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  1. Morning-

    Very humid and sticky out today.  My hair is very big, 😂.  Did not sleep that well last night.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

    I had an end of shift incident , too, yesterday.  Our last allergy shot patient had a reaction.  It was a child, and he developed hives and angioedema after his shot.  A little epi, a little Benadryl, and he was back to rights in no time.  Sent him home with a few doses of prednisone.  I ended up staying about 45 minutes late to ensure he was ok.  He's relatively new to shots and I think ragweed was the culprit.  We'll cut his dose next time.

    Tweety-I hope you get what you want work-wise tomorrow.

    Joe-What play are you going to see?

    Ted-I hope your first night back is good to you.

    Off to work I go.  Have a great day!  

  2. 15 minutes ago, Ted said:

    BCgradnurse - Gosh! Real estate in your are of MA must be crazy expensive. I know that the cost for apartment rentals in Boston have sky-rocketed over the past 35+ years! It's good that the value of your home has increased. So, if/when you sell your home, there's a lovely one just over the MA border in NYS which you can purchase, and STILL have $$$ left over for another home somewhere.  L O L! 😄 (Actually, Berkshire County in MA, and Columbia County in NY have a lot of 2nd home buyers from the cities of Boston and NYC.)

    By the way. . . I have plans to meet another Allnurses member in a few days from now!!! Lil Nel will be flying into Albany this Monday to meet with some friends. Apparently, they'll be making their way together for a vacation in Nantucket, MA. In the meanwhile, I'll be meeting Lil Nel and her friend(s) in Albany, NY, this Monday. We all will be having a dinner together! I do enjoy meeting people from Allnurses! I've met quite a few throughout the years! 🙂

    Ted-I'm not going to move anywhere that is colder and has more snow than I have presently, 😂!!! Your part of the world is gorgeous, though.

    I'm so happy you're going to meet Nel.  I've had the pleasure and she is lovely.  Please tell her we miss her on the Daily Diary!

  3. Morning-

    Migraine is gone and I slept well last night.  3 more days of work to get through.  I'm currently precepting a PA student.  She's great and is a fast learner, but it's still extra work.  Her last day is tomorrow.  I was contacted by my alma mater to take a NP student this Fall, but never heard back from them after the initial ask.  It might end up being a last minute thing.

    Speaking of real estate, my house has tripled in value since I bought it 28 years ago. Prices in the greater Boston area are ridiculous.  I would only come out ahead if I sold and moved to a less expensive area of the country, which I am considering for retirement. I can't downsize around here for any less money. My DS is looking for a duplex to buy, and he is going to have slim pickings in his price range and will likely end up with something that needs a good amount of work.

    Tweety-Yup, you're insane to work the 5 12s.  The money will be nice, but you will have earned every penny and more.  I hope the days are easy.

    Joe-Kudos for the great review!  Glad the cat is better.

    Ted-No mowing today?  Yay!!!  Get some good stuff at the store.  Congrats on losing the 15 lbs!

    Hope all have a great day.

  4. Good afternoon!

    It's beautiful out, after some wild thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and last night.  We had rainbows and lightning at the same time.  I did develop a migraine, which happens to me sometimes with quick barometric pressure changes.  I didn't sleep well and am dragging today.  I am looking forward to bed tonight!

    Tweety-Step away from the overtime!!  5 12s is nuts.  Don't do it!

    Ted-if you sold your house would you downsize to a smaller house or condo, or rent?  Best of luck if you decide to put it on the market.

    Joe-glad the kitty is better.  Working at the fair sounds like fun.

    J22-Good for you for volunteering at the ride.  I hope you have a good vacation.

    Herring-your NP is gorgeous!  I'd be a hypochondriac if he was my PCP.

    Hope all have a good day.

  5. @NSIME-

    Glad to hear DH is getting the ball rolling in getting some assistance with Nannie.  I had to laugh when I read about her thinking she's allergic to everything.  I've had several of those patients in my allergy career.  They get very mad when all their allergy testing is negative.

    Sadly, my cat never did come back.  She was old (16) and had CKD and a big heart murmur, but seemed fine prior to her disappearance.  She is also microchipped and was wearing a collar with her name and my phone number on it.  I think it was her time to go.  I miss her terribly, as you must miss your dog.

  6. Hello all!

    I had a nice 4 days off from work.  Went to the beach twice, heard some music, spent some time with family.  Now back at the grind.  I have to work a full 5 days this week.  Oh, the horror!

    We had big thunderstorms last night.  It was good to get the rain, but it's very hot and humid today.  Should cool down later in the week.  

    Tweety-Glad you had a nice Sunday.

    Joe-I hope your cat is ok.  Hope all goes well at work with the new procedures.

    Ted-Amy's play sounds like fun!  Bet you are staying inside today.  It's beastly hot out there.

    Stars-I think of you daily and hope today is a better day at your house.

    Hope all have a good day.  

  7. Morning-

    I've been off the last 2 days.  We went to a concert Thursday night, and I usually work a little later on Thursdays, and then didn't want to have to get up early Friday.  We spent a little time at the beach yesterday, but the fog rolled in after a couple of hours so we left.  Today we are going to an anniversary party for my aunt and uncle.  It will be nice to see my cousins.  

    We got some potentially bad news on Thursday.  My mother is a 10 year lung cancer survivor, but her most recent scan showed an increase in the size of a lung nodule they've been watching.  It may very well be benign, but I'm taking her to see a radiation oncologist on the 27th just to see what he says.  She is a young 87, still healthy, active, and engaged.  Keep a good thought for her, please.

    Joe-Congrats on keeping up with the healthy eating and exercising!  It's not easy.

    Must go feed a very hungry Niko. Hope all have a good Saturday.

  8. Morning-

    I still have the blues.  My cat has not come back and I need to accept that she's likely not going to.  Perhaps she was sicker than we thought and she did me a favor by going off to die.  This, coupled with an early case of my annual end of summer sadness and a new bout of  missing my kids has got me in quite the funk. I'm trying to stay busy, and this too, shall pass.

    Stars-I'm glad the shot helped the bursitis.  Is DH still resistant to seeking help with Nannie?

    Tweety-I hope today is a pleasant surprise for you at work.  It's nice getting that OT paycheck when all is said and done.

    Joe-I hope splitting the shopping works for you.  I'm in the bad habit of going almost every day, as I'm a poor planner.  Enjoy your day.

    Hope all are doing well.

  9. Morning-

    I worked yesterday morning, and then we took a ride to a fairly local winery to do some tasting.  The winery and weather were gorgeous.  We explored the area a bit, which is right on the coast, but with lots of farms.  I guess there's a little microclimate in the area which makes things grow well.  

    We may hit the beach a bit later.  It's on the cool side side now.  It was nice to sleep with the windows wide open instead of having the a/c on.

    Joe-I saw part of House of Wax last night, too.  Sounds like yesterday was a good day for you.

    NSIME-Oy vey!  I hope Pippy is better today, and I'm sorry you and DH had to deal with Nannie at her worst yesterday. I hope that the hospital staff will help you find some resources to help care for her.  

    Hope all have a good day.

  10. 7 hours ago, Lil Nel said:

    I saw the photo, and thought it pathetic.

    How can anybody defend, such sick people?

    The thumbs up sign, was so inappropriate, it defied logic.

    And the big smiles on his and Melania's faces, like this was a celebratory occasion.  They disgust me.

  11. Afternoon-

    My cat is still missing. It's been a week. She's done this before and her longest time MIA was 29 days.  Still, my heart is a little heavy.

    We saw the musical Hamilton last night at a beautiful restored theater in Providence, RI. It was definitely worthy of all the hype.  It is nice that they are touring smaller cities and the ticket prices are much more affordable.  We had a nice sushi dinner beforehand.  The theater is located in a neighborhood that I had not explored before.  There were a lot of little cafes, shops, and galleries.  I'll have to go back.

    Tweety-That is unbelievable about the Rapid Response nurse.  Holy cow, why didn't she use her brain???

    NurseBlaq-School has started already?  Our area doesn't go back til the beginning of Sept.  I hope your sleep gets straightened out.

    Joe-I couldn't see the pictures either.

    Ted-I hope Amy's musical goes well despite all the snafus and poor leadership.  I hope you get more sleep today.

    Hi to Herring, and all else who stop by 

  12. Good afternoon-

    I've been feeling a bit blue these last few days.  I think it's part post vacation let down, missing my kids, and the fact that my older cat has been MIA since last Thursday.  She is a known wanderer and this kind of behavior is not unusual.  But, she now has kidney issues and that adds to my worry.  The neighbors have been alerted and are keeping an eye out for her.  Her collar has my contact info on it and she is microchipped.  She tends to stay in the woods and hunt for her dinner when she goes walkabout.  I hope she is ok and comes back soon.

    I hope all here are doing well.  I had a minute and wanted to say hi.  

  13. Morning-

    I have certainly lucked out on weather for my staycation.  Going to be in the low 80s today ad sunny.  Right now I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up and we are headed back to Block Island for the day.  I'll see DD for a bit, but she is working a double so she won't be able to hang out with us.  I spent most of yesterday at a local beach.  I'm going through a lot of sunblock this summer, 😂.  I really don't want to go back to work on Monday.

    Joe-I hope today is less hectic for you.

    Hope all have a good day!

  14. 35 minutes ago, Tweety said:

    Work wasn't too bad.  We were short a nurse and I had a four-patient assignment.  Found out a general surgeon will be putting his patients on my floor because we have nice private rooms and he was promised these rooms.  Who knew?  Of course he operates on the already dreaded Thursday.  But he also does a lot of same-day surgeries and discharges them after surgery and they don't come to the floor.

    Found out the grand daughter of the 96 year old that complimented me, really stabbed us is the back with a litany of bitter complaints.  She's a hospice counselor and bitterly complained about everything, especially our lack of knowledge of taking care of comfort measure patients.  This is true, our patients get well and go home but we took good care of her grandmother.  She is in the "angry" phase of grief and I have to let it go, but it  hurts to bust your ass and be complimented then criticized behind your back. 

    They need help tomorrow but I kept my mouth shut.  I wish them well, but I'm taking a five-day weekend.

    Gee thanks.  BC, so sorry you got wet.   😂


    I obviously don't know my vocabulary.  I meant the former!!!  I would never wish a bad day on you!

  15. Morning-

    Supposed to be a gorgeous day today, not too hot.  Yesterday was brutal.  I met a friend in Boston yesterday for a museum visit and lunch, and was drenched in the less than half mile walk from the subway stop to the museum.  Then we had big thunderstorms in the afternoon that cooled things off a bit.  Last night I met another friend for dinner and then we had Chinese reflexology massages.  They focus mostly on your feet, but also massage your scalp, neck, and arms.  It was pretty nice.  Today may be another beach day.  

    Nurse Blaq-I'm glad the legal stuff is behind you, and I hope your ex stays away.  Don't hesitate to call the police if he starts to harass you.

    Tweety-Maybe today will be a good day at work, maybe it won't.  I hope for the latter.

    Hope all have a good day.

  16. 2 hours ago, Spidey's mom said:

    Good morning from the West Coast.

    I'm off call 😍  but did some follow-up this morning and reported to the HHA. 

    Just paid a few bills. Headed to the shower and might get out of town to the "big city" and do some shopping.  

    Local ER doc was working on Sunday when his family came in from a car accident where his 9 year old daughter died and wife was badly hurt as were the two other kids.  I'll link the story.  


    I'm simply ready to walk away for awhile from responsibilities.

    Y'all have a good Tuesday and hug your family. 


    That is horrific.  That poor family.  Something similar happened to an acquaintance of mine several years ago.  Her daughter hit a tree after skidding on black ice.  Mom was the radiologist who got the CT scan to read. For whatever reason she had never been notified that her daughter was in an accident.  Daughter's last name was different from hers, so the hospital staff didn't make the connection.  It was not good and the poor girl never regained consciousness.  I will mentally hug my kids tonight, as they are elsewhere.  Between this and the shooting, you must be drained, Steph.  I hope you get some time to recharge.

  17. 34 minutes ago, Tweety said:

    Cummings is on the Oversight Committee and Trump's is singling him out as a deflection.  He says that he should investigate himself and by putting the highlight on the plight of his district (which also includes one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the country) it takes the focus off the committee and attempts to discredit them.

    He wouldn't want to point out the plight of white poverty in republican areas.


    I never hear him criticize his buddy Mitch for the horrible poverty in Kentucky.  

  18. 8 minutes ago, MoondoggieRN said:

    That is a different, and  actually would be a more valid argument that many people might agree with.  

    But instead, the Dems and many liberal supporters go strait to the race card.  

    Oh, please.  It is not a different argument.  Trump continues to make race an issue.  No one is making anything up here.

  19. Morning-

    Had a lovely beach day yesterday.  We stayed til after 5 and then drove home through a few pop up thunderstorms.  Today is forecast to be very hot and humid, so we will probably stay home.  Fiance is hosting a poker game at the house tonight, so I will meet my sister for dinner and then come home and watch movies in my bedroom.  It's great to not have to go to work!  If only I could retire, 😂.

    Tweety-Hope you sleep better tonight.

    Joe -have a nice dinner with the group.

    Off to walk before it gets too hot.  Have a great day!

  20. Morning Joe, and all who follow-

    Randy Rainbow was so much fun last night.  He is so clever, and very entertaining.  We all had a great time.

    Today is Day 1 of Staycation, and yes, you guessed it, we're going to the beach.  This time we're going to a place near Cape Cod that I haven't been to in years. I do love my Vitamin Sea and need to get a whole year's worth in 10 weeks.

    Hope all have a good Monday.

  21. Morning-

    Had a good day yesterday.  We met with the caterer for our wedding.  She had coffee, fruit, and homemade pastries waiting for us.  That sealed the deal for me, 😂.  We've decided to just do appetizers and cocktails.  It's going to be a small group on a Sunday afternoon on the beach.  We're trying to keep it simple and keep the costs low.  Afterwards we went to the beach.  There were a few seals swimming off shore and everyone was watching them.  I think we were all looking for shark fins, too, although the beach we were at has never had a sighting.  The water was walk right in warm.  We stopped on the way home at a little take out place and had delicious fish tacos.

    Today will be yard work, and maybe some pool floating time.  The pool is a relic from when the kids were little, but It's held up and I will keep it until it leaks or something happens to the filter.  Tonight I'm going with my sisters, my cousin, and my mother to see Randy Rainbow perform.  It should be a good time.

    Tweety-Glad you did not get called in yesterday.  I saw the pics of your jam on FB.  It looks good.  Do you eat it on crackers or use it as a topping for something else?

    Hope all are well this AM.




  22. 44 minutes ago, nursej22 said:

    I feel a little guilty in reporting that dinner was a hot dog from a truck called "Weeny Bunz". But it was a very, good, locally made frankfurter on an artisan bun. I am a little weird in that I don't put anything on it. 

    Weeny Bunz!!!  I love it!!!!