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  1. nursej22

    Tuesday June 18th 2019

    Afternoon. work is work. Spent some time entering data into the state system, faxing off record requests, looking for lab results online, a little of this, a little of that. My very nice, experienced, very detail oriented (some say obsessive) coworker was rewriting a form for the upteenth time and wanted me to look over her shoulder. I had to beg off after a while because my feet don't like it when I stand in one place for too long. The crazy one comes in tomorrow, and I think she is going to have a snit because I didn't a boo-boo she made. But I am off at 1 pm, . It was supposed to rain, but the forecast changed. Things are starting to look a little crispy, already. Our health officer is on a state-wide committee to deal with wild fire smoke, when it happens. It appears most everyone is having a decent day. Hang in there, Stars. j22
  2. nursej22

    Presidential Election 2020

    I tried, but couldn't get through it all. From what I saw, it blamed a lot on drug addiction, but of course, homelessness is more complicated than that. Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the US: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/data/114000-more-people-seattle-now-this-decades-fastest-growing-big-city-in-all-of-united-states/ This article from 2017 says a 1000 people a day: https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2017/03/27/25043201/more-than-1000-people-are-moving-to-seattle-every-week-census-report-shows Thanks, Amazon (sarcasm). But I think this is good old fashioned supply and demand. The average home price is $750,000 according to Bestplaces.net Housing prices are crazy, if you can find housing within a reasonable distance that doesn't require sitting hours in traffic. Much of the affordable housing that used to be near the downtown area has been leveled for high rises and upscale condos. Lower income people that perform service sector jobs have been displaced, so someone making minimum wage could very well be living in a car or a motor home or sharing an apartment with 2 other families. The not conservative city administration has made some strides, though. The last homeless count reported an 8% drop.
  3. nursej22

    Presidential Election 2020

    "Seattle is Dying" was produced by a TV station owned by Sinclair Broadcasting, known to be sympathetic to conservative causes. I would classify it more as an editorial than a documentary.
  4. nursej22

    Friday June 14, 2019

    Hi, I feel lucky to have our current neighbors. To one side, is a now-retired couple that we pretty much say hello to and that's about it. The other side is now the son of the couple who lived there when we moved in 22 years ago. They are very nice, with the cutest little boy and a sweet lab/shepherd mix dog. In the past, the house was rented to a variety of people: some noisy, some messy, and some that argued a lot. We hardly see anyone in the rental behind us, A little girl is there sometimes who yells, but mostly I just see their husky dog go in and out the back door which is usually ajar. But we have a large lot, so no one is looking directly into the next house. Across the street are more houses, but they are down hill from us, so all I see are rooftops. That is where I go for dog walks. At my old hospital there were 2 kinds of on-call, scheduled and unscheduled. Scheduled was for specialty units like OR, PACU, Cath Lab, L&D. I worked in cath lab recovery so I had scheduled on-call, but it ended up not being fair, in my opinion, so I left after 2 years. I was on call every Thurs and Fri from 11 to 7 am for 2 years. There was a verbal agreement that evening shift (me and two other nurses) would do week night call, and day shift (6 of them) would do weekend call. It ended up that day shift would do 1 weekend day a month, while I was doing 8-9 nights a month. But I just got tired of weekends never starting until Saturday morning. Unscheduled call was voluntary, you could specify how long you were willing to be on call. We got paid $2/hr, plus time and a half for a minimum of 4 hours if you got called in. I went to a town hall with my state senator last night, and he is a piece of work. I just couldn't get my nerve up enough to ask why he voted against a bill to strengthen immunization requirements for school. Sorry Steph. I am so tired today, even though I slept well. Youngest ds is home with what he thinks is the flu, and I hope I haven't caught something. I may go home early.
  5. nursej22

    Tuesday June 4th 2019

    Hi everyone, including herring's dh. Yup, cough always seems worse when lying down. I love the old TV westerns. Now when I watch Gunsmoke I realize that the acting and dialogue was better than some of the other ones. And I always like Matt Dillon's horse. I think it was a buckskin. Steph, that sounds like a nice get together for Spidey's team. Hopefully call is uneventful. I am going for a "squeeze" later this month. BC, are the allergy visits easing up? It is a little cooler here, in the 60s but the sun is still out. I am feeling okay, just a little tired, and I get winded when walking uphill. I have been Vit D, B12, and magnesium for about a month now, and I think something is helping. But bending over is awful. My head feels like it will explode, I can't breathe, and get a little nauseous. Dianah said she experienced something like it before her MVR. We went out for pizza last night-I had a Caesar salad and something called cheese balls, that is just pizza dough (they use a thick, puffy kind) smothered in cheese. But I came home and did some yard work to burn that off. Curry sounds so good! Dd had this conversation via text yesterday: Dd: I need your address to list you as a secondary beneficiary on life insurance. Me: 1234 Our Street? Dd: @#$! I meant to send that to older brother Me: Does that mean I don't get any money, ? Dd: I could give you like 1% so you could get yourself something nice to comfort you through my untimely demise. Me: Well, 1% would at least buy some cute shoes, that would be a fitting tribute, amirite? Dd: very true Me: Me: These seem fitting (the style name is the same as Dd.) Dd: Well now I'm jealous. You'll get those and I'll be dead. Me: I will leave you something for your own Louboutins. yeah, we're a little weird.
  6. nursej22

    Friday May 31 2019

    Herring, That is a nice bit of money. I am like you, I would probably be making a gift to a worthy cause. Joe, that is sort of a bittersweet feeling as you leave. Stay dry tomorrow. Weather here is still a little hazy, but I understand that smoke from Alberta wildfires are moving this way. I am going to check in with MIL tonight to see how her breathing is. It got really bad last year. Nothing exciting with work. I did find a few errors that nutty coworker made, but nothing to egregious. I kicked myself for not noticing the date on an x-ray was a year old, instead of recent. And I printed out a lab slip on the wrong printer. I don't think my car has a CD player, either. It has a USB port that I can plug my phone into, but I usually listen to the local news or NPR in my car. I can't seem to get Pandora to play. Ugh, mid afternoon doldrums are setting in. I am going for a walk. before the last push of the day. j22
  7. nursej22

    Friday May 31 2019

    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! And I love a little horseradish.
  8. nursej22

    Media behaving badly

    It is not the shows that are restricting reporters, it is the NY Times. The same paper that employs Maggie Haberman, who has come under fire recently for being too soft on Trump. I would be willing to bet that Maddow and Lemmon would both go on Hannity if invited.
  9. nursej22

    TraumaRUs's Rules for Air Travel

    If gate agents ask to to check you bag at the gate, I recommend doing it, so I that I don't have to get my bag in and out of the overhead compartment. Most baggage pick-ups are near ground transportation anyway, so you can just swing by and get it. If you do use the overhead bin, notice how everyone is loading and align your bag with the others. Airlines vary about whether wheels should be in or out. I prefer them in so I can just grab the handle. But there is always someone who has just slung their backpack in, taking up about 3 spots and then us shorties have to adjust it to get our back in. Take some antiseptic wipes to wipe down the tray table and armrests. Have your charger cable, ear buds or headphones, and a book handy. Also, a pen is nice to have.
  10. nursej22

    Thursday May 30 2019

    Hullo, there is still fog hanging on, but the weather app on my phone promises sunshine at some point today. I heard that we are way low on rainfall for the month, which doesn't bode well for fire season. My little town has been dealing with drinking water issues for a couple of years: they switched from pulling water from the river to a well a couple of years ago. But the well water was incredibly hard, resulting in ruined appliances and unhappy neighbors. They drilled a new well last year, but it doesn't seem to be producing as well as expected, so they are already announcing water restrictions to assure that the city would have enough in case of a large fire. Weird, for relatively rainy area. Work is, wash rinse, repeat. I am trying to track down old records from various providers and each one has their own protocol. I need to stop by eldest son's house to water, as he is out of town until next week. Dh is working late, so I may have popcorn for dinner. Have a great all, j22
  11. nursej22

    Progressive Income Taxation.

    Tom is only working 20 hours a week because he was laid off from his retail store manager position, and is now delivering pizzas and driving Uber, and looking for other work. He and his wife have been unable to make mortgage payments, so the bank is threatening to foreclose. His wife cannot find affordable childcare so she is not working, plus they only have one car that Tom uses for his work. They may be moving in with her mother soon, so why would he pay for street improvements or a bloody gate? Dick and his wife have a medically fragile child, so she only works part time in order to keep appointments and/or rush the child to care when needed. Dick has decided that time with his family is as important as a gate. He thinks if Harry wants a gate then he can pay for it. Life is way more complicated than a simplistic cartoon from Prager U.
  12. nursej22

    Sunday May 26th 2019

    Congrats on the new to you car, Tweety. Many Toyotas are made in the US now, and for me that would alleviate some of the guilt for not buying an American brand. My sister swears by Toyota and I think it is consistently rated high by Consumer Reports. And I too like the back up camera.
  13. nursej22

    Seriously flawed thinking.

    Your post has nothing at all to do with the #WalkAway movement which is what I was addressing. Yes, I think we all understand that you think someone who is barely getting by and living paycheck to paycheck should pay the same tax rate as someone who takes in tens of millions of dollars. LGBTQ rights extend far beyond unions/marriages. Their ability to serve their country in the military, to adopt, and protection from discrimination in jobs, school, and housing are also threatened.
  14. nursej22

    Sunday May 26th 2019

    The sun is out here, may get up to 70 degrees. We may go down to watch the canoe leg of the annual Ski to Sea Race. It is a multi-sport relay race that runs from the local ski area to and across the bay. Here is a link, and there is a nice video on the page: https://skitosea.com The canoe leg that goes down the river goes through our little town. We tried to go to the farmers' market yesterday, but forgot that it was parade day and there was no where to park. So went over to the fruit stand, and while shopping a bagpiper (who probably had been in the parade) walked down the sidewalk, playing his pipes. He was all decked out in a tartan kilt and regalia. Then we stopped by MIL with some rhubarb from our garden. Then we got a big case of hungry and stopped at Olive Garden. I love their gnocchi soup. I second the renting a car you might be interested in. My problem is, I like cars way out of my price range. My 2 favorites cars that I have driven were an Audi and a Lexus. But I love my little Subaru. Gosh, I wish I could sing. I realize a choir is a lot of work, but that is such a nice talent to have. happy day all, j22
  15. nursej22

    Saturday May 25 2019

    Stars, nutty coworker does not sing-sing, but she never. stops. talking. And it is either about her personal life or it is making judgmental, disparaging remarks about other staff or patients. We recently hired someone who was a nursing student when I taught, and I always thought he was quite bright. But she flat out said "why are we hiring him, he is stupid" . I too am glad to be able to vent here. I really like to give people the benefit of the doubt, until it appears they are just not nice. I even like demented people, usually. I used to be the sundowner whisperer. I could deescalate the frightened little old lady or little old man, and get them to settle. What if Nannie thought of the walker as a pet? Name her or him and remind her that Wilber or Hortense wants to be with her and help. Instead of the enemy, the walker is her best buddy. I am going to need to call youngest ds's health insurance people. He has a spending account and has never had access to the funds. He doesn't want to cause a fuss, but he has been accruing expenses and I think he should be able to access the account. I told him he should call and tell them if it didn't get fixed, the next call would be from his lawyer. Or mother. . Joe, I would love it if you would come to my workplace in your furry suit! No Sears around here, either. After visiting Chicago, I realized that they were the Amazon of their time, shipping people the stuff they couldn't get otherwise, including houses. Too bad they didn't or couldn't adapt. I listened to a podcast about Amazon, and I really like them less and less. Especially the way they undercut competitors and then buy them out. Wow, I have written a lot. That may be the wine, see ya