent upon me right now (she finally left my sad sack of a father). Otherwise, I've got the people at work. Oh, and my cats. I've never been married and don't have any kids. Insert foreveralone.jpg here.
  10. Perpetual Student

    Break Up... Again!

    Cool, best wishes for a happy marriage.
  11. Perpetual Student

    What do you think about when you first get out of bed?

    When I first wake up it's "where am I and what's going on?" especially if I wake up naturally. If the alarm's going off I swear and wish the thing wasn't quite so abrasive. Then I'll mess around with my laptop for a while before getting out of bed. When I actually get out of bed I swear at myself for procrastinating so that I have to rush to get ready.
  12. Perpetual Student

    disappointed and disgusted

    Actually, as lousy as I am at dating . . . I shouldn't pass judgment. I've said a lot of stupid things that were intended to be humorous or whatever that were either offensive or made me seem like a dangerous sociopath.:uhoh21:
  13. Perpetual Student

    disappointed and disgusted

    Well, we should get hazard pay for seein' some of 'em. :bugeyes:
  14. Perpetual Student

    disappointed and disgusted

    I would be a stripper, but I have a feeling I'd be lucky if I were to get even enough money to pick up dinner off of the value meal. So I'm stuck being a nurse for now. But I can dream! Seriously, what kind of idiot would say that. Yeah, that's going to win over your date . . . :rolleyes: I wonder what he'd say about men who're nurses like me.
  15. Perpetual Student

    Night Nurse Marital Strife >:-(

    Just tell him to suck it up or get used to the idea of paying alimony and child support. :lol2: Seriously, I don't understand why he'd fail to understand your need to sleep in order to do your job. Any real advice I would give you in such a matter would be more harmful than helpful, as evidenced by the fact that I can't even have a serious girlfriend let alone hold a marriage together.

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