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    Thursday July 18, 2019

    G’morning, gradually feeling better. Pacer site is pretty swollen and bruised. Dd came by last night and put my hair up on my head, which felt wonderful. Dh has been struggling to put it in a scrunchie, with limited success. We went out for Thai food for dinner which was wonderful. When we came out there was the most beautiful double rainbow in the sky. Hope for a rewarding day for you all.
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    Wednesday, July 17, 2019, G'Morning Y'All.....

    Dianah, that dessert is called an Affogato, Italian for “drowned”. And I is indeed delicious. I have also had it with a shot of liqueur, like Amaretto.
  3. Gosh and Golly, Stars! I do not envy you one bit! Just a little tidbit to offer: Nannie May need some sort accessory for her walker if she can’t grip it. Or not, if it keeps her from getting around, know what I mean? Tweety, I am sure you know this already, but craft a functional resume rather than a chronological one, which are so booooring. This lets you emphasize your strengths. Well, here I sit in the short stay unit, flutter abated, biventricular pacer implanted. Procedure went well, and I am being the world’s worst patient. As nurses are wont to do. Feeling good, some some old friends/former coworkers. Family says I already look pinker, and warned the staff about my sassiness. So glad is back safe and sound. And so handsome! Rest up Ted, and enjoy the play. BC, hoping for relief for kitty. Dianah, gospel and bluegrass are timeless! Thank you for the video and memory jog. Night all, Lasix is hinting that I should get up, again.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Yes, $2.5 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the cumulative cost of Trump's almost weekly golf outings. I visit a National Park or two every year, and they make me very proud to be an American. Seeing armored vehicles parked around the National Mall, or fencing around the Lincoln Memorial does not.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Ah, good catch. according to one reporting source, the White House has not announced the cost of today's parade. I am going to guess its considerably more than just the National Park cost, which I think is a poor use of funds.
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    Wednesday July 3, 2019

    Hi, I am on vacation, huzzah! Well, technically my vacation days start next Wednesday, but I scheduled off Thurs through Tues anyway. I got out 2 hours late, due to a meeting that went ridiculously long while people who like to talk but don't say anything went on and on. Then some faxes that I had been expecting came through and I dealt with that. And a med shipment can and that needed to be put away. I just didn't feel like I could leave to the nutty one. She took a chart home last week and didn't bring it back until today. I know the supervisor was unhappy about that. Speaking of insect bites, one of my fellow employees got stung by something last weekend, went into anaphylaxis and got transported to hospital, while she was on vacation with hubby and 3 kids. She said her hubby admitted to wondering how he would raise 3 kids on his own, and she realized that he was the only one with life insurance. Her 5 year old thought the ambulance was cool. She has no idea what got her, but her arm looked gnarly, all red and swollen, with a black scab over the puncture. She was at the edge of a lake so doesn't think it was a spider. No big plans for tomorrow, may just chill at home. The neighbors set off lots of big fireworks, although we haven't heard much yet. Luckily, it doesn't seem to bother our doggo. Friday, I need to take dh to the oral surgeon for implants. He has to take valium before so he needs a driver. I hope he doesn't get sick. He puked his brains out when he got his wisdom teeth out years ago, to the point where I had to give him a phenergan suppository. That was unpleasant. Have a fun and safe 4th all!
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I have read that the tanks were able to be transported after all to the mall. A fireworks manufacturer has donated the fireworks, and the same day, and the increase tariffs on Chinese goods was delayed. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/july-4th-fireworks-donor-lobbied-president-trump-tariffs/story?id=64108794 Department of the Interior reports they pulled $2.5 million in National Park infrastructure funds to set up for trump's rally. And CNBC is reporting other costs bringing up the price tag to $92 million. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/08/16/trump-military-parade-expected-to-cost-80-million-more-than-estimated.html Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating. Hot and humid is in the forecast, with showers. I have been in Washington DC when it rains and it really dumps. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/forecast-for-trumps-july-fourth-celebration-chance-of-storms That is probably why White House are worried that turnout will be low, even with giving away tickets. I hope the new spokesperson is practicing her announcement that this was the greatest turnout ever! A big high point for me is a vets group giving out T-shirts commemorating the Navy ship USS John McCain, aka Big Bad John. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/jun/22/veterans-plan-to-give-out-uss-john-mccain-shirts-a/ This is looking to be a big cluster.
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    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Trump wants tanks at his 4th of July rally, er, celebration. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the Memorial Bridge can support them. To quote a Twitter poster, "best infrastructure week ever." He announced there would be brand-new Sherman tanks on display. You know, those ones that haven't been made in decades. And the RNC is handing out VIP tickets to a special viewing area in front of the Lincoln Memorial where DJT is going to speak. They are reportedly free, but coincidentally, the Trump hotel is sold out, even though room rates are double their normal amount. I know that I will not be there, nor will I watch on TV.
  9. Poor Mayson, Ted and Amy. Wishing you all peace. Having a decent day at work: processed some paperwork regarding immigration, got some specimens ready to ship. Watched the routine Monday TB webinar. I read about the latest measles case in Seattle. Apparently it is in a child who couldn't be immunized for underlying health issues, and now he is hospitalized. Very pleasant weather again, supposed to get to 80. I have some chicken I will grill on the barby for dinner, and there is some romaine lettuce in the garden to harvest, and I have some beets that I'm going to try cooking on the grill. Starting today fireworks are legal, so we shall see how Angus does. In the past he has ignored them, but he is getting older. Pleasant day all.
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    Sunday June 30, 2019

    Hi folks! We very much enjoyed the minor league baseball game last night. Temp was about 80 when we arrived with a nice breeze, and then down to around 65 as the sun went down. There were some excellent plays and some errors, like losing a fly ball in the lights. And they had a small fireworks show after. The players are college players, some from schools with competitive programs like Stanford and Maine. And then we stopped at a diner and shared an appetizer for dinner. This morning we played a round mini golf(yours truly did not win ), and then sat at a beachside cafe for lunch, dh and I had a wedge salad, youngest ds had a salmon BLT. And now, I'm just about ready for a nap. Dh says he is going shopping, but I suspect he is going to fall asleep in front of the TV shortly. The lawn is whispering "mow me", but it can wait until my eyelids are not quite so heavy.
  11. I found out the hard way about my personnel file. I filed a grievance when I was accused of sexual harassment and one of the actions recommended was to get a copy of my file(s). It had copies of all my past evaluations, applications for various positions, and any written comments that had been submitted about me, whether good or bad. There was note that I had not attended a training I signed up for, which I had, and a complaint from a patient saying I was rude on a day I didn't work, using my first name only which I shared with the very rude manager. I was able to demonstrate a history of favorable evals and to contest the negative things. Most work places document complaints and disciplinary actions in case they need to fire or demote someone, but employees have the right to contest. I mentioned it Tweety, in case the incident of the Tramedol comes back to bite you. The harassment accusation got thrown out, and I stayed in that unit for another year because I was going to show them they couldn't run me out. I think they were trying to retaliate because I got the manager in all kinds of trouble for reporting a potentially dangerous practice.
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    Part 2 of the Democratic Debate 2019

    I favor Warren overall, but I will support whoever the Democratic Party nominates.
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    Thursday June 27, 2019

    It actually rained! I could almost here the plants sucking it up. I hope it stops for Music in the Park tonight. Temp is around 65. I cut lots of roses last night before the rain started, because they would be wrecked, and brought them to work. Everyone seems to enjoy them. I did an ICS (Incident Command System) training this am. We do those periodically to stay current, plus we use them to plan for big projects like moving offices of several people. And then watched a webinar about a TB case in Alaska and how they overcame various challenges. Ted, now that the lawn has gotten some moisture, I'm going to need you to stop by, okay? Hang in there, Tweety. That was a pretty nice treat to have provided, and a body needs to refuel. Hullo to everyone else, and happy Thursday.
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    Media behaving badly

    Yu:, brag, brag; lie, lie; whine, whine; rant, rant; threaten, threaten; vague promise that something is going to happen, bigly; and greatest electoral college win ever!
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    The Violence in our Schools

    So allowing someone privacy and safety when the want to use the restroom is a special privilege? Allowing a couple to marry and or adopt a child is a special privilege? Got it. As long as I follow your rules, all is good. When I question them or point out, then I want my cake. I like cake. And as long as I have some, I will eat it.
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    Media behaving badly

    That rascally Fox Business channel and Maria Bartiromo got Trump all riled up this morning, to where I imagine he was frothing at the mouth. He was yelling, and talking over her with all sorts of bizarro stuff. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=maria+bartiromo+6%2f26&&view=detail&mid=66AF02958FC4FAE5A06566AF02958FC4FAE5A065&&FORM=VRDGAR The Trump interview starts at 16:37. I saw a hospital unit manager get walked out one day for going on a similar rant. Rumor was she accepting inpatient psychiatric treatment. And on Fox news, the Fox and Friends hosts think Mueller hasn't read his own report. SMDH.
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    The Caravan

    The picture of the drowned El Salvadoran and child seems to finally be shaking some people up. https://www.businessinsider.com/photo-migrant-family-drowned-rio-grande-blamed-trump-2019-6 Congress is passing a bill for aid, but Trump isn't happy that it isn't for "protection" and is threatened to veto it. Trump and McConnell own this.
  18. I watched it last night and wow. John Lithgow was great as Trump, as was Joel Gray as Sessions. I think my favorite part was when the entire cast turned and looked at the actor portraying Barr, after he read his part. I would urge everyone to watch it.
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    Tuesday June 25, 2019

    Hi, Grandsons are here. We played a rousing 3 hands of Uno, then a snack of buttered toast (second breakfast). They have migrated to their stash of games and toys they keep here: hot wheels and a Trouble game. The weather is decent but it may rain, so we may or may not go to a park. Angus is keeping a close eye on them. He likes them, but he is terribly jealous. I think he may have the beginnings of doggie dementia. He does get restless at night, and will hide in my closet and bark at an invisible boogie man. At times he will look at me like he doesn't recognize me. But he seems comfortable. Perhaps Mayson has a subluxation? But, yeah, the doggy NSAIDS can help. I think dd's old dog was on Rimadyl (sp?). I have heard of doggies getting benzos or SSRIs. Tweety, that is too bad about your bestie. I can kinda see why he might feel discouraged. He is lucky to have your help, and I know you will do what you can. Hopefully, he can get some answers and get to healing! Joe, your new job seems to fit you, and you seem to like the variety. Plus it is always nice when people call back. What with robocalls and spoofing I know I don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number. Did you read the article on the yellow side about a hospital having their phone system jammed? Steph, that is cool to find a Facebook group to connect with about your work. I imagine hospices tend to be small and spread out but networking with your herd is nice. Stars, I have that issue with extended release stuff. When did I take it last? And as another sign of approaching geezerhood, I have a weekly pill organizer, for the daily in the am with food, daily in the pm, twice a day, daily on an empty stomach, and sublingual. And mail?, most of it doesn't even come in the house, but into the recycle on the front porch. Anyway, off to the park, ta
  20. I hope it’s available later!
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    Monday June 24, 2019

    I wish that I could have gotten to know my grandparents, all of them had passed away by the time I was 5. I remember 1 grandfather for rolling his own cigarettes, and the other for his nicotine stained fingers. My paternal grandparents moved to this area from Minnesota during the depression, and lived the first winter in a tent. My grandfather salvaged lumber from sawmill to build a house for the second winter, and insulated it with newspapers. He ran a machine shop. My grandmother would not go to my parent's wedding because she could not afford a new dress. My dad went into the CCC and later the Navy to help his parents put food on the table for his 2 brothers. My mother's parents also moved here during the depression, from Indiana. They had a egg farm, and my grandmother sewed draperies. My mother had aspired to go to nursing school, but her mother became ill and died from rheumatic heart disease, so my mother became a bookkeeper right after high school instead.
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    Media behaving badly

    I agree with TMB. When an interviewer doesn't push back, they have essentially given someone free network airtime to spread their false narrative. I don't care that Todd asked about many subjects. I would rather he drill down for more detail. On Khashoggi, he could have pulled Trump back from spouting false numbers and asked if another country, say Norway, had done something similar, would the response have been the same. Or the border situation. At almost 2 1/2 years into this administration, Trumps blames Obama and the Democrats. He owns this and I think a good interviewer would press this. So what if Trump doesn't like it and calls Todd a "little wise guy". That's not worse than a smarmy suck-up.
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    Media behaving badly

    And I thought Stephanopoulos was bad. I would love to see Mehdi Hasan interview him, or Jonathan Swan from Axios.
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    Monday June 24, 2019

    Hi, Congratulations on your new pastor, Ted. I know this has weighing heavily on your congregation. I take Angus to an off-leash park occasionally, but I don't let him mingle with other dogs. He is unpredictably hostile at times. But if there is no one around, I let him run, which he seems to like. A nice, low key weekend. I overdid on yard work Saturday morning, which resulted in a headache and shortness of breath. So I curled up with a book and napped off and on. Yesterday was better. I actually went to the grocery store, which I loathe. It's just too overwhelming. I got fresh strawberries and made shortcake, to follow our grilled steak. Tonight will be burgers. Grandsons over coming over tomorrow to hang out. I plan to go shop for some sort of yard game and some books. Dianah, your trip sounded like so much fun! BC, yes that 3-fer concert sounded wonderful. NSIME, I enjoy your musings very much. Many people don't get my humor, but I think we are both hilarious. But I think nurses get that a lot. Herring, your stories inspire me to be a better person. I grew up in a lily-white community, not realizing until I was in high school how racist my community really was. Things are better than they were, but still need work. Good day to all
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    Media behaving badly

    Chuck Todd's interview with Trump on Meet the Press yesterday was ghastly. Trump threw out lie after lie, and Todd almost willfully failed to call him on them. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/meet-the-press/president-trump-s-full-unedited-interview-meet-press-n1020731 Some of the most egregious lies, in my mind: Not knowing about the number of casualties until 10 minutes before a strike. Claiming a million votes were thrown out in California, when in reality, the names of inactive voters were removed. Obama started family separations at the border, when it was started by Jeff Sessions. Stating the economy was ready to collapse before he took office. Denying he is considering demoting the head of the Fed. But, the question about Trump's presidential library was bizarre. What in the heck would be in it? The Art of the Deal, copies of his bankruptcies, and misspelled tweets?