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  1. BCgradnurse

    Saturday August 17 2019

    Morning- I've been off the last 2 days. We went to a concert Thursday night, and I usually work a little later on Thursdays, and then didn't want to have to get up early Friday. We spent a little time at the beach yesterday, but the fog rolled in after a couple of hours so we left. Today we are going to an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle. It will be nice to see my cousins. We got some potentially bad news on Thursday. My mother is a 10 year lung cancer survivor, but her most recent scan showed an increase in the size of a lung nodule they've been watching. It may very well be benign, but I'm taking her to see a radiation oncologist on the 27th just to see what he says. She is a young 87, still healthy, active, and engaged. Keep a good thought for her, please. Joe-Congrats on keeping up with the healthy eating and exercising! It's not easy. Must go feed a very hungry Niko. Hope all have a good Saturday.
  2. BCgradnurse

    Thursday August 15, 2019

    Morning- I still have the blues. My cat has not come back and I need to accept that she's likely not going to. Perhaps she was sicker than we thought and she did me a favor by going off to die. This, coupled with an early case of my annual end of summer sadness and a new bout of missing my kids has got me in quite the funk. I'm trying to stay busy, and this too, shall pass. Stars-I'm glad the shot helped the bursitis. Is DH still resistant to seeking help with Nannie? Tweety-I hope today is a pleasant surprise for you at work. It's nice getting that OT paycheck when all is said and done. Joe-I hope splitting the shopping works for you. I'm in the bad habit of going almost every day, as I'm a poor planner. Enjoy your day. Hope all are doing well.
  3. I am so sorry. Sending you love and hugs. We'll listen when you're ready to talk.
  4. BCgradnurse

    Sunday August 11 2019

    Morning- I worked yesterday morning, and then we took a ride to a fairly local winery to do some tasting. The winery and weather were gorgeous. We explored the area a bit, which is right on the coast, but with lots of farms. I guess there's a little microclimate in the area which makes things grow well. We may hit the beach a bit later. It's on the cool side side now. It was nice to sleep with the windows wide open instead of having the a/c on. Joe-I saw part of House of Wax last night, too. Sounds like yesterday was a good day for you. NSIME-Oy vey! I hope Pippy is better today, and I'm sorry you and DH had to deal with Nannie at her worst yesterday. I hope that the hospital staff will help you find some resources to help care for her. Hope all have a good day.
  5. BCgradnurse

    Thursday August 1, 2019

    I obviously don't know my vocabulary. I meant the former!!! I would never wish a bad day on you!
  6. BCgradnurse

    Monday July 29 2019

    Morning Joe, and all who follow- Randy Rainbow was so much fun last night. He is so clever, and very entertaining. We all had a great time. Today is Day 1 of Staycation, and yes, you guessed it, we're going to the beach. This time we're going to a place near Cape Cod that I haven't been to in years. I do love my Vitamin Sea and need to get a whole year's worth in 10 weeks. Hope all have a good Monday.
  7. BCgradnurse

    Sunday July 28, 2019

    Morning- "Tchochke" is the way my Jewish-American family always spelled it. I use the word a lot, as it's been part of my vernacular since birth. It's a synonym for dust collectors, . Had a good day yesterday. We met with the caterer for our wedding. She had coffee, fruit, and homemade pastries waiting for us. That sealed the deal for me, . We've decided to just do appetizers and cocktails. It's going to be a small group on a Sunday afternoon on the beach. We're trying to keep it simple and keep the costs low. Afterwards we went to the beach. There were a few seals swimming off shore and everyone was watching them. I think we were all looking for shark fins, too, although the beach we were at has never had a sighting. The water was walk right in warm. We stopped on the way home at a little take out place and had delicious fish tacos. Today will be yard work, and maybe some pool floating time. The pool is a relic from when the kids were little, but It's held up and I will keep it until it leaks or something happens to the filter. Tonight I'm going with my sisters, my cousin, and my mother to see Randy Rainbow perform. It should be a good time. Tweety-Glad you did not get called in yesterday. I saw the pics of your jam on FB. It looks good. Do you eat it on crackers or use it as a topping for something else? Hope all are well this AM.
  8. Good evening- I'm officially on Staycation! It will be so good not to go into the office until 8/5. We're going to a movie tonight to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It got good reviews. I hope I don't fall asleep. Right now I've got some chicken on the grill, along with some carrots. I love grilled veggies. This is the recipe I'm using. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018129-glazed-grilled-carrots?action=click&module=Global Search Recipe Card&pgType=search&rank=1 Tomorrow we are meeting with a potential caterer for our wedding. I hope we get to taste things! Tweety-What a nightmare yesterday! The incompetence and indifference is amazing. I don't think I could have kept my cool. I hope today was refreshing for you. Ted-Did you mow the lawn?? Hope the upgrades went well. Joe-Have fun at bowling. Spidey's Mom-That was so sweet of Spidey to ask you to dinner. Glad you slept well last night. Herring-I love lentil soup. I also love lentils as a side dish. Stars-18 hours??? What a gift for you and DH! Is stepdaughter a welcome guest??? NurseBlaq-Hope your sleep cycle gets back on track soon. NurseJ22-The outdoor concert sounds like fun. What did you get at the food truck? It's sad how food obsessed I am! See you all tomorrow.
  9. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I have to laugh that "taking the Lord's name in vain" is what these people finally get upset about. Not the lying, the name calling, the adultery, the putting children in cages. SMH.
  10. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Ok then, let's take religion out of it. Would you tolerate the lies, the alleged crooked business deals, the name calling, from a friend, a family member, your boss, elected officials in your town?
  11. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Anyone? Anyone? I guess I'm not surprised that the Trump supporters on this thread can't or won't respond to this post.
  12. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Here we have a man who is supposedly the leader of our country who lies with such impunity and frequency. There are many who will use false equivalencies to rationalize and excuse his behavior. People who would likely not tolerate this kind of behavior from family member, friends, other civic leaders, etc. Why are standards lowered for someone who really should be held to higher standards? What is it about him that makes people willing to accept anything horrible he does or says, and praise him for it? I absolutely cannot get my head around those who profess to be religious, Christian, God-fearing, etc. who support a man who has no morals or ethics. Can someone please explain that to me??
  13. Morning- It's my late day so I don't go in until 10. I slept much better last night without a ukelele serenade. The cats behaved and I didn't have any funky dreams. I work today and tomorrow, and then I'm off for a week. No solid plans other than to spend as much time as possible on the beach. I hope the weather cooperates. I need to get back in my exercise routine. My right knee is still very sore from the fall took about 10 days ago. I think it's just soft tissue soreness, but if it's not getting better in another a few days I'll have it looked at. Ted-I'm sure you'll pass skills day with flying colors. Tweety-Hope you're out on time tonight after a decent day. NurseBlaq-Go easy on your PT person, !! And welcome to the insomnia club! There's quite a few members here. Joe-That's great that you're keeping up with the exercise. Stars-I'm also not shocked that Nannie was able to get the brace off. Is hard casting the wrist an option? Hi to everyone else who stops by. Have a good day.
  14. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    No kidding. Watch any video of a Trump rally and see how he whips his disciples into a frenzy. He has made it acceptable to fly the racist flags again. He "leads" by example.
  15. BCgradnurse

    Wednesday July 24, 2019

    (((Stars)))- So sorry about your back, and the general crap you are dealing with. I hope you feel better tomorrow.