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  1. nursej22

    Art and Music

    I love that song! Thank you, herring!
  2. nursej22

    Debate 10-15-2019

    We only have enough for a wall because we are robbing from money allocated to the defense department for improvements to military bases both in the US and overseas.
  3. nursej22

    Friday October 18, 2018

    My mother was very into genealogy, to the point of making trips to Salt Lake City to look at records stored by the LDS church (the Mormons). I am like you though, it is sort of fun to find out one's grandparents or great grandparents, but much more than that does mean much to me. I know from my complexion I am from Northern Europe, and my father had a Finnish last name and my mom's was Smith. My mother always claimed a cousin tore the family tree out of the family bible because she was born 7 months after her parents wed. My father-in-law claimed to have an uncle who was shot as a horse thief. Better day today as I have had time to collect my thoughts and organize my work for the next week. Our department decided to get us new phones, turned off the calling of the old phones, but didn't switch the apps or contacts from the old phones. And it will be up to a week to fix it. So I can call or text a client on the new phone after I get their number from the old phone. How stupid is that? And it amazes me how many people take Friday off. I am playing phone tag today trying to track down lab results. I love the sloth link, Tweety. I like to send sloth videos to my daughter to share with the grand-kids. And I have a t-shirt with a sloth print on it. Many thanks to Sabby! Stars, your story about Nannie hiding things reminded of another little old lady at my first job, as a LPN in LTC. She was always tucking away sugar packets at meals, saying she would use them later. She had a rather odd shape, partly because of tardive dyskinesia, and wore baggy clothes. An evening aide discovered her stash of aprox. 100 sugar packets in her bra. No wonder she was sort of hunched over and needed baggy clothes. I read many wonderful tributes to Representative Cummings, rest in peace.
  4. nursej22

    Questioning Elizabeth Warren

    Using that logic, Trump is the one.
  5. nursej22

    Debate 10-15-2019

    Thank you for the civics lesson, Captain Obvious.
  6. nursej22

    Thursday October 17, 2019

    I get you, stars. Maybe because my sense of smell and taste seems dulled (I blame metformin) I just don't care about food. I am developing a taste for spicy, but dh has not. We tried trading off dinner prep, but that crashed and burned. He was willing to cook, as long as I planned, shopped, and helped to prepare. Now he cleans up (sorta) and I try to plan and cook dinner. Ugh. I have to grit my teeth when I hear " what are we planning for dinner?".
  7. nursej22

    Presidential Election 2020

    I wonder why improved health insurance is no where near fruition? Republicans had control of the House, Senate and Presidency for 2 years. And the current president said it would be so easy. Have there been any bills proposed? Any hearings? I mean, other than repealing the Affordable Care Act? I tried to go back on the threads and I guess I am using the wrong search teams for these ideas. Can you post any links?
  8. nursej22

    Debate 10-15-2019

  9. nursej22

    Debate 10-15-2019

    Perhaps Senator Warren has read the Constitution, and understands that only Congress has the power to pass taxes. See Article I, Section 8. Clause 1.
  10. nursej22

    Wednesday October 16, 2019

    Hey ho, I'm taking a break from trying to organize the garage so that the camping stuff that is in the house can move out there. I filled a trash can, filled the paper recycle bin, and have a stack of flattened cardboard. And now I can get my bike in and out without taking my life in my hands, . I awoke with stiff shoulder muscles from yesterday's PT session, but not much burning. I got the okay from my PCP to up my gabapentin dose. I will leave soon to have lunch with MIL, her sister, and sister's dtr. We are meeting at a Greek restaurant. Tweety, I dose off often after a no-sleep night. Better at a friends house than a meeting at work! Joe, wishes for a speedy recovery for you dad. I have been better at taking my statin with a result of much better lipid numbers. I don't know that I am more forgetful, and actually now that I have good heart rate, I feel less foggy. I also take coQ10, at the recommendation of PCP, to offset side effects. I think my bad numbers have a lot to do with heredity and pre-diabetes. Whew, the wind is a gusting, and a big soaking storm is coming in. Gotta batten down the hatches!
  11. nursej22

    Debate 10-15-2019

    No, it is not a yes or no question. Anyone who delved into the mess that is healthcare insurance in the USA knows how convoluted and complicated it is. But it has been clearly established that our country pays way more of our GDP for much poorer outcomes.
  12. nursej22

    Presidential Election 2020

    Okay, I'm ready to hear these many things, who it will cover, and how much it will cost.
  13. nursej22

    Monday October 14, 2019

    Rose Queen, I am so sorry for you loss. Do take care...
  14. nursej22

    Sunday October 13, 2019

    Good Day, BC that is awful about your new car! Something similar happened to dd in a parking lot. She was actually parked, someone rammed her car and tried to blame dd. It got fixed, but it really screwed up the electronics with the door locks and windows. So glad no one was injured, and that you had some witnesses step up. Ah, yes, I am thinking of Nel, too. It hurts so much to lose a beloved animal. Angus got lots of extra snuggles today. He is getting older, and his breed doesn't typically live long. We just changed his food because he has been super itchy, and the change helped and he seems a lot happier. Joe, I hope you enjoy your movie. I like to mix up date nights with movies or a live show or music. Food just doesn't interest me as much it does dh. Tweety, yes, I get that annoying furry alarm clock at times. My dog usually wants to go outside and if I ignore him I take the chance he will urp up something on the carpet, or bed. I am tempted at times to leave the door open, but when I do that, wild creatures come in sometimes. And its getting too cold at night for that. We had a good time at the Museum of Flight yesterday, but it was a loooong day. The ten year old grandchild T, reminds me of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. The museum has several docents that will explain the various aircraft. T spoke up at the model of Nimitz class aircraft carrier, to remind the docent that a Nimitz class carrier had a capacity of 92 aircraft. And he was able to explain to another docent that a B-29, the Enola Gay, dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. That docent offered him a job. Both grand boys really liked the space flight exhibit. I enjoyed walking through the Concorde SST that is on display. We finished the day at the Cheesecake Factory. I am half-watching the football game on TV. If the rain holds off, I may go work in my yard, readying for winter.
  15. Morning, that is such sad news about Nel's beloved Big Boy. Condolences to her. I am sure she is hurting. I had a meh day yesterday. I didn't sleep much the night before (pacer site was burning like fire). I left early to go to the physical therapist and that was painful too. I thought I would take the rest of the day off, but realized I forgot to turn in my time sheet. Yes, we are so archaic that we fill out a paper time sheet and must turn one in every Friday, even though we only get paid every other week. My usual supervisor that I turn it in to is on vacation, and her fill in expects the timesheets by 4:30, on the dot. So I am racing back to the office without a minute to spare, and the traffic was all back up due to an accident. So I rush in, and half hour late, and of course, supervisor is standing there, arms folding, and sweetly says "oh, there you are. " I thought of Nannie, . Then some other people felt the need to talk, and my shoulder is silently screaming, and I am just about in tears. I came home, ate the last last mini cheesecake, drank a glass of red wine, and crawled into bed. I feel much rested and less pain. I am going to take a short bike ride, and then we are going to Seattle to the Museum of Flight. Good day all. PS. I am now craving a pomegranate cocktail . I had a pomegranate margarita once with jalapeño infused tequila. Yum.