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  1. nursej22

    Sunday, 2/17

    Hi all, Sitting here enjoying second cup of coffee, watching the Sunday am news shows. Grandsons spent the night. We had baked potatoes with various toppings for dinner, and I cooked a small steak for dh. We watched the movie "Coco" on Netflix, which I really enjoyed. I made pancakes this morning instead of going out for breakfast, at the little boys' request. They are playing with legos now, and reading our collection of "Calvin and Hobbes" books. They both love to read. Yesterday we went into Costco to buy a suitcase. Man, there is one "brick and mortar" store that is thriving. We get a lot of Canadian customers, and the parking lot was packed and a big line at the gas pumps. We got our steps in as we parked in the far corner. Our snow is melting slowly and the sun is out today. We still have about 12 inches, more forecast for Wednesday. Dh is leaving this afternoon for an overnight trip, so I may go to a movie later. Other than that, it is the usual weekend chore of laundry. I need to dig out some summer clothes for our trip to Arizona next week. I am really looking forward to some sunshine. I don't think I could live in the desert year-round, but I do like a dose of sun once in a while. later, j22
  2. From Snopes.com quoting the New York Times https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/aca-versus-ahca In June and July 2009, with Democrats in charge, the Senate health committee spent nearly 60 hours over 13 days marking up the bill that became the Affordable Care Act. That September and October, the Senate Finance Committee worked on the legislation for eight days — its longest markup in two decades. It considered more than 130 amendments and held 79 roll-call votes. The full Senate debated the health care bill for 25 straight days before passing it on Dec. 24, 2009.
  3. nursej22

    Happy Valentine's Day Thursday February 14 2019

    Hi kids! I forgot to post yesterday. I usually post on my break, and I worked through both. We still have snow. Schools have been closed all week, mostly because of icy roads. And our local high school doesn't have reliable heat. But the school bond to build a new one passed! We have maybe 24-30 inches accumulated, hard to say because of drifting. It is warming up gradually, but freezes at night. Trivia: Michael Buble grew up just north of our area in a suburb of Vancouver, BC. He has a lovely voice and style, and seems like an awfully nice guy. BC, so sorry for your loss. Yes, having someone close to your age is sobering and reminds us of our own mortality. Hi Fran! Enjoy your sunshine. Joe, glad you had a nice dinner. Changing jobs is a hassle, but it sounds like this job is not very fulfilling. I suppose you will stay with case management? I took a call from a concerned parent who is worried our state is going to do away with personal exemptions for school vaccines. She assumed we were getting lots of calls about that. No, I said, more people are worried about getting measles vaccine for their kids. There was silence after that, and then a polite good bye. Need to get back to my presentation for a medical assistant group, on Measles, of things. Ta, j22
  4. nursej22

    Game of Groans

    Grandson's favorite joke: Don't play cards with wild cats. Cuz they're cheetahs
  5. There is a coal company in Wyoming or Montana that is suing our state to be allowed to build a coal shipping terminal to allow shipments to China. There have several attempts to build these terminals but they can't pass the environmental requirements. Our salmon is in danger too, and as a result our resident orca population is dying. But hey, jobs and lower taxes, right?
  6. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    DJT held a rally in our area before he was elected. There were ads to sign up to reserve free seats for the event. Progressives were signing up in order to prevent others from getting tickets. Apparently, there is no limit to tickets, and the campaign uses these numbers to boast about attendance. There were several counter-protesters outside the venue that day, with a very visible police presence to keep the two groups apart. The county reportedly spent and billed $53,000 for increased security. It was never reimbursed for that.
  7. nursej22

    Tuesday February 12 2019

    Hullo, It's snowing, again. We got maybe 8 inches overnight, hard to tell with the wind blowing and drifting. Roads that thawed yesterday, refroze and then a new coat of snow made things a little slick. Yes, we have a species of hummers, called Anna's Hummingbird, year round. I took the feeder out this morning and the little dude was right there. I haven't seen the little female in a couple of days. Dh was grumbly about one of his store managers that thinks he should close for weather. But they are a farm store that sells feed, propane and fire pellets that some people really depend on. So dh says he might just go down there himself and run the store. I never really saw the bedside report work well, although, I don't think expecting to get report on 7 patients in 30 minutes was realistic. Especially if you have to hunt down 4 or 5 staff to get report. And of course, admits arrive at the same time. I used to have one nurse who would not be ready for report until 45 minutes into the shift. And then, she would want to give me an ICU style report, with every lab done for the last week, all the family dynamics, and what not. I would remind her she told me all that yesterday, but she still had to go through it, every. single. day. Gosh Joe, that is irritating to have someone comb through your charting like that. Makes its feel like your not trusted. And you seem like a very detail-oriented person. It will be their loss if you go. Tweety, I would be upset too. I had to get a filling last year, and it seemed much more painful that I remember. I hope everyone has better weather that expected, and amazing days all around, j22
  8. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    You're are right that crowd size doesn't matter at this event. But the pattern of mendacity is what troubles me. I am not sure that person can even tell truth from exaggeration to flat out, intentional lie. That bothers me, and that his cult of followers don't even care. They don't care if they did or didn't get a tax cut. They don't care if social security and medicare is destroyed. They don't care if North Korea has nuclear weapons aimed at us, and they don't care if our elections are being manipulated by a foreign power.
  9. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    DJT is in El Paso tonight, speaking in an arena that holds 6500. O'Rourke is speaking at a nearby counter-protest that police estimate is 10,000 or 15,000 people. Trump tells his audience there are 35,000 attending his rally, and Beto has 200 or 300. Such a sad, pathetic being.
  10. nursej22

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    We made our best guess on withholding. I had read that the IRS calculations were going to be low, but dh also had a raise. We got about $200 back last year, and will need to pay $200 this year. So yes, we did save about $1000 on taxes.
  11. nursej22

    Media behaving badly

    Peter Hegseth on Fox and Friends, says he doesn't wash his hands, ever. https://www.newsweek.com/pete-hegseth-hand-washing-hygiene-fox-news-germs-1325989 This is someone DJT considered heading the VA. Think of all the money that could be saved by doing away with hand hygiene.
  12. nursej22

    Monday, 2/11/19

    G'morning, Our 1-3" of predicted snow last night turned into 8", with wind, so it drifted a bit. There was a 2 foot drift on the back deck. I waded through it to retrieve the hummingbird feeder to thaw it out. When I re-hung it, the little dude was zooming around my head. I think I have officially turned into crazy bird lady. dh and youngest ds had to leave for work before me, so they dug out the driveway. The drive in wasn't bad. 3 people called out, a couple were late. 8 more inches predicted tomorrow. Glad to read that Tweety and Nel have survived their arduous stretches. I work 5 days this week, 3 next week, visit the Flower and Garden show in Seattle, and then fly to Arizona to watch Spring Training baseball and soak up some sun and warmth. I am sooooo ready! Take care all, j22
  13. Okay, I finally see where the "farting cow" reference came from. As someone who has spent most of their life in dairy cow country, I can attest that cows do emit a great deal of methane. In fact, some farms actually capture it and use it for energy. Many nutritionists will tell you though, that cow milk isn't really that good for humans and many people eat too much meat. So maybe we don't need as many dairy farms, or beef, hog or chicken. Here is a picture of some of the wind turbines in Eastern Washington. In my opinion, they are a lot more attractive than clouds of coal smoke, or forests damaged by acid rain.