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  1. Morning, Joe and all who follow:

    I had a nice long weekend.  I did a ton of yard work and I'm happy with how things look.  We bought a new umbrella for the deck, so that is where I will be whenever I am home.  I worked at home yesterday, and worked from my deck all day.  I could get used to this.  I bought Niko a small Kittywalk system, so now he can safely hang out on the deck with me.  He was nervous at first, but now he loves it.  I'm in the office today and tomorrow.

    I treated myself to a pizza stone, and made really good pizza yesterday.  My DD gifted me with some Italian pizza flour.  It makes a huge difference in the crust.  I do need to lower my carb intake, but I haven't found the inspiration yet.  I definitely gained weight during the last 2 months.

    Joe-I think the rubber boots are a good idea.  It will be nice to have new binoculars, too.  

    Hope all are well.  Have a great day!

  2. Hello all-

    We had a busy day doing lots of yard work.  I hauled and spread mulch (lots of mulch) and fiance cut down a tree and planted some annuals.  I feel productive.  It started out warm in the morning, but the temperature has been steadily falling all day and it's currently 49 degrees out.  DD and her BF stopped by.  We chatted outside for a while.  It was nice to see them.  I heard that one of my former co-workers died yesterday from Covid.  She was only 51 and had no other health issues.  It's so sad.  You just never know.

    Joe- I hope you were able to beat the rain and get in a good hike.

    Tweety-I bet your A1C will be low.  You take good care of yourself.  I figure if someone is good 90% of the time, it's ok to go off the diet that other 10%.

    Stars-Merry Christmas!  What did your DH buy for your car the other day-was it something chrome??

    J22-I hope DS is feeling better soon.  Will he be able to resume normal activities once he's healed from the procedure?

    Ted-Those conflicting transfusion orders must have been frustrating.  That's not something you want to mess up.  Enjoy your night off!

    Herring-I have never met a sweet potato I didn't like.  Did you have to wait in line at Trader Joe's?  The lines are always long at the one I go to.

    Dianah-I hope you can have a social distancing jam with your fiddler. Zoom is weird.  I think you have to have fewer than 5 or 6 people on at the most, for it to e manageable.  Your camping trip sounds wonderful.

    Take care all.  See you tomorrow.

  3. Good afternoon-

    I'm in the office today, seeing patients face to face.  It's the first time since we closed on St. Patrick's Day.  It's good to be back.  For the foreseeable future I'll be working 2 days in the office and 3 at home. I like that mix. 

    We've had a sunny week, with temperatures now in the 60s.  It will get warmer as the week progresses.  I can't believe this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  I've lost track of time.  I have a lot of mulch to spread this weekend and more veggies to plant.

    Joe-I hope you can get your reunion scheduled.  Hope work goes well.

    Tweety-I'm glad you to got to celebrate your birthday with your BFF and have a nice meal outdoors.  Gelato is a wonderful way to end the day.  

    Ted-I hope you get to be on call tonight.

    Herring-I hope all is well for your DH's surgery.  I'm sure you were very happy to see the "child" you used to care for.  He sounds like a lovely person.

    Hi to NSIME, Dianah, Amo, Rose, and anyone else who stops by.  Have a great day!

  4. Good morning, Joe, and all who stop by today.

    I really needed this weekend to recharge and adjust my mental state.  Yesterday we took a drive up the coast to NSIME's old hometown.  We got take out lobstah rolls and clam chowdah, and had a little picnic near the ocean.  We got one for my mother and dropped it off at her house.  We talked through her glass storm door. It was good to see her, even though I couldn't hug her. Yesterday was also DD's birthday.  I didn't see her, but we had a nice chat over the phone.  I guess this is how life is going to be for the foreseeable future.  

    Today I will do a little yard and garden work.  It's not quite time to put my baby veggie plants out doors, but I am going to plant some flower seeds.  We're getting a mulch delivery tomorrow so that should keep us busy for a bit.  Fiance has gone to his DD's "social distancing" graduation party.  She was schedule to graduate from college today.  He, his ex, and both of his DD's will sit outside 6 feet apart.  Hopefully, it will be a happy occasion.  His DD has been despondent, and frankly, downright nasty to her family because she missed her last semester due to Covid.  I understand it's not what anyone wanted and it's a huge disappointment, but she seems to blame others for the situation.  I have chosen not to go to this so-called party, as neither his ex nor the graduate have been practicing good social distancing.  Fiance has promised he will stay far apart from them, and he will immediately shower when he gets home.  

    I did read everyone's posts yesterday.  Glad to see that everyone is doing well.  Hope everyone has a good day today.

  5. Afternoon, all-

    Add me to the list of those irritated.  Mine is all work related.  I asked my boss when he felt he could restore my salary, even if it's incremental, and I got the run around.  Then I found out he spent $$$ on some stupid team building consultant.  That is pretty dang low on the list of priorities right now, in my opinion.  That also seems to be the opinion among the rest of the staff.  So, the resume is updated and ready to go.  I'd have my pick of jobs if I was a psych NP, but that's not my cup of tea, nor my certification.  I will keep looking and hopefully something good will come along.  Weather's nice, anyway.  It's about 70 and sunny.  My last telemed visit is at 2:00 and then I'll go sit on the deck for a bit.  I planted 2 new rosebushes yesterday and ordered some mulch to be delivered Monday.  

    Joe-Hope the bike rack works out and you get to use it this weekend.

    Tweety-Sorry to hear that your mood is not so great.  Maybe a walk on the beach is in order.  Vitamin Sea is so therapeutic.

    Stars-Congrats on the new car!  It will be nice not to have to worry about check engine lights.  I hope you start getting your paper again.

    J22-  Your job sounds interesting, despite the crazy one.  I like the public health /epidemiology realm.

    Ted-Please keep those thunderstorms out your way!  I hope they've passed by the time you have to run into work!

    Herring-I hope you have a wonderful day.

    Take care all.

  6. Good morning!

    I'm working from the office today, but still only doing telemed visits.  We've re-started allergy shots, so a provider has to be on site.  We have a little canopy set up in the parking lot to do health screening, then pts. are sent to the office 1 at a time to get their shots.  They then have to wait their 30 minutes post shot in their car.  So far, other than being a little windy and chilly, it's all worked out well.  We will open next week for limited patient visits and allergy testing. 

    Nothing else is new.  I'm eating too much and not exercising enough.  I've been trying to walk every day, but the weather hasn't been too cooperative.  It looks better going forward.

    Hope all are well.  Take care, and have a good day!

  7. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!

    My kids sent me flowers, and I will "see" my whole family at 4 via Zoom.  Fiance made me blueberry pancakes for breakfast, and then I took a walk.  I plan on relaxing and reading the rest of the day.

    Hope all are having a good day!

  8. Morning-

    Windy, cold, and snowy here.  As one of my friends said this AM, "We have Covid, murder hornets, and May snow.  What's next-unleashing the flying monkeys?" I slept well last night for the first time in about 5 days.  I had energy, so I did a bunch of cleaning, and now I can relax and read for the rest of the day if I want.  DD and her BF are going to stop by later.  I haven't seen her since February.  She and her BF have been very good about social distancing and staying at home, so they will come in for a bit.  Still, the 6 foot distance will apply. We're going to do a big Zoom meeting for Mother's Day tomorrow with my siblings, a cousin, and all our kids.  

    I caved on my no take-out rule last night and ordered from a Greek restaurant we love.  We ordered on line, and you have to wait in your car until they text you it's ready.  All of the staff had on masks and gloves, so I felt pretty safe getting food from there.  The spinach pie and baklava tasted like heaven.

    Ted-I hated switching shifts.  I hope it goes well and things get better for the Full Time shift director.  Are you having fun with your green room?

    Joe-I'm not surprised your a top performer.  Do you have to physically go into the office for these meetings or can you do it remotely?

    Tweety-Enjoy the sunset tonight.  You were right to speak up to the nurse who kept interrupting you.  It is rude and unprofessional.

    Hope all are enjoying their Saturday.

  9. Love the Covidian Rhapsody!

    It's been a busy week for me.  Work is busy with a lot of paperwork that I don't ordinarily do.  Next week I will be in the office on Monday and Wednesday.  I'm still only doing telemedicine visits, but we're starting allergy shots again and a provider needs to be present.  We are only letting one patient in at a time to the office, and they have to wait their required 30 minutes post shot in their car.  We will have a medical assistant outside to do pre-screening, take temperatures, and then let people into the office.  

    I baked a loaf of bread this morning that I started yesterday. I think I'm getting addicted to the smell of fresh bread, but I will need to lay off of this sooner rather than later.  Fiance has had some interviews this week, and has already been called back for round 2 on 2 positions.  Keep your fingers crossed for him, please.

    Joe-Hope the meeting wasn't a waste of your time.  Stay warm!

    Dianah and Herring-hope you are having good days.

    Take care, all.

  10. Today was a gorgeous day.  It was 74 and sunny-perfect.  We stained our patio furniture, and did more yard cleanup and planted some lettuce.  It's still too early to plant anything else outdoors.  I have tomato and cucumber plants in my little greenhouse set up.  It will be about 3 weeks before those go outside.  DS stopped by for a bit.  He had gone to his dad's to borrow his canoe (with proper social distancing), and then he stopped by my house to shoot some baskets.  We visited outside with lots of distance between us.  It was good to see him.  I haven't seen him since the beginning of March.  I just wish I could have hugged him.  I made another loaf of bread today.  This one was about 25% spelt flour and 85% white bread flour.  The flavor was really good.  

    Joe-Glad the anxiety is better and the cookies were a success.  I love oatmeal raisin cookies!

    Tweety-Do you have a tortilla press?  I love good homemade tortillas, not the bland storebought ones.  Good for you for being proactive on the CEUs.

    J22- Glad the foot feels a little better.  We're watching Ozark, too.  The most cats I've ever had are 5.  I'm ok with litter boxes.  My cat is strictly indoor, as we have coyote and fisher issues.  

    NSIME-The fun never ends!  I'm glad you seem to be able to reach Nannie and calm her down a bit.  Any progress on finding a place for her?

    Dianah-I hope Bear is getting better.  I love fascinators!  I was planning on wearing one when I get married, but that's all up in the air now due to Covid.  Hope you're having a good weekend.

    Hi to Amo, Ted, Herring, and anyone else who stops by.  Enjoy the rest of the day.

  11. Hello-

    I'm off today, which means I'm still at home, but not doing any telemedicine visits.  It rained heavily this AM but seems to be clearing now.  I decided to go to Trader Joe's this AM as I have not been happy with the grocery delivery services.  I've been very leery of going to stores, as I am in a Covid "hot spot".  But, Trader Joe's takes every precaution.  I waited in line outside for about 45 minutes, as they only let in a few people at a time. The person behind me kept creeping up a little too close, and I had to ask her nicely several times to maintain some distance. I was like a kid in the candy store when I did get in.  I had my list, but ended up buying more. A whole lot more, 😂.  We should be set for several weeks now. 

    I got some hopeful news this AM.  A former co-worker had been very ill with Covid and on a vent.  He was treated with convalescent plasma and is doing well.  He is off the vent and hopefully will make a full recovery.  We need these bits of good news.

    Ted- The room looks great and I loved the video.  You two are so talented.

    Joe-Glad no migraine last night.  Hope you are able to get out this weekend.

    Tweety-I hope you have a good 6 days off.  I don't think any of us are going to be going to any concerts for a while.  We had tickets for a music festival in July, but it was cancelled already.  Oh well, better to be safe.  

    Hope all are well today.  Take care.

  12. Hello-

    The sun is out after a horrible cold and windy day yesterday.  Once I'm off the clock at 5 I will go for a walk.  I went out at lunch today to have my blood drawn for Covid antibodies.  Several people in my office had a flu like illness in Feb. with negative flu test.  I had very minor symptoms at the time, but our boss feels we should be tested to see our antibody status.  I also stopped by the post office to mail some headbands I made for my coworkers.  I just drove up and dropped them in the mailbox.  This felt like a big day out for me, 😂.  Our governor has extended the stay at home order until May 18th.  We continue to have over 1000 new cases per day, although they have dropped the last few days.

    Joe-Glad the transportation issues were resolved and you got out for a walk.

    Tweety- I am so envious of your beach walks.  I hope to get to the beach Saturday, even though it will only be 60.  Enjoy yoga.

    Herring-How nice of you to send pulse oximeters to family.  

    Stars-I hope you can get a new car soon.  One of my friend's mother's, who is 93, is in a SNF with a 90% COVID positive rate.  She is totally asymptomatic, although she's tested positive.  This virus is crazy.

    Hope all are doing well.  Have a good evening.

  13. Good afternoon-

    Rainy, cool, and windy here.  Seems like the nice spring days are few and far between.  I took a short drive over to the local farm to pick up some cheese and produce.  They have a great system.  No one can go in the store.  You order and pay on line, they call you with a pick up time, and then they put your stuff in the trunk and there's no contact.  I also like supporting a local small business.  So that was my big excursion for the day.  Now I know what a house pet feels like.  Same 4 walls every day, 😂.

    We cleaned the house today, did laundry, and I did the day 1 work on my sourdough bread.  The recipe I'm using involves a lot of kneading stretching, and resting the dough.  Now it's in the fridge for a long slow overnight rise.  I'll bake it first thing in the AM.  

    Tweety-Congrats on the weight loss.  Honestly, I think people look better with a little weight on them as they age.  Some of your weight loss probably is due to less muscle mass.  Enjoy your on line yoga class.

    Ted-Why is Amy doing all the painting??  😂.  Are you "supervising"?  I hope your co-worker doesn't have Covid.  I hope work goes well today.

    Joe-I've had my baking efforts fail when some of my ingredients were too old.  I hope you were able to get outside today.

    Herring-My fiance and I are have having some funny conversations, too.  Today was a semi-argument on who has a bigger vocabulary-dogs or cats.  I never liked the 3 Stooges either.

    NSIME-Glad the storms missed you.  Does DH feed the deer all year round or does he stop in the summer?  How has his breathing been?  I'm glad he's wearing a mask when he goes out.

    J22-I DVR'ed SNL and am going to watch it tonight while fiance watches "Westworld".  I agree-I want Ted and Amy to out-do Randy Rainbow!

    Hope all sleep well tonight.

  14. Good afternoon-

    We finally caught a nice spring day here.  It's in the low 60s and mostly sunny. I cleaned up my perennial garden, planted some pansies, and went for a long walk.  Back to rain and cold tomorrow.  I'll be baking tomorrow.  I found an "advanced" recipe for sourdough bread that I want to try.  It takes 2 days to make, and there's a lot of handling then resting the dough.  My starter is about 2 months old now and is going strong.

    Joe-Sorry yesterday was stressful.  What are you baking today?

    Tweety-I hope there's a break in the rain and you can get outside for a bit.

    Ted-I hope the other Shift Director is ok.  Good luck with the cleaning.

    J22-Glad that you're back in sinus rythym.  I can't wait to hear how your bread comes out.  Yes, getting old is pigeon poop.

    Dianah-99 degrees in April?  That is hot!!!  Dry heat is still hot!!

    Hello to Amo, Rose, and anyone else who stops by.  Enjoy your Saturday.

  15. Good afternoon all,

    I just finished my last telemedicine appointment for the day.  We still don't know when we'll be able to re-open.  We've had over 3000 new cases of Covid reported in my state in the last 24 hours, with 178 new deaths.  The hospitals so far have been able to handle things, but they're stretched to the limit in the eastern part of the state.  Things are much quieter in the western part, where it is more rural. I am sticking to strict social distancing and isolation, but it doesn't seem that others in my area are.  I would not be surprised if we go on a true lockdown here.  It's discouraging.

    Joe-glad you had a productive day.

    Tweety-I loved the pic of the dogs on FB.  I'm glad they've bonded.

    Herring-I believe my lawn will be ready for mowing in about a month.

    Stars-Fingers crossed you can find a placement for Nannie sooner rather than later.  I do worry about you and DH.

    J22-I hope you're not in afib.  Burgers in the park sound so good!

    Hi Amo, Ted, Dianah, and anyone else who stops by.

  16. Hey all-

    It's cold and windy, and spitting snow here.  Meh.  I'm annoyed today.  Apparently my boss thinks we (the other providers) are sitting on the couch all day, watching Netflix and eating bon bons.  I'm not seeing the same number of patients I see in the office, but I'm also doing a lot of admin stuff like prior authorizations, refills, work excuses, checking the practice voicemail, etc, that I normally don't do when I have a medical assistant to do them.  We have a Zoom meeting tonight and believe me, I'm bringing this up.  I'm also going to bring up the $$ I'm spending on toner and paper to do all this paperwork.  I need to be reimbursed for all that.  Rant over.

    Tweety-I am hitting the carbs hard these days.  Baking is therapeutic to me, and it's a love I share with my sisters and daughter.  We're all trying each other's recipes and maybe competing just a little, 😂.  I will have to go back on low carb once things normalize a bit.  I'm glad you are working some, and I think it's a good idea to distance yourself from the negativity at work.  I have been baking with sourdough.  The starter is really easy to make and maintain.

    Joe-I hope today has been calm and productive for you.

    Ted-I hope the next couple of nights go smoothly.  I agree; I'd be more nervous of the "unknowns" than of the known positive patients.

    J22-I'm glad you take some time off today.  You need to step away and recharge a bit.  Sorry the weather isn't cooperating.  Finding a good movie sounds wonderful to me.

    Hope all have a good rest of the day!

  17. Good afternoon-

    We're getting some heavy rain here right now.  It was nice in the morning, but the clouds quickly came in.  I worked all day at home, and made some homemade English muffins on my lunch break to celebrate my delivery of 10 lbs of bread flour from the King Arthur company.  I had 2 packets of yeast left, and used one.  I also made an Italian rum cake last night for my fiance, as today is his birthday. He asked for fried chicken and cornbread for his birthday dinner.  The cornbread is in the oven and I've been soaking the chicken in buttermilk.  It's nice to have the time to cook, but I'd rather have the circumstances be different.

    I grew up a few towns over from NSIME's birthplace, and I think all the towns in the area had a noontime whistle.

    Joe-hope today went well for you.

    Tweety-hope you sleep better tonight and don't have any crazy dreams.

    NSIME-Those protesters anger me.  They should agree not to show up at an ER if they get sick.  

    J22-Yeast is almost impossible to get around here, too.  Finding some in my fridge was lucky.  I've been baking with sourdough because of the inability to get yeast.  I'm going to save the other packet for something special.

    Herring-Please be careful when you're out and about.  I think getting a pulse ox is a good idea.

    Ted-I hope you get the paint in time for the weekend. 

    Everyone be safe and well.

  18. Morning-

    Joe, we're getting the snow today.  My daffodils are not amused.

    I had a very busy day yesterday, workwise.  Lots of patients and admin work to do.  I am taking the weekend off.  I'm not going to look at work email, or even log into the EMR.  I'm going to have a couch day today.  I have several books waiting for me on the Kindle.  It's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, so I'll see if I can get some yard work done.  I had a Zoom meeting with my kids last night.  It was wonderful to see their faces and chat for a while.  We text all the time, but I needed to see their faces.  DS has a quarantine beard and DD is perfecting her bread baking skills.  

    NSIME-That's for keeping Tweety on track.  Hope you were able to go back to sleep.

    Joe-Enjoy your day off Monday.  You've been working hard and you deserve it.

    Hope all are well and have a good day day today.  Stay safe!

  19. Good afternoon!

    Yup, it is the 16th.  I only know that from looking at my computer.  We also woke up to a bit of snow today, but it didn't stay around.  It was raw and windy all day, and I didn't feel like walking outside.

    I've been fairly busy with work.  I find working from home tiring.  I think it's because I'm also doing a lot of administrative things I don't normally do, like fighting with insurance companies for prior authorizations.  I certainly appreciate our support staff a lot more now.  We have tentative plans to re-open the office for limited visits on May 11th.  We'll have to see how things go.  I live in MA and work in RI.  RI hasn't been hit too badly, but MA is #3 in cases right behind NY and NJ. There are more and more cases and deaths every day. I don't think we've hit our peak yet.  My BFF buried her mother yesterday.  I felt very badly that no one but she and her husband and kids could be there.  We are under a shelter in place recommendation, but not an order.  I don't leave my house, other than to take a walk by myself.  I did go for a short car ride today just to keep the battery charged.  

    I also feel bad for all the seniors.  I hope that some of the schools will have celebrations or ceremonies later in the summer when things are safe.

    Tweety-Glad you got  some hours.

    Joe-Hope winter stays away from your area.

    Ted-NYC is a scary and sad place right now.  Have fun arranging your studio!

    Herring-Hope the mowing goes well.  Do you have any issues with ticks in your area?

    NSIME-Glad the cars seem to have recovered with their miracle treatment.  How's DH feeling?

    Hi Amo-hope you're having a good day.

    Time to make dinner.  See you tomorrow!

  20. Morning-

    I am alive and well, thank you for asking, Tweety.  Not much going on here.  Working from home, trying to keep busy otherwise.  Keeping busy usually means eating these days, 😂.  We had some bad storms yesterday, but didn't lose power, although many did.

    My life seems to be filled with Zoom meetings-I attended a Zoom funeral on Sunday, I do Zoom meetings with patients all day long, I have a Zoom meeting with my sisters and mother tonight, and one with my kids tomorrow.  Again, I'm fortunate I can work from home and I'm glad there's a way to stay in touch with people.  

    I've started a bunch of veggie seeds in my little greenhouse box, and everything is sprouting nicely.  I'm looking forward to some steady warm weather so I can plant them outside.  That's about 4-6 weeks away.

    Tweety-I don't know what to wish for you-work or no work.  I hope all goes well and you don't have to use too much PTO.

    Joe-hope the calls go well today.

    Back to work.  Stay safe, everyone.

  21. 49 minutes ago, No Stars In My Eyes said:

    j22, just picturing hubby holding a celery stick or a carrot is so hysterical. Maybe I should buy him a little package of pre-cut carrot sticks and put them in a package the size of a cigt box, for him to have in his shirt-front pocket!

    JENIUS! 🤣

    I observed a smoking cessation class when I was in NP school.  The instructor told everyone to write down their 5 favorite cigarettes of the day, be it 1st thing in the AM with coffee, driving in the car, etc.  Then she asked them to come up with alternatives for those 5 times, so they had a plan in place on how to deal with those times before they tried to quit.  Many attendees thought that was very helpful.  Some changed where they had their coffee, some put gum or sugarless candy in the car-it helped deal with the "habit" part of smoking.

  22. Tweety-

    I'm so sorry about the furlough.  Don't feel guilty about being sad.  That's a normal thing to feel right now.  I hope they are able to find some hours for you so you don't have to deplete your savings.  

    NSIME-I would have been livid if someone tinkered with my cooking!  I'm glad DH is doing better and seems serious about quitting smoking.  

    J22-Sounds like you really needed the sleep.  The parks around here are more crowded than they should be, too.  I'm sticking with walking in my neighborhood.  Sorry about the unexpected schedule changes.


  23. Morning-

    It's been a difficult week.  3 friends have lost a parent this week to Covid.  All were in nursing homes. None of them could say goodbye to their father or mother. I hate not being able to comfort them in person, or pay respects at a funeral or wake.  There's no closure.  I'm very thankful that my mother lives independently and is staying in her house 100% of the time.  

    Work is busy, which is good.  I don't mind doing telemedicine, but I am looking forward to getting back in the office.  I don't think we'll be back til mid-May at the earliest.

    Ted-I'm glad you got to stay home last night.  Hope you do get out for a hike today.

    Joe-60 degrees sounds nice.  What is your new project?

    Hope all have a good day.  Be well, and stay home.


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