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    Tuesday April 2 2019

    Good afternoon- I'm off today because I had my annual derm appointment. I got the all clear, which is a miracle considering how much time I spent at the beach with no sunscreen as a child and adolescent. I also have a first and second degree relative (my father and his brother) who died from melanoma, so I do get a little nervous each time I go. They do an interesting thing at this practice. They have a white board posted with the names of each provider, and then indicate if they are running on time or how far behind they are. My MD was 30 minutes behind, but I love her and know she takes the time each patient needs. I anticipate it and don't mind waiting. Joe-Job hunting can be exhausting and takes a toll mentally. It's good to take a breather if you need it. Tweety-so sorry you had to deal with cleaning up Billy's grave. That just makes things so much sadder. Nel-Wonder how that no float thing will work out. Glad your boys got their shots and are now protected from anti-vaxx horses, *snort*. Are vaccines a requirement for boarding at the barn? Herring-That was nice of that man to clean up the pigweed forest. I like to hear about people helping others. Your NP is indeed good looking. He looks like a nice person. Spidey's Mom-Ugh, insomnia. I can usually fall asleep. It's staying asleep that's the problem. Dianah-Glad DH changed your guitar strings. How much longer til your cruise. Hi to J22 and Ted, and all else who stroll by later.
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    Saturday March 30 2019

    Good morning Joe and all who stop by later. Just got back from the gym. I indulged a bit with some Mexican food last night. Had great chiles rellenos, but the star of the meal was the Mexican street corn. I love that stuff. I also had a great margarita made with jalapeno infused tequila. I had to do my penance at the gym this morning to justify all that food. Today we're going to tour a chocolate factory (samples!) and then walk around Boston. It's going to hit the low 60s, so it will be nice to be outside. More gym tomorrow to repent for the chocolate I'll have today. Have a great day!
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    The Congressional Thread

    I was thinking more like 5th or 6th grade. You give them too much credit.
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    Friday March 29, 2019

    Good morning- Cloudy today, but much warmer, warmer meaning 50s instead of 30s. It's early, but my schedule looks pretty good today. I did not sleep well last night. I was having a lot of weird dreams and kept waking. We're going to hear an Elvis Costello tribute band and have dinner beforehand. It should be good, but I hope it doesn't go too late. Tweety-Sounds like an awful day. At least you had a nice big check to ease the pain a bit. Still, it wears on a person. Joe-That job does not sound good at all. The interviewing experience is always beneficial, and hopefully something better will come along. Back to work. Hope all have a good day.
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    Thursday March 28, 2019

    Yes, Right off of Wickenden St. It's a great neighborhood.
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    Thursday March 28, 2019

    Good morning! Had an interesting day at work. We had an all staff meeting (done by Zoom-an online meeting app) to unveil our new logo and website. The website looks good, but the new logo very strongly resembles that of another allergy practice in town. That makes no sense to me, but what do I know about marketing? We were also told that we need to make the practice a friendly warm place for our patients. Ok-I'm good with that. However, staff is up in arms because the boss is frequently rude and unprofessional (reprimands staff in front of patients and blames staff when he is running late) and doesn't model the kind of behavior we are supposed to exhibit. I don't see this, as I rarely work directly with him, but I believe it. He is quirky and definitely speaks before he thinks. They are coming up with some kind of list of things they want to see change, because they feel they cannot be successful in the current environment and that the practice cannot meet it's so-called mission. They want me to review it. We'll see how this all goes. Ted-Happy Birthday! I know this has not been the happiest of times for you, but I hope you and Amy do enjoy yourself in NYC. Tweety-I hope today is kind to you. I'm glad Slo Bro is doing ok. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you when you get home. Joe-Good luck on your interview tonight. You'll do fine. Nel-I can't sleep on planes either. I miss my pets, too when I'm away. Have a wonderful time at the play! Time for breakfast.
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    The Congressional Thread

    How low can the Republicans go? Geez, if Trump just cut out a few golf trips to Mar-a-Lago the Special Olympics could be funded with those savings. Yet another example of the Republican philosophy of not caring about children once they're born. I think deVos must be the worst of his appointments, although there are many to choose from.
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    Tuesday March 26 2019

    Happy Tuesday! I just went and sat in my car for a bit, just to get that warm sun-baked feeling. Never mind that it's only 37 degrees out. It's a busy day today, with a full schedule. I looked out the window at the parking lot, and noticed someone had a fake (I hope!) skeleton strapped to the roof rack of their car. it is sitting up. How do you not get pulled over for that? Joe-i think it's a good idea to skip the recruiters. I don't think they're very helpful. Tweety-Enjoy sunset at the beach, and remember to be gentle with yourself-you're grieving. Nel-Your poor mother! I hope she's doing ok. That's not a good thing to miss. Gotta head back to work.
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    Media behaving badly

    Did you expect anything different? I sure didn't.
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    Presidential Election 2020

    My kids were raised to make their own decisions and not blindly follow their parents. My son is apolitical, and does not think voting makes a difference. My daughter is even more liberal than I am. I don't think she's afraid to deviate from anything I believe in. I belong to a liberal Reform Judaism synagogue. We believe strongly in social justice, and that includes what's happening in Israel. No one in the group thinks Israel is infallable and has issues with how the Palestinians are treated by Israel. On the other hand, I have some very right wing Orthodox Jewish cousins who feel Israel can do no wrong, and Trump is wonderful because he allegedly cares about Israel so much. My 86 year old mother had a fight with one of my younger cousins over the weekend because she feels he "has his head up his butt" because he thinks Israel is justified in essentially practicing apartheid. I am so proud of her. That all being said, I do strongly support Israel's right to exist. I also support the right of Palestinians to have a homeland.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I'm very interested in what Congress has to say after reviewing the actual report. It's not going to change anything, but I'd like to hear what's actually in the report and not just the AG's interpretation.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    My thought is that Mueller is setting the stage for investigation and potential prosecution in NY, where most of Trump and Co.'s alleged illegal activities took place. Time will tell.
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    Saturday March 23, 2018

    Good morning- Tweety-Just read your FB post. I'm so sorry. Woke up to snow this AM. Hopefully the temperature will rise and it won't stick around too long. We went to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner last night. The food was really good and I loved the atmosphere. It's a very busy place and I made reservations over a week ago to ensure we would get in. I fell off the wagon a bit because they had a passionfruit-coconut cheesecake for dessert. I just couldn't say no. I'll be doing my penance at the gym in a little while. Herring-I have that RBG t-shirt. I will wear it to the gym today. J22-how did DH make out at his appointment yesterday? i hope he's ok. Ted-I loved your composition. What a beautiful tribute to your father. NSIME-Glad Nannie fell on a soft surface, and you didn't have to deal with any injuries. Nel-hope your night a work was good. Joe-glad the weight loss is going well. Hi Dianah and Spidey's Mom. Hope all is well with you. Time to get moving. Hope all have a good day.
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    First word that comes to mind.....

  15. New Zealand makes changes in gun laws just days after the massacre. Imagine living in a country whose leaders are quick to take concrete measures and don't want to rely on thoughts and prayers. Imagine living in a country whose leaders are not bought and sold by gun lobbies like the NRA. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-newzealand-shootout-ardern-guncontrol/new-zealand-bans-military-type-semi-automatic-weapons-used-in-mosque-massacre-idUSKCN1R205Z
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    Presidential Election 2020

    It's the repetition of the stupid BS that Trump spouts, which some of his followers take as gospel, that I find offensive. It's the belittling of people that he is famous for. It's frightening to me how the name calling and insults spouted by Trump are applauded and repeated by some. I have no issues with calling someone out on things they do or say, but as a general rule, I try not to call others names. I can't speak for anyone else.
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    Thursday March 21 2019

    Good morning- Had a very busy day yesterday, but still managed to get out only 20 minutes late. Tonight will be another story. We have too many patients booked for allergy shots at the end of the day, plus today's shot giver is notoriously slow, which means we will all stay late. We really need to put limits on this scheduling. There's a reason why they are only supposed to book 4 patients for the last time slot. Done venting and complaining. We are supposed to get a Nor'easter tonight. Fortunately, temps are above freezing so it should just be rain, but there's supposed to be very high winds. Lucy the rabbit will be back in the basement. Joe-I hope you don't take it personally that people don't return calls. Still, it must be frustrating. I absolutely hate talking on the phone, so I would not be good at your job. Do you have any more interviews scheduled? Hi Nel-More rain...just what you don't need. Enjoy your time with your friend today. Herring-Hope step-mom is feeling better and her appetite picks up. Ted-How are you doing? Please know we all continue to think of you. Hi to everyone else who stops by. Have a good day.
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    Presidential Election 2020

    Wow. Nice job with the name calling, Dude. To me, that shows that you have nothing concrete in your tank. We've got a Harvard Law professor vs. someone who's afraid to let anyone see his SAT scores.
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    Saturday 3/16

    Good morning- It's a sunny day here. It hit 60 yesterday and there was a lot of melting. I was able to put Lucy the rabbit back in her outdoor hutch, now that I don't have to wade through a foot of snow to get to it. I opened all the windows and aired out the house. Niko and Jolie were happy to sit in an open window for the first time in months. I had my usual busy Friday at work. We stayed in lat night and watched Green Book on pay per view. Fiance had to get up at 3:30 AM to take his DD to the airport. Her original flight back to school was booked on a 737 Max, and this was the only flight she could get back to Kansas today since these planes were grounded. I declined to go to the airport with them. Today I will have my hair cut and colored, and then go for a walk. It's not as warm as yesterday, but still nice in the high 40s. I hope Tweety is feeling better today. Stars-you get mega points for doing the corssword Nannie's way. Herring-I also like to hear about your family. Hi to Nel, J22, Joe, Ted, Dianah, Steph, Shane, and everyone else. Hope it's a good day for y'all.
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    I think I'm just about at the end of my rope...

    NurseCard- I'm sorry you're feeling like this. I, too, felt stuck in my marriage awhile back and things happened that made me choose to leave. That may not be the answer for you, but I wanted you to know you're not alone. Counseling has helped me in the past.
  21. This is terrible. Those poor people and their families. I'm glad the PM was quick to strongly condemn these actions. I'll be following this story.
  22. Here ya go, Nel. https://www.boston.com/sports/boston-red-sox/2017/10/08/how-sweet-caroline-became-fenways-beloved-and-detested-ballpark-anthem Put rocks in your pockets so you don't get blown away!
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    Presidential Election 2020

    I was going to respond to Dude's post r: Republicans caring about children, but Nel and TMB summed up exactly what I was thinking. No need to repeat it. They hit it right on the head.
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    Presidential Election 2020

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    Presidential Election 2020

    No, not based on the rantings of one stranger. You asked for a personal example and I gave you one. I'm sure you can look up the several members of Congress who have said incredibly ignorant things about women, abortion, and rape.