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    Presidential Election 2020

    Here's an opinion piece that offers some insight. http://swaay.com/theyre-not-pro-life-theyre-anti-woman/
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    Presidential Election 2020

    Yes, really. I've talked with people who are pro-life and people who are pro-fetus. Big difference there. Our current flavor of conservatism skews heavily towards pro-fetus.
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    Sunday March 10 2019

    Morning- It's a yucky day, with freezing rain continuing during the daylight hours. Work yesterday was fine, and we went to a wonderful restaurant for dinner last night. I've gone to the gym today and will start painting the trim in the upstairs bedrooms shortly and do some laundry. Fiance's youngest DD is coming for dinner tonight. That's about it from me. Hope all have a good day.
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    Presidential Election 2020

    Maybe on the surface, but it's all about not trusting or allowing women to have autonomy over our own bodies. Where is the concern for the well being of the children already on the earth?
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    Friday March 8 2019

    Morning- Still cold. Supposed to warm up a bit this weekend. Come on, Spring! Tweety-We will miss you, but I hope some time away refreshes you. Sounds like your workplace is taking a nose dive into chaos. I also don't understand some people's work ethic and sheer gall. Joe-How was the meeting with the environmental group? Have a nice evening with J. Nel-Hope the snow doesn't last long. I hope you get to go to Nantucket. It's one of my favorite places. Can't wait to get out of here today. Working my 3 hour shift tomorrow.
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    Wednesday 6. 2019

    Good afternoon- It's been a frustrating day. I've spent more time on the phone with insurance companies than I have with patients. Such is medicine these days. It's very windy and cold here. At least the sun is shining and it's still light out when I leave work. Tweety-glad you had an easy shift yesterday. You need those to offset the ones from hell. Joe-Sorry to hear about BIL. I hope they can help him. Nel-Happy Birthday to Biggie! Did you bake him a cake?? Hi Herring-Stay dry! Hi to Ted, J22, Stars, Dianah, Fran, Spidey's Mom, and whoever else stops by.
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    Saturday, March 2, 2019

    Good morning- March is coming in like a lion here. It's snowing pretty hard right now, and will continue for most of the day. There's more expected tomorrow night into Monday. This should have happened last month-March is almost Spring! The birds are active at the feeders and Niko is chattering his teeth at them. I was off yesterday and spent most of the day wallpapering my bathroom. Thank goodness for Youtube videos that showed me exactly what to do. It's about 3/4 done, and I will finish it today. It was painful when the safe staffing ratio bill was defeated in MA. The hospital industry spent a lot of money spreading misinformation and scaring people. That money would have been better spent hiring more nurses. One of the lies they spread was that there are not enough nurses to fill open positions that would have been created. MA graduates about 2500 new nurses a year, and most have to go out of state to find hospital jobs. It left a really bad taste in my mouth. It essentially gave hospitals public approval to understaff. We could have used you, Herring! Tweety-I hope you were able to recharge a bit yesterday. Hey Ted-guess who's coming to Boston? Randy Rainbow is playing here on 7/28. My sisters and I are taking our mother, as she is a big fan. Time for breakfast and then back to work
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    Tuesday February 26 2019

    Morning- The winds are finally starting to subside here. The lights flickered a few times last night, but we never lost power. My deck furniture is now strewn over the back yard. My fault for not bringing it inside. My older cat was freaked out by the wind. I had to give her some Rescue Remedy to calm her down. (((Ted)))-My heart goes out to you and Amy in regards to your father. It's so hard to watch our loved ones decline. Joe-Glad you got away for a weekend. I hope the decision on a job search makes itself clear to you. Nel-Get some sleep!!! Hope you get to enjoy some time with your boys. Hope all have a great day!
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    Monday February 25 2019

    DD's CT scan showed pneumonia. It wasn't apparent on the xray, but very visible on the CT. She's been on antibiotics since last week and is feeling better. I'm very thankful it was nothing worse.
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    Monday February 25 2019

    Morning- It's windy here, too. We got a few flurries this morning but now the sun is out. It's supposed to turn colder again. I stayed up late watching the Oscars. I kind of liked it without a host. I'm running out at 11 to meet DD at here PCP's office, which is only about 5 minutes from my office. I am hoping her CT results are good. DS stayed over Sat night and showed me all his pictures from Costa Rica. Now I want to go there. Joe-Glad you had fun at the convention. It's nice to get away. Nel-Sorry the weekend was bad. I'm glad you have a nice stretch of days off before you have to go back. Hope all have a good day.
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    Saturday 2/23/19

    Mods-looks like Joe and I both started an entry for today. Can you please merge? Thanks!
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    Saturday 2/23/19

    Good morning! The last couple of days have been a little crazy and I didn't have time to post. Nothing terrible is going on; I just was in a state of perpetual motion. I am glad it's the weekend and I have a moment to sit and post. I will go back and read the last 2 days' posts at some point. Today will be spent painting and wallpapering. I'm starting small, with re-doing the half bath upstairs. I hope I don't make a mess of it. I'll have to keep inquisitive cats out of the room. I think I mentioned a few days ago that DD was being treated for costochondritis. She's feeling better, but when she went back Thursday there were some questionable findings on her chest xray. They were unsure if they saw a nodular density or there was a question of mild pectus excavatum. The MD who saw her wanted to do a CT and a bunch of blood work, and now DD is freaked out. I think they may have recorded her weight wrong, cause it appeared that she lost 6 pounds between Monday and Thursday, while having the prednisone munchies and stuffing her face. She is worried, because she got on the internet and started Googling things and is afraid she has any number of horrible diseases. She is feeling much better since the prednisone but keeps ignoring the xray interpretation that says "likely benign findings". She goes back Monday for the CT results and I will go with her. She's an adult at age 22, but she's my baby and I want to hear firsthand what the results are. I hope all are well today, and are enjoying the weekend.
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    Thursday February 21 2019

    Hi all, Really busy today. Will try to stop by later. have a great day!
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    Presidential Election 2020

    Imagine the number of people who could go to work when their child care expenses do not exceed their income.
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    Monday February 18 2019

    Morning- We got about 6" of snow last night. It was light and easy to clean off the cars. It's not a holiday for me today, but it's school vacation week and a holiday for most so traffic was very light. I had another crappy night's sleep. I think I need to get off the computer at least 2 hours before bedtime. I saw Mom yesterday and took her out to lunch. She's doing well and has a full week of activities planned for herself. As usual, I went home with a bag of stuff she bought me and my kids. She still loves to buy me clothes, and had also picked up some stuff on sale for the kids. She's such a generous person and I'm very grateful she is healthy and active at age 86. Tweety-glad the warm weather is back! Overtime is nice, once you get the paycheck. Joe-Take your time in looking for a new position. It's always better when you can leave on your terms. Nel-Sounds like an awful night. When do you hit your 1 year anniversary there? Ted-Amy is a lovely subject to photograph. Glad you had a nice time on your date. Hope all is well with everyone.
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    Sunday, 2/17

    Good morning! I slept last night! A full 7.5 hours without interruption. I feel somewhat human this morning. We had a very productive day yesterday. We bought 2 couches and a coffee table for the family room, and picked out wallpaper for the upstairs bathroom. We got some good deals and spent less than we had budgeted. Then we went out for a belated Valentine's Day dinner. We went to this little restaurant with only 28 seats, where the chef does a tasting menu that's different every night. That's all they serve-there are no other choices. We had 5 courses, and the only choice was between 2 desserts. It was one of the best meals I've ever had. I had a nice glass of red wine with dinner, and then a small glass of "ice cider" with dessert. The cider was similar to a sweet ice wine. Hmmm-maybe that's why I slept so well last night. Will go visit Mom today. What is everyone up to today?
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    Sunday, 2/17

    Nel- The restaurant was in Cambridge. They had amazing bread served with cultured butter and I broke the no carb rule for it. 1st course was cured hamachi (yellowtail) over collard greens and matchstick kohlrabi with a black sesame paste. Next course was a piece of acorn squash(about 1/4 of a squash) stuffed with Maine crabmeat, topped with pea shoots and some kind of citrusy aioli. Main course was a piece of strip steak grilled and served over sauteed treviso greens with a grape and chestnut sauce and teff polenta. Next course was a scoop of cranberry sorbet in a small puddle of cold sumac tea. Dessert was a choice of a poppyseed tart with fruit or a chocolate-star anise pot du creme with meringue crumbs and lime curd. It's definitely a special occasion place. Costco does good business in my area too. I rarely go, because I don't need bulk quantities of anything, but I like that they treat and pay their employees fairly. They had good diaper prices back in the day. Tweety- are you getting any discounts at Whole Foods with Amazon Prime? Dianah-Glad that your friend is recuperating. I'm sure he appreciated the company and music. Herring-Enjoy your quiet day. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. Spidey's Mom-Glad your MIL's birthday was a success. Congrats on Aquaman's engagement! J22-More snow? Ugh. Your area has been walloped this year. Enjoy the weather in AZ. Joe-Glad your early morning awakening is resolving.
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    Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

    Good afternoon- It is sunny and above freezing, so I'll take it. I'm leaving work early today to attend the wake of my SIL's sister. She died last weekend from breast cancer. She was my age, and it is hard for me to grasp that people my age often do die. I'm solidly in middle age at age 57, but I guess I deny my mortality. Joe-I'm sorry things aren't going well at work. I wish you the best at finding a new position. Glad you had a nice dinner with J last night. Tweety-the concert sounds like fun! He has a beautiful voice. Enjoy your day off today. Nel-Is this Wally's routine blood work or is he ill? I hope he's ok. Glad there's no rain today. Fran-Nice to see you here. I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine. I'm looking forward to seeing flowers blooming, but that's probably a ways off. Hope all have a great day!
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    Media behaving badly

    Today is the 1 year anniversary of the murders at Marjory Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. I am hoping not to see or hear anything about so-called "crisis actors" or other disparaging remarks by the media. I am proud that some students continue to work very hard to advocate for change. They experienced hell on earth.
  20. Good morning- We also got about 4 inches of snow. We closed the office at 3, because road conditions were bad. It took almost an hour for my usual 20 minute commute. Things look icy today. I'll try not to fall again, . Nothing else to report on. Ted, hope day shift is ok, and your sleep cycle doesn't get messed up. Hope all have a good day.
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    Monday, 2/11/19

    Good morning! Monday showed up quickly! I hate when that happens. Off to work in a bit. Hope all are well.
  22. I think the wind farms are kind of cool looking. I also don't mind the arrays of solar panels that are becoming increasingly more common. I'd rather look at those than at an oil refinery, a coal mine, or cooling towers at a nuclear power plant. I would also speculate, but don't know for sure, that there are lower rates of industrial accidents on wind and solar farms than on oil rigs or mines. I know the rigs and mines have a lot more workers on site, but the overall rate of injury seems like it would be lower.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Herring, I respect your personal feelings about abortion. I completely understand why so many feel the same way. I'm not comfortable with abortion being used as a form of birth control. That being said, I strongly feel it is not right for the government to legislate what a woman can or cannot do with her body. I want the procedure to be safe and legal for those who choose it. I want those who oppose abortion to fully support open access to birth control, realistic sex education, and support the provision of financial, emotional, and medical care to women and the children we bear. That support, I feel, is the best way of reducing the need for abortion. Should the worst happen and a fetus is not viable or the mother's health is endangered, then that woman has the right to not continue that pregnancy. She should not have to travel hundreds of miles and spend thousands of dollars to seek the care she needs. That's why I feel the recent legislation is important and necessary.
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    Media behaving badly

    And can we add Ann Coulter and Tomi Lahren to the conversation? They are not quite in the Alex Jones stratosphere, but do their share of spouting Right Wing propaganda and lies. They are a disgrace to the profession of journalism.
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    Media behaving badly

    I've heard tons of media coverage of the Virginia situation, and I believe there is a huge cry for this governor to step down, including demands from Democrats. Remember Al Franken? Similar situation and he did step down, unlike the president who has been accused of sexual misconduct over and over, yet his followers feel he is above reproach. When I think of media behaving badly the first person think of is Alex Jones. He should rot in hell for the agony he caused the Sandy Hook community.