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nursej22 has 30 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in med/surg,CV.

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  1. nursej22

    Monday November 29 2021

    Happy Hannukah! Yesterday was rain, rain, rain. Flooding is minor, so far. We did a little shopping yesterday, and had to make a 10 mile detour because a mudslide closed the interstate again. The road we did take go along a steep hillside. In places, water was pouring down the hill and flowing across the road. Was very relieved once we got past that part. I tried to run yesterday, but after wading through the 4 inches of water at the end of the driveway, running in sloshy shoes and wet clothes wore me out after 3 miles. I am going to see if I can find a PT to see about my leg, that gets sore when running, and now driving. I also need to find a pharmacy that has one of dh's DM meds. His regular one hasn't been able to get it. He only takes it once a week. I suppose he may need to call his doc and get it changed. Back to work today, sigh. But only 3 days , then I'm off again for 6. Yeah, I don't use the slow cooker much, because all day on low still produces mushy food. Weather continues wet and warm. I didn't even turn on the heat yesterday.
  2. nursej22

    Saturday November 27, 2021

    Afternoon. The river is predicted to have moderate flooding this afternoon, but the two communities upriver from us will be affected more than us. Sigh. It is raining steadily, temp around 50. I did get out for a walk, and a little yard clean up before it really started coming down. Dh made stock from the turkey carcass yesterday. I seem to have developed an aversion to even looking at it. He will make some weird soup, put it into containers and into the freezer, and possibly eat 1 bowl. And then I will gradually dump it out through the year, because I do not care for it and he won't eat it because he never eats leftovers. It's sort of a weird dance we do. I pulled some old hamburger buns out of the freezer and plan to make bread pudding out of them. And I have some butter softening for cookies. We have also started our weird dance about Christmas. I would prefer to give small gifts, or gifts of time, but dh maintains that bigger is better. Even our kids plead to me (not him) to tell him the same. He will be shopping from now until Christmas eve, giving things that no one wants. And so it goes. We usually get our tree this weekend, but its too wet!
  3. nursej22

    Friday November 26, 2021

    Good morning! We had a nice time yesterday with the fam at our house. Son in law, who was originally going to have dinner at his house did most of the cooking, which was great. My oldest sister did come, which was mildly surprising. She got very upset at Christmas 2 years ago and I hadn't seen or heard from her since then. But it seems whatever upset set her has passed, and I'm glad. She always seems to have a dark cloud following her around. This week her septic doesn't want to drain and her furnace isn't working. I encouraged her to come early to shower and do laundry, which she did. And she promises she will call if things aren't fixed soon. I'm going for a run soon, in between rain showers. More "atmospheric rivers" coming through, but not to the same degree as last week. Temps mild, around 50. I am sort of ambidextrous? Mouse on the right. When I broke my right wrist a few years ago I used my left. When I was at the hospital, we all shared computers so it was a lot of work to switch it back and forth. I use scissors with my right. Most sports are left-handed, except I bowl with my right. But I can eat with both hands, lol. I drove with a clutch for many years, so the left foot is reserved for the clutch. Before cruise control, I used to use my left foot on the gas on long car trips. I'm with Tweety about adopting adult dogs! Puppies are cute, but exhausting!
  4. nursej22

    Wednesday November 24 2021

    I'm left-handed.
  5. nursej22

    Wednesday November 24 2021

    Today is clean the house day and prep for tomorrow's meal. Dh will brine the turkey. I will precook celery and onion for the stuffing, and make a cherry pie. Most of the rest is being provided by guests: sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, more pie, bread rolls. I'll make mashed taters and gravy tomorrow. And as usual, dh is fretting that there won't be enough food, 🤦‍♀️. The dishwasher was installed yesterday, yay! That will make hosting less daunting. I got new tires for youngest ds's car. He wanted me to go to a discount place but driving the car that far seemed unsafe to I went to a place closer but a little more expensive. I told him I would cover the difference. I used to crochet, but for bigger projects I always preferred the look of knitting. I used to do the lace on the edge of pillowcases, and I've done snowflakes that you later starch. The best tip I ever got was to hold the hook like a pencil, not like a tennis racket. It seems to go faster and the work was more even. Yes, Dianah, you and your cookies (and dh) are invited here, too!
  6. nursej22

    Tuesday November 23, 2021

    Good morning. Yes, Dianah, good idea to get tested! Yesterday was sort of wasted. I tried to go for a run, but my preferred trail was still closed by flood damage, as was choice #2. I finally settled at the beach, and my ear buds wouldn't work, so I tried to listen to my podcast just through the phone and missed half of it. There weren't as many shore birds as usual, some gulls and some brandt geese. I had to drive to work even though its my day off to turn in my time sheet. Perhaps before I retire they will enter the 21st century and get an electronic system where I don't have to physically sign a piece of paper! I made spaghetti for dinner, almost fell asleep whilst eating, so turned in early. Dishwasher will be installed today (yay) and I should shop. And I told youngest I would go get his new tires mounted. I want to see "Belfast", perhaps this weekend. I've been seeing a couple of little yorkies out walking in the morning. They are pretty dang cute. And there is another little fluffy thing, maybe a shih tzu, that seems fun. Unfortunately , Angus is so reactive to other dogs I can't get close enough to even talk to the owners or meet the dogs.
  7. nursej22

    Saturday November 20 2021

    Hi. Weather is overcast and cool, which beats warm and wet. There are clean-up parties going on around the county--people discarding ruined furniture and appliances, ripping out carpet, sheetrock and insulation. Apparently many vehicles were trashed. The outer communities have many low income residents because the housing is cheaper, and I don't think many of them have much in the way of resources. I already made a donation to the family of the fellow who was swept away. And we will contribute to a community fund for housing and repair. Dh and I purchased a new dishwasher yesterday, Merry Christmas to us! I think it cost as much as our last refrigerator! It will be a few weeks before it can be installed. We stopped at the pharmacy that does walk in flu and covid shots, but they were short staffed and weren't doing them yesterday. Dh has been washing dishes by hand, because my cut thumb really hurts, even with a glove. Tonight I am driving down to the big city. Dd has a free hotel room after attending a school board conference. She invited me to come down and we'll go shopping tomorrow. I doubt I will purchase much, but I like to window shop. Stars, good to read that your hubby's aching didn't last. It cracks me up when people talking about tracking devices, when they carry their phone everywhere. I drew up vaccines for a clinic one day, and I never figure out if the tracking device was already in the syringe or in the vaccine. And how did it fit through that itty bitty needle, lol. Dianah, I hope you are resting and recovering. Isn't it weird to have a cold? I can't remember the last time I had one, and that is fine with me! Joe, setting up new computers, like phones, can be a PITA. I can imagine having a good keyboard will make your work go smoother. Ooh, a play, how fun! I thought a spotted an unusual bird on the feeder, but with the binoculars it seems to be a starling who was pigging out and not letting the juncos and chickadees eat too. And I saw a towhee! I hope everyone is dry and warm!
  8. nursej22

    Thursday November 18, 2021

    I'm being a vegetable today. I got a short run in, but it's cold and rainy and miserable. I made a quick trip to Costco for vitamins, and ended up with a cartful, lol. I cut my thumb Tuesday night dicing up an apple, and trying to clean today is too painful. Dh got a bonus at work, so we will likely look for a new dishwasher. Apparently some come with wi-fi, although that just seems like something else to go haywire. Stars, good for you all to get your vaccines! Dh says he is going tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. Yeah, I suppose the standard flu is better than nothing. I find it odd that I got the high dose last year with out asking and this year it's seems like its verboten. Joe, yoga should suit you well. My tummy has been weird off and on, but finally seems to have settled. 80 degrees sounds heavenly, now. Tweety, does your student float with you? That would probably be good experience for her.
  9. nursej22

    Wednesday November 17, 2022

    I admit, I am quite fascinated by the bright hair colors being worn. I am mildly tempted to try them, but my hair tends to be quite dry and I fear I would be left with straw after coloring. But one look I have trouble with is women wearing tights as pants. I know it is their personal choice, but I wonder if they have seen what they look like, especially from behind. Ma'am, your gluteal cleft is not nearly as attractive as you may think.
  10. nursej22

    Wednesday November 17, 2022

    I made it to work today, lol. The flood waters have gone considerably. The local paper is estimating $10 million in damages to our county. I suppose that will likely go up as people return to their homes and assess damage. There is one person missing, presumably swept away in the flood waters. He was driving in the dark, got caught in rising waters, and tried to escape his car. Very sad. Today is clear and cold. I am glad I don't have a pet that doesn't care much about food. He is actually rather picky about food, but that's okay, I am too. I have heard about "The French Dispatch". I rather like quirky movies, although at times I'm not always sure what they are about, lol. I watched the latest episode of "Dope Sick" on Hulu yesterday, and its so good. And I see another Downton Abbey movie is coming out. I do enjoy going to theatres, especially with very visual movies like period pieces. I got my flu vaccine yesterday but was unsuccessful in getting a high dose one. Oh well. My arm is a wee tender, as usual. Beats having the flu! Joe, that is an interesting thought about the news. I admit, I get a little obsessed, but get frustrated when the focus is on 2-3 items each day and it seems so biased. News should be news, and opinions should be kept separate. Stay dry and warm, all.
  11. nursej22

    Friday, November 12, 2021

    I hope SloBro gets over his issues quickly. Angus will do that occaissionally, sometimes is anxiety, and sometimes I suspect he got into something he shouldn't. I usually just feed him some rice and steamed chicken and usually passes. I hear ya about taking on a management position. I just like to do my job and keep my head down. Dianah, hope you are having a great time. I don't envy Dickens characters strolling about in that heat! The Jingle Bell Run is an fund-raising event for the Arthritis Foundation that is put on by various chapters across the country every year in December. It is quite popular here, with many teams that will wear funny costumes. It is 5 K (3.1 miles] walk/run and there is a portion for dog owners to participate too. It is very wet here. The Pineapple Express, a rain pattern that originates near Hawaii, dumps buckets of rain, and temp goes up to 60 and melts mountain snow. So some low-land flooding is expected. I feel really tired today, I was up quite a bit in the night for tummy issues, so didn't sleep well. Tummy has settled for now but I am exhausted. I may go home early. Sis doesn't have her test results back, but she is asymptomatic.
  12. nursej22

    Wednesday October 20, 2021

    Hi. Its gray and rainy again today. Apparently there is a "cyclone bomb" forming off the coast that will bring a lot of rain. Our aquifers can certainly use it. Temps will stay mild in the 50s. I went to my sis's cardiology appointment but couldn't stay for all of it, but it just didn't sit right with me. I am not clear that the benefit of one of the recommended procedures is worth the risk. My judgement may be clouded as I've had negative experiences with that office, but I think I'm going to suggest a second opinion. Dianah, I wonder if I can send you a dm and ask some questions? Yes, Tweety, I am sure that football coach will be fine, but now he is suing the university. I am of the opinion that an employer can set conditions of employment and if you don't follow them then you don't work there. And good for you for achieving that pose. Joe, I definitely find that actually doing the work is the best way to learn and remember. And it seems you don't have the pressure, at least, to get stuff done that you had at your old job. Ah, yes, I have put my scrub pants on backwards, back in the day. I used to work night shift and would dress in dim light. I discovered it once while at work when I couldn't find my pockets. I think I wore them inside out once too. I have some slip on pants now that have a tag front and back that I've slipped on backwards, but I can tell pretty quickly. And yes, I've worn a t shirt inside out more than once. I hope the Braves can win tonight and keep the series going as long as possible. This is my Friday, woo hoo!
  13. nursej22

    Tuesday October 19th 2021

    Good morning, I wish I was home in my sweat pants, but alas, I am in the office and it's so weird that I don't have a mass of phone calls to make, or records to retrieve. I could prepare folders for when the next acute case comes in. But I know that very nice OCD co-worker will completely redo anything I do. Sigh. My sis has her electrophysiology consult today with the NP and I promised I would go along. Hopefully this one is more competent that the one I dealt with in the past. I went for a run last night which felt pretty good. The GERD continues, but maybe a little better. Saltines and milk for dinner, toast for breakfast. I brought a yogurt for lunch. I need to get back to mindful breathing. Tweety your weather sounds lovely, and Joe, yours doesn't sound bad either. The sun did come out yesterday and it got up to 55, it may get to 6 today. The autumn leaves are really peaking. We have a lot of native big leaf maples that turn bright yellow, vine maple turn bright orange, the oaks and liquidambar planted along the streets are crimson. They are quite pretty when the sun is out. Yesterday was the cut off for state employees to show vaccination or get fired. A fair amount of police resigned and a college football coach, plus some of his staff, got fired. A former co-worker was lamenting the loss of so many good law enforcement officers, but I agree with a pundit on Twitter: If you're a cop who refuses to get vaccinated what other things are you refusing to do for the good of others? Anyway, infection rates are still high, hospital is pretty full, deaths continue mainly in unvaccinated. Free-dumb!
  14. nursej22

    Friday October 15, 2021

    I have decided today will be a better day. And yet, it is rainy and gloomy. Temps are in the mid 50s. I prepared one of dh's favorite vegetables last night: roasted brussel sprouts. I personally do not like them. There is something about cruciferous vegetables that always seem to have a bitter taste to me. Anyway, he got home about and hour and a half late, they were waaay overcooked, there was an unpleasant aroma (to me, in the house). I announced this morning that I will not be cooking tonight. We are planning to get a little travel trailer, about 20 feet. We sort of put off looking until after the wedding, but maybe this weekend. I do remember parts of the that movie. Something about she is collecting rocks as souvenirs, and then they can't climb the pass and he starts chucking out the rocks. I'm going to make a cup of coffee, and get back to reading about noninferiority trials. yawn.
  15. nursej22

    Thursday October 14, 2021

    Re: shipping backlog. It's more complicated than unloading ships and getting cargo onto trucks. There are not enough trucks and truck drivers. There are not enough people in warehouses to receive and process goods, then in turn ship things to stores and individuals. So yeah, the national guard could drive trucks, if there were more. But even if the freight gets to the warehouse, it needs to be checked in and unloaded. Then the warehouse gets orders, pulls the orders and loads more trucks. And then the truck gets to a store and unloads it and gets put onto shelfs. And of course, everyone is shorthanded. Maybe the military could fill those giant cargo planes and drop stuff via parachute? I am having a crummy day at work. Didn't sleep well and very nice OCD coworker is leaving for 2 weeks and is supposed to get her work caught up and wants to discuss the noninferiority of various TB treatments. And its rainy and gloomy. Bah. But no one has fallen and I don't have to deal with unhappy customers, so that's a bonus. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. Tomorrow will be better.