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    OMG This Actually Exists...

    I think I should get that for my completely bald SO....he'd rock it!!
  2. BCgradnurse

    Thursday January 21, 2016

    Good morning all! I've missed this thread and wanted to say hello. It's nice to "see" old friends and some new faces. I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to catching up again. Hoping everyone stays safe from the upcoming East Coast storm.
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    From a Holocoust Survivor.

    I guess I extrapolated carry special identification to wearing badges. It's a slippery slope, still.
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    What ONE Medical OR Non-Medical Word Do You Feel Is...

    I despise the phrase "reach out", as in "I'm going to reach out to Joe and see what he thinks". How about just saying "I'm going to call Joe" or I'm going to talk to Joe". It just seems really pretentious and ******* silly to me. I like F bombs, too.....
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    From a Holocoust Survivor.

    http://www.nytimes.com/politics/first-draft/2015/11/20/donald-trump-says-hed-absolutely-require-muslims-to-register/?_r=0 This is where I originally saw his proposal. Like all media, it could be inaccurate. But still, the thought is frightening.
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    From a Holocoust Survivor.

    Actually, what I was referring to (and should have said directly) is Trump's proposal to have Muslims wear identification badges. That is exactly what Hitler did to Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. before he started carting them off to concentration camps. It's not too big of a stretch to imagine the next step could be internment camps for Muslims. Then what? But, as Herring said, comparisons could be done about many things.
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    Your First Kiss

    7th grade Spring Dance. Our eyeglasses mashed together as our lips met...oh, young love!!!
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    From a Holocoust Survivor.

    As a Jew who had several Holocaust (not Holocoust) survivors in my family and has heard their experiences, let me assure you that Obama does not resemble Hitler, even remotely. Take a closer look at some other xenophobic presidential candidates and I think you'll see "amazing" similarities. You frighten me a bit.
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    Who Would Be Your Choice For President

    All this talk of "Christian" principles makes me wonder whatever happened to separation of Church and State? Regardless of party affiliation, I will not vote for any religious fanatic or xenophobic moron. I'm going to vote for Bernie in the primary, but will vote for Hilary Clinton if she wins the democratic nomination even though she's not my first choice.
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    You Have Just ONE Wish...

    I would wish for peace....I have everything I need, and I want to hear happy stuff on the news again. Sounds trite, but that's really all I want.
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    You know your a mom when...

    When you're standing in the check out line at the grocery store and you find yourself rocking back and forth.....I still do it and my baby is 19.
  12. Confession time...I ordered it. I WILL find someone to wear it with me, should it ever get here.
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    Ground Zero Syria

    Oh dear God...those poor people. And yet they don't give up and keep placing themselves in danger to help others. Your friend is doing great work. Please thank him for me.
  14. I need that sweater, but alas...it's backordered.....
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    The search for the perfect mascara...

    Best mascara I have every used is Calvin Klein. My DD gave it to me for my birthday and I love it!
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    Would you like some cheese with that whine?

    I'm post-menopausal so I can't whine about my period anymore. But let me tell you about them hot flashes........
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    What is you Elvish Name?

    Mine is "Nieriel", pronounced Nee-air-ee-el. It means "bee". I kinda like it.....
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    I will be MIA for awhile...

    OC- Thinking of you and hoping this all gets straightened out soon. (((((OC)))))
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    What bands/artists have you seen in concert?

    Dayam, Far......you were hot!! I had the exact same hair back in the day......but I didn't have a handcuff belt!
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    What bands/artists have you seen in concert?

    Here's my list: Foreigner Peter Frampton Aerosmith Fleetwood Mac Bee gees Rolling Stones Billy Joel J. Geils Til Tuesday Bon Jovi Grateful Dead The Motels The Eurythmics Pure Prairie League then I took a many year hiatus, but in the last year I've seen.... Matthew Sweet Elvis Costello Steely Dan Spoon The Decemberists St. Vincent Foo Fighters James Taylor, Sufjan Stevens, Jason Isbell, Brandi Carlisle, and the Decemberists (all at Newport Folk Festival.) I forgot how much I love live music....glad i'm getting back in that groove.
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    The Happy Hour Weekday Thread!

    I love, love, love oysters...on the half shell! Enjoy your evening in the city. Tonight will be a grill steak and watch movies night. I'm thinking a vodka gimlet.....
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    Running at an Advanced Age

    I used to run 5-6 miles per day...then I finally listened to my hips and knees screaming and slowed down to a walk. Now I'm in a lazy phase and I haven't exercised regularly in a while. I'd rather sit and eat cake........
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    The Happy Hour Weekday Thread!

    Thursday is my Friday, so does that mean I get 2 drinks (one for the weekday and one for the weekend)? I'll take a couple of Moscow Mules, please.
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    AN.com Anonymous

    I tried to stay away....I really did...but I've relapsed (sobbing..). I'm powerless when it comes to AN. I've cut back on my posting but I still read every day. Sometimes I read several times a day...I'm going to have to learn to live with it.
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    I Love It When That Happens!

    I didn't get stuck behind any school buses on my way to work today..ILIWTH!!