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    So far all witnesses have been fact witnesses. It is not their role to determine whether the president has committed treason, bribery or another high crime or misdemeannor. They have been subpoenaed to present evidence.
  2. nursej22

    Monday November 18 2019

    Monday, fun day, well, not really, but it's not terrible. Grandsons came over yesterday while their mum went to a friend's baby shower. Older kid and I made a wreath with greens from the yard. Younger kid and I made cookies. He likes to cook with his mom, so I was mostly just fetching ingredients while he scooped and measured. He learned how to chop nuts with a knife, and how to use my sifter. I drove the mixer, mostly to keep flour off the ceiling. Hmm, I know some dog urine burns the grass, but the raccoon thing is new to me. I know they leave behind very nasty feces, that one should use gloves to clean up. Tweety, a three hour nap! Congrats and you probably needed it! I heard of a local food truck that makes good Chinese dumplings that I've been meaning to try. I also need to try this shakshuka you folks have mentioned. I don't dh would go along with as a week night entree, but perhaps next weekend. Has anyone seen the Ford vs Ferrari movie yet? We may go see that next weekend. Maybe Mr. Stars needs a engine hoist for Nannie like race cars use? Oh, I am so bad for mentioning that. Back to my boring but tolerable day...
  3. nursej22


    I believe the whole "shipping pallets of cash" incident happened during the Bush 43 administration when they shipped billions in $100 bills to Iraq, not Iran. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/feb/08/usa.iraq1 How the US sent $12bn in cash to Iraq "And watched it vanishThe US flew nearly $12bn in shrink-wrapped $100 bills into Iraq, then distributed the cash with no proper control over who was receiving it and how it was being spent. The staggering scale of the biggest transfer of cash in the history of the Federal Reserve has been graphically laid bare by a US congressional committee." But yeah, people think Obama let the planes fly into the World Trade Center, so I can see how people can change history to fit their narrative.
  4. nursej22


    Also, Yovanovitch is a career foreign officer, not politically appointed. CBLover's article stated that Obama replaced political appointees. If she had nothing to offer, why then did Trump attack her in a real time tweet? Something he did not do to either of the two diplomats who testified on Wednesday.
  5. nursej22


    If she was so terrible, why did Trump wait until this year to pull her out of Ukraine? Could be it as a result of a disinformation campaign promoted by John Solomon and Giuliani? https://www.propublica.org/article/how-a-veteran-reporter-worked-with-giuliani-associates-to-launch-the-ukraine-conspiracy I wasn't familiar with Solomon until I heard a story on NPR this week. He seems to big big on fueling the Ukraine/2016 campaign interference. Apparently he appears on President Useful Idiot's favorite "news" channel quite a bit.
  6. nursej22

    Friday November 15 2019

    Good morning, I'm up before dawn, to watch a congressional hearing this morning before work. Been busy steady at work, but because of the holiday Monday, I have to flex 4 hours out of my 20 hours this week, so my time is compacted. I never worked anywhere where you got paid for a holiday even if you don't work that day. Dh got notice this week that he is getting a generous bonus this year and that has cheered him up considerably. Except, that yesterday he had a store manager essentially quit. So now he is down in the dumps again. I have no plans for the weekend, partly because dh is leaving on a 2 day work trip, and partly because it is raining. I may look to see if there are any movies to see at the theatre dh doesn't like. Have a great day all
  7. nursej22

    Monday November 11th 2019

    Dh has been down in the dumps and has been doing his usual talking while one of us is walking out of the room and I miss half of what he says, or talking while the TV is blaring, or the kitchen fan is on. But this weekend he was barely speaking, almost a whisper to the point where I would have to stop what I was doing, walk over to him, and ask him to repeat what he said. Ack, he better not be turning into Nannie! When he gets into a snit, he won't talk for about a day. That happened Saturday when he wants us to try a bunch of new recipes for Thanksgiving and I said I hope we can keep some of the traditionals. Well, that pi**ed him off, and he didn't speak until Sunday. Whew, that feels better to vent that. I went for a long bike ride today, but got super tired on the way back. On the last bit I go up a hill, and I'm panting hard and am wishing I had a heart rate monitor. As soon as I stopped, I turned on the timer on my phone and counted my pulse. 63! I would have expected a 100-110. Ah hah! Frustrated though that my appointment isn't until the 26th. I ran into town to drop off something at youngest ds's work, dropped off old clothes at Goodwill, and grabbed stuff for dinner tonight. Swept leaves when I got hope and started to watch "The Laundromat" on Netflix. No vets alive in my family any longer. I listened to a nice interview with a 90 something year old vet who flew B17 bombers over Germany. He now volunteers as a docent at the Museum of Flight on weekends, so we probably saw him a few weeks ago! Time to start dinner; going to try a pork chop with lemon caper sauce recipe I saw in the New York Times. Wish me luck !
  8. nursej22

    Sunday November 10 2019

    Good afternoon/evening, the weather turned out nicer than I expected. After the fog burned off, the sun came out and temps in the 50s. I went down to a park to do my walk/jog app, because I think the path is easier on my joints. I met the cutest little terrier mixes and their owners. I wonder if my pacer is set correctly, because I get pretty short of breath on the first jog interval, but then its not so bad. I get a pacer check at the end of the month, so I'll ask. Not sure if I need to get a heart rate monitor. I am wishing for an Apple iWatch for Christmas. But anyway, I have been putzing around in the garage, sweeping, trying to organize the mountain of stuff in there. I found a wreath making kit, so I'll give that a whirl when the grandkids come over. When I walked around to the back yard, the little birdies were super busy here, too. Chickadees, finches, juncos, flickers, and hummers. Dh was startled the other day to see a pileated woodpecker (the BIG kind) sort of wrapped around the suet feeder. Dinner will probably be take out pizza, which seems to have become our usual Sunday meal. No Seattle football game to watch today, but the Seattle Sounders won the championship today. Eldest ds is down there now, I suppose partying it up.
  9. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I see that in our state as well. In our recent election, a state-wide initiative cutting funding for transportation was passed and a referendum on affirmative action was defeated.
  10. nursej22

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    Yes, farmers are getting a double whammy: crops from last year they can't sell because of tariffs, and inability to raise different crops that might have a market. So much winning.
  11. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I think he is acting like a demented, narcissistic sociopath. I find 8 year olds to be sweet and inquisitive.
  12. nursej22

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    I read this incredibly sad story in the Washington Post about the increased rate of suicides among Midwest farmers. I hope at least some of your can see it. I'm not sure how much I can cut and paste without getting into trouble with copyrwrite issues: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2019/11/09/im-gonna-lose-everything/?arc404=true
  13. nursej22

    ABC and the Epstein story...comments?

    While I am not a fan of the sensationalistic style of writing of the article from the original post, there might be a few bits of truth there. But seeing that Tucker Carlson is one of the authors, I am not surprised at the lame attempt to tie this to Hillary Clinton. And yes, Ronan Farrow has also written about how his story was squelched, probably due to Matt Lauer's "star power". I agree that both of these stories point to bias on the part of media. That is why people should take in media with skepticism and a variety of sources. For more about the Epstein story, Julie K. Brown with the Miami Herald has written extensively on this case, including about ties to Alex Acosta, the former Secretary of Labor and Alan Dershowitz. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/business/media/miami-herald-epstein.html The Jeffrey Epstein Case Was Cold, Until a Miami Herald Reporter Got Accusers to Talk July 9, 2019 Julie K. Brown, an investigative journalist for The Miami Herald, expected to spend the week on the same emotionally brutal endeavor she has pursued for more than two years: interviewing women who say that, as girls, they were part of a sex ring run by the wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein.
  14. Hi guys, Plugging away here at work. I dropped my ballot off on Sunday. Our state has all mail-in/drop off ballots so there are no physical polling places except the election office. There are a lot of local offices on the ballot, including my daughter who is running for the school board. Good for you Ted, for getting back to your music. And a wedding to go to! I love weddings, they make me feel so sentimental. Joe, I was listening to a story on NPR the other morning about season affective disorder. Is that part of you anxiety? Anyway, I hope you can figure it out. Tweety, I am a little jealous about Elton John. Glad you enjoyed it. My dh has been having a lot pain in his knee, but of course, will not seek medical care for it. It helped somewhat when he stopped his statin drug, but he still limps at night, especially. Stars, Nannie has really got things scrambled. I remember a hospital patient who marched up and down the halls one night demanding to know why all these people were on his ship. He got quite irate at me, so I finally just walked away and kept my eye on the elevator in case he decided to disembark. Dianah, thank you for sharing your Dapper pictures. Your dh's beard is quite magnificent! The sky was so beautiful this morning during the obligatory dog walk. The mountains were all misty, and the sun coming up behind them lit them up with a pinkish glow. I didn't have my phone on me to snap a pic. Perhaps tomorrow.
  15. nursej22

    Saturday November 2, 2019

    Gosh Stars, that must be so frustrating. As I said before, if I lived closer I’d stop by and spell you. im feeling much better today. Did my walk/jog phone app, and did some yard cleanup. I made a broccoli beef stir fry, and now we’re on our way to s-I-l’s house for M-I-L’s birthday dinner. and I agree, a good long sleep is so restorative!