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  1. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I was informed by a previous poster that I do not meet the definition of classic liberal. If you insist on labeling me, I suppose I identify as a progressive. I am not sure which of my posts you are quoting (all I see is a blue box with a question mark), but if its about farmers getting handouts, I would rather they be able to sell their crops instead of being paid tax payer dollars to leave crops sit. I do however, think children, the disabled and the elderly should have enough to eat.
  2. nursej22

    Wednesday August 14, 2019

    Just a quick hello! Weather is nice, supposed to get to 80 tonight at the concert in the Seattle football stadium. Leaving work at 330, and hoping that is enough time to get there, park, and enter the stadium. My sister had POA for finances and healthcare for our dad, but she check with me about health stuff. It was easier for agencies to have on contact and her schedule was more flexible than mine. But dad was never as combative as Nannie seems to be. A gero-psych stay could help with meds. Oofta, (Norwegian for ugh), its time for another online meeting. bye
  3. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    On twitter, DJT is heaping blame on Jerome Powell for the state of the economy. Sad!
  4. My heart aches for you and hubby, Stars. Your little girl had the best of lives with so much love.
  5. nursej22

    Saturday August 10, 2019

    Hi, I had a restless night last night, but I went back to bed at 5:30 and sleep for 3 1/2 hours, the best sleep I've had all week. Work was decent, spent some time finding pt education material in Chinese to prep for an intake next week; entering data into a couple of cranky online systems; and reading about neuro-TB. Exciting, right? My nice coworker, who has spent the majority of her time in public health and I had a nice discussion about lab tests and what a rising lactate level means. And then we talked about blood draw-tubes and what's in them. Before I was a nurse, I did some training to be a lab tech so I have some familiarity with what is in each one and why. She showed me a cool website called FlightAware that you can track airline flights in real time. Her ex is an airline pilot and she travels a lot. Her was flying to Japan yesterday, so we watched his plane leave Vancouver airport, climb and turn to head across the Pacific. Stars, I hope you and dh are safe and Nannie is calm through the weekend. Dianah, your facilities maintenance system sounds like ours. We used to have to put in online request for hand soap refills, that had to be approved by the assistant director of the health department, in our rest rooms. We have a new janitorial service who is more on the ball. Happy Saturday!
  6. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    These are good questions. From the articles I read, the man's family had fled to Greece as refugees, and then came to the USA when he was 6 months old. To my way of thinking, he may not have ever known that he was not born in the USA. And I don't think it is unusual due to bigotry and racism, that a family would not want to teach their child a Middle Eastern language. Also Mr. Aldaoud suffered from schizophrenia which almost by definition, interrupts one's thought processes. I saw a video on Twitter of Mr. Aldaoud made after he was in Iraq, saying that he could not speak the language, was living on the street with no insulin, and had been attacked at least once. https://www.michiganradio.org/post/southeast-michigan-man-dies-two-months-after-deportation-iraq https://www.politico.com/story/2019/08/07/iraqi-man-dies-deportation-trump-administration-1643512
  7. nursej22

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Stars, that is also how they performed my ablation, only in my right atrium. They did ask me my music preference at the beginning of the procedure, so perhaps they do use it to tune in?
  8. nursej22

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Spending my day cleaning up behind the nutty one: I gave the clerks a slip to schedule an intake visit last week using the info that was in the chart, but they hadn't been able to reach the client. So today, I doubled checked other records and lo and behold, I had given them the wrong number, which someone else had placed in the chart. So now care is delayed by a week. And I called a large hospital in Seattle to get an update, which someone else had said I would have trouble finding someone who knew anything. In about 15 minutes I had spoken to the social worker and the NP on the case, and had a fax with a very nice summary of care. Hmmm. Ted, it sounds like you have been in your happy place! Hope your upcoming shift interesting but not out of control. NB, insomnia, such a drag. That school schedule sounds like what my kiddos had when we lived in Idaho. Maybe a nap is in order? BCg, that sounds like a great neighborhood to explore. There are so many lost pet notices in our neighborhood, especially after 7/4. Fingers crossed. Hasta la vista
  9. nursej22

    Thursday August 8 2019

    Yes, Tweety I remember how much discomfort you had with shoulder and oral surgery. Maybe I am just too impatient, but I had hoped things would be feeling better. I did sleep better with using the ibuprofen. The NP didn't recommend a dose, but I see that the OTC package recommends only 1 200 mg tab q 4-6hrs, when I am used to taking 2. It is overcast today, but the sun is supposed to peak out later. Planning to go to Music in the Park; a band named "Space Jam" is on the schedule, with music described as "oldskool and newskool dance covers". I suspect dh will want to leave early. Oop, need to cut my break early, getting called. Later.
  10. nursej22

    Wednesday August 7, 2019

    Hi, had my hospital follow-up visit today. I reported that I was still having pain around my incision and into my arm, so they did an ultrasound that was negative for a clot. I was given the okay to alternate ibuprofen with tylenol and to take routinely. And I made it clear that that I didn't want to see a certain staff person, so that got changed. Then back to work and dealt with the crazy one. I just had to listen to her hand off and then she left. And then she came back because she couldn't find her phone. And then she left again. . Weather continues to be nice, in the 80s. I got a little sunburn yesterday at the waterslides with the grandsons. I had then spray my back with sunscreen, and they missed a spot on my shoulder. Joe, I have had issues trying to post pictures too. After I upload a file, I have to click on the plus sign that appears in the thumbnail picture and that inserts in my post. But I have a mac, so maybe it's different. Tweety, wow, BFF's suggestion seems like it would be a shock. Ted, I am sure you and Amy will be glad when this latest production is done. Yay for earphones. Herring, that sounds like the way my in-laws used to eat corn bread. I think they would put some sort of beans on it too. I like my just plain, with a little butter. Stars, I bet your PT visits are good for your psyche as well as your pain. Medical offices, man. I have had my fill for the year, and yet they just keep telling me to come back. Bleh Greetings to everyone
  11. nursej22

    Monday August 5, 2019

    I slept poorly last night due to the heat and humidity, and incisional discomfort. Maybe I overdid yesterday but I am getting very frustrated with the amount of discomfort I still have and swelling. This may be TMI , but I can't tolerate wearing a bra strap over the site but going without is also uncomfortable. I took Angus down to the park by the river and let him run off leash after getting the okay from the other dog owner that was there. So my little tough guy goes charging into the river after a big yellow lab, goes in over his head and then come charging out faster than he went in. After our walk, I dropped him at home and ran a few errands, including a grocery run. I am taking the grandsons to the waterslides tomorrow so I picked up veggies and fruit for snacks. Yup, toddler boys are pretty cute, but they are go, go, go! Glad you were able to trade, Tweety. Hope you week is smooth sailing Joe. The "know-it-all-guy" shows up at a lot of community meetings, doesn't he? Of course, homelessness has a lot of factors. It's so much more that banning parking or tents. I had to listen to my "know-it-all" sister on Saturday explain why people use street drugs, none of it based on any evidence . I'm going to try for a nap.
  12. nursej22

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    President Obama, of course.
  13. nursej22

    Domestic Terrorism

    Yes, but this close the so-called gun show loophole. If background checks already exist, why would McConnell not bring it to a vote? And what if it aided in keeping a weapon out of the hands of a 'mental deranged' (what ever that means) person? I should think a responsible gun owner would be interested in the safely of the public.