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  1. 1 hour ago, amoLucia said:

    BC - your menu sounds great. But - WHAT THE H*LL IS AVOCADO TOAST!?!?!? 

    I freq see it mentioned, but I've wondered. Just smashed avocado smeared on toast, crackers, chips, etc??? I like avocadoes, but they've become so $$$ I don't buy them too often. It's only me here and the avocadoes have to be juuuust right. So they're a treat.


    It's a millenial thing, 😂.  I personally dislike avocado, but my son's GF loves it and is dairy free, so she'll be having the avocado toast.  You mash up the avocado, add a little lemon juice, salt, and pepper and smear it on toasted country bread.  Some people eat it with a fried egg on top.  My DD likes it with Trader Joe's Everything Bagel seasoning sprinkled on it.  

  2. Another one from my favorite band, The Avett Brothers.  Titled "We Americans".  I was fortunate to be at this show and the song gave me goosebumps.


  3. Morning-We have my grandparents' records from Ellis Island, but there's no records from Russia, where they were all born.  DNA confirmed that we are 100% Ashkenazi Jewish from Eastern Europe. No surprises there.

    Bust day yesterday at work, as most Fridays are.  I had my once a month work with the boss shift.  He's a bit OCD and I suspect ADHD, which can be very annoying at times.  He told me a story about how his mother would make him go trick or treating at 3 in the afternoon, wearing a big coat over his costume, and then would take away all his candy.  I told him that helped me understand him better, and he laughed.  

    Today will be a yard work day, picking up all the branches that blew down during the Nor-easter earlier this week.  I also have to bake.  We're having 3 of our 4 kids and their significant others over for brunch tomorrow.  I, of course, have to make enough food for a small town before I'm convinced no one will go hungry.  I guess I have a bit of OCD going on myself.  I'm making a fruit salad, an avocado toast bar with different toppings, baked apple cinnamon French toast, a roasted veggie frittata, ginger-lemon scones, bacon, and smoked salmon. Kind of ridiculous for 8 people, but we have 2 vegetarians, 1 dairy free person, 1 low carb person, and 4 omnivores.  There needs to be something for everyone.  Tonight we will have dinner out somewhere (I'm thinking ramen) and then see a Tom Petty tribute band.

    Tweety-Hope work is uneventful today and you get out on time.  Glad you had a nice day off yesterday.

    Joe-How did the cat do at the groomers?  Enjoy your nice weather.  

    Hope all have a great day.

  4. Morning-

    I did not sleep well last night, as we had a Nor'easter storm and the wind was howling all night.  Fortunately, we didn't lose power or have any trees down, but a lot of people in the area did.  I'm glad it was just rain, and wasn't cold enough to snow.  It'll be early to bed tonight.

    I hope all have a good day today.  I'm sad to hear of Rep. Elijah Cummings' death.  He was a good man.

  5. Morning-

    Had a nice day at work yesterday.  The drive in was great, as most people had the day off.  I went to the gym after work.  I need to get back in that habit.  Got the estimate for my car, which was just a little over $5000.  Glad it's not coming out of my pocket!  It will go in Monday for the repairs.  The person who hit me called me, asking me not to go through insurance, and she would just pay for the damages.  That changed when I told her how much they were.  Oh well, I prefer to let insurance deal with it anyway.

    Tweety-I'm so glad to hear BF's surgery removed all the cancer.  I think you'll enjoy Downtown Abbey.  As I've said before, I would pay money to hear Maggie Smith read the dictionary, I love her so much. 

    Joe-Hope today is better.   I also hope your dad is ok.

    Happy Tuesday to all!

  6. 37 minutes ago, Lil Nel said:

    You must have been wasting precious breathe on Trumpsters.

    I saw a guy in the grocery store the other day, wearing a Trump 2020 hat.

    That hat, told me all I needed to know about that guy, and I quickly moved AWAY from him.


    I was at a fair over the weekend and someone had set up a booth selling Trump merchandise.  He didn't have any customers or perusers during the short time I watched him.  Sad (said very sarcastically).

  7. Morning-

    It's nice to see the sun shining today.  Should get up to the mid 60s.  I'm annoyed today and didn't sleep well last last.  I was out doing errands yesterday, and someone someone backed into me while I was waiting for a parking space at the dry cleaners.  Never looked behind her, and just plowed into me.  No injuries, but my car looks to have some substantial damage.  Accidents happen, but this person immediately started accusing me of running into her (Um, I wasn't moving and the damage is all to the side of my car) and told me she couldn't wait until the police came.  Fortunately, a couple of people in the shop saw what happened and came outside, and she decided it would probably be a good idea to stay.  Ugh, I hate the aggravation and hassle that comes with this, but it was her attitude that really upset me.  I haven't even had the car for 2 weeks.  All in all, as long was no one was hurt it's nothing worse than an inconvenience.  

    Tweety-sorry you didn't sleep well.  I hope you can get a nap in later.  Silly SloBro.  I swear they can tell time and they laugh at us.

    Joe-Sounds like you had a productive day yesterday.  Enjoy the movie!

    Hope all have a good day.



  8. Good morning-

    It's still cold and rainy, but the skies will clear later today and tomorrow is set to be beautiful.  I'm currently doing my once a month Saturday morning shift.  I've only had 1 patient show up.  I had several cancellations yesterday and a couple of perpetual no-showers.  I have written discharge letters to the no-shows and made their charts inactive.  Enough already.

    Ted-I wish your back was improving faster.  I hope it's ok for your Catskills hike.

    Joe- I like pomegranate everything.  I hope you have an enjoyable day.

    Take care, all.

  9. Good afternoon-

    It's raw and rainy here.  Things will improve on Sunday.  Work was crazy today.  Two providers had to share a medical assistant, as we are short staffed.  Both of us had full schedules and the poor MA ran herself ragged rooming both of our patients.  She did a good job, and I will be sure to mention that to her supervisor.  I was glad to be out at 3.

    Niko is working very hard trying to catch a mouse in the basement.  They start coming into the house when the weather turns cooler.  My street is very wooded, so there's lots of wildlife.  I will have to set my catch and release traps.  I probably catch the same mouse all winter long, 😂.  I release them in the woods across the street from my house, but it or they probably come right back.  I can't bring myself to kill them.  I'll let the cat do the dirty work.

    Tweety-I hope you got your float nurse today.

    Joe-Have fun tonight and I hope you get some good things at the farmer's market tomorrow.

    Stars-You are a night owl!  Go get something for yourself when you're out getting the Seroquel.

    hi Herring-I hope your husband enjoys the catfish.  I like the pictures you post.

    Hi to everyone else-hope your Friday is kind to you.

  10. Morning-

    I had a nice day off yesterday for Yom Kippur.  I went to synagogue in the AM and then took a nice nap.  It was cool and rainy, so a nap was the perfect activity!  Fiance's DD came over for dinner.  It was nice to spend some time with her.

    I meant to go to the gym this morning, but it's still cold and rainy.  That killed any desire I had to go out before work.  Meh.  I have some weights at home and I'll climb the 5 flights of stairs at work a few times during lunch.  That's better than nothing.  I'm also going to start intermittent fasting.  For me, that means skipping breakfast, which I don't like anyway, and only eating from noon until 8. I'll keep on my low carb regimen as well. We'll see if I can stick to that.

    Hope all are well.  Have a good day.

  11. Morning-

    It's a chilly 38 degrees here.  It will warm up to about 60, but it's time to get the gloves out for early morning drives to work.  We saw a great concert last night, The Avett Brothers.  They are an indie-folk-rock-country-ish band that I've liked for several years.  They do get some radio play.  It was one of the better shows I've seen this year.

    Sleep has been better.  The CBD (sans THC) seems to help a lot and I feel well rested in the AM.  Today will be spent on putting my summer clothes away and getting out the warmer stuff.  It's not my favorite thing to do.  I will likely be sulking while I do it.

    Ted-Great photos!  I'm glad you and Amy had a nice day together.  Have fun canoeing!  Don't fall in!

    Tweety-Those recipes do sound good.  Hope work goes well this weekend.

    Joe-It will be nice for you to see your Dad.  Where did he go in Canada?  Hope you have a nice evening.

    Hope all have a good day.

  12. Morning-

    I'm off today, with absolutely no plans.  I will either walk or go to the gym in a bit, but I am kind of at loose ends.  Usually I'm running around crazy on my day off.  I should enjoy the down time, maybe sit on the deck and read a good book.  Pretty soon it will be too cold to do that.  We have frost warnings for tonight.  I guess I should put my garden to bed for the winter.  That will give me something to do.

    Ted!!  You've been missed!  I'm glad all is well with you and Amy.  Happy Anniversary to you both.  Don't be a stranger, ok?

    Tweety-Enjoy your day off.  Enjoy your "Fall".

    Joe-I hope J is feeling better tonight and you can get together.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

  13. Morning-

    It was 80 yesterday, and it's in the 40s today.  Bye bye summer.  Had a busy day yesterday, but it went smoothly and I got out on time.  I'm hoping for the same today.  I'm off tomorrow for my once a month Friday off.  I hope to get in some exercise.  We're going to a concert tomorrow night to see the Avett Brothers.  I really have no other plans for the weekend.

    Tweety-Glad you got out on time.  Will things get busier once all the snowbirds start arriving?

    Joe-Are you happy to be working at home again?  I wouldn't mind doing it a few days a week, but unless I get a telemedicine job it's not going to happen, 😂.

    Hope all have a great day!

  14. Morning, Joe and all who follow-

    I think today is going to be our last warm day.  It's in the mid 70s with high humidity.  The rest of the week will be in the 50s.  Meh.  I guess it will be time put the flip flops away.  

    Work has been very busy.  I'm seeing a lot of sick teachers, now that school is back and the little darlings are spreading their germs everywhere.

    Not much else going on.


  15. 9 minutes ago, luv2 said:

    Everything I post about Senator Kamela Harris is facts she did throughout her political career. Presidential candidates are supposed to be scrutinized. Just because I write a post about the presidential candidates does not mean I will not support the nominee at the end of the day.

    With all due respect, you don't just write a post.  You bombard us with numerous videos over and over, yet you never state what is important to you or what you are looking for in a candidate.  That's your prerogative, but it is difficult to filter though the negativity.  Frankly, I don't watch any of those videos.  They seem like a bit of a smear campaign to me.

    No candidate is perfect.  Most are far from perfect.  Right now Democrats and those who dislike what our country has become under Trump need to focus on one thing-nominating a candidate who can win the 2020 election and removing him from office.  Perhaps in 2024 we can get back to ideals and dissecting all the candidates, but to me, that is secondary right now.  I'm not interested in the minutiae and nit picking of every Democratic candidate.

  16. 18 minutes ago, nursej22 said:

    Got it. You have no interest in actual facts or in having an honest discussion about Senator Warren, similar to your thread on Senator Harris. 


    I could not agree more.  There's nothing but accusations and a whole bunch of Youtube videos.  

  17. Morning-

    I'm up early to get the brisket in the oven for tomorrow's dinner.  It takes about 5 hours to bake, and is always better made the day before.  We had a nice dinner out last night.  We've revived the Envelope Dinners, where we each picked 5 restaurants within an hours drive that we haven't tried before, and stick the names in envelopes and pick one when we want to go to dinner.  We drew a nice farm to table bistro in Providence, RI for last night and it was wonderful, and very reasonably priced.  Today I will be getting most of the cooking done for Rosh Hashanah dinner tomorrow.  The brisket is in the oven, and I will make the soup later.

    Hope all are enjoying their weekends!