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  1. BCgradnurse

    Monday August 19th 2019

    @NSIME- Glad to hear DH is getting the ball rolling in getting some assistance with Nannie. I had to laugh when I read about her thinking she's allergic to everything. I've had several of those patients in my allergy career. They get very mad when all their allergy testing is negative. Sadly, my cat never did come back. She was old (16) and had CKD and a big heart murmur, but seemed fine prior to her disappearance. She is also microchipped and was wearing a collar with her name and my phone number on it. I think it was her time to go. I miss her terribly, as you must miss your dog.
  2. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    And the big smiles on his and Melania's faces, like this was a celebratory occasion. They disgust me.
  3. BCgradnurse

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Afternoon- My cat is still missing. It's been a week. She's done this before and her longest time MIA was 29 days. Still, my heart is a little heavy. We saw the musical Hamilton last night at a beautiful restored theater in Providence, RI. It was definitely worthy of all the hype. It is nice that they are touring smaller cities and the ticket prices are much more affordable. We had a nice sushi dinner beforehand. The theater is located in a neighborhood that I had not explored before. There were a lot of little cafes, shops, and galleries. I'll have to go back. Tweety-That is unbelievable about the Rapid Response nurse. Holy cow, why didn't she use her brain??? NurseBlaq-School has started already? Our area doesn't go back til the beginning of Sept. I hope your sleep gets straightened out. Joe-I couldn't see the pictures either. Ted-I hope Amy's musical goes well despite all the snafus and poor leadership. I hope you get more sleep today. Hi to Herring, and all else who stop by
  4. BCgradnurse

    Domestic Terrorism

    Scary stuff https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/08/conversation-christian-picciolini/595543/?utm_term=2019-08-06T12%3A00%3A29&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=the-atlantic&utm_content=edit-promo&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR2vOmMpjXKasIbQSacrZ1Pr-IzquEotE4dmKad_VXL9qRXHq3HYsNK-A5o
  5. BCgradnurse

    Tuesday August 6, 2019

    Good afternoon- I've been feeling a bit blue these last few days. I think it's part post vacation let down, missing my kids, and the fact that my older cat has been MIA since last Thursday. She is a known wanderer and this kind of behavior is not unusual. But, she now has kidney issues and that adds to my worry. The neighbors have been alerted and are keeping an eye out for her. Her collar has my contact info on it and she is microchipped. She tends to stay in the woods and hunt for her dinner when she goes walkabout. I hope she is ok and comes back soon. I hope all here are doing well. I had a minute and wanted to say hi.
  6. BCgradnurse

    Friday August 2 2019

    Morning- I have certainly lucked out on weather for my staycation. Going to be in the low 80s today ad sunny. Right now I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up and we are headed back to Block Island for the day. I'll see DD for a bit, but she is working a double so she won't be able to hang out with us. I spent most of yesterday at a local beach. I'm going through a lot of sunblock this summer, . I really don't want to go back to work on Monday. Joe-I hope today is less hectic for you. Hope all have a good day!
  7. BCgradnurse

    Thursday August 1, 2019

    Morning- Supposed to be a gorgeous day today, not too hot. Yesterday was brutal. I met a friend in Boston yesterday for a museum visit and lunch, and was drenched in the less than half mile walk from the subway stop to the museum. Then we had big thunderstorms in the afternoon that cooled things off a bit. Last night I met another friend for dinner and then we had Chinese reflexology massages. They focus mostly on your feet, but also massage your scalp, neck, and arms. It was pretty nice. Today may be another beach day. Nurse Blaq-I'm glad the legal stuff is behind you, and I hope your ex stays away. Don't hesitate to call the police if he starts to harass you. Tweety-Maybe today will be a good day at work, maybe it won't. I hope for the latter. Hope all have a good day.
  8. BCgradnurse

    Tuesday July 30, 2019

    That is horrific. That poor family. Something similar happened to an acquaintance of mine several years ago. Her daughter hit a tree after skidding on black ice. Mom was the radiologist who got the CT scan to read. For whatever reason she had never been notified that her daughter was in an accident. Daughter's last name was different from hers, so the hospital staff didn't make the connection. It was not good and the poor girl never regained consciousness. I will mentally hug my kids tonight, as they are elsewhere. Between this and the shooting, you must be drained, Steph. I hope you get some time to recharge.
  9. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I never hear him criticize his buddy Mitch for the horrible poverty in Kentucky.
  10. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Oh, please. It is not a different argument. Trump continues to make race an issue. No one is making anything up here.
  11. BCgradnurse

    Tuesday July 30, 2019

    Morning- Had a lovely beach day yesterday. We stayed til after 5 and then drove home through a few pop up thunderstorms. Today is forecast to be very hot and humid, so we will probably stay home. Fiance is hosting a poker game at the house tonight, so I will meet my sister for dinner and then come home and watch movies in my bedroom. It's great to not have to go to work! If only I could retire, . Tweety-Hope you sleep better tonight. Joe -have a nice dinner with the group. Off to walk before it gets too hot. Have a great day!
  12. BCgradnurse

    Sunday July 28, 2019

    Not a fan of super noisy restaurants either. There also has to be enough light so I can see the dang menu. This aging stuff is for the birds!
  13. Weeny Bunz!!! I love it!!!!
  14. BCgradnurse

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Typical whataboutism. If you wouldn't stand for those things I mentioned above in other people, why would you tolerate them in the leader of our country? FWIW-I believe the hue and cry from Democrats for Al Franken to resign for his bad behavior was pretty strong at the time. Lots of people on both sides of the aisle were quick to criticize Joe Biden for being too touchy. Joe apologized for his behavior and said he would do better. Anyone ever hear an apology from Trump? Yet, Trump gets away with it all.
  15. BCgradnurse

    Mueller Hearing

    I'm for impeachment. He needs to be held accountable for his actions.