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  1. nursej22

    Thursday April 25 2019

    Hi all, I hope the interview went well, Joe. I should think that practice would be a good thing. Tweety, I am sure you are enjoying the concert. Nel, I have seen that book. Perhaps I'll do like NSIME and look for it at the library. Herring, New Orleans has been one of my favorite cities to visit. So much history, food, and music. And the people are very nice. BC, I suppose this is one of your busiest times of the year. I love the blooming flowers, but they don't love me. I had a wellness visit today and I am in a bit of shock. I have been feeling very tired, thought it was my thyroid, so they drew blood, but they measured my pulse at 44 and a bit irregular. So they did an ecg I am in atrial flutter. So now I have a cardiology referral. Ick. I keep turning over in my mind about what tests I will most likely need. Ick. But at least there is a reason for my fatigue. And she is going to switch me from metformin to n-acetylcisteine. Afterward, I took dd to lunch for her birthday, and gave her a gift certificate to her hair salon. She is has been down lately, but had a promising job interview yesterday, so that is good news. She has been freelancing, making income erratic and I know she worries. I was going to finish cutting the grass this afternoon, but took a nap instead. It can wait until tomorrow . night all, j22
  2. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    50 tweets in the last 24 hours. Presidenting is hard!
  3. nursej22

    Monday April 22, 2019

    Oof, I had to come back to work to recover from the weekend. My wrists and knees are complaining. I pulled multiple buckets of weeds, fertilized blueberries and roses, and divided some perennials for MIL. Our little town had a community-wide clean up day on Saturday with free drop off for yard waste and junk, but they shut down early because of such good turn out. Dog and I went for a couple of really long walks; I go over to the school play field and if no one is around I let him run off leash. The weather was nice, but the ground is so wet I couldn't mow. Perhaps today after work. We usually go to an Easter brunch at a local country club, but just sort of forgot. Somehow, buffet food is just sort of disappointing to me. Often cold, or dry, or just bleagh. The whole nurses playing cards thing really blew up, didn't it? What a silly, insulting thing to say, and then blame it on fatigue. The state nurses association is confident that the 8 hour amendment will be changed, but I think it was inserted as a poison pill to kill the whole bill. Good grief, nurses just want an uninterrupted break. Every shift, or at least most shifts. Off of soapbox now, cheers
  4. nursej22

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    I thought this statement from Walt Disney's granddaughter to be an interesting critique of how at least one corporation used their tax cut from last year. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/22/disney-heiress-calls-bob-igers-total-compensation-insane.html Yes, we will always need service workers and they deserve a living wage. But instead, many wealthy people think that people at the poverty level deserve to be poor because they don't work hard enough or aren't smart enough. They work plenty hard and they are intelligent as well.
  5. nursej22

    Good Friday April 19 2018

    Heart felt condolences on your loss, herring. I hope you and your family can find some comfort in that you were able to follow step-mom's wishes. And yes, hospice nurses are fantastic. I feel like providers in our area just don't call them in soon enough. I am so ready to bust out of here. I found a major error on the part of the crazy one. No harm was done, but there was potential. She is off for the next week, but I plan to speak to supervisor next week. The rain has been holding off today, but forecast for sun tomorrow, and temp up to 60! Dh wants to go to a movie, but all I see in the theatres is superhero stuff (no for both of us) and horror (big no for dh) and Dumbo (no for me, the original was too sad). Maybe we'll stay in and watch The West Wing on Netflix. Ooh, feeding the doggos people food would frost my cookies, for sure. I am not sure most commercial chocolate has enough theobromine to hurt them, but there is no point in taking any chances. Or having to clean up dog vomit. amoLucia, I am sorry you had to endure such a negative experience. In our area, the hospital contracts with a company like a Press-Gainey, but I don't think they ask questions about safety. Is there a state level ombudsman? And good for that CNA. The good ones are worth their weight in gold. Perhaps these folks could help? https://www.state.nj.us/health/healthfacilities/file_complaint.shtml You just might save a life. Okay, let the weekend begin, HOO RAH!!!!
  6. nursej22

    Thursday April 19 2019

    I had a steroid shot in my shoulder once for calcific tendonitis and adhesive capsulitis. Did not help one bit.
  7. nursej22

    Thursday April 19 2019

    Good Rainy Morning, It does look glum outside, but I keep telling myself it's washing the pollen out of the air. I have been taking an antihistamine, and as I predicted, my eyes are drier and was quite sore this morning. Yesterday was sunny, sneezy and headachy. But I saw a photo of North Carolina the other day that showed a yellow haze from all the pollen. I started my work week yesterday. The crazy one left me a confusing pile to sort through, but not overwhelming. And I started the day with a 1 hour class about epidemiology: sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value and negative predictive value. Being a bit of a recovering math geek, I rather enjoyed it. Tweety, your trip sounded wonderful, and that is good that you didn't have to jump into crazy Thursday while severely jet lagged. Joe, I hope your music goes well and that the congregation appreciates your effort and devotion. I hope your wrist can heal quickly Nel. "itis" is no fun! Time to leave for work, great day all, j22
  8. nursej22

    Special Council Muller Report

    AG Barr is set to release his redacted version of Mueller report tomorrow. https://apnews.com/c60e0eee48a6495ea48e39a6c3c7377a But only after he holds a press conference with Rod Rosenstein, but no Mueller. Great, release it after the press conference so that the press has no chance to look at first and formulate questions. And I am reading reports that he has already briefed the WH. Nothing fishy there. I know she is not seen as a credible source here, but Rachel Maddow aired a very interesting story last night about how Barr previously issued a Justice Department ruling, but refused to show it to Congress. But he did give them a summary about how he justified sending the FBI to Panama to arrest Noriega back during Bush 41's administration. He even used the same wording, he offered "a summary of principle conclusions. " https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/barr-record-of-deception-for-bush-calls-credibility-into-question-1496086595805
  9. nursej22

    Media behaving badly

    News outlets are picking up this story about a GoFundMe to raise money for the 3 churches burned in Louisiana. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47961014 So far I see BBC, UPI, and the NY Times. But oddly, no Breitbart, no Fox and no Daily Wire. Although to his credit, Ben Shapiro tweeted that he sent a donation. I also went to the sites for Fox, Breitbart and Daily Wire and got no results using their search functions.
  10. nursej22

    Tuesday April 16 2019

    A fellow came over yesterday to give an estimate on installing a patio in the back. Dh got a small yearly bonus and its just burning a hole in his pocket. However, the estimate is about twice what the bonus was. I think a couple more people are going to bid, but I doubt any bids will be less. I decluttered a bit yesterday and, and poked around in the yard, but it is still pretty muddy; will try yard work again today before the rain starts. And then I got caught up watching Hoarders online. And looking at the reports of the Notre Dame fire. Very sad. And I got a call from HR about my health insurance. Somehow I got signed up for a spending account that doesn't go with my insurance plan. I thought something was funny about the enrollment last fall, but I am pretty sure I followed the instructions. Now that I have been to see an ophthalmologist and a retinal specialist this year, the plan I am switching to will give better coverage. This made me think that a single payer plan could have advantages... Looks like we are going to Sonoma to assist with a JDRF bike ride in August. I will have to forgo our usual trip to Las Vegas, but that's okay. Old coworkers and I are talking about a girls weekend later this fall, and truthfully, they are more fun than dh, in Vegas, anyway. He doesn't gamble, doesn't drink, and doesn't like the heat. Speaking of convos with people who aren't there: dh has this truly annoying habit of speaking as he is walking away. And then he gets annoyed when I can't understand. I will grant you that my hearing may not be tiptop, but its not always my fault when the speaker is moving away and another bit of noise, like a fan. Grrrr. Okay, I better move, cheers, j22
  11. nursej22

    Media behaving badly

    On Fox and Friends this morning, Ainsley Earhardt stated that Mary Magdalene brought the Crown of Thorns to Paris. https://www.rawstory.com/2019/04/fox-friends-host-claims-notre-dames-crown-thorns-brought-france-mary-magdalene/ The twitter thread on this is hilarious.
  12. nursej22

    Special Council Muller Report

    I do not think that America is focused on division and negativity. I think most Americans are trying to improve themselves by working within the system. I think the majority recognize climate change as a serious problem, want to be safe in their homes and schools, and want to earn a living wage. I am not understanding what you mean by recognition of "individual thought and freedom". The Bill of Rights protects these.
  13. nursej22

    The Congressional Thread

    And why is the fellow with the microphone holding a wooden spoon?
  14. nursej22

    The Congressional Thread

    What exactly is Trump doing to make lives better for people of color? It is not very clear in the video. Yes the unemployment rate is low, but it is low for all Americans, more in some areas that other. But people are still being attacked by police, black churches are being burned, and he wants to take away insurance coverage without a plan to replace it. And he continues to make threats towards Muslims.
  15. nursej22

    Sunday April 14 2019

    I had forgotten that we were going to a fundraiser dinner/auction last night until ds reminded me of about 2 hours before we were to leave! At least he didn't just pipe up when he was ready to leave, as he is wont to do at times. Anyway, monies were raised for summer activities for kids and young adults with autism, so it was all a good cause. The theme was Disco, and there were some amusing costumes. The background music was the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever, and I joked with dh that we were probably 2 of the 4 people in the room that saw it in a theatre. I am waiting for the telephone/cable guy to get here. Our land line has been out for about 2 weeks and I finally got around to calling it in. Also, one of the TV's signal is wonky, so the service person is going to look at that too. There is a pause in the rain today, so maybe some grass will get cut. Good day to all, j22