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  1. BCgradnurse

    Presidential Election 2020

    Not everyone "reproduces irresponsibly". I chose to have children and knew what would be involved. Nevertheless, the cost of child care, even for those who "reproduced responsibly", is outrageous if you don't have a family member to help. Yet childcare workers are some of the lowest paid employees. What is wrong with helping families obtain childcare so parents can work to support their families? I don't believe in giving everyone a handout, but some assistance in this area could help people get off public assistance and get back to work. So I guess the moral of this story is women, keep your knees together and men, keep your ejaculations to yourself.
  2. BCgradnurse

    Tuesday February 19, 2018

    Good morning- Cold and sunny here. We're due for more snow on Thursday. Last night I took DD to Urgent Care after work. She's been having chest pain for several days, and couldn't take a deep breath. They diagnosed her with chostochondritis and put her on prednisone. I was concerned she might have pneumonia, as she did also have a cough, but the xray was clear. She's feeling a little better already, but as predicted, she's very hungry. Fortunately, she lives kitty corner from a fancy donut shop, so she can head over there to quench the steroid munchies. Lucky for her she's tall and thin, so she can indulge a bit. Tweety-I hope you sleep better tonight. I hope you don't get called in today, as nice as the money would be. Joe-I hope your stress level decreases, and a great job comes your way. Ted-I hope your muse strikes you today and the composing goes well. Herring-I hope Step mom is better today. Stars-How are you feeling? Back to work I go.
  3. BCgradnurse

    Monday February 18 2019

    Herring-I hope step-mom is ok.
  4. BCgradnurse

    Sunday, 2/17

    Good morning! I slept last night! A full 7.5 hours without interruption. I feel somewhat human this morning. We had a very productive day yesterday. We bought 2 couches and a coffee table for the family room, and picked out wallpaper for the upstairs bathroom. We got some good deals and spent less than we had budgeted. Then we went out for a belated Valentine's Day dinner. We went to this little restaurant with only 28 seats, where the chef does a tasting menu that's different every night. That's all they serve-there are no other choices. We had 5 courses, and the only choice was between 2 desserts. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. I had a nice glass of red wine with dinner, and then a small glass of "ice cider" with dessert. The cider was similar to a sweet ice wine. Hmmm-maybe that's why I slept so well last night. Will go visit Mom today. What is everyone up to today?
  5. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I also voted for William Weld for governor. His Democratic opponent was unacceptable. I think it was the only time I've voted Republican in my life. I think he was a good governor, and I'd love to see him oppose the debacle that is Trump.
  6. BCgradnurse

    Friday February 15, 2019

    Good morning! Sleep has been eluding me for the past week, and I am tired today. I think I need to up the melatonin. I saw an ad for a research study on sleep disturbances in post menopausal women, and I may inquire about it. I don't know if I can do multiple visits to Boston, but maybe it won't require too many. I'm glad today is Friday. I'm only working til noon, then myself and our clinical supervisor are taking a field trip to my previous practice to learn how to put some stuff in our EMR that we've been doing on paper. It's nice that they'll let me back in the door, . I did leave on very good terms so there's no animosity or drama. It will also be nice to see everyone there. Tomorrow we are going furniture shopping. Our late dog had pretty much ruined our couch by rubbing up against it, leaving big oily marks, so we are going to replace it. I'm also going to attempt to wallpaper my upstairs bathroom, so I need to pick out paper. I figure I'll start with a tiny room to see if I can handle it. We'll go out for our Valentine's dinner tomorrow night. Fiance won't tell me where we're going. I guess I'll be surprised. Tweety and Joe-It's tough when work is disappointing us, for lack of a better term. We spend too much time at work to be unhappy. Often times we find ourselves in a situation where it's "too good too leave, too bad to stay". It's also tough to lose seniority and benefits. I wish you both the best in what you decide. Ted-6 nights off sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy your time off. Enjoy your Valentine's celebration. Hi Siri-Is anyone besides me having trouble accessing the Daily Diary at times? Sometimes I get an error message and can't get on, but I can access any other part of the Breakroom. Hope all have a great day!
  7. BCgradnurse

    Monday, 2/11/19

    Good morning! Monday showed up quickly! I hate when that happens. Off to work in a bit. Hope all are well.
  8. BCgradnurse

    Sunday February 10, 2019

    Good morning! Sunny and chilly here today. We're due for some snow later this week. It seems like we don't get much snow until Feb and March (April, May) now. It's like the seasons have shifted a month. Then we get a week of spring and then, BAM! it's 85 degrees. I miss spring and fall. We saw an excellent production of Othello last night. It was set in the present day, with the original Shakespearean dialogue. The themes of deception, betrayal, and racism are still relevant today. Tweety-Glad you made it to Day 5. You must be tired. Hope you have a nice relaxing day planned for tomorrow. Joe-Is the environmental group a new thing for you? Are they local, or part of a state/national group? Nel-You're at the end of your stretch, too. Hope things are settling down and you're feeling better. J22-How much snow did you end up getting? I hope you didn't lose power in the storm. Stars-Are you healing well from your procedure? How is your pain (I mean your back pain, not Nannie!) Hi to Herring, Ted, Spidey's Mom, Dianah, Fran, and everyone else who passes by today. Hope it's a good day for all of us.
  9. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    My statement was not meant to be snotty. Sorry if you took it to be so. I think access to late term terminations must be guaranteed, and a woman should not have to go through physical and emotional torment if both she and her physician decide this is the best course of action. If laws need to be re-written to guarantee this access, then yes, I support that.
  10. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I have to agree with Nel. It's just a distraction that the Right is throwing out there. This procedure is very rarely done and only in dire circumstances. You can't walk into your local Planned Parenthood at 36 weeks and say "Hey, I changed my mind about this pregnancy and want to terminate." There may be only 1-2 places in the US where this can be done, and very strict criteria have to be met. It's disengenous and utterly false for the Conservatives to tout this as a popular procedure that is done for convenience. It is between a woman and her doctor, and is no one else's business.
  11. BCgradnurse

    Friday February 8, 2019

    Good morning- Yesterday was a good day at work. Nice patients, nice co-workers, no crises. I call that a win. My schedule looks decent today. I have a hair appointment after work and then will meet a friend for dinner. I'm working tomorrow for 4 hours in the AM, and plan on relaxing on Sunday. My sister asked me to go to a political event on Saturday, but I won't be out of work in time. Tweety-I hear you about not wanting to give up seniority and vacation time by making a move. It stinks to have to go back to low seniority and less time off. I hope things don't come to that. Best of luck with the 5 12s. You can be as cranky as you wanna be after that! Ted-There's a new James Bond movie out??? I love those movies! They are so campy and over the top. I like all the old ones and think Sean Connery was the best James Bond. Good luck finding a car for Step-mom. She's lucky to have you and Amy to help her. J22-I hope you get the part time position. Hi to Joe, Dianah, Nel, Herring, Stars, and anyone else who stops by. Hope today is a good day for us all.
  12. BCgradnurse

    Thursday February 7, 2018

    Morning- Wednesdays have turned into my "bad" days. At least the dreaded Fridays are a lot better since changing the office hours from 7-3 instead of 9-5. Not much going on. Sleep has been meh, which is par for the course with me. We just got tickets to see a production of Othello this weekend. It got great reviews, and is set in present day. It's good to get some "cultcha" every now and then. Tweety-Ugh, that's kind of a sneaky way to raise ratios. Are you thinking about looking elsewhere now? Nel-Ugh to your situation, too. I hate Press Ganey. I've had to fill them out a few times from a patient perspective, and I let them know in no uncertain terms that I don't give a rat's patootie if the staff smiled, etc. I say that my only criteria is getting out of there alive and well, and will comment on the actual medical care I got. I hope you are feeling better, and I'm sorry about the barn situation. Joe-hope the throat is better today. Hope your workday goes well. Time to get moving. Wishing all a good day.
  13. BCgradnurse

    Presidential Election 2020

    Nel-thinking of you and hope all will be well.
  14. BCgradnurse

    Tuesday February 5, 2019

    Good morning- Mother Nature is teasing us today with temps in the low 60s. It will be back to reality tomorrow with temps in the 30s. I also had a restless night. DS had left some Halo Top ice cream in the freezer, and I had a small dish. This is a high protein low carb ice cream that he loves. First of all, it tastes like crap. Second, it's sweetened with erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol. It did not agree with my belly at all. Lesson learned-if I want ice cream I'll just have a little bit of the real thing. Tweety-I hope you sleep better tonight and that you don't get called in to work. Joe-Hope today is better at work,and the headache is gone. It's good to hear that Stars is feeling relief. Hope everyone else is well and having a good day.
  15. BCgradnurse

    Friday February 1, 2019

    Hi all- It is beautiful in Miami. Mid 70s and sunny. It was below zero when we left yesterday. Heading out to dinner. Hope all are well.