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  1. Hugs to you, Stars. I am so hoping that the eval reveals you know who's true self. People with dementia tend to decompensate when out of their usual environment, so maybe she'll be even worse. Ted, I hope your air conditioning is fixed pronto. I actually had to turn on the heat yesterday for a little while because the doggo was shaking and he hates to wear a coat. I just got back from an eye exam and I feel drained, and my eyes hurt. I dread these visits much the same way others dread the dentist. They are uncomfortable, often painful, and usually result in bad news. But, he said my retinas are improving and I can wait a year for the next visit. He was concerned about my BP, but I was feeling panicky. It has been around 110/70, when I'm not at a provider office. I am just going to kick back for the rest of the day to let my eyes recover. There is a chuck roast in the crockpot that I'll add carrots, onions and potatoes to. Its another gray, cool day and too wet to garden.
  2. nursej22

    Wednesday July 1 2020

    Rainy and gloomy here. Because of the holiday this week I got my usual 4 hours on Wednesday off. I forgot about it until yesterday morning when my supervisor reminded me. I wasn't sure the crazy one who is my job share was aware that she would need to work all day today, so I sent her what I thought was an innocent text to remind her. Hoo boy, that blew up. She proceeded to send group texts through out the day and even this morning expressing her disapproval. In the 3 years I've worked here she has always done what ever she wanted, and this was not what she wanted. The supervisor pointed out that this has been on the schedule since May, but that didn't appease the crazy one, one bit. Oh well, I think her little tantrum may come back to bite her in the butt. I went for a good run in the park, and then packed up the dog and drove to pick up my murder hornet trap from dd. But she forgot to put it out before she left for work. I stopped at the grocery store to grab some to make for dinner, and searched for rice cooking wine and OJ for the trap. I am going to substitute sake for the unfound rice wine. I suppose I could go to an oriental market, but I don't like to leave the dog in the car for too long, even though its a cool (mid 50s) day. Home for my televisit counseling session which was meh. I think I'll give it one more try and then stop. I would really like to work on the source of my anger and she is concentrating on cognitive behavioral therapy around just getting through provider visits without exploding and yelling at people. I had a frustrating call with the office that did one of my ultrasounds. The medical insurance paid all but $30 on one, including the Dr.'s interpretation. The other one was not paid, so I will have to pay $800 out of pocket, plus $30 for a Dr. interpretation. The reason being the covered one was billed as an office visit (even though no doctor was present) and the other is billed as an outpatient procedure, even though it took place in a building with several dr. offices. And this so-called outpatient procedure can't be an office visit " cuz that's just not how they do it. " I am going to try to pursue this because this is ridiculous . Had it been in the hospital I would get it, but not when it's done in an office building. I wish I could ride to work at times, but it's 16 miles and would take me 2 hours to get home due to the big hill I live on. Happy birthday Ozzie!
  3. Hi, it's cool and damp here. I just got back from a home visit to draw blood to assess TB drug levels and then I have to go back this afternoon to do them again. My very nice patient had an A1C of 14 in March and diabetes can decrease absorption of meds, so we want to assure that she is being treated optimally. I stopped at the grocery store last night to pick up chicken and salads for dinner and was heartened to see everyone, customers and staff in masks. Last week it was about 50/50. Our county cases continue to rise, but the systems in place to tally numbers is, shall we say, less than great. Many people are going to another county to get tested and it can take a few days for those results to filter over to us. Condolences to you and your family, Joe. Yay, Ted, you got to stay in your home unit! and hurray for days off. Tweety, enjoy yoga! and dependable AC! That sounds weird in the same sentence, doesn't it? BC, I long to travel, but getting on a plane now would make me very nervous. I've been told that airplane air is much better filtered now than in the past, but being shoulder to shoulder with an unmasked person would freak me out. Cheers
  4. nursej22

    Saturday June 27 2020

    They were available to my PCP yesterday afternoon. But she is so unreliable, I doubt I will know anything before the end of next week. I may ask our TB doc to take a peek on Wednesday, if she is comfortable with that. And spanikopita sounds wonderful.
  5. nursej22

    Saturday June 27 2020

    Hullo. Gray, cool day here and I'm not feeling motivated, at all. That is weird, because I had a great run this morning which usually invigorates me, but not today. I came home yesterday feeling yucky. I was unhappy with the crazy one, but more so with the powers that be that let her do what ever she wants and I get to clean up behind her. I also had a headache (get them every day now) and my arm hurt where the CT dye was injected. And I got a email from the union saying my employer is expected all nurses to take a 32 hours of furlough time in the month of July. Which is weird, because they just hired 2 more nurses. So I ate a snack when I got home, and drank a beer, and then something I never do, had a second beer. After that, I just couldn't keep my eyes open and laid down for a nap. I woke up thinking it was the next day, and looked at the time and couldn't believe I'd slept 12 hours! Well, I didn't. I slept 1 hour, . But I got up and had some left over chicken tiki masala for dinner, and went back to bed. Herring, the pork chops sound wonderful. Growing up, my father would never eat pork, so my mother never cooked it. A neighbor would bring over a cooked pork chop for my mom occasionally and I thought it tasted amazing. Mom said dad ate so much salt pork when he was young that he wouldn't never eat it again. Sinbad! I remember seeing those movies as a child and loving them. Perhaps I will check out Svengoolie tonight. Tweety, when I read your posts it makes me afraid for my old co-workers at the hospital. The positives in our county are not needing acute care, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. On Facebook people are bragging about how they are beating the corona virus as they build herd immunity. Foolish, in my opinion. Hang in there Stars. Hi Amo, and Dianah and Ted.
  6. nursej22

    Thursday June 25 2020

    Work is semi-quiet, although I am getting unusual phone calls, which actually adds a little interest to my day. One was from an insurance company with a pre-authorization notice, but unfortunately we are not the office of Dr. So and So. Another was from a pediatrician tattling on a family group with 3 children positive for COVID. Of course, we already have the test results, but I thanked her for her concern. Good news on that subject though, SIL tested negative after a work exposure. Positive cases are starting to grow exponentially, but so far only 2 hospitalized cases that are not in ICU. NSIME, I am glad you are feeling better. Yes, indeed keep your appointments. Those are like gold! Weather is nice, about 70 degrees with a light breeze. I walked to a nearby sandwich shop for lunch. I usually bring left-overs but I left the house late. And the sandwich was a little disappointing. Carry on
  7. nursej22

    Tuesday June 23 2020

    I got my car title in the mail this morning. Private businesses are able to sell car tabs and do title transfers, so that is where I usually go. They collect a minimal fee ($2 I think) per transaction. The Department of Licensing office , where we go to renew drivers licenses has only recently reopened. I just came back from a blood draw and a jog/walk. I needed a creatinine level for my CT angiogram of my arm on Friday. Very few people at the park. I saw a cedar waxwing sitting in the willows by the pond. Further down the trail I saw a garter snake sunning itself. And lots of cottontails hippety-hopping in and out of the bushes. I broke down and bought some work clothes on line. The outlet mall I usually go to still hasn't opened. I think they are waiting until the Canadians can come to shop. Not much else planned except trivia tonight.
  8. nursej22

    Monday June 22 2020

    Gosh, stars, I am so sorry. I had a feeling you weren't feeling well, but my mind always goes for the worst possible. I have had my dealings with health care providers about regarding pain in the last year and I hope relief is soon to be had.
  9. nursej22

    Monday June 22 2020

    I had a nice bike ride this morning by the beach. The weather is finally nice and I saw a lot more people out walking and biking. This area is usually visited by a lot of Canadians who come down from Vancouver, but the border is closed except for essential travel, so it is not nearly as busy as usual. My riding speed is slowly increasing which feels good. My weight loss is stuck, so I am trying to increase activity and avoid "empty" calories. Of course, then I came home and had strawberry shortcake for lunch, d'oh. The locally grown strawberries are so sweet and delicious that I am enjoying them while they are available. And I used 2% milk instead of half n half. I have chased the vacuum around and am finishing dh's laundry. I also washed 2 of our vehicles in the driveway and then realized that our local water restrictions say no watering on Monday. d'oh, again. I saw a recipe for a quiche that used cauliflower for the crust, now if I can only remember where I saw it....I think it had spinach in it and we have some in the garden that needs to be used up. It looks like our county moving to phase 3 may be delayed because of the number of positive cases. Knock on wood, hospitalizations are still low. Take care folks. Stay healthy. PS where is Stars?
  10. When I peeked at my work email today I see 21 new COVID cases today, bringing our little county to 499, with 39 deaths since March. One cannot attribute all new cases to increased testing, because we are still only testing symptomatic and close contacts to positive cases. Plus the hospital tests people pre-procedure. A local MD had a pt refuse to do a pre-procedure test because she thought if she was positive the state would take her children away. Thank you internet, not.
  11. Hi, and happy fathers day to human and pet dads. Tweety, I too am concentrating on staying healthy: trying to eat healthy carbs, fats and proteins, exercising daily, Vit. D supplements, and meditating to keep my cortisol levels down. And I choose not to work extra to avoid that stress. I just got a call from dh's sister. She works at a large retailer and has been exposed to coronavirus. She had questions about where to get tested and understands she may need to quarantine. She mostly worried about her mom (my MIL). So far, she is asymptomatic 8 days after exposure, so I hope that continues. I went out for my usual Sunday breakfast with ds; we invited dh to come with but he slept in instead.We brought him back his favorite drink from Starbucks. I saw the barista attach the lid with her bare hand, so I removed it and washed it before giving it to dh. Now he has gone to his office. He left his personal cell there and I hope dd and other ds call or text him. Did a run, am washing sheets and trying to get motivated to do some yard work. Bleh. I look forward to the next great production from Amy/Ted studios! Hurray for beach time. Amo, take it easy and pace yourself.
  12. nursej22

    Saturday June 20 2020

    Joe, congrats on paying off your car. I paid mine off last month. I am making a real effort to get all debts paid down for retirement, in about 2 years. Next, I am tackling Dh's credit charges for his dental implants. Ugh, I hadn't even noticed that summer solstice was upon us! It is gray and gloomy here. I went for a bike ride, and got rained on. Good thing I cut the front grass yesterday. BCg, your kitty sounds adorable. Hopefully she and Niko will become fast friends. Enjoy the beach! Herring, Pearl has such a sweet face. Yeah, I would avoid shoulder to shoulder contact, too. I wasn't aware of Juneteenth until last year, when I saw it on a calendar. I blame growing up in such a white community. I have been doing lots of reading on it and the Tulsa massacre. No plans for today, dh says he is going to the office to work. I suppose I should tackle Mt. Washmore (laundry). It never seems to end. I saw an ad on the local facebook page advertising locally made masks, so I may walk down and check them out.
  13. nursej22

    Friday June 19 2020. Juneteenth

    Good late morning. The weather here is warm, but hazy, rain is expected for tomorrow. I really should cut the grass today, perhaps after my facial appointment in an hour. I bought a package of facial treatments in February, and have only had 1. I had an appointment with my PCP yesterday, and told her about my discussion with a health department doc who happens to be married to a radiologist. HD doc and radiologist kindly looked at the reports of my conflicting ultrasounds, and and recommended a CT angiogram. So that is now ordered and scheduled for next Friday. And I had a video appointment with counselor in the afternoon that got a little intense, but I think I am getting her to understand that my issues are deeper than what she originally thought. Gosh Tweety, I feel so bad about what you are having to endure with COVID-19. I keep expecting our area to have an explosion in cases. People who have been asked to quarantine are refusing, claiming the need to build herd immunity. I was at the grocery store yesterday and mask-wearing was about 50%. Idiots. Amo, my dh is really missing sports. I like to watch baseball in person, but I get a little bored with TV. A local station is re-airing old games from when the Mariners were good and we enjoy those. I tried 2 new recipes last night from a Mediterranean diet cookbook. I liked the one with garbanzo beans, cherry tomatoes and pasta. I made a salmon dish for dh, but he said it was just okay. Dh will not be home until late, so I think I will have popcorn for dinner.
  14. I am so flippin' mad right now. My PCP posted results of my venous duplex from yesterday that showed "acute thrombus with near occlusion right subclavian." But she labeled it as normal. So I left a message for her and called Cardiology. They said venous duplex from Friday was normal, no need to treat differently. Uh, wut? I sent them a screen shot of what PCP posted, but apparently Cards doesn't believe it, and even if it was true, I am already on an anticoagulant. And now it's after hours. I sent a note to PCP asking for other imaging and a second opinion, except there's only one cardiology office in town. Maybe a vascular surgeon ? Other than that, I had a nice run in the rain this morning, watched a bunch of Netflix and a video about Assertiveness. And I changed the elastic bands on a couple of my fabric work masks and added a nose wire. I am making mac n cheese for dinner. Seems appropriate for a cool rainy day and I just want to eat my anger in carbs.
  15. nursej22

    Wednesday June 3 2020

    Good morning, it's my half-day today, and then I have 6 days off. I am going to try to run after work, but I also have 2 video appointments (PCP and counselor) and and plan to pick up a book I ordered at a local bookstore. Dianah, I am glad you were able to find a vet for Bear so that he could go in peace. Tweety, I too had trouble sleeping and got up at 4 instead of 6. Stars, I think most the nursing homes here have been able to keep COVID in check, once we were able to get them proper PPE and refine their infection prevention procedures. The state health department is testing every care facility in the state this week and next. We have already done about 1/2 of those in our county. Amo, sending healing thoughts your way. Ted, looking forward to pics and possibly videos of your hikes. Our weather has been cool (50s) for the past few days, and it was foggy this morning which indicates a high humidity. It is supposed to warm up tomorrow. We traditionally label the month of June as "Junuary." I did a little internet search and found "subclavian vein stenosis" as a possible cause to my weird arm color and swelling. Ugh, I really don't want to go see yet another Dr! Who will likely say "hmm, we should monitor that, come back in 3 months". Have a wonderful day, all.
  16. I wish I could stay home today. I left for work without my wallet and had to go back and get it. And then I did a home visit because patient said I could come any time and I woke her up. Grr. I am making many phone calls and playing phone tag and just want this day to be over. Had an uncomfortable conversation with a provider related to information that the crazy one had given out, so I hope that is cleared up. So here is a weird a thing. Yougest ds noticed a few days ago that my arms are two different colors and one appears sl. larger than the other. My right arm is sort of ruddy and sl. swollen. It feels fine, but I keep comparing my arms. I asked a trusted co-worker if she saw a difference, and she sees it too. I have a video call with my PCP tomorrow for something unrelated, so I suppose I should mention it. As Tweety says, "its always something." Ted, I get an awful cramp in one foot from time to time. I can't say what triggers them, but my toes and forefoot will contract and it hurts! And like many expectant mothers, I used to wake up with charlie horses in the middle of the night that would make me jump of bed trying to relieve them. I think at the time I was told it was a calcium thing. But you have my sympathies. Very few new COVID cases here as well. A fishing ship docked to take off one positive crew member and reportedly has 86 positive, asymptomatic folks. Thankfully no one else disembarked and they were on their way to Seattle. Take care, all.
  17. nursej22

    Domestic Terrorism

    Here is a thought-provoking opinion piece by a former DHS official. White supremacist terror is rising, and Trump's policies kneecap our ability to fight back I am neither for or against Biden, but I think our country needs to do more about domestic terrorism.
  18. nursej22

    Domestic Terrorism

    Police deemed vandalism and looting a viable threat in our area last night, causing Target and Walmart to close early. I went to Walmart this morning to pick up an item for a patient and the main entrance was blockaded with full pallets of bulk goods. But thankfully, there was no unrest reported.
  19. nursej22

    Domestic Terrorism

  20. nursej22

    President Trump National Scandal

    Republicans had no beef when they recently one a special election in the California 25th congressional district by mail-in vote. But then again, this is a traditional Republican district.
  21. nursej22

    President Trump National Scandal

    How does the president observe a weekend when our country is approaching a death toll of 100,000 from COVID-19 and we commemorate the lives lost in service to our country? He goes golfing. And this after he called for houses of worship to re-open and expose countless people to the virus.
  22. nursej22

    Friday May 15 2020

    Thank you for the info, Joe. Dd has one that attaches like that, which I would rather do than on top of the car because I am vertically challenged. I'm short, okay? Anyway, she was going to lend it to me and then I remembered that it made her rear hatch so heavy that it came down on her head. She got a mild concussion and needed her scalp glued shut. I am sure the newer ones are lighter.
  23. nursej22

    President Trump National Scandal

    I think it's interesting that the Go Fund Me page was created the day before Ms. Luther reopened her salon. https://www.texasmonthly.com/news/dallas-salon-arrest-gofundme/ But I do commend her for reportedly helping out others. Call me a skeptic though because I'd like to see the receipts .
  24. I sat down for a lunch break and made the mistake of turning on the TV and now I don't want to get up again! I finally got the asparagus patch weeded (its about 4 x 8 ') and cut about 10 spears. I have laundry to fold and will clean the bathrooms. I'm not sure what dinner will be. I need to use the asparagus and there are some sweet potatoes to use up. Dh insists he needs meat or fish for dinner so I will poke through the freezer to see what's left. We have tofu but he would never go for that. Ted, that is sad about your coworkers losing parents, but that is nice that you have a supportive crew. Herring, I love zinnias but I don't think our summers are long enough and hot enough for them to reach their full potential, but I grew magnificent ones in Idaho. I am just letting my hair get long but would love to just get a shampoo. And a pedicure. Perhaps in June. Stars, exciting to think about a new to you car. I just make an appointment to get our SUV in for brakes using some of our stimulus $$. I also need to order new license tabs. Done procrastinating, those socks won't fold themselves.

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