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  1. I guess you could say it's humid here, because it's raining, . But it is forecast to taper off and the sun to come out this afternoon. Still on the cool side, it may get to 65 degrees today. Back at work, sigh. The crazy one has left me a pile of what I consider busy work. She hurt her dominant hand last month and it hasn't gotten better, so it has been a struggle for her to type and write. However, I would argue that there is no need for me to document a phone call to a pharmacy that I didn't actually make. I got a call from my new PCP who tried to get me in to see the vascular specialist sooner than Aug 18 to no avail. So I guess I wait. And my A1C is up to 5.8, from 5.7 so my weight loss and avoidance of carbs isn't quite having the effect I would have hoped. Bah. But he did agree to prescribe estrogen patches for hot flashes. Which is good, because last night I felt like I was in a sauna. Do take care all.
  2. nursej22

    Wednesday July 8 2020

    Good Morning, it is cool and cloudy here, with the forecast promising sun this afternoon, after I've gone into the office, of course. It looks like I will be training to a yet another new online reporting system for COVID. And it appears we are facilitating a new drive-up testing site this weekend. DD and I did well at Zoom trivia last night, except for one round my computer froze up and I didn't get the answers submitted. We are talking about going to a drive-in theatre this weekend. There is one about 30 miles away, but I used to love going to them when the kids were little when we lived in Idaho. There were magnificent thunderstorms almost every night, without any rain, so there was a light show to watch along with the movies. Okay, my computer is just being stupid now, so I'll quit for now. Hope everyone is safe and content.
  3. nursej22

    Tuesday July 7 2020

    I love goldfinches! This is a tattoo I had done on my right upper arm a couple of years ago.
  4. nursej22

    Tuesday July 7 2020

    Afternoon. I had a new patient appointment with a new PCP today and I think I'm going to like him. I felt like he listened, and I am hoping we can work together to figure out my arm. Which is still edematous (about 1-2+) and dusky in color. He is the first provider to show any concern about my daily headaches, too. He is going to try to move up my vascular specialist appointment (not holding my breath on that one) and wants me to get a head CT. And I got my A1C drawn. I am curious if it has gone down since losing 30 pounds, eating healthier and exercising daily. The weather is cooler and breezy today. I put on a hoodie to eat lunch out on the deck. There are some puffy clouds in the sky that may build into thunderheads as they meet the mountains. I have a virtual meeting with the union at 3:30 today to discuss taking furlough time for the rest of the year. My employer, the county, is trying to cut the budget so they want everyone to take 32 hours of furlough between now and the end of the year, and they are strongly discouraging vacation. They have acquiesced to 5 days of vacation this summer, but really want people to use furlough time (not get paid) instead. COVID case number are steady at about 5-7 a day. I saw a facebook post from a friend about a former ICU nurse coworker now an ICU patient. He is 30 something, in good shape. This has been one of my biggest worries with community members flouting mask wearing. Joe, isn't a good night's sleep wonderful?! So restorative. And seemingly elusive for many of us. Tweety, thank you for the pier story. Your pier reminds me of the Navy Pier in Chicago. I did a little image search to get an idea of the size. I hope you found outside dining. Stars, woo-hoo for bursitis zapping! I hope Nannie enjoys the flowers. I wonder if she will recognize your dh? Herring, that's too bad about your dh's car, but maybe a car would get better milage and be more economical in the long run? Cars, man. My aunt used to say they were like digging a pit that you continually threw money into. Amo, I would draw the line at okra as well. Otherwise, yum. Unfortunately , my dh won't eat left overs, so I strive to make just enough for a meal. He's kinda weird, in some ways, but I'm used to it. Happy rest of your day, all!
  5. nursej22

    Monday July 6 2020

    Good morning I am up a little late as I awoke in the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I am having trouble letting go of my unpleasant experiences with health care providers. And lately, they all seem unpleasant. But I finally got up, ate a snack, meditated, and was finally able to turn off my brain and return to sleep. We went for a drive yesterday. I had hoped we could stop and walk at the beach, but there were lots of people and dh said he wore the wrong shoes. So we went over to dh's office to retrieve something he had left behind and noticed people gathering across the street in a park. Local high schoolers were demonstrating in favor of Black Lives Matter and against racism. There were some counter-demonstrators who looked to be older men, many carrying flags, trying to shout down the kids with "All Lives Matter". It seemed peaceful, but loud. We would have stayed, but we had the dog and he was getting nervous. As we drove away we noticed at least 4 law enforcement cars approaching with flashing lights. We worried that a scuffle had broken out, but according to the news it remained peaceful. We grilled kebobs and peaches for dinner and they were tasty. I have been watching Hamilton at intervals, and I really like it! I did get out and work in the yard--trimming off spent blooms, weeding, and putting up reflective tape to scare the birds away from my blueberries. Dianah, thank you for the article. And I agree with you about singing at church. I understand that is important to many congregations but the risk just seems too great. Tweety, do take care. I know you are maximizing your personal health which is so important. And good for your for setting and keeping boundaries with work. Ted, arghh, staffing! I am glad it worked out. Our local hospital has been using physical therapists to do screening because their workload is so decreased. Joe that is nice you were able to attend church in a small group. I suppose with your area's high heat and humidity outside services would be uncomfortable. And yeah, heat would be tough to ride in. Our weather is finally turning better, partly cloudy, temps to 70. It's time for my run. Hullo to the rest that follow.
  6. nursej22

    Friday July 3rd 2020

    Hullo, I don't know where the day went, but it's nearly done. I did an early 3 mile walk/run, and then had a facial that felt divine. I desperately need a haircut, but the woman who has cut my hair for years is no longer doing hair. She switched to real estate and although I hope she is successful part of me wishes she will need to keep a few salon customers on the side. My hair is quite thick and most hair dressers struggle with it. I came home and got lost in the internet for a while, then got myself moving on washing the sheets and fixing some face masks by changing the elastic and adding nose wires. Dh and I are going to watch Hamilton tonight after dd shared her Disney+ account with me. The weather continues to be dreary and drippy. The temperature may have gotten up to 60 briefly. Weather.com promises partial sun breaks tomorrow. COVID cases continue around 5-10/day and 1 new death in our county. We are missing 4 out of 5 metrics to be able to advance to phase 3. Starting July 7 businesses can refuse service to customers not wearing a mask, but must offer reasonable accommodation such as curbside pickup, which many already do. To the north of us in British Columbia authorities are on the look out for Americans who are lingering. They are allowed to pass through on their way to and from Alaska aren't supposed to stay. I made a nice soup from the leftover chuck roast from last night: I sautéed onion, carrot and celery (I think that is mirepoix?), dumped in some leftover vegetable broth, leftover rice and some fresh rosemary and oregano, and a dry bay leaf. Not too shabby. No plans for tomorrow , although we may just go for a drive in the mountains if the weather is decent.
  7. nursej22

    Monday June 29 2020

    Hi all. I am trying not to be angry with the COVID skeptics, but it's a struggle. I heard about 2 health care workers who worked while symptomatic, 1 in the hospital and 1 in LTC. And the pastor from a church with 100 positives is not returning phone calls, so the health officer is planning on making an in-person visit. There are 3 people hospitalized in ICU. I have been asked again to work extra to help with contact follow-up, but the system is still a mess. I may work more if and when they get the systems to interface. The weather here is quite pleasant, supposed to get up to 75, with humidity around 70% which is tolerable with a light breeze. Herring, I am glad you and your dh enjoyed your day. Speaking of tracking things, I am going to participate in trying to trap a murder hornet! There are specific directions on how to make and bait a trap, and then to check it weekly and mail in the contents if one traps any bees, hornets or wasps. And if a person traps a live murder hornet there is an 800 number to call right away. DD and ds's fiance are all doing it, but I live closest to the site where a queen was found this spring. I really enjoyed all 3 seasons of The Crown. I thought the acting and costumes were wonderful. I hope everyone's day is better than expected.
  8. nursej22

    Friday June 26 2020

    TGIF! Frustrating day at work, that in part is cleaning up behind the crazy one. I suspect she ordered a lab incorrectly and I am trying to fix that, but after 5 phone calls, no luck. And she has left several messages at places, and today they are all calling back. Some I can handle, and others, I just take a message for her. Our health department director did a radio interview with NPR and it went national. She was talking about our clusters that are mainly young people partying and then taking the virus to work to share. I had my CT with contrast on my lunch break. and that was weird. It took longer to check in (scan the cards, sign all the papers, pay the co-pay) than to get the test done. They put an IV in my AC where there is quite a bit of scar tissue from blood donations and that stung a bit as she dug around. And when they inject the dye, you get hot and feel like you will wet yourself. I had always heard that before, but it was still caught me by surprise. Even my eardrums got hot! Anyway, my PCP is not in on Fridays, so I won't get any results until at least Monday. Weather has cooled off a bit, we may get some rain. If it holds off I am going to suggest to dh we get some take out and go sit by the bay for dinner. I had another poor night of sleep, so I plan to turn in early.
  9. nursej22

    Wednesday June 24 2020

    I am back to work this afternoon. Bleh. Weather is overcast, sort of humid and not hot, not cold. Did a short bike ride this morning. Sleeping is tough, due to hot flashes. My PCP won't re-order my estrogen patches, and I'm trying black cohosh which doesn't seem to help. But I'm changing PCPs in about 2 weeks so hopefully things can change. We did really bad at Trivia last night. Oh well, its free and entertaining. Hope everyone's day goes well.
  10. nursej22

    Wednesday June 17 2020

    Hi just finished at the dentist with a filling. There was a new assistant who just sort of rubbed me the wrong way. She talked as if I was a child, which I don't appreciate. Perhaps that is supposed to be comforting, but don't tell me my gums aren't happy, tell me what is happening. After I sat up she asked me if I was worried about the bleeding, and I said I had no idea I was bleeding. And then I said it must be because of the blood thinner I am on. I got the distinct impression that she neglected to review my med profile. And she kept saying I was doing just great. What does that mean? The vascular office called last night and the earliest I can be seen there is Aug 18. So I called my PCP and I'll see her tomorrow, this time for an in-person visit. DD and I won at trivia last night. Or I should say she won and I offered pithy commentary. I am almost finished with my half day of work and no plans for this afternoon. 4 hours of lawn mowing?Ugh! you need a riding mower, Ted. BC, your deck sounds lovely. We are planning a short camping trip, but most of our R&R will be on our deck, too. Amo, so nice to read that you are progressing. And everything Tweety said! Joe, I had an hour of meetings this morning. After 20 minutes, I just zone out. I don't know how you do 2 hours and get much out of it.
  11. Good to read that NSIME is getting some relief. IMO, coffee makes everything better. Made a home visit today to deliver meds to a patient on home isolation. Her provider started her on insulin last week and then called and fussed at me last week that it hadn't been picked up yet. I asked pt. today if she got it yet? Yes, but hadn't started yet, because they didn't order needles for the pens. D'oh! But she has used an insulin pen before, so I was relieved that I wasn't required to teach her that, using the telephone translator. Chaos continues at our health department, with people thinking home isolation and masks don't apply to them. A local state senator posted a photo on Facebook showing a group photo of graduating high school seniors standing shoulder to shoulder. So I suspect another cluster of cases next week. I don't think people will take this seriously until hospitalizations rise. As it is, we are making >100 calls or texts a day checking on home iso or quarentine. I wish I was in a little RV parked among the pine trees...
  12. nursej22

    Monday June 15 2020

    So irritated right now. We are having an outbreak in our county and have initiated quarantine and isolation for more that 100 people, and they don't seem to think they should stay home because their symptoms are mild. Many live in the town where dh has his office. He is wearing a mask, social distancing, and hand washing, but with his DM I worry. Many of the people in that town think this is just a flu. It's all fun and games until someone they know gets really sick. And our staff is trying to call everyone every day, and the numbers keep growing. Stupid, selfish so and so's. Well, its raining, again and that is supposed to continue through the weekend. I moved my hanging baskets into the greenhouse because they are pale and water-logged. I would try shashuka but I don't think it would fly with dh. He is a meat and potatoes for dinner kind of guy. Stars, I hope relief is on the way soon! Happy travels, Dianah! Herring, good to see your legacy of activism carries on! Ta
  13. nursej22

    Sunday June 14 2020. Flag Day

    Good Morning, Had a pleasant day yesterday. Had planned to do a virtual 5K with youngest grandson in the morning, but he wasn't into it after all, so we walked about 2 miles instead. I was pointing out the various birds that I could identify, and dd saw a bird I didn't recognize. Once I got home and looked in a field guide, I think it was a sapsucker. Afterwards I came home and cleaned house, made potato salad and shortcake for strawberries. Dh got groceries, and later eldest ds and his fiancé, dd and 2 grandsons came over for bbq. Dh grilled burgers and corn and we had watermelon. ds's Fiance brought a blueberry cake she made for grandson's birthday. It warmed up enough that we could sit out on the deck to visit and eat. Eldest ds is still quite sore from his pacer/icd implant. He is supposed to return to work tomorrow. It is cool and cloudy today, again. That hasn't slowed the grow of weeds or lawn, so that is where I will focus efforts today. Stars I hope you can continue to rest today and be seen tomorrow. BC, best wished to your mom. Joe, have fun on your bike! Have a good walk, Ted. Herring, is your car all shiny now? Wishing all to stay corona free!
  14. nursej22

    Friday June 12 2020

    Another gloomy day here, with sprinkles. And not the good kind like you put on cupcakes. It did warm up to 70 yesterday afternoon when the sun peaked out, which make for a rather warm, stick run after work. I stopped at the grocery store to get coffee and something quick for dinner. It was too crowded for comfort, so I just grabbed and scooted. It seems the youth in our area had several parties around memorial day and there has been lots of exposures. No one has been ill enough for hospitalization, but we are trying to contact >100 people day to check on symptoms. And I am waiting for a call from the mother of the 3 children I was supposed to do the TST on yesterday who wasn't home. Tweety, having coworkers come to work ill is ridiculous. I thought about you when I heard about the convention in Jacksonville. Ugh. BC, good luck on your job hunt. I hope you can get some beach therapy soon. Herring yay for carwashes! I always think my car runs better after a car wash, . Ted, that does sound like a busy shift, but I am glad you facilitated the ICU admission for that poor soul. Rose, pork chops are soo good as leftovers. Have fun with your dad. Wishes for good health to all. P.S. I saw this video on Twitter this morning of a flash mob performing Beethoven's Ode to Joy. I think it was done a few years ago, but just seeing the happiness on people's faces, especially the children, brought tears to my eyes.
  15. nursej22

    Thursday June 11 2020

    The weather here is just annoying, overcast, intermittent showers, sort of gloomy. Doggone it, its June and I want sun! It might get up to 60. Our poor garden seedlings are shivering and sort of stuck in suspended animation. We were going to get pizza last night, but the phone app wasn't working, so I called and got a recording that they were deep cleaning and wouldn't be open until Friday. Which means they probably had a positive COVID. We are having some clusters of positives, likely from Memorial Day get-togethers. And a local MD has told his patients that masks are unnecessary. Our health officer is going to have a little convo with him today. Ted, thank you for sharing your hike video! Your area is so green, and yet different from here. We have many more tall, evergreen trees. Joe, glad you have your bike. I don't think I would care to ride in 80 degree heat, though. And I don't like riding in rain, either. Stars, thank you for the tough guy talk. I am working on trying to be more assertive and less aggressive when talking to providers, but darn, when I feel like a ping pong ball bouncing between offices it gets my dander up. I shall channel my inner Cagney, . Charleston sounds nice. From what I've seen on television and read, it seems like a nice place to R&R. Fireworks? Weird. My poor old doggo doesn't seem to react which is good. Lightning doesn't bother him either, but the doorbell sets him off. I am off to do a home visit to do some TB skin tests on 3 kids. Later.

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