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  1. Morning- Monday showed up too quickly. My schedule is good today and I hope to get out on time. I have to take my senior kitty to the vet tonight for a check up. I'm concerned that Niko stresses her, as he won't get out of her face when she's in the house. She's been peeing in places other than her litter box and that's not ok. I've tried a bunch of different things without success. She might benefit from a kitty sized dose of fluoxetine. I'll have that conversation with the vet. Physically, she seems fine. Ted-I'm glad you'e going to see Amy's play. The barbecue sounds like fun. I hope the weather cooperates. Tweety-It never hurts to explore other job opportunities. You'd be an asset anywhere, and we spend too much time at work to be unhappy there. Definitely google "nursing resume" to get some examples of how to structure yours. Good luck! Joe-Hope the pay situation gets straightened out today. Sounds like you had a good time yesterday. Dianah-The bar gig could open a whole new world for your band! Let us know if it happens! Hey to everyone else. Hope you all are having a good day!
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    Saturday July 13, 2019

    Gorgeous pics, J22!! Glad you had fun!
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    Saturday July 13, 2019

    Morning- Working my Saturday 3 hour shift. Have already had 2 no-shows. It's a gorgeous beach day here, so I guess people have better things to do. I wouldn't be here either if I had a choice, . Later today we're going to a "porch fest" in one of the Boston neighborhoods. There's lots of big Victorian homes with the large front porches, and the homeowners let different local musical groups play on their porches. We'll walk around and listen to music, and then grab dinner somewhere. There'll be food trucks and I'm feeling tacos. Tweety-I'm sorry you had to cancel your trip, but better to go when you know BF will be able to be fully functional. Will you still take the time of from work? I hope Slowbro feels better. Steph-I've always admired hospice nurses. It's not a job I think I could do. My father was briefly in hospice before he died, and I wish we had contacted them sooner. His team made a difficult experience better for all of us. You and your colleagues are a special breed and do so much good. I hope you sleep well tonight. Joe-I can't believe they messed up your pay! I hope that gets rectified quickly. Hope you have a good rest of the day. Hope all are doing well today. TTYL!
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    American Values

    This Democrat can only speak for herself, but I am not proud of what America has become since Trump has taken office. The acceptance of what has always been unacceptable, including, but not limiting to caging children, the poor treatment of veterans, the immaturity and braggadocio of our supposed leader, his consorting with dictators, and the fact that his supporters revel in this kind of behavior. Here's what I am proud of: Americans who stand up and say this is not acceptable, Americans who believe that basic rights extend to all people and not just the white and wealthy, Americans who believe that all people should be treated humanely, Americans who may not hold the same beliefs that I do, but still stand up for decency.
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    Saturday July 6th 2019

    Morning- It's hot and humid today, with thunderstorms expected later. Today will be a do stuff around the house day. I have to empty my old bureau that wouldn't make it up the stairs, and put everything in the new bureau upstairs. I can probably weed out some stuff that I haven't worn in a while. We went to CT to see Fiance's brothers and Dad yesterday. Fiance's grandfather had a beach house on Long Island sound where he spent his childhood summers. His younger brother ended up buying it from their father, tearing down the cottage, and building a year round home. He and his family never go near the beach, and he doesn't have anything to do with his neighbors. He's a bit of an odd duck, with some interesting views on things. We went to the beach and talked to a lot of the old timers that still remember Fiance as a child. They all asked why his brother was so standoffish. We spent a little time with his father and other brother, but they didn't stay long. Fiance's mother will not come down because she's afraid of the nuclear power plant that is not too far away. She is convinced it "gave her cancer". I think the 40 years of 1-2 packs of cigarettes a day is a more likely cause, but what do I know?I Joe-I hope you get to see Dad today. I think we're getting your cooler weather tomorrow. Tweety-Glad that BF is getting out of the house. Greek lemony potatoes sound delicious! Hope all have a good day.
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    Friday, July 5th

    Good morning! I'm glad that our California friends here are safe. I hope that everyone had a good day yesterday, celebrating or not. We had a lovely day at the beach. We met some friends there and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The water was warm by New England standards. My sister and BIL came by after dinner with their dog and we went out for ice cream. It's back to low carb today. We'll head south to CT in a bit to see Fiance's family and go to the beach down there. By now you've probably figured out I'm a beach bum in the summer. I like to look at and listen to to waves, and be in the water as much as possible. Fiance would like us to consider Arizona for retirement, but I won't be happy that far from the ocean. I hope all have a good day today, whether working or not.
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    What is it?

    I think he just got goosed by a mouse!
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    Wednesday July 3, 2019

    Morning- Happy that today is my last work day this week. It will be good to have 4 days off. Weather forecast is for sunny and hot, so I will be at the beach. I would love to go visit DD, but she's working and the island will be a mob scene anyway. My new bedroom furniture was delivered at 7 this AM. Fiance was happy, cause he doesn't have to wait around all day waiting for it. I hope he does move our bed upstairs today, and then we can move all our clothes over the weekend. DS will probably be around this weekend and might need a place to stay, so we will get the extra bedroom set up with at least a bed. His b-day is tomorrow and he will likely be partying it up with friends in the area. Tweety-Sorry you missed being cancelled. Hope tomorrow goes well. I spent about an hour last night on line looking at real estate in your area. Prices aren't too bad when compared with my area. It's definitely a consideration for retirement. I was also looking at Maui, just for giggles. Way too expensive there. Steph-Hope you got some sleep last night. Wishing everyone a Happy 4th!
  9. Morning- I tried to post yesterday, but we kept losing power d/t thunderstorms. Some of the storms were spectactular. Fiance and I took my mother out for lunch. Tomorrow she turns 87. She's getting hard of hearing, but otherwise is doing very well. We were up in NSIME's hometown getting fried clams. Delicious, but not healthy at all! This morning has been crazy. Our allergy shot nurse mistakenly thought she had the day off, so we had a waiting room full of patients who were not happy. I did as many as I could, but I also had to see my patients, and I'm not very fast at doing shots. I'm not familiar with how all the vials are set up, so it's like hunting and pecking for keys on a keyboard. Fortunately, someone else was able to come in and is doing the shots. Crisis averted. Ted-Poor Mayson. I've been doing some reading on elderly animal behavior, as I have a very senior cat who has some behavioral issues. I'm going to talk to the vet about putting her on fluoxetine. Might be an alternative for Mayson. I know Stars gives her dogs Bach's Rescue Remedy which calms them down. Joe-A three day work week is nice! Glad J is on his way back. Hi Tweety! Hi to everyone else. Hope Monday is kind to you all.
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    Saturday June 29 2019

    Good morning- I'm waiting for a break in the rain so I can get out for a walk. I could go to the gym, but I like to exercise outdoors in the summer. I've been slacking this past week due to getting out of work late and some GI issues. I'm hoping both have calmed down and I can get back to a regular exercise schedule. I have a hair appointment later this AM, and then we're going to go look for some furniture. We just had the hardwood floors on the second floor sanded and varnished, and we want to move our bedroom upstairs, but we discovered that my large dresser cannot be manoeuvered around a tight corner and up the stairs. We'll have to leave it in the downstairs soon to be guest room, and get something for upstairs. It's not exactly in the budget, but we'll figure it out. We're meeting friends for dinner later. Joe-I hope you have a nice time with your friend at brunch. Hope all have a great day.
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    Part 2 of the Democratic Debate 2019

    That's part and parcel of political debate. However, I bet if each one was asked they would say they will support whoever is the eventual nominee for their party. They know what's at stake.
  12. Morning- It's been a busy week and I haven't had time to get online. I'm glad it's Friday. I'm off this weekend and need the break. Tweety-Sounds like a witch of a day yesterday. I hope you are able to recharge a bit today and bring that BP down. Joe-Sounds like you are a valued member of your team at work. I hope you hear from J soon. Ted-So the lawn still awaits you! I'm glad Mayson is happy. You're a good dog dad. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  13. Good morning! We had some unsettled weather yesterday, too. Part of my town had heavy downpours with hail, and lost power. We had the rain, but no hail and the lights stayed on. We made a last minute decision to go out last night, and I'm glad we did. We went to an art house type theater in Boston to see a documentary called Echo in the Canyon. It was about the Laurel Canyon music scene in the mid 60s, featuring groups like the Mamas and the Papas, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, and Buffalo Springfield. It was produced by Andrew Slater and Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan's son and an accomplished artist in his own right), and featured lots of archival film, interviews with some the featured musicians, and Jakob Dylan performing some of the music from that era with artists like Cat Power, Regina Spektor, and Beck. Dylan and Slater were at the theater and held a Q&A session after the film. Then, Jakob Dylan performed some of the music from that genre with his studio band from the film. So, we got a movie, a semi-lecture, and a live concert all in one night. It was a really cool experience and I enjoyed the music tremendously. Today will be a beach day, and then DD and her BF are coming for dinner. I'll make a bean salad and grill some bread to have with burratta cheese for her, as she's vegetarian, and I have chicken marinating for the carnivores. I'll have to hose all the pollen off the deck furniture so we can eat outside. Ted-More rain means taller grass...ugh. I hope the service goes well today. How many weeks of rehearsal is typical for the plays Amy is in? Dianah-Welcome back! Sounds like you had a blast. Tweety-Sounds like yesterday was a joyful celebration. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and glad that many people were there to celebrate and support. Stars-I'm telling ya, you should pitch a sitcom based on life with Nannie. What actor would you want to play you? Herring-I am also horrified that anyone would take a child to a lynching. My Fiance's father is a bit of an Archie Bunker type. He would deny being racist, but he made a comment at his granddaughter's graduation about the black graduates getting more applause. Huh? I thought it was a strange thing to say, and told him that. Joe-Hope you have a good day today. Time for breakfast.
  14. Morning all- I'm at work, covering for another provider today. It's only a 3 hour shift, but is always busy. We do a boatload of allergy shots and testing in that 3 hours. I usually have up to 12 office visits, but today I only have 7. I think it's due to the nice weather. Speaking of weather, it has finally stopped raining and the sun is out! Tomorrow is supposed to be a real summer day, with sun and temps in the mid 80s. We will head to the beach in the AM, and have DD and her BF over for dinner. She leaves for her summer on the island on Wed., and I want to spend a little time with her. I made ferry reservations to go see her on July 19th. So today I am working in our most distant office from me. I only drive here once a month. There's an exterminator business just off the highway outside of Providence. They have a giant blue bug sculpture on their roof, and they dress it up according to the season/local events. Today the bug had on giant sunglasses and was drinking an "Awful Awful", which is a milk shake with ice cream made by a local dairy. It's called that because it's awful big and awful good. A few weeks ago the bug was wearing a Boston Bruins jersey for the Stanley Cup finals. Rhode Island has weird names for a lot of foods. Ted-The dinner theater sounds like fun. I hope all goes well with the meet and greet for the pastor candidate. Have fun mowing!! Joe-have fun at the graduation party! Glad you found the needle threader. I don't do a lot of sewing, but I can't see to thread the needle, and I have to use a magnifying glass. I hate this getting older stuff! Siri-I looooove grocery shopping! Like Tweety-I go to several different places, several times a week. I'm poor at meal planning, plus I like to go to local farms and farmers markets and decide what to cook based on what is available. I agree that the putting away part is the pits. Tweety-are you going to go to any of the Pride events? Hope your weekend off is good. Hope all have a great weekend!
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    Friday June 21, 2019

    Happy Pride Weekend! Still cool and rainy here. it's been a miserable week weather wise. Things are supposed to improve this weekend, with a predicted high of 87 on Sunday. I am planning on spending the day at the beach. Work has been very busy. I suppose that's a good thing. I'm taking some time off at the end of July. It will be a stay-cation, but I will go over to Block Island for a day to see DD. I will have to take some Dramamine to survive the 30 minute ferry ride. I get horribly seasick with any waves at all. I could never go on a cruise. Tweety-I agree with you on the corporate naming of the parade. It would be nice if companies would give just for the sake of giving, and not need their name plastered over everything. It is good to have the support, though. Joe-Hope the utilization work is done with soon. Safe travels to J! Herring-I like festivals, but I don't really like crowds. I also don't like to stay up til all hours. What kind of shrub did you end up getting? Gad to hear your husband is feeling better. Stars-I hope you enjoyed your quiet respite on the patio. Maybe you should get Nannie some of those fake glasses with the nose and mustache attached, and tell her how wonderful she looks! Hope all have a good start to the weekend!
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    Sunday June 16, 2019

    Morning- Had a great day yesterday with DS and his GF, and her parents. Their new place is nice, and it really hit me that he is grown up and launched. GF's parents are really nice and we all had a great time hanging out in town. DS and GF live in Portsmouth, NH, which is a beautiful seaside little city. The weather was perfect, and we had lunch and a drink sitting by the water. Fiance and I then made our way south as we had tickets to see David Crosby (of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young). We had dinner at a funky little place that recently had a bit of local infamy. The owners displayed a rainbow flag for Pride month, and a now former patron vocally and publicly expressed his extreme displeasure over the restaurant allegedly "promoting poor morals and a sinful life style". The restaurant owners told him they would not remove the flag and could take his business elsewhere. Of course, that made me want to give this this place my business! The food was sooooo good. Fiance talked me into sharing a scorpion bowl with him. I'm not a big drinker, and this was a lethal combination of rum and fruit juices. I had a couple of tacos (shrimp and crispy pork belly) for dinner, but lost all my will power and split a deep fried Fluffernutter sandwich with Fiance for dessert. It was heavenly. I'll be eating lettuce for a week to repent for that. The concert started out well, but David Crosby had only played 6 songs when he said he was not feeling well and intermission would be early. He never came back on stage and it was announced that the rest of the concert was canceled. He's had a lot of wear and tear on that body, and I hope he's ok. Tweety-Hope today is better, and you don't get that patient again. Joe-Enjoy your time with your dad. Hope the pie turns out well. Happy Father's Day to all the men who have been important in the life of a child. That goes for pet dads, too.
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    Friday June 14, 2019

    Morning- It's my dreaded Friday. The business continues. I'll be out early (hopefully), as I started at 7:30. The sun is shining and I hope to get in a long walk after work. Tomorrow we will go see my DS and his GF in their new place. He found out yesterday that he got a promotion that he interviewed for. He'll have a smaller territory with higher revenue customers. He'll be glad to not cover 3 states anymore. DD is going back to Block Island for July and August. She's still discouraged that she hasn't found a job in her field, but will at least be working in a beautiful seaside location for the summer. She can re-group in September and hopefully find something then. Tweety-Fingers crossed the termite inspection goes well, and damage/infestation is minimal. Ted-I hope remaining as music director doesn't take too much out of you. I do understanding why you're remaining. I hope the Pastor candidate works out. Joe-Glad thing are going well. It sounds like a pretty low pressure place, which is nice. Hi Spidey's Mom-I was also disheartened by the article with Jessica Biel and Kennedy. Unfortunately, celebrities have influence, and people will listen to them over scientific evidence. I am also unhappy with the NYT about publishing that crap. Have a good day, everyone! Stay away from crazy co-workers!
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    Presidential Election 2020

    One of the funniest pieces I've read in a while. I guess you have to consider the source-Faux News. She is a powerhouse, and takes no crap from him. I think her stature is growing, as Trumps shows us time and again that he is a despot and a dictator wanna-be.
  19. Morning- We now have the rain here. It's supposed to clear up by early afternoon. My red car is no longer yellow from all the pollen, for now anyway. Not much else going on. It's just a regular work day. Ted-Glad you enjoyed your staycation. Sounds like you got a lot done. I've been to the Bridge of Flowers. It's really pretty. Congrats on the weight loss! Tweety-Enjoy your day off. I've been using CBD cream on my hip with some benefit. It also contains arnica, and I don't know if it's the combination of the two that help. I could also just be imagining it. Joe-Does your state have reciprocity with Michigan? Usually it's just filling out a form and sending money. I think this licensing thing is all about the $$$. I'm licensed in 2 states and I'm very glad my practice pays for it. Nel-I'm happy to hear Knots is better. I hope the vet bill isn't too bad. I hope you get to go to Nantucket in August. Back to work. Hope all have a good day!
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    Sunday June 9 2019

    Fran- Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you get good news.
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    Sunday June 9 2019

    Good morning- Work went well yesterday and I got out on time. I didn't much in the afternoon except sit on the deck and read. We saw "Rocketman" last night and really enjoyed it. Today we are going to a Red Sox game. I'm not a huge baseball fan, but I like the atmosphere of sitting at the ball park for an afternoon. Plus, I can get a lobstah roll and make my belly happy. Hope all have a great day!
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    Saturday June 8

    Happy Saturday to all! I'm working my once a month 3 hour Saturday shift. I can't wait to get out of here, and get home and outside. It's sunny and in the 70s. I met my friends in the city last night. We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant in the North End of Boston, which is a traditionally Italian neighborhood. All the restaurants had their fronts rolled up so we were eating al fresco. The improv show was a hoot, and then we went to a locally famous Italian bakery for dessert. I fell off the wagon and had a cannoli that was about as big as my head. I will be eating salad for the next few days as penance. Hope everyone has a good day!
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    Friday June 7 2019

    Morning! Gorgeous here today, with sun and highs in the mid 70s. I need to find a place to live where the weather is like this year round. I had a bit of a laugh this AM. I saw a patient, who is substantially overweight and diabetic. She was going on and on about how she's eating better and her A1C has dropped. I glanced over at the takeout cup of coffee she placed on the counter. The label on it said "extra cream and 7 sugars"! I asked her what that was about, and she said she was giving herself a treat for being so good. Mind you, she's gained 30 lbs since I saw her 6 months ago. I guess we all have different perceptions of what a healthy diet is, . Meeting my old school friends tonight for dinner and an improv comedy show. I've known these women since I was 12 years old, and even though we only see each other a couple of times a year, it's like no time has passed. It's still hard to believe we are as old as we are. Joe-have fun tonight! Nel-Poor Talli! It must be so uncomfortable for the horses in this heat! Spidey's Mom-Glad the back is better. Please be careful with the planting! Hope all have a great day!
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    Thursday June 6, 2019

    Hi all, Just another day, living the dream. Life is good and I really have nothing to complain about. I plan on retiring the day I turn 67. I may continue to work part time, but no more full time gigs for me. I'm fortunate in that I have a pension from a previous job that should cover my housing costs. I've been putting as much as I can in my 401k. I'll be able to live simply and travel some, especially if I move to a less expensive area of the country. We'll have to see where our kids and potential grandchildren end up. Tweety-I hope BF will venture out once the cast is off. I don't now him, but I'm a little concerned that he might be depressed, as he doesn't want to go out. You know better and state he's happy, so I should stop worrying about him, . Joe-Glad things are going well so far. Spidey's Mom-I hope your back feels better. Nel-I hope you can find a good yoga class. I need to get myself to yoga more frequently. I have done some classes via TV, but I tend to cheat and flop down on my mat too much. Herring-I love that you're taking care of DD and making some charitable donations. I think talking to an advisor is a good idea. I'd love to come into an unexpected windfall, and have fun giving it away. I do like to travel, but I don't need extravagance in other areas of my life. I'd be happy to pay off my mortgage and some other debts. Hope all are having a great day!
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    Monday June 3 2019

    My state just introduced a bill doing away with religious exemptions. Medical exemptions will only be allowed if it can be shown that receiving immunizations would cause a person grievous harm. I think it will probably pass.