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    Boys will be Boys

    This is disgusting, both in action and in the fact that it's tolerated. This guy is a leader?????
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    Thursday 6th of January

    I need to ask for prayers for a young friend of my family. She was driving this AM, hit some black ice, and lost control of her car and hit a tree. She has severe head injuries and things do not look good right now. She's only 22. I am devastated for her and her family, and honestly do not know what to wish for right now. Of course, I pray for a complete recovery, but that seems unlikely where things stand now. So unfair.
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    Jasper's Misadventure

    I have cramps from laughing so hard!! Thanks for sharing this hilarious story!
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    Thursday 6th of January

    Good afternoon! Taking a quick lunch break while I go through the mountains of paper on my desk! Vacations are great, but the payback can be hell! I hope all those that aren't feeling well are having a better day today. Sabby, glad you didn't get the snow. I think we're going to get it tomorrow night into Saturday. I'm hoping it's nothing like the last storm. My house finally hit 62 degrees at around 5 this AM. I slept with a ton of blankets and a couple of felines, and we all managed to stay warm. Enjoy the rest of the day (or night!)
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    WEDNESDAY 5th January, 2011

    Hi all. Home from vacation and not happy about it. It's too freaking cold here!! DS did not burn down the house while we were away, but somehow managed to turn off the furnace via the emergency switch last night, so I came home to a 48 degree house!! I'm raising such a genius, LOL. Anyway, hope all are well.
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    Liberal Religion is Not Just Compromise

    This was very interesting. I have so many issues with organized religion, which I won't go into here, but it would be nice to find something that is tolerant and welcoming of peoples' individuality, without thinking their way is the only way.
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    Bubble baths & UTI's

    I think it's more of an issue with girls than boys. If you're concerned, then try using baby shampoo to make the bubbles. It probably won't stay bubbly as well as "real" bubble bath, but it's gentle and won't cause any problems.
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    Monday 3rd of January

    Hey all, Loved the pics of OZ and the fruit made me drool...hope I didn't get my slobber on anyone!! Had another lovely day here on vacation, if you don't count DDs attitude this AM. She brought a friend on this trip and I think there was just a few too many days of togetherness, which erupted into some minor cattiness this AM. I just walked down to the beach and pretended they didn't exist. I don't like to wish time away, but I will be glad when these teen years are in the past! I took a kayak out in the bay this afternoon and was lucky enough to have 4 manatees hanging around me. They're incredible animals; so big, but so gentle and vulnerable. All 4 had several scars from being hit by boat propellers. So one more day in paradise and then back home to reality...yuck! Hope all are well and getting a good nights' sleep.
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    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    Good morning or evening from the sunny part of Florida! They're going to have to drag me kicking and screaming to the airport on Wed. DH is staying for another 2 weeks working on the field guide he's writing, and I am so jealous. Hope all are doing well, especially the little guys we've been talking about. I also hope some of the bigger kids are feeling better (that means you, Grace and AKY)! Steph, nothing makes me madder than people playing games with narcotics. Makes me crazy on an almost daily basis at work. So...how do you get all those great pictures included in your posts? I've tried and just can't seem to get it to work. Joe, sounds like its time for some changes in your life. We spend way too much time at work to be unhappy there. I wish you the best in your job search and apartment search. So, the house we're renting in Key Largo came with some resident felines, which is just fine with me. They actually belong to the owner wo lives next door, but they like to visit. They were kind of shy at first, but cat treats have made them very friendly. I guess they wanted to show their appreciation because they left me a dead snake on the doorstep this AM. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a dead reptile!! Hope everyone had a peaceful, enjoyable Sunday.
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    New Years resolutions???

    I know....groan...boring....but has anyone made one? I never have in the past, but this year I resolve to take better care of myself and lose at least some of the excess poundage I put on since going back to school 5 years ago. So unoriginal, but it's what I need to do.
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    What is Your Favorite Area of Nursing?

    I'm still early in my nursing career, so I don't have a favorite yet. I work as a primary care NP now, but am contemplating making a switch to a specialty area at some point. My pre-nursing career was in lab medicine, and I do love hematology. Maybe a heme-onc practice could end up being my favorite.
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    Saturday. 1/1/2011

    Still New Years Eve here. I'm down in Tweety country for a week, and am loving the warm weather! We set off some fireworks down on the beach a little earlier. I kept waiting for the police to show up, and then remembered I'm not in MA anymore!! Grace, I'm so glad you heard from your son and I hope you're feeling better soon. Everyone, enjoy your celebrations, and stay safe. See you in 2011!!
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    Would you sleep with a doctor?

    Hubby is a PhD, so yeah, I sleep with one every night!!
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    Good Morning Friday, last day of 2010 !

    Jnette-Your post made me think of my sweet little nephew, who is autistic. He has made tremendous strides since his diagnosis 3 years ago at age 3. He is 6 now and is able to be in a regular kindergarten class for half the day as long as he has his aide. He was basically non-verbal before he started getting help, and the positive changes have been nothing short of amazing. So do not give up hope. There is so much that can be done to help these children. Your little guy has a loving supportive family who will get him what he needs. Sending out big hugs to you....
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    Good Morning Friday, last day of 2010 !

    Happy New Year to all!! I hope 2011 brings you and yours health and happiness!
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    New Weight Watchers Program

    I did well on the "old" WW program and I think Im ready to go back (but after New Years, of course). I'm going to try it on line as I really don't have time to go to meetings. Gotta get rid of this extra weight somehow!! Thanks to all who replied.
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    Monday 28th day of December

    Goonie, I am saying a prayer for Jacques. That is so sad......
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    Monday 28th day of December

    Hello all, I keep thinking it's Monday, so I went right along with the title of today's thread. I guess it is Monday for me as we were closed yesterday. Was SO windy here last night. I woke up several times to weird noises that I hope was just the wind. Otherwise, I have a poltergeist. My vacation is so close I can taste it....Having trouble getting into work mode today, but fortunately it's not too crazy here. The city I work in has done pretty poor job of clearing the streets and sidewalks, so I think it's been difficult for a lot of patients to get to the clinic. Anyway, hope everyone is warm, dry, and safe and is having a good day.
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    NFL Tonight!!!!!

    I'm a die hard Patriots fan. I cannot wait for the playoffs!!!
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    What's on my food?

    I try to grow my own stuff in the summer, but the growing season is short here. I have rabbits, so I compost their poop and keep it totally organic and pesticide free. I wish I could do it year round.
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    Dad to nursing home? need advice

    I have to agree with the others. It's not healthy for either of your parents to be living like this. For whatever the reason, your father is not interested in helping himself, so your hands are pretty much tied. I think getting a case manager involved is a good idea. My heart goes out to you and your parents-this is never easy.
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    Signs you've given up on the relationship

    I agree with what Leslie said. People do tend to give up easily, and I think a lot of marriages/relationships could be saved by counseling. That being said, once you've done everything you can to improve things and it doesn't work, it may be time to walk away. Best of luck to you.
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    What's on my food?

    Eeewww! This is why I buy organic and from local organic producers whenever possible.
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    Monday 27th day of December

    Good evening to those in the US and Canada. I guess those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are sleeping soundly now or at least I hope you are. Still snowing lightly here, but I'm all shoveled out thanks to my kids and neighbors. DS had to be forcibly removed from his bed, but he'll get over it. We got together late this AM and shoveled one house out and then the other. Many hands do make work light...sort of!! We ended up having a big snowball fight and then going in for some hot chocolate, which segued into adult hot chocolate for the adults. I've had myself a good nap and I'm going to read in front of the fire for a while. It's been nice having a long weekend off from work, but I guess I better gear myself up for my one day before I go on vacation. Grace, are you out there? Hope all is well.
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    Monday 27th day of December

    Good morning/evening. Sabby, your winter wonderland looks like mine. It's still snowing and it looks like we have a about 18" on the ground. I could barely open my front door to see if my intrepid newspaper person was able to leave my morning newspaper fix. He wasn't (duh!) so I'll have to go without today. My clinic is closed today so I have the day at home to clean the house and hopefully not eat as much junk as I did yesterday. And of course, there's loads of shoveling to do. AKY, I'm so glad you had a good Christmas. Take care of that back!! Tweety, stay warm and hope your day goes by fast. How was brunch yesterday?? Hi Leevil-nice to see you. Sabby, I like to play that game with my cats, too, but they're ignoring me now cause they have new catnip mice to torment. Hmmm, now I have a big decision......apple pie or yogurt for breakfast???