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  1. BCgradnurse

    Easter Sunday April 21 2019

    Morning- Slept in just a bit today. We had a nice Passover seder last night. It was so humid that I had to open all the windows in the house. The food and company were good. Today I will relax. It is Fiance's birthday, and he wants to go to a movie later, so that is what we shall do. I hope everyone celebrating Easter has a good day with family and friends. I hope everyone has a good day, regardless of what you're doing!
  2. BCgradnurse

    Saturday April 20, 2019

    Morning all, Yesterday hit 70 degrees. It was nice to open all the windows and sleep with them open last night. We're getting some rain today, but it's still warm. My front door was installed yesterday and looks good. I'll be getting my hair cut and colored this AM, and then back to the cooking for tonight's seder. Amo Lucia-It's good to see you back, but I'm sorry for what you went through. I hope you find the right people to address things. J22-Your co-worker sounds like a nightmare! I'm sorry you have to put up with that. Tweety-Hope today goes well and you get some good sleep tonight. Wishing everyone who stops by a good day!
  3. BCgradnurse

    Good Friday April 19 2018

    Herring- My condolences to you and your family. She was fortunate to have you. She left this world on her terms, and you were able to give her that. Peace to you and your family.
  4. BCgradnurse

    Good Friday April 19 2018

    Good morning and a blessed Good Friday to all who observe. Pollen is high here, which makes for a very busy work schedule for me. I'm seeing a lot of sinusitis secondary to allergies. It's job security for me, . I've been doing sub-lingual immunotherapy for a couple of years now and my allergies are no longer bothersome. I'm home today, waiting for the installers to come put in my new front door. The whole frame needs to be rebuilt, so it will be an all day project. This is the third attempt, as the weather has not cooperated the last 2 times this has been scheduled. There's a 40% chance of showers this afternoon, so I hope they get here soon and get started. I'm having family over for Passover seder tomorrow night, so the cooking frenzy has begun. I have a brisket in the oven and also a carrot-sweet potato dish called tzimmes. They both taste better the day after they're cooked. Joe-You are going to have a busy weekend! Hope all goes well with the choir and you have some time to enjoy the days. Tweety-I hate insomnia. I tried taking some magnesium the other night and it knocked me out, but I was really groggy the next morning. I think I'll save that for emergencies only. Hope the upcoming weekend isn't too bad for you. Nel-Glad the cortisone shot helped. Wearing braces at night can make a big difference. It feels weird, but helps a lot. Wishing everyone who stops by a good day.
  5. BCgradnurse

    Presidential Election 2020

    I'm not sure confidence is the word I would use.
  6. BCgradnurse

    Wednesday April 17 2019

    Good morning- The insomnia monster seems to have gone somewhere else, as I am sleeping well again. Not much going on. It's sunny and cool here, with temps in the high 50s. It's nice to see the daffodils and forsythia bloom. Busy day today, so only time to say hi and bye!
  7. BCgradnurse

    Monday April 15 2019

    Morning- Raining, with thunder and lightning here. I hope it stops before the Boston Marathon starts. Can't run in lightning. It's a state holiday in MA, but I work in RI, so off to work I go. Fiance is off today as he works in Boston, and it's a madhouse on Patriots Day/Marathon Monday. Joe-I hope that's the last snow you see this year. Good luck with the fast! Hope all have a great day!
  8. BCgradnurse

    Sunday April 14 2019

    Morning Joe and all who stop by- Work was good yesterday morning. We got out on time, the rain stopped, and it turned into a beautiful afternoon. My daffodils are starting to bloom and I bought some pansies to put on my porch. We also bought a new grill, as ours has died. One of these days I will buy a good one that lasts, instead of a cheaper one that has to be replaced every 2-3 years. We went to a great Spanish restaurant last night for tapas. It was unseasonable warm, and there were a lot of people out and about. It was nice to see and feel the energy that warm weather brings. It's supposed to hit 70 today. Fiance's daughter is coming for brunch. I will make Shakshuka, as we all like that and it fits into my low carb eating plan. I'll also make avocado toast for her. Time to go out for a walk. Hope all have a great day!
  9. BCgradnurse

    Saturday 4/13

    Morning- Day 3 of insomnia. I've been up since 3 AM. I took melatonin, but it's not keeping me asleep. It's my Saturday to work. I'm glad it's only a 3 hour shift. I see a nap in my future.
  10. BCgradnurse

    Thursday April 11 2019

    It is sad, but she has made her wishes known and you are honoring them. Still, it is hard to watch.
  11. BCgradnurse

    Wednesday April 10 2019

    Speaking of weird comments, Some guy stopped me in the grocery store last night and said "Did you graduate from South High in 1995?" I said "no, but I think I love you". I graduated from high school in 1979. He may want to get his eyes checked. He may just say that to all the women, but he was with who I assumed was his wife, so maybe not.
  12. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    By the electoral college, not by popular vote. So, that does not support your statement that most Americans don't care about his tax returns, since a majority did not vote for him.
  13. BCgradnurse

    Wednesday April 10 2019

    My mind is gone. I don't know where Garrison Keillor came from.
  14. BCgradnurse

    Wednesday April 10 2019

    Good morning- It's sunny, but cool here. It's not supposed to get above 50. My older cat had her first spring adventure, going walkabout for 3 days. My neighbor found her sleeping peacefully under her deck yesterday and brought her home. She ate like a pig and went right to sleep. Her record walkabout is 29 days. She is microchipped and has her name and my phone number on her collar. She will be 17 next month. Joe-Glad you get to see J tonight. I hope he is feeling better. Nel-I hope Wally enjoys his day of beauty. Seeing Garrison Keillor would be fun! Stars-Good luck with Nannie. She isn't going to change. It's hard to believe she hasn't had a serious injury yet. Hope all have a good day!
  15. BCgradnurse

    How about a Game of Questions?

    Will there be a co-pay?