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    Wednesday August 4, 2021

    I am back to work this afternoon. We had a good time with grandsons. I picked the eldest up from the climbing gym (future olympian?) then picked up youngest, and ordered pizza take-out. We at out on our deck, watching the hummers watch us. Afterward we watched some of the Olympics and a TV show about a Lego competition. I made them blueberry pancakes for breaky and then their dad came to pick them up. Weather continues to be hazy, mild temps, but the haze is supposed to lift tomorrow. I will believe when I see it. Chance of rain on Saturday, yes, please!. COVID case numbers continue to climb, but hospital admissions are staying relatively low. I guess the ED is very busy though because Monday they sent out a message via social media and the local paper begging people to use urgent and same day care whenever possible. We still have a lot of folks in the community use the ED for primary care, usually because they don't have insurance and can't afford to pay out of pocket. Good afternoon, guys and gals
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    Wednesday July 28 2021

    Our cases numbers continue to rise, although slower than other parts of the state. Sigh. You can bet if and when a booster comes out I will be in line! I am sitting here waiting for the crazy one to come so I can give her report, and then I have the afternoon off, woo hoo. The heat is supposed return this weekend, although not as hot as before, plus the smoke may come in. Sigh, again. Nothing exciting planned for my up coming days off, except an eye exam. I was supposed to go for a pacer check, but that had to get rescheduled due to an illness in their office. I hope it wasn't COVID. Joe, good for you for getting tested and glad that it was negative. Later, kids.
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    Tuesday July 13, 2021

    I don't remember being given money for candy. The little general store was about a mile away, but we lived on a highway so we weren't allowed to walk there. I remember some of that candy from Halloween. And we would occasionally be allowed to pick out spearmint gum on trips to the grocery store. But we had lots of treats in the summer: fresh berries and raw veggies from the garden. I still love picking and eating green beans from the vine.
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    Tuesday July 13, 2021

    I am sitting in my office, hiding from very nice, OCD co-worker who is buzzing around, because we have a new TB case. There is not a lot I can do right now, because the pt was transferred to a Seattle Hospital last week, and I don't have easy access to records. But that doesn't stop her from urging me to call to see what meds they have him on, and what other treatment he is getting, and what labs have they done. And she certainly isn't going to make any calls because she is soooooo busy. So now, I am wolfing down a left-over half burrito while I strategize where to start. The weather here is quite mild, about 70 with a light breeze. There are no fires close by, but the sky is getting hazy. I remember pop-it beads, but I don't remember having any. Okay lunch done, back to the grind.
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    Monday July 12th 2021

    Good morning. Another wash, rinse, repeat, day at work. I got up early to run to avoid the heat ( was only 68 degrees at 6) , which went okay. It's still about 50% humidity, and I was so sticky, that (TMI warning!!) it is difficult to pull my athletic bra off over my head. Even my legs felt like there was perspiration running down them. I didn't run at all last week while camping at 7000 ft elevation, and I hate to lose ground on my training. I am working toward another 10 K at the end of this month. Yesterday was pretty routine: breakfast at the diner, watch the Sunday news shows, putter around in garden. I was able to pick about 4 quarts of blueberries and dropped some off to ds, dd, and MIL. Dh cooked some beef short ribs in the NinjaPot that were quite good. And he is back to work today. Stars, I hope your hubby can get a referral for counseling. Anti-depressants are only effective in 40-60% of people, and are really best when combined with talk therapy. But I'm sure you know that. Tweety, enjoy your day off. I find doing routine chores actually rather calming. Joe, it sounds like your week will be busy indeed. I hope work is smooth are confined to the usual schedule. Ted, wow, that is a lot to deal with. Poor pup seems very sensitive to change. Hopefully the splint can come off and she can get back to her routine. Amo, I am sorry to read about the huffy-puffys. Definitely conserve your strength when you can. Perhaps you need a little fine-tuning with CHF meds? I need to run out to grab lunch now, see ya.
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    July 8, 2021

    Sending along healing thoughts for Sedona. I am glad you have a vet who seems thorough. Good grief, Tweety. It sounds like you are just churning patients through. Good for you to push back. Do you get overtime for missed breaks and staying late to chart? I hope so, because that is something the bean-counters hear loud and clear. Joe, our temps are cool, as well, in the 70s. I need your birding eyes when I walk. I saw goldfinches last night, and maybe cedar waxwings? except they seemed to small. Dh is still on vacay, and has been bringing me to work and picking me up so he can use my car instead of his work truck. It makes me feel a little trapped. Sitting at work waiting for return phone calls, and IT assist with a computer issue. Will try to run tonight after work and check out the new shoes. Stars and Dianah, let me know if that staring at the fridge works to get it cleaned. It seems to work for my dog when he wants to be walked, lol. Uh, I'm feeling really dizzy, but do you think I can find a bloody BP cuff anywhere? Very nice co-worker probably has one squirreled away in all her stuff but she's out of the office for the next 2 days. I guess I can use a pedi-cuff and check on my forearm. Or maybe I'm just hungry. Ta
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    Sunday June 13th 2021

    Amo! 😘
  8. nursej22

    Sunday June 13th 2021

    The rain that was forecast for yesterday started last night and continues intermittently. I am glad I got some weeding done yesterday, but wish I would have replanted half row of green beans that didn't sprout. We really needed the rain, though. We--dh, both ds and fiancé, dd and 2 grandsons went out to breakfast this morning. It is youngest grandson's birthday today. Dd said they streamed "In the Heights" last night and enjoyed it. I think I would rather see it in a theater. I started a load of laundry and cleaned up the kitchen, but not feeling too ambitious otherwise. Having a snoring dog next to me doesn't help. Perhaps I'll finally finish the book I started a month ago, lol. Cheers!
  9. nursej22

    Saturday June 12, 2021

    Hi Davey! I woke up stupid early again, sigh. Got my covid test in prep for procedure on Monday, then went down by the harbor for a run. The weather is turning out nicer that expected, and a nice breeze ameliorated the humidity. And I stopped by at eldest ds's place to retrieve my bike that he tuned. The stopped to pick up prescriptions and milk. Whew, I am ready for a nap! Have fun Dianah! It will be nice to be in the mountains during the heat. Yeah, Joe, a decent night's sleep. Those are good tips to try. Tweety, I wouldn't feel bad about playing by the rules. My supervisor has somehow approved for us 3 TB nurses and herself to be off for the same 3 days. The crazy offered to work and I could work one of the days too. And very nice OCD coworker works even on her days off, so I think its covered. The only reason we would need coverage is if a new infectious case was reported. I need to trim Angus's nails today, which is pretty much the only grooming he needs. That and washing the tear stains off his face. Where is Amo? I am starting to worry. HI HERRING !
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    Thursday June 10, 2021

    Maybe we are the same person, but different? Hmmm 😵
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    Tuesday June 8, 2020

    Uh, I'm late to the party. It turned out to be a decent day today, i.e. no rain and warmer than 45. I got a nice bike ride in, worked on removing the caulk around a bathtub, mowed, and weeded a bit. And I had a tele visit with PCP about lab results. Lipids are much better, metabolic panel all normal. In the past my ALT was elevated, and I suspect that had to do with high triglycerides. And I got reminded to get a boob squish. ugh. I've almost always worked with a union who made sure we did mandatory training on paid time. 1/2 a klonopin occasionally does not sound that bad to me, but I am sure there are tons of regulations about it. Dh gets prescribed 2 valium tablets each time he has work done on his implant. He only takes 1, and then saves the other for those terrible awful no good nights. I am not a fan of public speaking, but its gotten better since my teaching stint. I usually look for a few friendly faces in the crowd and try to speak directly to them. And when I hear my voice it is so weird. We will likely get a solar panel when we get our trailer. The few we looked at all had a plug in for them. My parents used to have a camper that used mostly propane: stove-fridge-heater so they only needed juice for lights, and would just start the truck every so often. Yup, seeing those old movies with caucasians playing ethic roles is cringe worthy now a days. Have you seen the one where John Wayne plays Genghis Khan? 🤦‍♀️ Stars, you are like me with bread. I usually only eat 1 slice a day, toasted for breakfast, and it has lots of grains and chew to it. I stopped buying white bread when the kids got braces 'cuz it would get all gummed up in the wires. Back to work tomorrow afternoon, sigh. I know I am going to be expected to watch an online conference for 2 hours. I hope I don't fall asleep. G'night
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    Sunday June 6, 2021

    Just got back from a brief bicycle ride. I was waiting and waiting for the weather to clear, and it didn't. We seemed to be stuck in our prototypical January: cool temps and rain showers. So I donned my windbreaker and stuck my phone in a zip lock bag just in case of rain and ventured out. Got a few sprinkles, but I think this is the fastest I've ever ridden this short, 6 mile loop, as I tried to beat a rain downpour. Youngest ds and I went to breakfast at the weird "trendy" place. Our favorite place was still closed, due to a death in the family, but should be open next weekend. Dh and I went to see "Dream Horse" last night. I had heard a favorable review on NPR, and it was okay, but a bit predictable. I don't think there will be any pride parades around here. Seattle is apparently having a "virtual" celebration. Yay for lunch with Dad! And yay to camping! dh and I are meeting with a financial advisor to see about using some retirement funds to purchase a tear-drop trailer and a pickup to tow it. Dh will be be 65 in December and we are just starting to explore the possibilities. But I know I am getting too old for tent camping.
  13. nursej22

    Saturday June 5th 2021

    BC, sending thoughts of healing and comfort your way for you and BFF. Tweety, wowsa! 4:1! And a bit belated, that is awful about your co-worker 's son was treated. Having a "safety officer" in our local schools is a bit of a hot button issue. Dd, as a member of a school board, has had some futile discussions with her district about the latest hire and some black marks on his employment history. Joe, that is pretty cool that you get are able to get out with J and your dad. Sleeping issues can really ruin one's day. I hope you can find the solution. I was up a lot last night. I think something I ate disagreed with my stomach, I was having a lot of epigastric burning and burping. Oh well, its better now. We are heading out to see a movie, wee! It rained hard last night and the yard is too wet to work in, so will find something else to do. I saw a group of birders at the park this morning as I was running, and they were all looking at something in a tree next to the trail. I was curious if it was some rare bird, but they said it was swallows. Okay, I see them zooming over the fields all the time, but maybe the birders were beginners getting used to their binoculars. I also saw bright yellow goldfinches, and heard a couple of woodpeckers.
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    Friday June 4, 2021

    Oh, hi. Having a decent day here. The weather is much cooler, it may get up to 70 today, or not. I did a nice bike ride yesterday by the bay/state park and there were 20-30 great blue herons wading out in the tide flats. I often see one solitary one in the estuary, but they all around the bay. Today, I went shopping for shorts, because I cannot keep my old ones up. I found some at Costco, of all places, and for much cheaper than what I've seen online. This afternoon will be gardening and hopefully I don't get rained on. Planning on going to a food truck round-up for dinner. It was supposed to be 6 trucks, but now it looks like only 4. Yeah, my short-haired dog loves the heat, but he hates wearing clothes, even when it's cold. Stars, good for your hubby for looking for therapy.
  15. nursej22

    Memorial Day Monday May 31 2021

    Hi folks. It is partly sunny today, predicted to get up to 72. Don't have any plans, per se. I went to the park to run fairly early and there were quite a few people there already. I had a decent run but the 65% humidity was annoying. I really perspire when I run and I hate it when it runs into my eyes. Yup transfers at shift change suck, and post ops can be so busy. I would hate to move someone who needed nausea medicine. I used to dread one PACU nurse who was stingy with nausea med, she insisted have the patient sniff an alcohol swab was more effective. Uh, no, it isn't. Our COVID rates are still higher than they should be, and not that many people are testing. I have in-laws who were positive but saw no reason to test the rest of the household. And the case investigators say cases refuse to list contacts and contacts refuse to test. I think the majority of testing is for pre-procedure and travel. And nursing homes, who have to keep testing weekly until the average comes down significantly. Oh, Ted, I do not envy training a puppy. They are so stinkin' cute, and so much work. It will pay off, eventually. Joe, that must have felt really nice to resume a normal activity with J. But a chance in bike paths might be fun, too. Stars, I'm glad Ozzie's insides are working again! Oh, the things we do as dog guardians! I'm thinking about my dad today, who passed away 8 years ago. He served in the Navy in WW2 and the Korean conflict. I drove to the cemetery for a visit yesterday, but it was so busy, I didn't even get out of the car. Maybe later today. Good day, all
  16. nursej22

    Sunday May 30, 2021

    Well, Stars, I see that you posted 4 hours ago, so we won't overlap today. Youngest ds and I went to a different place for breakfast this morning. Our local hometown diner is closed due to "family emergency." The other place was okay, but I think they try too hard at being different. The servers were all wearing satin, sequined or glittery tops and all wearing work boots. Menu items had cutsey names for various selections. But they didn't have waffles. I settled for french toast, which a little heavy. ds had a not just an omelette, but a French omelette that he wasn't crazy about either. But they had decent coffee, so there's that. I did a quick 6 mile bike ride to burn off the syrup, lol. Weather here is overcast and just spitting rain, in the mid 60s. BC, you are being a supportive sister, but of course you need to be aware of liabilities. Eek, hard to know what is the answer. Should you speak to a lawyer? Tweety, I think you were heard and good for you for speaking up. I do hope it lasts. Later, kids.
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    Saturday May 29, 2021

    Hi Mr. Stars! We are a-fixing to go trailer shopping once Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is over on the radio. The weather looks to be sunny and mild. I went to the park early to run, because I predict it will be busy today with families. We went out to eat last night at a place by the bay. It was quite busy, and we had a nice table outside. Dh had fish tacos, I had French onion soup. My dh is a baseball junkie, but he will watch any game, including little league and softball. I enjoy watching college women's fast pitch, but major league games on TV put me to sleep. Tweety, I admire you for owning up to your error, but I hope your employer can see the root cause. If I was your manager I would have a little talk with that pharmacist, just sayin'. He needs to watch his boundaries. Joe, are the birds changing? I mean, do you have much migration? I spotted some gold finches at the park this morning, and I heard woodpeckers, but I didn't stop to spot them. I think it's normal and healthy for us to review our work situations and assess our level of satisfaction. Just about time to go. Later.
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    Friday May 28, 2021

    Tweety, I completely agree with what others have said about your workplace. I would love to see the pharmacy take your place for 14 hours and then tell you how to do your job. A nurse with your level of experience and knowledge should be valued and supported, rather handing out petty discipline. Hurumph! It turned out to be a decent day here-partly sunny, mild temps 55-61, a little breezy. It is supposed to warm up to 70 for the weekend. I had a nice run to start the day, then Angus and I ran errands. Even though I am off this week because I traded with the crazy one, I still needed to turn in a signed timesheet with zero hours recorded on it. Plus, I pick up paint to finish my little project, got some new camping cookware, and got my pollen-covered car washed. The sporting goods store was busy! The line for the cashier has lots of big circles spaced 6 feet apart. I felt like I was at an old-fashioned cake walk, as I waited the the person at the front to advance, and then the person behind them, and so on, and then me! Alas, no cake at the end! I treated myself to a chai latte at a coffee stand. I finally found one that has sugar-free chai mix. Angus got a dog cookie. Then home to slap on the paint, and 2 buckets of weeds pulled. The doctor's office called to have me get labs drawn prior to my tele-visit. I expected a lipid panel for my lipitor, but they also ordered a CMP. I flummoxed the MA when I questioned the CMP. Her answer was "because they always order that." I asked because it will be out of pocket, so I just like to make sure that it is necessary. I suppose it is to check liver function. Anyhoo, I made an appointment for next week for the draw. Dianah, it is bittersweet to see valued people retire. Yes, your time is coming up, isn't it? Hi Joe, I hope the end of the week has gone smoothly for you. Your weather sounds like ours. Ted, in my experience puppies will chew on what ever they can get in their little mouths. We had a lab puppy that chewed my and dd's glasses, the insoles of dh's shoes, the TV cable, electric cords, furniture, garden tools, anything. Stars, good to see that Ozzie is doing better. Hi Amo, and BC.
  19. nursej22

    Thursday May 27 2021

    I just got home from an appointment with the pacemaker rep to fine tune my pacer. He wasn't able to all I had hoped because my device doesn't have all the newest features. But he did many adjustments and raised my upper rate. He also made an adjustment so the pacer wouldn't stimulate my diaphragm when I have my knees drawn up or am bent over weeding. I stopped for a little run in the park, but I think I inhaled a big dose of pollen and couldn't stop coughing. I was about to reach for my inhaler, but it finally let up. No weeding today, because it is rainy. I did quite a bit yesterday and cut the grass. I also had lunch with MIL which was nice. It was so pleasant to have a conversation with a person I don't live or work with. Joe, yes, do go out and see J. And weren't you going to see your dad, too? Stores are lifting mask restrictions here if you are vaccinated, but I am comfortable wearing mine still. Ted, humidity does make it tough to sleep. It's a good thing puppies are cute. Stars, I hope your pain is relieved and you enjoy the ball game. Hi everyone!
  20. nursej22

    Wednesday May 26, 2021

    Stars, when my Millie had accidents, it was sign that she had a UTI. After a quick ua, she would get a course of Antibiotics and it would clear up. Not sure it it is the same with boy doggies, but the vet said hers were due to her anatomy.
  21. Hey. The weather turned out nicer than predicted. I did a ten mile bike ride, then home for an online meeting for work. I worked in the garden for a bit, but came in for some Tylenol for my headache. The cardio office called to rebook my appt to adjust the pacer. It got canceled last week after 3 reschedules. I am not holding my breath that this one won't get canceled, too. I need to touch up some paint around the fireplace and then reattach some trim. I was going to grill some chicken for dinner, but take-out chinese sounds better. Ted, yup, puppies have those very sharp needle teeth, and they just don't understand why people don't love their love nips! Yeouch. Joe, I agree, dining out and coffee hour in person sounds much more satisfying than online. Of course, safety is important, but outside (in pleasant weather) would be nice. Tweety, I use my phone a lot, too. I listen to podcasts when I run and bike, I use a meditation app, track food, and use the calendar for appointments and reminders. When we travel, it is my alarm clock. Stars, glad that the return process was so smooth. I like to be active, for as long as I can. And challenging myself is rewarding, to me. Hi BC, Dianah, Amo, and Herring! Hope the day is treating all well.
  22. nursej22

    Monday May 24, 2021

    Cool and misty rainy here. A good day for a run, except my training program called for hill repeats: running up a hill for 20 secs with 'strong effort" and then back down the hill. For six intervals. Makes me think of gym class and wind sprints. Ugh. Felt so good to stop. I weighed my self and I've gained some, so I am going to get more serious about tracking food. I've been eating way too many cookies! but aren't cookies just about the perfect food? Stars, i am sorry that you've had so much grief about the phone. Probably best to let it go. My sis swears by her little Tracfone that she got at Walmart. We have a fair amount of birds of prey that live around here: bald eagles, coopers, sharp shin and red tail hawks, and owls. There is a bird sanctuary that brings birds to the local fair that is pretty cool. The ones they keep are those that can't be rehabilitated. Good for you Joe for going to the protest. I went to a few before COVID, and they are pretty uplifting. Today has been housework/laundry day. I got a message from my PCP office about needing a med review appointment. Luckily this can be a tele-call, and boom its booked. I can think of some other offices that could learn a trick or 2! Ted, your puppy is adorable! Sounds like she is going to train quickly. I've heard poodles are quite intelligent, and terriers are smart but stubborn. It's good that you and Amy can spend so much time with her initially. Hullo to all!
  23. nursej22

    Sunday May 23 2021

    Having an okay day. Had breaky with youngest ds. Walked around a bit checking out some new little restaurants that have just opened. One has teriyaki, pho and sushi. They have only been open a week and have been running out of food! I guess that is a good problem to have. The other place is a bar and grill that will have burgers and steak. I don't eat a lot of beef, but I do appreciate a well cooked rib eye steak. I've been puttering around in the yard--planted some flowers, hoed the weeds under the roses, pruned some unruly bushes. BC I am sorry for what your family is enduring. It really sucks after the loss you had that your sisters aren't getting along. Stars, I had issues with a smart phone that my workplace tried to have me use. The IT people needed to fix the security settings but wanted me to bring it to them, on the other side of town. Nope. I finally just turned it off and left it in my desk drawer. Nice to read everyone's posts...
  24. nursej22

    Saturday May 22 2021

    Ooh, Ted, I saw your video of Sedona on Facebook. Sooo cute! And she is bigger than I had imagined. She will have you worn out in no time, lol. I got a nice, 5 mile run in early this morning. I had to leave my jacket on for about a half a mile until I got warm. Normally I run in a tank top and shorts. Now I'm taking a break from weeding. I do need to wash laundry. Consolidated passwords sounds like a great idea. I have to sign on to many entities that don't interface: CDC, state department of health (actually this takes 3 different ones) , local hospital EMR, the lab, imaging, our EMR, my computer, our internet, etc. And now they are starting to require a second verification where they send you a code each time. Argh. Have a nice afternoon, evening all.
  25. nursej22

    Friday May 21, 2021

    Passwords! Bah, humbug. I just counted my list for work alone: 14 different log-ons, each with their own requirements and intervals to change and update. And yes, it is not unusual to go through a period of needing to update, then forget the new password and then have to reset multiple times in one week, 😂. I have a sort of a system/pattern I use, and when I update, the "special character" will just change to the next one on the keyboard. TGIF, it's Friday! Ugh, having to work 5 days in a row when 3 is my usual is tedious. I am not used to sitting at a desk so much. But due to trading, I will have 12 days off in a row, starting tomorrow. I met the new dog sitter last night, and I think Angus was ready to move in! She took time to rub his neck and whisper sweet nothings to him. At one point he looked over his shoulder at me as if to say "you may go, I have all I need here." The weather is still coolish, but should warm up this weekend. At least the lawn isn't growing as fast. But the cottonwoods are releasing their fluff, and it looks like it is snowing at times. Thanks, pollen. No plans for the weekend, except a facial tomorrow, and hopefully get out on my bike to try out the new adjustments, w00t!

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