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  1. Morning-

    Had a great day yesterday with DS and his GF, and her parents.  Their new place is nice, and it really hit me that he is grown up and launched.  GF's parents are really nice and we all had a great time hanging out in town.  DS and GF live in Portsmouth, NH, which is a beautiful seaside little city.  The weather was perfect, and we had lunch and a drink sitting by the water.  Fiance and I then made our way south as we had tickets to see David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young). We had dinner at a funky little place that recently had a bit of local infamy.  The owners displayed a rainbow flag for Pride month, and a now former patron vocally and publicly expressed his extreme displeasure over the restaurant allegedly "promoting poor morals and a sinful life style".  The restaurant owners told him they would not remove the flag and could take his business elsewhere.  Of course, that made me want to give this this place my business!  The food was sooooo good.  Fiance talked me into sharing a scorpion bowl with him.  I'm not a big drinker, and this was a lethal combination of rum and fruit juices.  I had a couple of tacos (shrimp and crispy pork belly) for dinner, but lost all my will power and split a deep fried Fluffernutter sandwich with Fiance for dessert.  It was heavenly.  I'll be eating lettuce for a week to repent for that.  The concert started out well, but David Crosby had only played 6 songs when he said he was not feeling well and intermission would be early.  He never came back on stage and it was announced that the rest of the concert was canceled.  He's had a lot of wear and tear on that body, and I hope he's ok.

    Tweety-Hope today is better, and you don't get that patient again.  

    Joe-Enjoy your time with your dad.  Hope the pie turns out well.

    Happy Father's Day to all the men who have been important in the life of a child.  That goes for pet dads, too.

  2. Morning-

    It's my dreaded Friday.  The business continues.  I'll be out early (hopefully), as I started at 7:30.  The sun is shining and I hope to get in a long walk after work.  Tomorrow we will go see my DS and his GF in their new place. He found out yesterday that he got a promotion that he interviewed for.  He'll have a smaller territory with higher revenue customers.  He'll be glad to not cover 3 states anymore.  DD is going back to Block Island for July and August.  She's still discouraged that she hasn't found a job in her field, but will at least be working in a beautiful seaside location for the summer.  She can re-group in September and hopefully find something then.

    Tweety-Fingers crossed the termite inspection goes well, and damage/infestation is minimal.

    Ted-I hope remaining as music director doesn't take too much out of you.  I do understanding why you're remaining.  I hope the Pastor candidate works out.

    Joe-Glad thing are going well.  It sounds like a pretty low pressure place, which is nice.

    Hi Spidey's Mom-I was also disheartened by the article with Jessica Biel and Kennedy.  Unfortunately, celebrities have influence, and people will listen to them over scientific evidence.  I am also unhappy with the NYT about publishing that crap.

    Have a good day, everyone! Stay away from crazy co-workers!

  3. 33 minutes ago, toomuchbaloney said:

    Trump Chat.org

    I came across this opportunity to chat about Trump while perusing YouTube this morning. It appears that conservatives have created another safe ideological bubble for those who feel uncomfortable stepping into the real world where people pay attention to the disqualifying incompetence and corruption of the Trump administration and talk about it.


    And they called Liberals snowflakes????   

  4. Weather is perfect here, with sunshine, low humidity, and temps in the mid 70s.  The rain will be back tomorrow.  I do prefer it a bit warmer, and I'm sure I'll get it as the summer goes on, and will be complaining when it's 95 with 100% humidity.

    I am with you all on the homeowner blues.  My house was paid off, then I got divorced in 2015 and chose to buy my ex out of his half of the house.  That year the furnace died, I had to do some major electrical upgrades, I had significant water damage from all the snow, and had to get a new roof.  The water damage was covered by insurance, but not the roof.  I'm sure my ex was chuckling about all this, as he didn't have to pay a dime.  Now I live in fear of my septic system failing.  I've always maintained it religiously, but it's almost 30 years old.  I'm hoping to get out of the house before it dies.

    Tweety-I hope the termite shave not done any damage.

    Joe-I'm glad things are going well at work.  Sounds like a better atmosphere than your previous job.

    Ted-My condolences on the lawn mowing.  Maybe you should just pave Paradise and put up a parking lot.

    Nel-How was Wally's day of beauty?

    Herring-I'm glad your DH is taking his treatments.

    J22-Hope the itchy eyes get better.  Maybe your pollen counts will go down soon.

    Hope all have a great day!

  5. 1 hour ago, SC_RNDude said:

    “As President Trump grows in stature as a genuine world leader and the Democrats continue to shrink, the election of 2020 may be vastly different than the so-called experts think.”


    One of the funniest pieces I've read in a while.  I guess you have to consider the source-Faux News.  She is a powerhouse, and takes no crap from him.  I think her stature is growing, as Trumps shows us time and again that he is a despot and a dictator wanna-be.

  6. Morning-

    We now have the rain here.  It's supposed to clear up by early afternoon.  My red car is no longer yellow from all the pollen, for now anyway.  Not much else going on.  It's just a regular work day.

    Ted-Glad you enjoyed your staycation.  Sounds like you got a lot done.  I've been to the Bridge of Flowers.  It's really pretty.  Congrats on the weight loss!

    Tweety-Enjoy your day off.  I've been using CBD cream on my hip with some benefit.  It also contains arnica, and I don't know if it's the combination of the two that help.  I could also just be imagining it.

    Joe-Does your state have reciprocity with Michigan?  Usually it's just filling out a form and sending money.  I think this licensing thing is all about the $$$.  I'm licensed in 2 states and I'm very glad my practice pays for it.  

    Nel-I'm happy to hear Knots is better.  I hope the vet bill isn't too bad.  I hope you get to go to Nantucket in August.

    Back to work.  Hope all have a good day!

  7. Good morning-

    Work went well yesterday and I got out on time.  I didn't much in the afternoon except sit on the deck and read.  We saw "Rocketman" last night and really enjoyed it.  Today we are going to a Red Sox game.  I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I like the atmosphere of sitting at the ball park for an afternoon.  Plus, I can get a lobstah roll and make my belly happy.

    Hope all have a great day!

  8. Happy Saturday to all!  I'm working my once a month 3 hour Saturday shift.  I can't wait to get out of here, and get home and outside.  It's sunny and in the 70s.  I met my friends in the city last night.  We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston, which is a traditionally Italian neighborhood.  All the restaurants had their fronts rolled up so we were eating al fresco.  The improv show was a hoot, and then we went to a locally famous Italian bakery for dessert.  I fell off the wagon and had a cannoli that was about as big as my head.  I will be eating salad for the next few days as penance.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  9. Morning!

    Gorgeous here today, with sun and highs in the mid 70s.  I need to find a place to live where the weather is like this year round.  I had a bit of a laugh this AM.  I saw a patient, who is substantially overweight and diabetic.  She was going on and on about how she's eating better and her A1C has dropped.  I glanced over at the takeout cup of coffee she placed on the counter.  The label on it said "extra cream and 7 sugars"!  I asked her what that was about, and she said she was giving herself a treat for being so good.  Mind you, she's gained 30 lbs since I saw her 6 months ago.  I guess we all have different perceptions of what a healthy diet is, 😂.

    Meeting my old school friends tonight for dinner and an improv comedy show.  I've known these women since I was 12 years old, and even though we only see each other a couple of times a year, it's like no time has passed.  It's still hard to believe we are as old as we are.

    Joe-have fun tonight!

    Nel-Poor Talli!  It must be so uncomfortable for the horses in this heat!

    Spidey's Mom-Glad the back is better. Please be careful with the planting!

    Hope all have a great day!

  10. Hi all,

    Just another day, living the dream.  Life is good and I really have nothing to complain about.  I plan on retiring the day I turn 67.  I may continue to work part time, but no more full time gigs for me.  I'm fortunate in that I have a pension from a previous job that should cover my housing costs.  I've been putting as much as I can in my 401k.  I'll be able to live simply and travel some, especially if I move to a less expensive area of the country.  We'll have to see where our kids and potential grandchildren end up.

    Tweety-I hope BF will venture out once the cast is off.  I don't now him, but I'm a little concerned that he might be depressed, as he doesn't want to go out.  You know better and state he's happy, so I should stop worrying about him, 😂.

    Joe-Glad things are going well so far.

    Spidey's Mom-I hope your back feels better.

    Nel-I hope you can find a good yoga class.  I need to get myself to yoga more frequently.  I have done some classes via TV, but I tend to cheat and flop down on my mat too much.

    Herring-I love that you're taking care of DD and making some charitable donations. I think talking to an advisor is a good idea. I'd love to come into an unexpected windfall, and have fun giving it away.  I do like to travel, but I don't need extravagance in other areas of my life.  I'd be happy to pay off my mortgage and some other debts.

    Hope all are having a great day!

  11. Good morning!

    Sunny and cool here.  My tomatoes would like a little more heat, but I'm ok with the beautiful weather.  My schedule is less crazy today.  It's nice to have a minute to breathe during the day.  Nothing else going on.

    Joe-Glad your first day was pleasant.  Enjoy dinner tonight.

    Nel-Enjoy your beautiful day!

    Steph-Hope all goes well with your exams.  Hope you get to see DGD's mom.  

    Tweety-Are you surprised BF is staying in so much?  Is that concerning to you?  The curry sounds delish.

    I'm glad Herring's husband is home.

    J22-How are you feeling?

    Stars-Hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Hi Ted-Are you on vacay, or are you still out mowing?

    Hi to Dianah and anyone else who stops by.

  12. 1 hour ago, nursej22 said:

    Oh, I forgot to mention our office got picketed yesterday. One of my coworkers was coming by to work and she saw a group of about 10 adults and a couple of kids protesting the new vaccination requirements for school. The state just passed a law doing away with personal and philosophical exemptions. Medical and religious exemptions are still possible. I haven't seen anything in the media about it, so I am not sure how much effect they thought they were going to have. 

    My state just introduced a bill doing away with religious exemptions.  Medical exemptions will only be allowed if it can be shown that receiving immunizations would cause a person grievous harm.  I think it will probably pass.

  13. Morning-

    Had a great time at the wedding.  It was fun to see all of Fiance's relatives who are now part of my family.  I got to see and hold his cousin's "miracle baby", who was born last June at 25 weeks and 1 lb.  He is doing great and is a happy, healthy little guy.  The drive was tedious, but traffic was pretty good and we made good time.  

    Herring-I hope DH is feeling better.

    Stars-I'm sorry that you're feeling down.  You're in a tough situation.  I agree with Nel's idea of a book club.  

    Nel-So sorry your trip was cancelled.  Don't tell them at work, or they'll be calling you!

    Joe-Hope all goes well today and you settle in to your new job.

    have a great day!

  14. Morning-

    Headed out to Philly in about an hour or so.  It should take about 4.5 hours, but there's a lot of construction on the way through CT and NY.  It might take closer to 6 hours.  We'll be going to a barbecue at the home of the groom's parents tonight, and the wedding is tomorrow at noon.  I'm hoping we can be back on the road by 4 PM Sunday, and home by 10 PM.  It's a long drive for an overnight, but fiance really wants to go.  The weather is supposed to be beautiful.

    Joe-Congrats on finishing up at your old job!  Enjoy your weekend!

    Hope all have a great weekend!

  15. 5 hours ago, Lil Nel said:

    I just noticed a right-wing ad pop-up at this site, railing against BDS, and selling Israel bonds.

    I don't visit right-wing sites, and it is a strange ad to pop up on AN.

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    It happens all the time.  AN has no control over what ads pop up.  We're talking about a lot of right wing and Trump stuff here, so the ad software thinks we're interested in that kind of stuff.  😂   Did they want you to sign a birthday card for Trump??  I almost peed my pants over that one!!!

  16. 55 minutes ago, Tweety said:

    Good opinion piece but that's all it is.  What one would call a political hit job, another would call clarification that his report declines to clear Trump.  

    About your post from Dan Crenshaw, yes the American people want good governance.  Good strong legal and truthful governance from an honest man.  

    Exactly.  And we are not getting that with Trump.  The number of lies, and more importantly, what he lies about should disqualify him from ever being viewed as providing truthful governance.

  17. Hello-

    It s cool and dreary here.  I wish the sun would come out.  Work has been very busy.  Allergies are bad here in the Northeast and people are suffering.  Today is my Friday, as I have the first Friday of every month off.  We are going to Philadelphia overnight Sat to Sun for a family wedding.  Tomorrow I will go visit my mother.

    Joe-It will be good to say goodbye to that office.

    Nel-I hope you have great weather on Nantucket, but pack for 3 seasons, just in case!  

    Herring-I hope all is well with DH's pacemaker.

    Spidey's Mom-So glad you slept!  It makes all the difference.

    Hope all are well!


  18. Hi-

    it's been really busy today.  Just wanted to say hi to y'all, and to confirm that the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston closed around 1973.  My father worked there and was transferred to the Portsmouth, NH Shipyard (which is actually in Kittery, ME) after it closed.  That ship yard is still open.

    Hope all are well.



  19. Good morning-

    We're back from a quick overnight getaway.  We stayed at a beautiful 18th century house turned into a B&B, with the prettiest gardens.  We visited a couple of wineries and did some tastings on Saturday.  After breakfast yesterday, we headed to the beach and had a relaxing day.  Today will be a work in the yard day.  I will take the cover off the pool and see if everything is in working order.  Fiance's younger DD is coming for brunch, so I have some cooking to do.

    Today I am also remembering my father, who was a WWII vet.  Thinking of all who gave their lives in service to their country.

  20. Morning-

    Sunny and a bit cool, but will get up to 70 today.  I have a few errands to do, but we'll leave around noon.  We'll visit a winery in CT before meeting Fiance's brother for a late lunch/early dinner.  I need to throw a few things in a bag and I'll be good to go.  I already watered the flowers and veggies, and fed the rabbit.  We'll only be gone overnight so I can just leave food for the cats.  DD will be stopping by later, anyway.

    Joe-Glad the rain stopped and you can get outside.

    Hope all have a good start to the weekend.

  21. Morning-

    It's gorgeous here today and weather looks good for the weekend.  We're headed to coastal CT tomorrow to see a show, and will stay overnight at a B&B.  We're hoping to meet up with fiance's brother and his family at a lobster shack for dinner before the show.  Planning on a beach day on Sunday.  I love summer!  Meanwhile, I will try to keep in mind why we have a holiday this coming Monday.

    We are closing an hour early today for an all staff meeting.  I have told the complainers in the office that if they do not speak up about things that bother them, they have no one but themselves to blame when nothing changes.  We'll see how things go.

    Joe-I hope your weekend isn't a washout.

    Ted-you need to pave your lawn, or make rock gardens.

    Nel-hope your weekend goes well.  My friend's son just decided he will be attending Emerson in the Fall.  Are the boys there just as bad as the girls?  😂

    Hope all have a good day!

  22. Hello-

    Another busy day in Allergy-land.  I call it job security.  I'm looking forward to having 3 days off this weekend.  Sunday may be a beach day.

    Tweety-How long will you be in the UK?  Hope work isn't dreadful today.  Tree work is ridiculously expensive.  I have a good sized dead tree that needs to come down.  I was quoted $2000.  It's still there and will be for the foreseeable future.

    Ted-No riding mower?  No wonder you hate mowing so much.  Any thoughts on what you're going to do for vacay?

    Joe-Are you going to take any time off between jobs?

    Nel-Glad that Tali's scratch finally healed.  I lived in West Newton, too for a couple of years.  I'm kind of loving the RI South Coast these days.

    Dianah-Enjoy your time off!  Are you going to any jams or festivals?

    Hope all enjoy the day!