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  1. nursej22

    Wednesday January 22, 2020

    Ugh, fleas? I’m glad they cleared up relatively quickly. My eye visit was a rinse and repeat of the eye exam 2 weeks ago, plus some test that looked at my optic nerve. But of course they want me to come back in 3 months to “monitor” things. And maybe I should get an MRI. For being someone who is relatively healthy, I spend too much time at appointments. I am going to burn through my deductible even faster than last year. No frost here, just steady rain.
  2. nursej22

    Wednesday January 22, 2020

    Joe, that does sounds stressful. I hope you can find a situation that is more satisfying and less chaotic. Tweety, hopefully your day is going smoothly and it warms up soon. I had an appointment for a eye test (checking visual fields) this morning at 9, and on my way there I get a phone call, which I answered because I have hands-free ability in my car. It's the eye doctor office asking me if I was supposed to have just the test, or was I to see a doctor? Hmmm. I thought I was to see a doctor there, but then their office called me to book the appointment and said it was only the test, even when I questioned them. Well, i'm to see a doctor, but the soonest is at 3 pm today, but do I want to do the visual field test this morning or this afternoon? So by then, I was only 10 minutes away and the voice on the phone assured me I wouldn't have to pay 2 office visit fees. After the test, which I don't think I did well on, I asked what the doctor visit would entail. It will be a full exam, including dilation and looking at my retinas. I asked if they could get the records from the retina specialist I just saw 2 weeks ago, and she made it sound like that was my job. Plus I also had a complete eye exam the same day as the retina one. Is it any wonder I am becoming anxious, almost panicky at these visits. After this visit I stopped at work for a meeting that had a different focus than I had expected. It was about recent reportable illnesses in our area, including meningitis , Hepatitis A and now the novel coronavirus, which is 50 miles south of us. Fun stuff. I had to dash out at the end to meet the fireplace tech at home, and the crazy one was so disappointed because she had questions for me. I am now at home, waiting for a technician to come and check out the gas fireplace, then I will drive back to town for the eye exam. Hopefully I have time for a run to burn off some of this anxiety. Hope everybody's day is going better than mine.
  3. nursej22

    Tuesday January 21, 2020

    Morning crew, poor sleep, just couldn't get comfortable. going to gym soon. Lots of housework on the docket today. Warm (high 40s), rainy and windy today. Mahogany Earthworms! That reminds me of the the old TV show "WKRP in Cincinnati". A ongoing going joke on the that show was that one of their main advertisers was "Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of Worms."
  4. The fellow in this video is a Canadian talk show host. Why would anyone on this forum be interested in his opinion? OP, you have made many claims about EW. Several other posters have referred you to her website to refute those claims. And yet you persist. We get it. You don't like her. That is your right, but it is baffling why you have to invent reasons to dislike her.
  5. nursej22


    I think those are great questions, but I don't think anyone knows exactly how this will proceed. The Constitution is vague, and there have only been 2 other impeachment trials. It seem like the party in power just sort of makes up their own rules. I agree, the whole process is frustrating and confusing, much like this entire administration.
  6. nursej22

    Wednesday January 15, 2020

    I like coffee in the morning: 1 cup at home, 1 cup at work, but tea in the afternoon. That way if it gets cold it's still drinkable. We had about 4-6 inches of snow overnight with wind pushing it into small drifts. At one point my phone said it was 12 degrees, with wind chill making it feel like -7. I made it to my cardiology appointment. I told Dr. M if he hadn't made it to work I was going to drive to where he was! We had a good talk. He said the amount of pain I had was very unusual and was surprised that it is still tender to touch. It felt good to be heard. He said it may have had an atypical infection but because it seems to slowly be getting better, that he doesn't feel a need to do any interventions. He did change the settings a little to hopefully make running easier. And no more testing except device checks, and 2x a year MD visits. That is some good news! Staff meeting this am, but half the staff didn't make it in. Then MD appt, had lunch with eldest ds, and now want to take a nap instead of work. Yawn. Sending healing thoughts your way Tweety. Hope you and J can meet up Joe. And cheers to everybody!
  7. nursej22

    Tuesday January 14 2020

    Yes, rare bird indeed! I spotted that Davey Do bird over on the yellow side a few days ago. To quote a weatherman from my days in Idaho: "it's cold enough to issue an alloy primate alert!" (brass monkeys and all that). It was around 15 degrees all night, with the wind bringing the chill factor to ZERO! The hummingbird feeder, even with its little heater was frozen solid. I brought it in over night to thaw, and as I went to hang it out this morning, one of the zoomers flew to it as I held it up. I am going to make my home visit today, so I can stop by and it out with another. And the snow forecast for Thursday is already here. I showed up for my hour long gym orientation and fitness eval last night, only to find out the trainer meant 630 am, not 630 pm. So I tried to reschedule, but the desk person didn't seem to understand how to use the booking system, so I am going to call later. The electrical company billing continues to be bizarro. Dh authorized me to have access, so I called and found out our billing was switched off back in 2017, even though we were receiving and paying bills up to 7/2019. Their solution was open a new account and I got to pick when billing would start. I picked Jan 1, 2020. I feel bad for the poor schmuck who has been paying our bill, but the company didn't seem to think this was unusual or needed further investigation. Wow, it never occurred to me to ask for a co-pay back. That patient sounds like my father in law before he passed. He insisted he knew better than anyone, demanded treatment, and then wouldn't follow through. Rough way to exit this life. Carry on
  8. nursej22

    Monday January 13, 2020

    Hello! Awoke to a couple of inches of snow, and icy wind, making the wind chill about 5 degrees. That is quite a bit colder than was predicted. The hummingbird feeders were frozen solid ( forgot to bring them inside), so I thawed 1 out, make new food and then attached the heater to heat when I rehung it. Yes, Anna's hummingbird does spend the winter here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna's_hummingbird Been dealing with a weird issue with the power company. I have been trying to draw up a budget and realized that we hadn't received a bill in a few months(actually, since July, oops). I tried to sign up online, but was informed I wasn't "authorized" to have access. So I had dh call today, because his name is on the bill. It seems our account was closed in October, and someone else has been billed and is paying!? The power company are guessing that a new construction signed up for service and gave the wrong street address. I remember getting some sort of rebate check, thinking it was due to a rate change, but maybe it was from closing the account. I need to dig it out when I get home, and follow up tomorrow. Ugh, that bill is gonna sting. I was going to make a home visit today, but when I went to grab the meds, I see that the crazy one used up the last of them a week ago and didn't reorder. Good grief. Patient was okay that I will come tomorrow. And I'm okay not driving the health department Prius on a slippery road in the wind. . I am getting my gym orientation and fitness eval tonight. I can sum it up already: old, grumpy and overweight. Hopefully it won't take the full hour.
  9. Hi. Woke up to melting snow and a bit of rain. Supposed to be windy and rainy through the weekend, then turn cold (20s) next week. My doggone knee abrasion still isn't healed, but the place where I have been putting tape is inflamed and itchy, and driving me a little nuts. I feel like I need to keep it covered because it is painful to touch. And it's just a little too cold to go bare legged. But if that's the worst thing I have to endure, then my life is pretty good. Dh was awake all night last night, jazzed up on prednisone. He looked pretty rough. 2 more days and then he can taper. The facial droop looks the same to me, but he insists its better. Has anyone been watching the Jeopardy champions? It has been facing off 3 of the best, and its pretty fun and challenging. Not much going on at work. I am walking over to see the counselor on my lunch. I am not sure if these visits are helping at all, but I am making the effort at least. I forgot the crazy one and I traded some days next week, and I made some appointments on days I have agreed to work. Bah, I hate it when I do that. And I couldn't find my keys this morning. I feel more forgetful that usual, which is frustrating. I think I just need a really good night's sleep, sigh. Stay warm and dry, ya'll.
  10. nursej22


    I feel like imposing Christianity on everyone is very non-conservative. Making laws about worship, spirituality, life and death and marriage is not in the constitution, other than a clause in second amendment Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof
  11. nursej22


    Just as I am making a real effort not to mock the president's appearance or his minor child, I am trying to avoid labeling people with stereotypical designations. I am truly baffled as to what a True Conservative (captial T, capital C) is. I think most people are honest and have integrity and this has nothing to do with a political designation. I also think there are plenty of dishonest people who would identify as liberal, progressive, or left-leaning. To me, a politically conservative person would strive for limited government, the rule of law, and being fiscally prudent.
  12. nursej22

    Tuesday December 31, 2019

    Happy New All!
  13. nursej22

    Sunday December 29, 2019

    Hullo. We just got home from watching the latest Star Wars movie: Rise of Skywalker. It was pretty good, and I stayed awake for most of it. We met dd, her ex, and the 2 grandsons there to watch together. Near the end of the movie, when a main character dies, I was overcome with sadness for my grandsons, who will find out tomorrow that their school principal and her therapy dog have died. Youngest ds and I went out for our usual Sunday morning breakfast, and about an hour later I went for another run. The sun was out and the temperature was mild, so other than my complaining calves and heaving chest, it was quite pleasant. And now, we are preparing to watch the final regular season game of football. Tweety, that is pretty sweet that you got to go home early. Your PB&J sounds delicious. I've never had almond butter, but I like roasted almonds for snacking. Stars, good for you for getting organized for your phone calls tomorrow. Regarding not being connected via electronics, I draw the line about having one of those smart speakers like Alexa. And the pacemaker people expect me to have this doodad plugged in next to my bed so it can transmit every night. No thanks, I feel like they just want to mine data. Ted, you are a good person for filling in. Hopefully a kidney is available soon. Herring glad your dog is safe. Angus seems to always find any unlatched gate. I usually find him sitting on the front porch. I worry that he will follow some random person walking down the sidewalk and get lost. Joe, I hope you family time was enjoyable. BCg, best wishes to your friend. Good night
  14. Hi. Sitting at work, considering going home because of intermittent abdominal discomfort that has been going on since yesterday. Still munching on saltines, which was my entire intake yesterday. Dd got some terrible news last night. The principal of the grandkids' school was killed in a murder/attempted suicide yesterday and she is pretty broken up and worried how her boys will take it. Don't I know how to be a downer? Speaking of Fitbits, I've had one for a couple of years and was hoping to upgrade to an apple watch. So dh gave me a gift certificate for one! And eldest ds gave me a Garmin watch with is apparently great for sports, like running and cycling. Now I don't know what to do. I am actually considering keeping both. The rain moved in last night, showers predicted for the rest of the day. I am hoping this tummy thing passes by tonight, because we are taking youngest ds out to dinner for his birthday, and I'm itching to go for a run in the morning. I am going to try some tea now and see how that goes. Later
  15. nursej22


    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2019/12/20/us/trump-feldman-impeach.amp.html As reported in the New York Times, Harvard law professor Noah Feldman has opined that impeachment is not complete until sent to the Senate.

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